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Internal Qi Gong to control Pain

March 16th, 2010

Today A student asked me if I knew how to control pain using Qi Gong.
I refered to this blog that I sent out a few years ago.
This is the story I told him.

As a kid growing up in Detroit you learned how to be tough
at an early age, and even if I got in a fight or got hurt
I learned how to control pain. That was something I learned

Dr. Feldman our family dentist taught me from an early age to

You may remember those old dentist offices where that had
those old cable drills, well that’s what he had in his old
creepy office, with those old time cable drills that moved
really, really slowly with loud buzzing drills.
Dr Feldman told my mother, who seemed to believe
everything that he said, that kids didn’t need Novocain
or anything else for pain. He Told Her “Kids don’t really
feel any pain from the drilling”.
So we never got the numbing stuff.
I learned how to move my internal energy in my body to
avoid pain at an early age just to survive those early
days of touchier.
Not exactly the water board technique, but close.

I still use the technique to avoid pain,
to the amazement of my current dentist.

I was working out with a group of students about a
month ago showing some of the advanced techniques of
internal Qi gong and how to strike not at things but
through things.
I got distracted by a question from a senior students
and a newbie cold cocked me on my left side right on my jaw.
Ouch! I didn’t give it much energy and re-channeled the
pain and went on with the instructions.

A few days ago I was feeling some discomfort in my mouth
and went to the dentist to have it checked.
It turned out that I had a broken tooth and it needed to
be pulled.

When I said No Novocain! The dentist  and her assistant
turned white. After some discussion and seeing that it
wasn’t going to happen without me agreeing to let them
give me at least a ¼ dose I agreed for their sake I then
went into a deep meditation and before I knew it the
tooth was out.
I did much better than the doctor and her assistant in fact
I giver her call to day to check on her anxiety level after
seeing me. She was fine but still can’t believe that the
processors didn’t bother me.

Over the last 6 decades I have studied and learned many
techniques from the ancient cultures on to move, remove,
divert and avoid pain. On many different levels mentally,
physically, emotionally and locked in spiritual pain.
Some of these systems I have discovered out of necessity
others are drawn from the Taoist systems and Tibetan
systems, as well as Alchemy, Chinese medicine and the
secret teachings of Ayurvedic medicine.

These and other internal  Qigong exercises are what
I teach to the Qi Gong Inner Circle members.
If you are not a part of the group as of yet.
Join us now.
If your not totally thrilled with
the teachings you can cancel any time.
There are no contracts
you just drop out; it’s as easy as that there is no pain.
Sign up today I can guarantee you’ll be glad you did.

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“No Blockage, No Pain.”

March 14th, 2010

“Where there is Blockage there is pain,
where there is no Blockage, there is no pain.”
I read this statement in Kung Fu Magazine a
few months ago and it really stuck with me.

That’s not a concept that they entertain in
Western Medicine. People in general can’t deal
with pain.
They are always trying to run from it, kill it,
or numb out, just to avoid pain.

I hear it all- “Doctor: my back hurts, my stiff neck
is killing me, and I’ve had these pounding head aches
for weeks.” I have heard that some of the standard
treatments are worse than the actual disease itself.

As a doctor of Chinese medicine, I am forever opening up
the blockages in Qi flow and this relives pain in a flash.
No blockage, No pain. It’s as simple as that.
If the Qi is not flowing; it’s stagnant or disrupted in
some way. It can be from a trauma, spiritual, mental,
or emotional imbalances.

Here’s the scoop: we have a meridian system that travels
through our whole body. It’s like a sea of energy or a large
river of energy flowing in and out, around every organ.
If the Meridians are open our health is great,
but if there is a blockage the next thing we know-
there is some kind of dis-ease.
The acupuncture, herbs, and massage help to open up those
blocks that effect our balance.
But most of us can’t get a treatment everyday because of time,
costs etc.
So what can you do to keep your self in tip top shape,
release the blocked energy and stay balanced?

I’ve got the answer;
“The Recharging Qi Gong Program”.
I now have more than 700 patients and students doing this
increasable program daily with 100% satisfaction.
They have cut their pain down to size or completely
eliminated it.

I receive letters all the time from students and patients
telling me how their energy has increased and that
they are more flexible than they have ever been with no pain.
They now feel great in their own skin again.

How does it work?

The program opens up the blocked and stuck energy in your
physical, mental and spiritual bodies.
“Where there is no Blockage, there is no pain”.

If you start now you can improve your health way beyond your
own expectations and feel GREAT!

I wish you the Best in your Health, Wealth and Happiness

Dr. Wu Dhi

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The Origin of Wrinkles

March 11th, 2010

This weekend I was at an incredible workshop with
two doctors from Italy.
The topics were on Longevity medicine and
Aesthetic medicine,
basically that’s all about health and beauty.
I found it interesting that they put those two
subjects together.

When I was a Kid my father always said.

“If you don’t have your health you don’t have anything”.
I didn’t have a clue what he was telling me in my
younger years, But I do now!

We discussed specifically on the origin and where
wrinkles come from. People get wrinkles from a multitude of reasons.
In Western medicine, these are some of the major factors:

Ultraviolet sun rays
Inadequate diet
Excess alcohol
Loss of teeth
Improper chewing
Environmental dryness
Absence of cosmetic skin care
Abrupt weight loss
Sleep lines

In Chinese medicine, as we get older,
gravity and heat affects our body.
What it does is it heats up our organs and
eventually starts to atrophy. Think of it
this way; imagine your internal organs as a
 beautiful plum.
Once you put it under the sun, it will dry up
like a prune in no time.
The organ itself will deteriorate, decrease in
size and wither away.
When this happens, we can actually see it
externally as wrinkles in our face.

If you want to keep your face from wrinkling
and slow the aging process, you need to detoxify
your body.
Detoxification clears the heat from the organs and
re-hydrates the body.
It will then reflect in our face.

If you want to stay young as long as you can
I am doing at my Aventura, Florida office…..
You can still get in on it, if you sign up now
I prescribe a combination of remedies and
treatments to purify your body of toxins,
and cleanse the entire system.
It enhances the circulation, improves your digestion
and cleans toxic substances that relieve symptoms of
illness caused by an un-healthy lifestyle and/or
exposure to environmental toxins.

The program will:
1. Detox the lymphatic system

2. Stimulates the gastrointestinal pathway
and liver function

3. Detox the kidney and gallbladder systems.


If you live in South Florida or are comming
to visiting, sign up Now,
There are only days 4 days left of the
Great Detox Sale.

I had hundreds of people come in for
the cleansing program that included
*Lymphatic Drainage
*Light Therapy
*Homeopathic Detox.

If you want More Energy, Better Sleep, a Clearer
Mind and Dropped Pounds
Than this program is for you.
Call the office 305 932-2202 and make an appointment
to Secure your place today.
We usually charge $269 for this
detox program but until March 15th.

It’s only $150 for everything.

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Fung Shui Garden

March 3rd, 2010

Around 6:30 this morning I met with Linda in her
secrets Fung Shui garden, it’s hidden in a special
lay according to ancient laws of alchemy.
Linda doesn’t invite too many guests here,
she is really careful to keep the vibrations at the
highest levels.
I heard that everyone who visits her garden claims,
that no matter if it’s hot or cold outside the
temperature is always perfect and the space is
very healing.
The garden is filled with exotic tropical flowers,
plants, and medicinal herbs from all over the world.
As well as sculptures, bubbling fountains and the
sound of wind chimes permeate the air.
As soon as I entered the garden,I went into an internal
state of conciseness that I have only experienced in
deep meditation and intense Qi Gong Practices.
The feeling I got was an incredible amount of internal
space, my breathing opened and my entire body was
relaxed just being there.

The more internal space we have creates more awareness,
and more awareness creates more space. Once you experience
this, it can be duplicated and called forth at will.
People are always saying things like, “I need to get
away” or “I need more space.”
But once you’ve learned how to pull in the energy you
can go into that deep space at will.

We have the external universe which is the macrocosm
and we have the internal universe, the microcosm,
space where you can learn and grow the quickest.
It takes discipline as well as training but with a
regular practice you can be the master of your own
destiny in no time at all.

Here are a few important keys to get you there:
First of all, you ground yourself and get yourself-centered.
That’s the importance of building a solid foundation.

Next key is in the Breathing.
This will relax your body and relax your whole being.
Imagine that the energy is being absorbed into every
cell of your body, like a monster sponge sucking in
all the Qi.
When I first learned this work it was like plugging into
a 220 socket. My energy and vitality jumped off the
charts and my anxiety leaves dropped away.

I teach these techniques in depth to the members
of the Qi Gong Inner Circle.
Every month they receive a DVD and we follow up with
a conference call to insure everyone is up to date.
If you haven’t jumped on the boat yet,
what are you waiting for?
Go to to get a trial membership.
It’s still only a dollar until March 15th.
Sign up today!
If you’re not completely amazed by the teaching,
you can drop out anytime.

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Detox or Die

March 2nd, 2010

Every day we accumulate toxins from the food we eat,
the water we drink and the air we breathe.
Even our negative thoughts affect us as toxic poisons
and those accumulated poisons interfere with the quality
of life.
The world is overburdened by chemicals that we are not
able to process nor eliminate without help and this is
a major source of disease.
Every day I see patients at my office complaining that they
have no energy, their sex drive is gone, they only have a
bowel movement every few days, they are bloated, full of gas
and over weight and Don’t Have a Clue Why.

I was in Switzerland last summer at the Paracelsus clinic
interning with Dr. Thomas Rau.  He told me a story that
I will always remember.
He said,” Our bodies are like a big garbage-can.
Every day we put something in the can and sooner or later it
fills up and garbage spills over. The next thing you know
there are flies maggots and rats everywhere.
We can spray the flies, and poison the rats but that doesn’t
solve the problem. If you want to solve the problem you need
to empty the garbage-can and the pests will disappear. ”

We eat drink and are exposed to a multitude of poisons daily
and eventually our body fills up with a toxic overload and the
next thing we know we have some dis-ease.
You can try to kill it with medicines, but until you clean up
the underlining problem you are just covering-up the real thing.
So what’s the solution?
It’s a Detox, Cleaning out the Colon, Liver and the Kidneys.

I prescribe a combination of three remedies for 2 weeks
to purify your body of toxins, and cleanse the entire system.
It enhances the circulation, improves your digestion and cleans
toxic substances that relieve symptoms of illness caused by an
unhealthy lifestyle and/or exposure to environmental toxins.

The program will:
1. Detox the lymphatic system
2. Stimulates the gastrointestinal pathway and liver function
3. Detox the kidney and gallbladder systems.

If you are in South Florida, This is the last week of the
Detox Special.
I had hundreds of people come in for
the cleansing program that included
*Lymphatic Drainage
*Light Therapy
*Homeopathic Detox.

They have reported More Energy,a Bigger Smile on their faces,
 Better Sleep, and a Clearer Mind and have Dropped Pounds.

I wish you the Best in Health , Wealth and Happiness

Dr. Wu Dhi

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