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If you don’t want to be bitten by a squirrel, don’t mess with his nuts

November 28th, 2009

My Number one son lives in Michigan on Cooley Lake, surrounded
by 75 foot oak trees. The Michigan woods are full of critters.
I’ve seen deer, raccoons, opossums and some very fat squirrels
with thick furry coats – ready for the cold Michigan winter.

About a month ago my son started feeding those furry little
squirrel and now every time they open the door to step outside,
the squirrels are at their feet. The kid’s scream and his wife is freaked,
she’s afraid that the kids will get scratched, bitten or even worse.

Now that they stopped feeding the squirrels they thought they would
leave, but the squirrels won’t stop coming around. There doors are scratched,
the rubber seals on the bottom of the doors are ripped up and the molding
is being ripped off by sharp little claws and teeth. The Squirrels want those nuts.

The squirrels just keep coming back like nasty little habits. There family really
wants to get rid of them but it’s not so easy. It was an innocent gesture when
they began to feed the cute little furry critters and now it’s a major disaster.

Whenever we start to train anything it will follow our instructions to the Tee.
No matter if it’s little animals begging for food or an innocent habit that we
start and before we know it it’s a full-blown fire-breathing dragon.

We want to train our habits to serve us, not be a slave to any habits.
As humans we like to establish a pattern and we will repeat that pattern
over and over. No matter if it serves us positively or negatively.

The members of the Qi Gong Inner circle are coached on the way to train
in positive habits. Habits for better health; habits on how to be successful;
habits for longevity and habits to stay contented in all aspects of ones life.
Become a member today at

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and Happiness

Dr. Wu Dhi

P.S. The holiday season is here. This is the time that many of us disregard
our disciplines of diet, exercise and meditation and say: “I’ll recommit right
after the New Year.” That’s what most do. Do you really want to be like most?
If you want to be one of the few who step up to the top. Join now

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“I know I should be, but am not.”

November 24th, 2009

At last the wedding day has arrived for Ryan & Faye. Monsignor Doyle is about to give the wedding Mass.         The music is starting and heads are turning to see the stunning young bride. The exchange of wedding vows will happen in the next few minutes. I am at Saint Rose Catholic Church in Miami, Florida. It’s a blessing to be here to celebrate this holy event.

On my way to the church, I ran into Faye’s cousin. We met a few times over the years. He’s a martial artist, well trained and disciplined in his art and dedicated to his practice. I asked if he was doing any internal training and he said.

“I know I should be, but am not.”

Big mistake dude! I am around 30 years his senior and no kidding we look around the same age. I can tell you why. I don’t know him very well but I know he practices a hard form. I am sure he gets a buzz from it, feels lots of juice and surges of energy. Although he is geeked up for now it won’t last.                                                                     He’s way too yang and burning himself out without even consciously realizing it. That much yang energy is only OK when you’re young but if you don’t cultivate yin you’ll be old before your time.

All of the old masters practice an internalform Qi Gong, Nei Gong, or Shen Gong it maybe under another         name if Japanese, Korean or Philippinebut every form has some kind of internal practice.

Basically Yang is fire and Yin is water. If you continually build your yang energy you will dry up the yin, then you’re in big trouble. The organs get too much heat and they dry up and so do you. Your body loses flexibility, the tendons contract and your joints will start to ache your skin gets old and so do you. There not a day when some martial artist comes into my office and complains of pain.

Doc. “I did Karate or Kung-Fu for years and now everything hurts, can you help me”?

They never practiced any internal work and they always got as yang as they could taking hot yang formulas over training to stay geeked up and now they are paying for it.

Well guys and gals it’s not too late to recover and start feeding like you were young again.

When they come into the office I start them with a special diet, yin nourishing tonics and teaching them the secrets of internal work. Most centers don’t teach it to their students for a few reasons; either they don’t know it or they hold information back from the student to keep the edge for themselves.                                                                 The internal exercises like the Recharging Qi Gong ones are the opposite of external exercise.                         External exercises like kung-fu, karate, boxing and wrestling often deplete the body and the internal organs.  This causes premature aging illness and loss of Qi.                                                                                                            There is a saying that I heard many years ago. ‘If you train externally you must train internally, but if you train internally you don’t need to train externally”.

I created the Recharging Qi Gong program and teach the members of the Qi Gong Inner Circle an on-going program to keep them as young and powerful as possible. If you’re a martial artist, a weight lifter, swimmer, runner, boxer, dancer or just someone that’s wants to retain your youth and health join me and the members that are getting younger as they practice.

I wish you the Best in your Health, Wealth and Happiness

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Keeping the Kidneys warm all winter

November 19th, 2009

I am off to Detroit, Michigan in a few days to
spend time with my family for Thanksgiving.

 I have been going through my winter stuff coats, hats, gloves, boots
and I am taking a shot or two of Shou Wu Chich a
Chinese formula, every day.  You can buy it at most
Oriental groceries.  It is a warming formula and
great to take all winter. It helps keep the
Kidneys strong. When you leave Flordia’s sun,even 50 is cold.

The Chinese consider it to be longevity and
sexual tonic that replenishes Qi, and vital
essence that is lost in excessive indulgence.

It is a crucial herb to nourish the blood.
Research has shown that it decreases cholesterol
levels and also improves energy levels.
Add two tablespoons to a cup of hot water for a
delicious tea or just take a few shots.

Shou Wu Chih is one of the most popular liquid
tonic preparations for men or women.
It nourishes warms and invigorates the blood,
nourishes the Liver and Kidneys and benefits
the eyes. Acts as a strong Liver and Kidney
Strengthens the bones and tendons.
I take it all winter.

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Is your Dr. Finished in 3 minutes?

November 19th, 2009

Health care, my behind. It’s more like sickness
care at most,that is a more appropriate word
for it. In the good old USA the debate is heating
up daily.
I drove by the city county building today and
there were a hand full of people out there with
sign’s raised complaining of Obama’s health
care bill.

There is a ton of political, corporate, special
interest groups involved and chances are they are
not the least bit interested in your health.

If they were, we wouldn’t allow GMO foods,
High Fructose Corn Syrup,diet sweetners
antibiotics and hormones in our meats.
Cola’s,bacon & hot dogs filled with Nitrates,
water that you can’t drink, air pollution,
polluted rivers, lakes and oceans,
mercury in our fish and being pushed into the air.
I could go on and on, but thats enuf.

In Chinese medicine we treat the root of the problem.
The same in European biological medicine.
When you just treat the symptom you don’t cure the
problem,it’s a bandage at most. 

Let’s say your house is filled with garbage you will
attract flies and rats and you can
poison and trap the pests to get them out of your
space for a moment, but they will come back if you
don’t eliminate the garbage.
That’s the root cause of the pests. The same with our
health if you have cancer,tumors,heart problems,high
blood pressure,diabetes,even bad breath or a host of
other illnesses. 

If you treat the symptom alone, not the cause, you’ll
never,ever cure it.
You may be able to hide it for awhile,but it will raise
its ugly head again and may even kill you dead…  

If we really want to get people well we would eliminate
the problem.

That’s the real health care cure.

Have those companies that pollute our air and water,
sell inferior foods, fill people with corn syrup and
bubbly water and sell unnecessary drugs pick up 80%
of our insurance costs out of their profits. This would
fix the health care system overnight.   

If you eat fast food and don’t exercise,you will
eventually have to pay with poor health sickness.

You can keep your self in tip-top shape with just
a few changes.
•Drink clean water every day 3 quarts up to a gallon
•Stay out of fast food restaurants
•Exercise your organs and tendons daily
•Stay under 20% body fat
•Wash your hands several times a day 
•Eliminate complex carbohydrates
•Do Qi Gong breathing exercises daily

Every day people come to me to learn the Qi Gong
breathing exercises and the Qi Gong organ regenerating
exercise. They want to stay young, stay or get healthy
and increase their Energy.
My practice as a doctor is just about full.  
The coaching program is filling up.
I can only see a limited amount of people a day.
If your asking  Why? 
I am not a doctor that finishes in 3 minutes.
I stay with my patients until we are both satisfied.
Well satisfied!

For those of you that can’t come to Miami to see
 me in person, I have created a few programs to
train and coach you from afar.

The Recharging Qi Gong Program and the coaching
program Qi Gong inner circle.
I made these wonderful programs to train my patients
and students in staying healthy and disease free.

If you want the edge in maximum health order today  and
order both programs before the first of December and

I’ll send as a FREE gift  Aug, Sept and Oct
          Qi Gong inner circle DVD’s for FREE.
That’s over $100 FREE for ordering both yearley programs
in the next two weeks.   Act now!  and

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and happiness,

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Doc, you gotta’ Fix Her.

November 17th, 2009

I drove over to a patient’s house last night to
make a house call. That’s not something I do a lot of,
but Karen twisted her back and couldn’t get out of bed.
Her husband, Martin, called and pleaded with me to go.
 When I arrived at the house, Martin was the one
who seemed to be having the problem.
Although Karen was flat on her back,
he was All Shook–Up.
I asked if he was all right and he blurted out almost
in tears.“Who is going to make dinner?
Karen can’t move and I am really hungry.
Doc, you gotta’ fix her.

How are the kids going to get to school in the morning?
This is really an inconvenience for me.” I with held my
personal judgements. As I bit my lip. I said, 

“Well Martin,” I answered calmly, “why don’t you let
 me take a glimpse at Karen and see what I can do.”

Karen is a 53-year-old house-wife with three kids
and lots of demands on her.
She is the support person in the family and
without her, no one functions very well.

When there is too much stress on any of us we break
Sometimes a cold, stiff neck or, in Karen’s case,
a back-pain or a pain in the butt can knock you for
 a loop. 
I did some Acupuncture and Medical Qi Gong, adjusted
her spine and found that she just needed rest for a
few days.

I sat down with Martin when I finished and explained
that the best way to have his loving wife back was to
give her some space.Take the kids out to dinner.
Go down to the beach for ½ an hour or so.
Practice some Qi Gong exercises which will help
him and the kids to be more flexible in body
and mind.
Martin said, “Do you mean those exercises that you
were talking about?”

“Yep! Those are the exercises.
I’ll go over with them with you now and you can
visit my website
and download them for FREE.”  

Martin called me this afternoon and thanked me a
thousands times over. He said it was great for him
to spend some quality time with the kids, although
he has been living within a few miles of the beach,
last night was the first time he went to look at
the ocean in years.
He said, “The Exercises helped to open up my
flexibility, or lack of it,in my body and mind.” 
I reminded him that every month the members of the receive a DVD of
exercises, meditations and ways to keep stress free.
Check it out.

I wish you the Best in Health, Wealth and Happiness

Dr. Wu Dhi

P.S. He said that Karen was getting better.

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Soda can Kill your Sex life

November 16th, 2009

Shirley came in for an appointment last week.
I gave her a tour around the office and the first
thing she asked was, “Doctor can you do anything
 for my back pain?”
As we sat down I asked how her energy was.
Do she sleep well?  How is your appetite and digestion?
Where is the pain?
How long has it been going on and so forth?

She told me that she was suffering from osteoporosis.
That’s a disease in which bones become fragile and
more likely to break, typically in the hip, spine,
and wrist.

It can impair a person’s ability to walk and may
cause prolonged or permanent disability or even
She said that she lost two inches in height over
the years from her disease and had no idea
why this was happening.

I continued asking questions about her health
and lifestyle.

Do you ever drink soft drinks? She replied,
                            Yes I do!
Six to eight cans a day, but just diet soda.
I always watch my weight.
Right away I knew what was leaching all the
calcium out of her bones. If you think you’re
doing yourself a favor by drinking diet soda
instead of the real deal, think again.
You may be protecting your waistline,
 but you are beating up your kidneys.

In Chinese medicine the main physiological
functions and indicators of the kidneys are:
•        Vitality
•        Sexual Power and Libido
•        Growth and Development
•        Controlling Metabolism
•        Receiving Qi
•        Producing Bone Marrow
•        Brain Function
•        Manufacturing blood
•        Hair Luster
•        Hearing

That’s a whole lotta stuff that you don’t
want to mess up.

If you are drinking two or more diet sodas a
day that will cause a significant dip in the
kidneys and age you quicker and cause your
sexual energy to fade.
This doesn’t mean your kidneys are safe,
if you choose regular sodas. It has been
shown that if you are drinking a few cans
of the regular soda a day you are twice as
likely to suffer from early
signs of kidney disease.

I suspect it has to do with the intake
of large amounts of high fructose
corn syrup.

I suggested that she stop drinking soda
all together.
She said. “I could never do that.
I am addicted to it.”

Many of us have habits and addictions that
aren’t good
for us but there is a way to change those
nasty little habits.

I invite all of you to join me on  a FREE
conference call next week November 18,2009
at 8:00 pm EST to tell you
how to make those changes in your life
and transform your bad habits to habits
that support you, your health and
your positive growth.

At around 7:55 pm on November 18, 2009,
call this number (218) 339-4600
and when they ask you for the Access
Code dial this number in:
and you’ll be on the call.
I look forward to speaking with all of
you and sharing this valuable information.

Wishing you the Best in Health, Wealth
and Happiness

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Changing Your Karmic Address

November 7th, 2009

Every year around this time, Margaret seems to invoke  some tragedy into her life. In fact the usual litany seems to never stop – a car crash, getting punched  in the nose, losing a job and some things too bad  to even mention.   Now she even expects some  thing to disrupt her life every year …

Read more:
Changing Your Karmic Address

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