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Should you Detox for the Chinese New Year?

January 25th, 2010

I received a letter from one of my dear friends and students.

This is what she said, “Dear Dr. Wu, Your U-Tube teachings

are great and came at the perfect time. 

I cleared all rooms in my home just a bit ago. 

Question – does the container have to be metal or

is that for fire protection?  I have a heavy ceramic bowl that is made for clearing

and used it this time. ???”“I love the your you tube bits of wisdom, Your exuberant

energy makes me giggle – which is good – excellent – thanks for the review on the

basic power exercise – I was getting sloppy with mine.”
“When I cleared my office/guest room the phrase “new possibilities”

surfaced – again thanks for the exercise.”
Joy to You
Thanks for writing Joy. The metal bowl is more for safety than anything else.

Sometimes the ceramic ones get too hot and crack causing a mess or worse.

Safety is #1. The Epson salt clearing technique has been used for hundreds

of years to clear out one’s space. I learned it in the 70’s and shared it with

hundreds and hundreds of people who have all reported great results.

What I suggest is clean the house first, and then do the Epson Salt clearing.

If you don’t have Epson salt you can use regular salt. I’ve used the Kosher salt

before and it works just as well. Here is the youtube link once again
I suggest download it while you can, as I’ll take it down in a few weeks

 to be locked in my archives. 
I am about to make some really great changes in my life and practice.

I have more products hitting the market in the next few months.

I am opening a new office in downtown Miami and I’ll be doing more

on You Tube this year. As the Chinese year of the Ox ends and we are

moving into the New Year of the Tiger on the 14 of February,

the book Turn Stress into Power have been flying off the shelves.
This is one of the best times to start a- new and clean up your space

and purify your system. A great time of the year to detox yourself

from old and stale energy inside and out. What I’ve done is totally

clean my house, give away things that I don’t need or use and I did the

Epson Salt cleansing and now I’m clearing my body/mind with the

2 weeks Detox program.
I wish you the Best in your health, Wealth and Happiness
Dr. Wu Dhi
PS. Be sure to turn your friends on to my website

and I’ll make sure that Everyone gets turned on to the best in Health Longevity
 and Spiritual practices.

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Dr Wu Dhi is Now on You Tube

January 23rd, 2010

It was 3 weeks ago when George wrote me and asked if
I’d be willing to share some of my Qi Gong work-outs and
other internal practices on You Tube.

At first I thought that he was off his rocker!
Asking me to teach these sacred teachings to the
world on You Tube?  I have spent more than 30 years
learning from masters from Tibet, China, India,
Europe and the Good Old USA.
I grumbled to myself for a moment and then after that,
I decided to shoot a few short clips and share these
valuable teachings with everyone.
So off I went to the beach with my camera and tri-pod
in hand to see what I could do.

My first few attempts were a disaster. I either cut off
my head, was too far to the right or left of camera.
I did shoot a great one and then realized I forgot to
take the lens cap off.
One time I was standing so far away from the camera you
couldn’t hear a word that I was saying.
But I was determined to get it.  Day after day,
I set up the camera until,
Bingo! I got it. “The Dr. Wu Show” is now on You Tube.
It’s not really a show, but every morning I bring the
camera and a student or two who will shoot a 1 or 2
minute cut of one of the teachings.
Check it out at

It’s a lot of fun for me to share the teachings
and people from all over have been learning more and more.
Be sure to turn your friends on to it

Of course it’s not all the goods, but it gives you a taste.
If you want the whole ‘Shebang’ consider becoming a member
of the
You will be glad you did.
That’s where I teach the real meat and potatoes.

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How to Stay Hard and Strong

January 10th, 2010

DSC_045221 degrees in Florida this morning and that’s
a record breaker. Miami Beach is warmer 29 but with that breeze coming off the ocean its dam cool at my house.

Never the less I was up early walked down to
the beach and did my TRAINING AS USUAL.
The Recharging Qi Gong exercises increases power,
 warms the kidneys and gives you more sexual strength
and if one gets all that, who wouldn’t want to train.

“He who fails to train, Trains to fail”.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, the kidneys
 are responsible for our growth, development, reproduction,
 bone marrow production, temperature regulation, the
function of brain and spinal cord, controls the strength
of bones,and fluid metabolism. If your kidneys are deficient
you could have signs and symptoms which will include:

Exhaustion, feeling cold all the time, swollen face,
swollen extremities, memory loss, hair loss, hearing
problems, decreased sexual drive, brittle bones,
teeth problems, sore back and knees, frequent pale
urination, incontinence, high blood pressure, low
sperm count, infertility, hypothyroidism, asthma,
impotence, difficult bowel movements. 
You can see why the kidneys are so important to keep strong.
One of the keys to longevity is to keep the kidneys strong.
I have been telling you about Shou Wu Chih in my blog.
You know the Chinese tonic to keep your kidneys warm.

(Look at November 19th, 2009
 “Keeping the Kidneys warm all winter”
I have been drink it since late fall to prepare my system
for the cold and keep my energy at its best. 

A few days ago when I heard that the artic freeze was
coming my way, I got all the goodies ready to make a
tonifying ginseng chicken soup.
Here is the formula,Enjoy!

1 small black chicken
(you can find a black chicken at the
Chinese grocery store)
5 slices of ginger about the size of a quarter
and ¼ of an inch thick
3 or 4 Tsp. Shou Wu Chih
10 Chinese red dates
1 pieces of dried ginger
2 or 3 pieces of garlic
½ package of the thin ginseng root
(they look like thick twigs and come
with a string around them)

2 tsp sea salt
5 tbsp rice wine
A splash of sesame seed oil

1. Wash and clean the black chicken
( I soak the chicken in salt water
for a few hours to pull out toxins)
2. Peel the ginger and garlic
3. Rinse the ginseng root, and red dates
4. Place the black chicken in a large pot
and add the ginseng root, Shou Wu Chih,
red dates, ginger and garlic.
Add enough water to cover the ingredients.
5. Bring the pot of water to a hardy boil.
6. Lower to low heat and simmer the soup for
 about 2 hours
7. Remove from heat and add the seasonings before serving

Today I had 3 bowels already and I’ll have another one
for dinner. Yum!

My entire body is warm. I Train Hard and I am Chocked
 full of energy.


Keep training Hard!


Dr. Wu Dhi

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Are We Having FUN Yet?

January 3rd, 2010

When I was a small boy growing up in Detroit

my Dad would come home every night after

Work around 6:30 and before dinner he would

play with my brother and me before doing

anything else.


We would beg him to stand on his head and

Dad who was in good shape would do a head

stand for us. He loved to stand on his head

like a yogi right in the middle of the living



Every time he did this coins would fall from his



My brother and I would scurry around and grab

as much loose change as we could while my father

pretended to protest, “give me back my money” from

his inverted position.


In truth it was as much fun for him as it was

for us.


My Dad was the youngest of a family of eight

and being the baby of that family he was always having

fun with siblings even into adulthood.


Life for him was about play, having fun being with friends and family.


Dad successfully instilled this outlook of life

onto me and my brother.


Even when we would go with him to work in downtown

Detroit we had fun, maybe even the most fun of all.


The word work and the drudgery that goes along with

it never made any sense to me or my brother because

of this.


People hate to work but they use this word for

stuff that isn’t even work. Did you ever notice

that everywhere it does get used people are really



Serious people in the gym are Working Out.

For serious training you go to a Workshop.

When you’re serious about beauty you call

it a Work of art. If you’re serious about

your Work they say you have Work ethic.

Some even practice Spiritual Work.


I’ve done my best to work and be conscious

over the years, I really have, but most of

the time I can’t help but

consider how much fun I’m having.

If you love what your doing work is fun.


If I’m not having fun or moving to a higher

level of “fun” in the sense of being able to

contribute; making a difference; learning;

growing and to feel that I am part of a

successful group that is making a difference

in the world, it’s usually not fun and I am

not doing it or at least not for long.


What I’ve learned is that you can’t push

other people to work they are either workers

 or not, but you can make it rewarding and Fun.

This gets you and others to be much more protective.

Everyone loves to have Fun.


Sometimes it’s just a matter of reminding ourselves

that we’re having fun.


Try it.


There are many situations that are supposed to be

fun that we often add tension to and they instantly

become serious situations or work.


At these times simply say aloud “This is fun”.


You’ll either break the tension in the room or

You’ll actually change the

orientation of yourself and others from one of

seriousness to one of FUN.


If you saw me doing Recharging Qi Gong with my

students on the beach I doubt you’d say that looks

like a lot of work. It’s actually a lot of fun and

it looks like fun, feels life Fun and it is Fun too.


Big smiles on everyone’s face and some occasional

Laughter is normal.


This is not your usual “Workout” and so far it’s been

producing unusual results in those that have gotten

the program and started to use it.


If you want more vitality and pep in your step I

encourage you to make a change.


Go to and find out how

you can use these simple and gentle movements every

day to pump up you Qi power and invigorate your internal



Wishing you the best in Health, Wealth and Happiness,


Dr. Wu Dhi

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Keeping Goals 2010

January 1st, 2010

At last the Thanksgiving eat is over,
the Christmas shopping is behind us
and the drinking and partying has stopped.
It’s an occasion to recover, relax and reflect.
New Year’s Day is here.

It’s an opportunity for self- cultivation,
to get on with our projects,
heal up our relationships,
lose that Big belly and restart our training again.

New Year’s Day is the goal setting day.
We all say we are going to move forward
with our lives eating healthier,
Exercise more and look feel and
be thinner .

Now how are you going to stick with your goals?
Here are secrets to stay on your program
1. Make a chart and check off the goal you said
  you would daily
2. Only set the goal for 30 days at a time.
  How do you eat an elephant?One bit at a time
3. Start your training as soon as you wake up.
4. Finish your last meal by 8:00 PM or earlier
5. Take a day off once a week to reset your goals
6. Tell at least 3 people about your goals,check
  in with them weekly to stay on track.

One of the secrets to success is having a coach.
www.qigonginnercircle will give you everything
you need in 2010 become a member today.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth
Happiness and you’re Training

Dr. Wu Dhi

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