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The Elixir of Immortality

March 21st, 2016



The Elixir of Immortality

The Elixir of Immortality

Healing your body from illness is a multi-phase

process that we overlook in the West. According to
Tibetan Buddhist medicine, an attitude has to be
generated that illness is a blessing. That’s a
strange one if you live in the West, for sure. An
illness is a signal that you are doing something
fundamentally off balance. If you continue on that
path, you will have more anxiety and disease. The
sickness provides an opportunity to grow, to see
where we’ve gone out of balance and correct it.
This may seem a little harsh, but it gives us an
opportunity to develop compassion, practice
virtue, overcome pride and release oneself from
aversion to pain and unhappiness. In the Qi Gong
Inner Circle, I share deeper information on how to
deal with illness and death for your growth. If
you are not a member yet, let me share this
valuable information with you and your loved ones.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and
Dr. Wu Dhi
Dr. Wu Dhi

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Why the Early Morning Practice is So Important

March 19th, 2016

Why the Early Morning Practice is So Important

Early this morning, I was on the beach for a meditation, power walk and Qi gong practice. When you start your day an hour or two before the sunrise, everything is quiet, very still and tranquil. It’s not the norm in America but, in many countries around the world, it is common practice to rise before the sun and practice your internal art. When I was in Harbin, China, I would pop out of bed at 4 AM and walk down to the park to begin my Qi gong practice. To my surprise, there were thousands of people doing practices. I’am not kidding,thousands of people were practicing!
It blew me away. Its a lot different in Florida.
Maybe I’ll see a dozen people walking or sitting on the benches,
but I hardly see anyone practicing at all.
No Qi gong,no Tai Chi and as far as I can tell,
no one is meditating. The two and a half hours before sunrise is the most potent time to connect to the higher realms. This is the time when the veil is the thinnest to the purer source of energy. The sun is at a 60-degree angle to Earth, so you are picking up the solar wave as it is rising. Any internal exercise, meditation or yoga you do during those two and half hours is forty times more powerful. You can imagine how peaceful the early morning energy is. There are hardly any cars on the road, people are still sleeping, no noise, no chaos, and no stress. It is a magical time. I had a patient come into my office around ten o’clock with a backache that’s been bothering him for three months nonstop. He’s stressed to the max. I asked him if he did any exercise to handle his stress. He told me,I have no time. He gets out of bed around 8:00 or 8:30 and takes off for work. I suggested that he gets up at 6:30, immediately leave the house, walk down to the beach or the park, and just slowly walk. This will be a good start and a good way to unravel some of his stress. I told him that if he keeps it up for two weeks, I will teach him the Flying Crane Qi gong This will start to unwind those back problems, but it first takes wanting to change and the discipline to do so. Don’t sleep your life away and complain that you have no time. Get up and get going. I have been teaching Flying Crane for thirty years. All my students love the practice and the results they got. Don’t fall asleep. Get on the program today I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and Happiness.

Early Morning is the best time to practice

Early Morning is the best time to practice

Dr. Wu Dhi

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The Energy Is Increasing, Eat It Or Be Eaten

March 16th, 2016
More changes coming

More changes coming

The energy is starting to increase. Stay centered

and grounded. Practice, practice, and practice to

stay focused. The second eclipse in March is upon us.

March 23 is the day of the Lunar Eclipse in

the Libra sign. Native Americans who used the

moons to track the seasons traditionally call

March’s Full Moon, the Full Worm Moon. At the time

of this spring moon, the ground begins to soften,

and earthworm casts reappear, inviting the return

of robins. In some regions, this is also known as

the Sap Moon, as it marks the time when maple sap

begins to flow and the annual tapping of maple

trees begins. Like all full moons, the energy is

increased but, with the eclipse hitting at the

same time, you will feel the effect stronger and

more intense. All eclipses are activators and

accelerators, they dissolve and release things;

it’s time to let go before it’s taken away. An

eclipse also materializes new things,

transformation, and activation. It can be very

uncomfortable or may add an additional excitement

to life. You are the captain of your ship — you

choose the way you want to play it.

Over these weeks, between the solar and lunar

eclipses, it is important to pay careful attention

to your words, thoughts, inner dialogues, and

desires. Our universe is charged up more than ever

during this eclipse portal. Staying centered will

keep you in the eye of the hurricane. This is a

powerful time, but you must stay focused not to be

blown away. Focus on what you truly want, what you

are grateful for and what you are ready for, and

forget the rest. What you invoke and focus on now

will have lasting effects for months to come.

Here are a few ways on how to stay in the eye of

the hurricane and to use the energy of this moon

eclipse to your advantage:

  1. Practice your Qi Gong.
  2. Meditate.
  3. Take walks with nature.
  4. Pay attention to what’s happening around you.
  5. Stay hydrated.
  6. Avoid negativity and arguments.
  7. Smile a lot.
  8. Guard your sexual energy.
  9. .Be flexible in body, mind and spirit.

This is a time of intense energy. Use it or it may

use you.

Pick up a copy of Turn Stress Into Power and learn

how to turn your stress into power.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and



Dr. Wu Dhi

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The Cure For What Ails You

March 14th, 2016

The Cure For What Ails You

Every day, I receive calls and e-mails from
patients desperate to find a cure for their
condition. It makes no difference if it’s back
pain, cancer, or just a common cold. They have
tried Traditional Medicine and taking handfuls of
pills. I hear this all the time from my patient,
“I am just fed up on the way I have been treated.
My doctor’s only answer is to take out his
prescription pad. That’s no way to get cured, he
knows it and so do I…and patients know it.”

All drugs have side effects and there are many
that we aren’t even aware of. Of course, it would
be foolish not to take a medicine if there is a
life-threatening situation.�If you take a look at
history, there were many drugs that were
prescribed that would seem barbaric now. I am sure
that many will still be that way in the future.

Our immune system is evolving daily to keep our
species alive. Isn’t it possible that our immune
system can learn to adjust to fight off disease?
Our body and mind have the ability to learn, to
heal itself, and to adjust to any situation. One
would imagine it just needs the right information
fed to it and it will build its own database. We
have smart phones and it’s time to have smart
drugs, smart treatments to cure disease as well
as smart ways of learning how to evolve naturally
that will accelerate our immune system to learn
how to fight off any pathogens. It’s high time
that we change the focus of medicine to
strengthening our immune system and stop trying to
kill disease with some pills or invasive

What I have found that will enhance your immune
system and keep you disease-free and younger are
your meditation, diet, and the practice
of internal exercises like Qi Gong. Don’t wait a
second longer. I can help you stay younger and
vibrant. Get the Recharging Qi Gong program and
practice daily. You will notice the difference in

I wish you the best in

Recharging Qi Gong

Recharging Qi Gong

your Health, Wealth, and

Dr. Wu Dhi

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The Difference Qi makes

March 9th, 2016

WindThis morning I was working out and refining the Qi Gong Inner Circle lesson for this month, due to go out next week. As I promised in my letter at I intend to leave no one behind.

The first part of mastering your own Qi and opening the flow is really about bringing your attention to sensation and it is so easy to begin I have to share this with all of you.

Stand for a moment on both feet and bring your attention to the soles of your feet.

Balance yourself evenly between both feet and stand squarely donâ€t lean forward or backward just balance.

Now bring your attention to your belly and take three nice easy breaths.

Relax and be as still as possible.

Now feel your body, are you moving ever so slightly?

How is it moving?

Is it slumping forward or rocking back?

Are you all over the place like a kite blowing in the wind even though there is no wind?

There actually is a wind but the wind is internal not external.

The Qi is the internal force that moves the body. It is also true that by moving the body the movement of Qi can be intensified.

First we want to be able to feel this wind or Qi and then like using the sail on a ship we want to begin to capture the wind and use it to direct body in a powerful way.

This is the difference between those that know the way of Qi and those that don’t.

Those that know the way of Qi are riding in a Sailboat as powerful as those racing in the America Cup, crashing through the deepest swells in the Ocean and unstoppable.

Those who do not know the way of Qi are standing in a puddle waving a towel trying to catch the breeze.

Next week on our kick-off teleseminar for the Qi Gong Inner Circle I will be introducing those keys to opening the Qi and living a Strong, Powerful and Disease Free life.

I will be sending out the call date and time to all Qi Gong Inner Circle Members later today.

If you’re not an Qi Gong Inner Circle member you can still get on next week’s call by going to and signing up now.

It’s easy to do and I give you the option to sign up for the entire year a discounted rate or just try it out for a month.

Wishing you Health, Wealth and Happiness,

Dr. Wu Dhi

PS: I’m getting a lot of great feedback from everybody that’s been using the Recharging Qi Gong I love to hear from you and get your personal emails.

PPS: Qi Gong on the Beach has now moved to Saturday for all Qi Gong Inner Circle members. If you are a Qi Gong Inner Circle member and you would like to join us for a workout in Miami reply to this email and let me know. I or somebody from my staff will send you the place and time to meet.

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How to Use the Spring Wood Element Energy

March 9th, 2016
Spring is in the air

Spring is in the air

How to Use the Spring Wood Element Energy

In just a matter of few weeks, spring will be here
in the Northern Hemisphere. The so-called Vernal
Equinox will happen on Sunday, March
20th, 2016. The Spring Equinox is a time for
fertility and sowing seeds. This is the time when
the Wood element is most active and nature’s
fertility goes a bit berserk.

After the long, cold winter, it’s time to get out
once again and practice some of those fertility
dances. Springtime is associated with the element,
Wood. In the Five-Element Theory, the Wood element
represents the Liver and the Gallbladder. The
Liver function is called the Official of Strategic
Planning, the grand architect for our vision of
the future; this official sees the directions we
must take to live our lives in harmony with the
universe. Its partner, the Gallbladder, gives us
the ability to make decisions, judge wisely, and
see the clear and appropriate course to take.
Without Wood’s vision and plan, it would be
downright impossible to make decisions and get
direction. The Wood element within us governs our
sense of vision, the emotion of anger, and the
sound of shouting. When vision is stifled, we feel
anger: we’ve made our plan, decided to act, taken
aim, and suddenly our plans are thwarted. We’re
told: “No, you can’t!” Everything that said “Go”
is now blocked. At times like this, we commonly
feel anger and frustration and want to shout. If
our Wood is healthy, we can readjust and begin

The first New Moon on March 8th brings us another
eclipse. This is a great opportunity to formulate
your goals. Get the Magic Square formula
and decide what you want. It’s best to have it
complete by March 19th, the first day of spring.
Once you have your Magic Square board finished
your life will change for the better. You will bring in
exactly what you want with all the power of the
Wood element behind you, as well as the solar
energy of the New and Full Moon eclipse.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and

Dr. Wu Dhi

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How Growing Pains Affect Your Three Bodies

March 7th, 2016

How Growing Pains Affect Your Three Bodies 

TomorrowTuesday, March 8th is the New Moon and
we have a Solar Eclipse to go along with
it. The focus is on the healing of a deep wound of
the soul, affecting your body, mind or spirit.
Yes! Growing pains are on the agenda! You may be
wondering how this eclipse is going to affect your

A solar eclipse represents the end of one cycle
and the beginning of a new cycle. Like BOB DYLAN”s
song, “The Times They Are A-Changin’, You better
start swimmin’, Or you’ll sink like a stone, For
the times they are a-changin’…” Get ready
because your old habits, behaviors and beliefs are
starting to crumble away. It’s time for a new
beginning. If you are holding on to your old ways,
it could be painful. It’s time to trust and let
go. Today, stop for a moment and make a list of
what you want to accomplish over the next six
months. Include all domains of your life. If you
need help deciding what you want, get a copy of
the Magic Square program
This program will give you the techniques to get
every aspect of your life together once and for

This solar eclipse in Aquarius suggests events
connected to flying, flooding and gardening. (I
hope my Feng Shui garden does not get washed
away). The revolution will continue around the
world and war will most likely continue as well,
but with a greater focus on new directions and
benevolent organizations. The major theme of this
solar eclipse is to rid yourself of existing
physical and emotional pain. In a few weeks, we
will be hit by the lunar eclipse and this aspect
will reveal to you more information on your health
and well-being. For the next six months, hands-on
healing, herbs and the power of the mind will give
you more than you ever expected in improving your
health. Call my office at 305-407-0120 and book an
appointment today.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and

Dr. Wu Dhi

P.S. Call to schedule an appointment today

It's the new moon

It’s the new moon

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How Fear can Increase your Sexual Power

March 4th, 2016

How Fear can Increase your Sexual Power

An engineer, a college professor, a doctor, and a
rabbi decided to take an adventure together and
hike into the Cypress Swamp in Florida. Sounds
like the start of a joke, but this was as real as
it gets. The four of us took off early Monday
morning and headed southwest to a place unknown to
me – the Everglades City. It’s a city that got
lost in time, although they are known as the
world’s capital of stone crabs. Crabbing is what
they do and there isn’t much else going on. We
spent the night at the Rod and Gun Club Hotel. The
place was built in 1864 which hosted prestigious
personalities like Presidents Roosevelt, Truman,
Eisenhower, Hoover, and Nixon. I love those kinds
of places that have deep-rooted history. We got a
good rest that night as we were all excited about
this adventure into the swamps early the next
morning. I was imagining a dark green, smelly,
mucky place filled with snakes, spiders, and
alligators lurking all around. But, I was
pleasantly surprised that the swamp waters are
crystal clear and filled with rich bird life,
including large wading birds such as the roseate
spoonbill, wood stork, great blue heron, and a
variety of egrets. I must admit there was a
mixture of fear and trepidation, anticipating the
mosquitoes, snakes, and alligators. The mosquitoes
we learned were nothing to worry about this time
of the year since there is a balance of nature
that happens. A little fish living in large
numbers in the swamp hungrily dines on mosquito
larvae, which the carnivorous bladderwort plant
has a passion for devouring. Yes, there are snakes
and alligators living in the swamp, but they are
shy and most depart before ever being seen. Our
walk was between beautiful 900-year-old Bald
Cypress trees. It is a place of immense natural
beauty and isolation from Florida’s developed
areas. The swamp was so quiet, something you don’t
get to hear quite very often living in Miami. We
walked for around two hours taking in the beauty
of being with nature. It was like a beautiful
meditation filled with colors, smells, and feasts
for the senses. As we were leaving the swamp, I
spotted a rather large alligator and her twelve
babies just a few feet away. I was really happy
that we were also just a few feet from dry land.
Mama gator went one-way, and I weren’t going to
follow her.

When you take an adventure that invokes fear, it
opens up a place in our body-mind. The fear is
then dissolved and you come out of the experience
stronger and healthier. On the opposite side of
fear, there is gentleness. The element of fear,
according to the Five-Element Theory, is stored in
the kidneys and the urinary bladder that affect
our hearing, knees, and back as well as our sexual
power. Build the kidneys, be gentle, and cultivate
sexual energy. You will live a long life and
become sexually powerful.

Get Dr. Wu Dhi’s Sexual Secrets program! Learn
more about good sex and building internal power.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and

Dr. Wu Dhi

P.S. Check out some more info on swamp walks.

Can Fear dampen your sex life?

Can Fear dampen your sex life?


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Building The Qi Into Every Nook and Cranny Of Your Home

March 2nd, 2016

Building the Qi Into Every Nook and Cranny of Your Home

When I was at the Long Hu Shan Monastery in China,

the monks did their daily practices at the

courtyard and the meditation hall, building an

incredible Qi force that you could feel

getting stronger as you approached the temple. I

went to study with the Daoist monks a few years

ago and was there just before the 900th year

celebration of the monastery. The purpose of this

trip was to study Daoism at one of the oldest

monasteries in China and to visit one of the seven

sacred mountains in China. A group of Medical Qi

Gong students and Daoists from Europe and the USA

traveled with Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson, the founder,

and Dr. Bernard Shannon, the director, of The

International Institute of Medical Qi Gong. Both

of these masters hold high titles as Daoist

priests who are well trained in internal

exercises, martial arts, and Medical Qi Gong. As

we approached the monastery, we could hear the

noise from thousands of firecrackers exploding.

The sounds went on for at least half an hour as we

walked into the courtyard. We were then honored

with an elaborate dragon-tiger dance, a ceremonial

welcoming speech, and blessings from the head

abbot. The energy was amazing, I felt like I was

back in China hundreds of years ago.

Building Qi  and storing it

Building Qi and storing it

When I practice my meditation and internal

exercises, I usually practice at the same time and

place to build the Qi into the space. Every time I

train, meditate, practice, or do the ritual

celebrations, I charge my space and infuse my home

and property with Qi. When you do this long

enough, the land takes on a different vibration

and will eventually radiate Qi. Last August, I

purchased a house in Hollywood, Florida. Ever

since I owned the property, I have been building

the energy on the land and its surroundings.

First, I cleared the house and property of any

negative, stagnant or stale Qi. I placed energetic

crystals in strategic places to enhance and

correct faults in the energy. I removed any

harmful plants and vines, planted green, black,

blue and red bamboo, and brought in large rocks. I

even had the roof cleaned and painted, fixed all

the cracks on the walls, and restored the

fireplace. When you are building a force field,

you want to avoid any leaks that could distort the

energy. The fire rituals will start at the vernal

Equinox and last for a week. This is an exciting

process and can affect the energy for a mile

radius around your home.

If you are training and want to really enhance

your practice, I would first repair everything

around your home and take out all dead trees,

broken windows and fix all leaking faucets. If you

are in need of a house clearing, let me know. We

can make a plan that will work to clear out the

old Qi and re-energize your living space.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and


Dr. Wu Dhi

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BIG Cypress Swamp- Snake and Alligator Hike

February 26th, 2016

BIG Cypress Swamp- Snake and Alligator Hike

My friend, Bob, has been talking about an

adventure he took last year to the Big Cypress

Swamp, not on a path or a bridge, but in the F-ing

swamp filled with giant alligators, some over

eight feet long, and snakes like the python,

anaconda, Nile monitor, and the ones that don’t

swallow you and are venomous. Why would anyone

want to go hiking there is beyond me. Sounds scary

and dangerous! When I was a young lad living in

Detroit, maybe I was ten years old or so, my

mother would give me a half of a dollar and let me

walk to the movies for the Saturday matinee. The

movie theaters had double features back then.

After watching Tarzan and the Apes for hours, I’d

walk home shaking in my boots. I made a decision

to never, ever go to the jungle or swamps. But,

here I am, fifty years later, about to take a walk

into the cypress swamps of the Fakahatchee Strand

Preserve State Park.

The Fakahatchee Strand is known as “The Amazon of

North America.” For thousands of years, moving,

clean, fresh water has carved away at this

spectacular environment. Seventy-five thousand

acres of wilderness area that spans approximately

twenty miles long by five miles wide. If you got

lost, you are a goner for sure. There is a

protective canopy of bald, cypress trees that

covers a slow-moving, shallow “river” running

North to South. The canopy and water below create

a unique humidity-controlled environment that

neither gets too cold in the winter or too warm in

the summer. Flora and fauna flourish, and the

Strand is home to rare and endangered tropical

plant species. It contains the richest diversity

of native orchid and bromeliad species in North

America as well as the largest groves of native

royal palms and a lot of beautiful birds and

creepy spiders.

I like to face my fears, and my going on the swamp

walk is an opportunity to rid myself of some

childhood fears that are probably lodged somewhere

in my

Cypress swamp walk to face FEAR

Cypress swamp walk to face FEAR

. So today, I am off on an

excursion with a group of guys brought up in the

Northern woods who, I hope, is a very

knowledgeable and passionate group of naturalists

to explore the many wonders of this environment. I

want to learn more about the exotic plants and

their healing and rejuvenation qualities, and to

see the wonders of nature while avoiding the

animal that stings and bites.

Did you know that we store memory in our muscles?

We do! That’s why you can still ride a bike twenty

years later and can remember how to swing a golf

club and not relearn on every hold. Fright and

fear are also held in the muscle. It’s a

phenomenon aptly called muscle memory. When you

teach your body how to do something—ride a bike,

yoga, Qi Gong—it creates a physiological

blueprint. So, even if you take some time off,

you’ll get back to where you were, faster than it

took you to learn the exercise in the first place.

Muscle memory stems from your body’s learning, not

just how to perform a task, but also how to break

down muscle tissue, and then repair and rebuild

it. The key is practice. The more you practice,

the easier it is to get back into the groove.

Practicing Qi Gong

is one of the best learning tools to build muscle

memory and to keep fit mentally, physically, and

spiritually, as it has the elements that work all

three bodies at the same time. Start practicing

and build your muscle memory today.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and


Dr. Wu Dhi

P.S. The Flying Crane Qi Gong program has 3 parts

to it: Qi Gong meditation, an instructional DVD,

and a practice DVD. This is the fastest and most

comprehensive way to get the training into your

muscle memory.

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