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Don’t Get Bit by The White Tiger

February 14th, 2010

Gung Hei Fat Choi!

Happy Chinese New Year!

This is the beginning of the year of the metal Tiger.
Metal is one of the five Taoist elements.
It’s the white Tiger year and it’s Valentine’s Day.


The Tigers in Chinese medicine is the animal ruling
the metal element, the organs are the lungs and the
large intestines, and the color is pure white.
People born under the sign of the Tiger have
personalities that are associated with creativity,
doing lots of projects, loving children and are
protected by the Archangel Michael.

It’s said that people born under the sign of
the tiger unusually makes people feel at home
and are good protector, have qualities of royalty,
wealth, inspiration, and are fearless.
They bring good luck to people and they have bounds
of sexual energy, with a large sexual appetite.
But be careful as they are very territorial and
will bit if you mess with their mate.
A Tiger demands a lot of attention from a partner,
but when given enough love and support can turn into
a gentle pussy cat. They are winners; their model is
“I will finish first”.

The people I know that are tigers have great strength
are extremely smart, and straightforward.
If you were born in 1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962,
1974, 1986, 1998 or 2010 you’re a tiger
and one of the most compassionate and kind signs
in the Chinese zodiac.
According to tradition a tiger year is associated
with massive change, so get ready.
Flexibility is the Key here.
This year we can look forward to a dynamic year of
sudden opportunities and bold actions.
Expect massive social change, political rebellion,
and military coups all over the world.

It’s the perfect time to detoxify your lungs and
large intestine. Do your breathing exercises every
morning and stay away from junk food.
Eat organic as much as possible and drink lots of
clean fresh water.

I am doing more of the percussive breathing
and the internal stomach lifts.
In fact I am going to make a short video and put
it on “You Tube” so you can see what I am talking
But if you want the real goods, pounce like a Tiger on
this great opportunity and become a member of the
Qi Gong Inner Circle. Make it I gift to yourself
in celebration of the Tiger Year .
For a limited time It’s still only a $1 to join
and if you don’t dig it, nothing lost.
Join today and you’ll be on the conference call
tomorrow night with the members.

I usually only share the Top Secret info with the members,
but today is Chinese New Year, so here’s a bit of inside
According to legend,sacred tigers live 1000 years.
Half way through life at age 500, they turn pure white.
Tigers scare off thieves, and ghosts.
The Fearless Tiger is a powerful totem animal to
contact in the shamanic realm to assist in
banishments and purifications.
Tiger magic is luckiest for those born in Tiger,
 Horse, Dog, and Pig years. Only the clever Monkey
is not compatible with the ways of the Tiger.

I have big plans tonight to welcome in the year of the
White Tiger with meditations and ritual foods.
I’ll share more on the call tomorrow night at 8:00 EST
only with the members.

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February 7th, 2010

My cousin Sheldon was in town a few weeks ago.
We always stay in touch by phone, but I haven’t
seen him in years.
Sheldon 6 years my senior and my memories of him
are of a big strong guy. When I was a kid he rode
a huge Harley, he was in the gym all the time,boxed
andhe could kick your butt if he needed too.
The last time I saw him I was in California
many years ago he was quite muscular,
but this time he was walking with a cane
and in pain.

He had an operation 2 years ago and was still
experiencing the pain.The operation was a success,
according to the doctor and in all the testing he
was perfect.
His doctor said that there shouldn’t be any pain
but if there was, it’s just one of those things
and he’d just have to live with it.

Shel was having muscle memory of the trauma
and operation and he was somewhat stuck with
the pain still in his body and mind.

I convinced him to come into the office and with
only few treatments he left pain free.

Yes, no pain.

He couldn’t believe it. He had no idea that with a
few simple treatments he could be free of a two
year nightmare.
This is a common experience of many of my patients.
When the memory of pain gets locked in to the mind
and muscle,even if the body heals there is still
a nagging pain.
It was somewhat of a miracle to him to be
pain free.
This happens often as long as the patient is
willing to step outside the box and let go of
their per-conceived ideas around health
and healing.
When he left Miami he was walking on his own
without that walking stick and

I was pleasantly surprised this week when I
received a large box with one of his paintings
in it as a thank you.

It’s called “Center Ring”.
It’s now is a permanent part of Dr. Wu’s
growing art collection.

As I reflected on it and what Center-ring
or Centering meant to me. I ask myself what
is it to be centered or to keep ones center.
Is being centered more of a physical state
concerning center of gravity, natural posture
and movement or is it just a state of mind?

We are always trying to maintain homeo stasis or
I believe that being centered is to live in the
immediate and ever changing balance of all systems,
centering is a technique
to help you ‘stay in the present’ and discard
negative or distracting thoughts.

To keep myself centered I have built in a discipline
that works. Every morning I get up before day break to
begin my training.
I do the Recharging Qi Gong exercises and then move
into the Crain style Qi Gong set.

The Key is the regular time and consistence.
The body loves routine, doing the same thing
at the same time day in and day out.
Start practicing daily build in the habit and
join me in staying healthy.

Center ring

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Worship a Furry Rat Day

February 2nd, 2010

Today is the 2nd of February, Groundhog Day. A day when people from all walks of life converge on the small town of Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania to see what a large Groundhog will predict.


Now how strange is that?


Folklore has it that if the groundhog a large furry rodent comes out of it’s hole looks around and sees his shadow, old man winter will keep his clutches on and the cold weather for six more weeks in the United States. If he doesn’t see it, then spring will be here soon.


I was looking at the official Punxsutawney Groundhog Day website and they list the tradition as being a blend of ancient Christian and Roman customs. Every February thousands of people come out freezing their asses off waiting in the cold to worship a furry rat. They used to pull that little sucker out of his burrow, and eat him. Lucky for the groundhog they changed the rules or he would be stew tonight. 


In the news this morning the little dude, that they named Phil saw his shadow and winter will hold its grip on us a little longer.


 I was reflecting on this tradition and found it strange that people believe this is a judge or prediction of what’s to come and they doubt if Chinese medicine really works.

Did you know that acupuncture is the most used medical treatment in the world?

It’s a proven form of medicine that is thousands of years old that works for:



Pain Management



Mental­ Emotional

Eyes­ Ears ­Nose and Throat


Muscular ­Skeletal and Neurological

Urinary and Reproductive


The list goes on and on and yet people are always asking if acupuncture and Medical

Qi Gong  works.

I think the real question is will it work for me?

The “ME” is the key word here. If you don’t exercise, eat a healthy diet and have bad thoughts running through your mind most of the day, you will experience some form of dis-ease sooner or later.

Many of these mental emotional problems comes from Worry, Struggle and Blame they are known as the three poisons in the Buddhist system.These emotions keep us stuck and although the physical form is important preoccupation with personal health and well-being is not in itself, spiritual fulfillment. That’s something we all need for our growth. I am not talking about religion but internal growth.



The reason I started the website, the blog, the classes and workshops and the different products is to bring the message of health, and spiritual growth to you.

Every week I add new info to the website , to the blog and now I am on  You Tube

But, If you want the top-secret information it is only given to the members of the


It is truly high-level info that I always reserve for those who train with me month-in and month-out.


I receive emails daily asking me for info on Internal Exercise, Diet, Meditation and Health and Spiritual practices from men and women all over the world, and these well-meaning people want me to give them all sorts of advice.


I have been busting my behind to keep up with all the requests and I truly would love to continue to do this, but with a full medical practice, writing, teaching and making CD’s and DVD’s my days are full.

I realized I had better develop a different map – otherwise I was going to dump the baby out with the bath water and sacrifice my own health and well being.

So I found a way to separate the doer’s from the non DOERS by creating  the Qigong inner circle – a “members only” program where YOU can get access to me and have me answer your questions and send you the real goods.

As well as that, you will be on the monthly conference calls and receive the members only teachings on DVD’s every month.


Now the monthly fee for joining the Qigong Inner Circle is just $29.95 US. per month (automatically billed to your credit card every 30 days but cancelable and refundable at any time after the test-drive if you’re not pleased).

You can still join as a trial member for just $1.00 for a limited time. Soon the membership will be going up to $39.95 a month.

Say “YES” to a one-month test drive now and we’ll send out the DVD along with the free gift.


And if for any reason you don’t find the program to your taste, just let me know and we’ll remove you from the Qigong Inner Circle so that there are no more charges.

So jump on this one today, my friend. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.






Important: this offer expires very soon. Maybe later today. Act NOW!


 I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and Happiness


Dr. Wu Dhi

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