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Feeling single, Seeing double

July 30th, 2010

It was some time ago when country singer George Jones
wrote these words
“Well I really had a ball last night
I held all the pretty girls tight
I was feeling single, seeing double
I wound up in a whole lot of trouble
and today I’ll face the big fight
but I really had a ball last night “.

– What were you thinking?
Your body doesn’t rebound that well anymore,
if it ever did.

I got a call Sunday morning from Ronald;
I had no idea that it was him at first as
I only heard groans when I picked up.
He is a friend who was at the wedding
last weekend and apparently couldn’t
hold his liquor very well,
but he was having fun or at least he
thought he was.
He started drinking before the ceremony
even started and by 10:00 he was lit-up
like a fire cracker on the 4th of July
and out-cold by 11.

Too bad the dude missed a great celebration.

When he called me he said,
“My head is throbbing,
I am shaking and I feel like
I’m in a deep fog.
Dr.Wu Dhi, my mouth feels like the desert
floor and to top things off,
my insides feel like they’ve been put
through the ringer.
Is there anything I can do to feel like
a human again?”

Ron, with every gulp of booze you drank
last night,you sucked your body bone dry.
You’re now in a state of Dehydration and
that leads to all kinds of health problems,
keep it up and you’ll be ageing yourself like

“Greased lighting”

Your aching head is just a symptom
of no moisture in your body.
Alcohol breaking down the body,
dumps electrolytes and uses up all your
reserve stores.
You must hydrate to get rid of that woozy

Drink as much water as you can, start taking
vitamin B and come into the office to get a
B-12 injection that will help pull you back

Alcohol blocks the body’s absorption of vitamins
B6 & B12.
“It flushes all the good stuff out of your system.”

A dose of multi-vitamin will help get your body
back into balance.

I had a few drinks myself that night but made
sure that I drank 2 eight ounce glasses of water;
and took a handful of vitamins and walked
as soon as I got home, then I did the Recharging Qi
Gong exercises.
It took me less than an hour to pull myself
together and when I woke up in the morning
I felt Great.

I Wish you the best in your Health Wealth and Happiness

Dr. Wu Dhi

PS.If you’re not on the program,
now is the time to make those changes
and keep yourself healthy and stay young.
The program is an anti-aging program that
has been working for hundreds of people.
Dr. Wu Dhi

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How to gather Qi at a Wedding,Baseball Game,or a Wrestling Match and make yourself Younger at the same time

July 27th, 2010

The wedding bells were ringing this weekend
my friend Michelle got married to the love of
her life, a well groomed handsome international
business man. “Frenchy.”
It is amazing how love can transformed a hotel
ballroom into a chapel of amazing energy.
The ballroom was filled with friends and family,
the smell of roses permeated the air as the
beautiful bride walked down the isle with a long
trailing dress.
Her father then handed her off to her new husband
“Pepe Le Pew”.
People where breathless, eyes filled with tears.
Brides are so beautiful with all the fluff–puff,
and make-up hidden under a vale that gives a
magical quality to the entire event.

There is a lot of energy and Qi at a wedding,
and if you know what you’re doing you can fill
yourself up with more high-octane fuel than
one can ever imagine.

Yes! When there is a large group of people who
are focused on something there is an abundant
of Qi just for the taking.
It doesn’t matter if it’s a wedding,baseball game,
a wrestling match or a rock and roll concert,
when you’re in a place with a lot of people there
If you’re OPEN you can drink from that fountain of
Qi and renew every cell in your body.

99% of the people don’t have a clue how to use or
store energy, in fact most people just waist it.
They only feel the emotional part of the event.
They scream, yell, cry and clap there hands
together and never gather any energy at all.

It is said that at the end of our lives we only
have two things the amount of love we have given
and the amount of energy we have stored.

Most of us know how to give love but how do you
store energy?

It’s a form of self-cultivation but even more
The techniques are in the internal workings of
Meditation,Qi Gong,Qi Gong Healing,
and Medical Qigong.

The secrets are now revealed.
If you want, Really Want and are willing to
practice you can open up your centers and own
the magic for yourself.

The Qi Gong Inner Circle is an on going teaching.
Every month you will receive a DVD and be invited
on the new moon conference call with the members.

Join us today

I wish you the best in your Health, wealth and Happiness

Dr Wu Dhi

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Juicy and Hard

July 21st, 2010

Energy a little sluggish lately?
Maybe you’re getting tired after lunch-
you just don’t seem to have the punch you
used to and that bounce in your step isn’t bouncing.

Your “Un-balanced” Hormones could be the culprit.

It makes no difference male or female,
if your Hormone levels drop you could be pooped out
by mid-day.

Looking at our normal level of testosterone; they should
be between 350 and 1,000.
When we reach the age of 40 our levels start to drop,
you can lose about one percent a year-
a harmless decline in the short term, but there is a chance
you’ll be getting a fat belly, have weak bones, lose muscle
mass and your sex life may only bea fond memory by the
time you reach your early fifties.
When Testosterone levels are in the low- range this could
even increase your chances of dying of some
cardio-vascular disease.

You may be thinking that’s just for the sick and elderly.

Well wake up!

Both guys and gals in there thirties and forties are
reporting the same problems…

They can’t get a hard-on to save their lives,
and the woman’s vajayjay is dried out.
That desire for sex has gone bye, bye.

That’s when they run to my office all “Freaked out.”
Their adrenals are blown-out.

These things usually aren’t diagnosed until it’s too late.
Your hairy bagpipe is out of air and
your sexual desire is gone.
If you want to bring that Fire breathing dragon back to
life, the first thing to do is “Hightail” it to the doctor and
get your hormone level tested.

You can replenish your testosterone stores with injections,
creams, pills or patches, but if you’re supplying your body
with testosterone replacement, chances are your body will
shut down your natural production of the hormone.
Sounds like double- bind.
The side effects of testosterone replacement can be worse
than the original problem.

The ancient Chinese and Tibetans used a totally different
approach to keep vital, they were full of energy and were
ableto stay far younger than their years.
Armed with the knowledge of ancient internal exercises,
diets and meditations they have managed to stay young
and healthy throughout the ages.

These guarded secrets of longevity increase the
testosterone levels naturally.

It was back in the late seventies when I was invited by
my Master to a retreat center in the Catskills to learn
these formulas of sexual power, longevity and
internal spirit awareness.

I have been practicing and teaching these practices to my
students ever since.
If you have a burning desire to stay young, sexually strong
and vibrant in all aspects of your life,
I offer these teachings to a few selected students.

If you’re up for the adventure you can write me for more
details on the private coaching

Below are some hot tips designed to get juicy Lucy back online
andyour lazy joystick working well.

1. Lose that Jelly Belly

Carrying excess body fat elevates your estrogen levels.
That will cause your testosterone levels to drop.

2. The Best Sex is Morning Sex

Morning stimulation causes your circulating testosterone
to rise significantly.

3. Work your Legs

Working your butt and legs will increas testosterone.
If you are on that vitamin “Noassatall,”
it’s time to work your hindend.

4. Your Nuts

Nuts are good for your nuts. Make them your snack to
increase testosterone levels.

5. Hill Sprints

Run full out for 30 seconds to one minute.
Walk- for a full minute between sprints,
so you can regain enough strength to continue.
This will produce the greatest boosts in testosterone
Do at least two sets. Walk–sprint-walk-sprint walk.

6. Rest Hard

Six to eight hours of uninterrupted sleep before midnight
will repair, replenish and boost your testosterone levels.
If you’re a party animal, don’t be surprised if you stop
craving sex and are just too tired.

7. Don’t over Train

If you over train -you don’t allow your body to recuperate
adequately between training sessions -your circulating
testosterone levels willplunge by as much as 40 percent.

8. Moderation & Balance

Vitamins, minerals and amino acids are the keys to turn
that lock.

9. Eat regularly

Eat five meals a day, low in sugars -balance between
protein, carbs, oils and fiber.

Incorporate these valuable tips into your daily routine
and they will help to balance your levels of energy and
increase your sexual appetite.

In China a healthy sexual appetite is the source of
anti-aging practices.

I wish you the best in your Health Wealth and Happiness

Dr. Wu Dhi

PS. Private coaching is a one-on-one training that can be at
my office in Miami or at your location

Write me for more details and we can set up a phone meeting.

Dr. Wu Dhi

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What is Conventional Food doing to your Health?

July 16th, 2010

Do you know that ONE quarter of the American
population is now eating organic products at least
once a week, although they are saying that the new
organic is local grown produce.

Don’t believe it.

Yup, there are advantages of eating locally grown
fruits and vegetables.

1.The taste, fresher just tastes better
2.It helps the local farmer and local economy
3.It saves on shipping costs

I don’t know how you feel about this, but
I for one want my tomatoes to taste like tomatoes.
With no poisons sprayed on it.
If fruits and vegetables are picked green put in a
refrigerated truck and driven a thousand miles across
the country, they just don’t have the Qi that I want to put
into my body.
If we aren’t eating locally, those little farms may disappear
and we would only get those tasteless tomatoes from far,
far away.

I believe that most of us want to eat locally grown organics,
but that’s not easy in most parts of the country.
I’ve been to farmers markets all over the USA and for the
most part, the produce comes from a wholesaler who
trucked it in from who knows where.
Most of it is either sprayed with chemicals or grown with
chemicals that could produce cancer.

What tastes better anyway? Organic or conventional?
(Conventional means- they spray poisons on it and grow
it in poor soil pumped up with chemicals).

I found this little tidbit in Time Magazine
“If scientists could conclusively prove that agricultural
chemicals are harmful, we would all go organic.
But it’s not clear, for instance, that the low levels of pesticide
typically found on conventional produce cause cancer.
The risks of long-term exposure to those residues are still

I eat organic as much as possible and I suggest that to all
my students and patients as well.
But as you know organic food is a bit pricey for some of us.
That is one reason I grow a garden and pay attention to
what I eat and where I eat.
So if you can’t get organic -get locally grown food.

There are ways to get at least some of the poisons out.
The food bath it can cut down on the chemical residue
from non-organic food.

Food Cleansing Bath

If organic foods are unavailable or simply too expensive,
there are many new fruit and vegetable cleansers on the
market that can be found in health food stores.
Like Grapefruit seed extract, that kills bacteria.

There is another alternative you may be interested in

Clorox Bleach.
It is a definite option for produce as well as poultry, fish,
meat and eggs.
Clorox baths can get rid of pesticides, parasites,
bacteria and other contaminants that can be removed from
food with a simple soak.
The active ingredient in Clorox, sodium hypochlorite,
breaks down into salt and water.

The Clorox bath has been around for years, decades, military
families stationed overseas in southwest Asia, China and
Turkey have used it through the recommendation of our
state department.

People have reported that foods last up to two weeks longer
in the refrigerator, there is no metallic aftertaste with store
bought fruits and veggies, meats are tenderized and the
natural flavors are enhanced.

Here is how to do the Clorox bath.

Use only the highest quality Clorox.
Formula: Use 1 teaspoon of Clorox to 1 gallon of purified
Place the foods to be treated into the bath for the designated
length of time according to the following chart.
Remove the food from the Clorox bath;
place them in clean water for ten minutes, and rinse.
Dry all foods thoroughly and store.

Leafy vegetables…………………………………..15 minutes

Root, thick-skinned, or fibrous vegg…….…..30 minutes

Thin-skinned fruits, veggies, plums, etc……30 minutes

Thick-skinned fruit, such as citrus, ……….…30 minutes

Poultry, fish, meat and eg…………………..…..20 minutes

If you eat a good diet, do an hour of exercise a day
with at least ½ hour of internal exercise, like the ones
I teach the members of the Qi Gong Inner Circle.
Your chances of staying healthy and being 10 to 15 years
younger than the candles on your birthday cake will
increase by more that 75%

If you are not a member of the Qi Gong Inner Circle yet
what are you waiting for? Every month you will receive
a DVD in the mail, be on the conference call and receive
inside information on meditations,
exercises, diet, and anti-aging therapies.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and Happiness.

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Can A Pocket Watch Save You Time?

July 6th, 2010

Ever since I can remember my Dad collected pocket watches.
He belonged to a few Horology organizations.
Horology is the science of measuring time and the art of
making timepieces. Dad specialized in fine pocket watches;
he had railroad pocket watches with trains etched on the
Some showed the movement of the sun and the moon,
others chimed and they were all wound by hand or a key.

I learned how to handle fine timepieces as a youngster,
how to open them, wind them, not over wind them and to
appreciate the beautiful etchings integrate work of the Gold
and Coin Silver watches.

One day back, years and years ago, I asked Dad why he liked
to collect watches. He said, “Son, all we have is time,
and I love the things that keep track of time. We only have so
much time and you have to make good use of it before it’s gone.
You can never get it back.”

I thought a lot about my Dad’s statements about time this
morning when I was doing my Qi Gong practice.
Time is precious, Time is limited, all we have is time,
make good use of your time, it can be all gone before
you know it.

“Time is free, but it’s priceless.
You can’t own it, but you can use it.
You can’t keep it,
but you can spend it.
Once you’ve lost it you can never get it back.”

- Harvey MacKay

How many times have you let time slip away?
When I tell people that I get up early every morning
before the sun is up and train they look at me like I
am from another planet.

I hear things like- “I could never get up that early!”
“I need to sleep at least 8 hours a night or I don’t function well.”
This one always make me laugh-
“I’m too tired to do energy exercises.”

“He who fails to train trains to fail.”

Excuses are excuses.
Your excuses waists your valuable time and energy,
there is no action in an excuse.
It’s time to step up and make some changes in your
life for the better.
Your time is precious,
your time is limited and time is ticking.
Make a decision now to start training with me and
make your time count.

I wish you the best in your Health, wealth and Happiness

Dr Wu Dhi

PS. If your in Miami, I invite you to train with me in
person every Saturday morning at 7:00 95th. and
Collins Ave on the beach.
Every Wed night at 7:00- I teach a meditation class
in my office at 18205 Biscayne blvd. suite 2214
Aventura, Fl 33160 call 786-271-0325

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Healers Beware

July 3rd, 2010

If you are a healer,
a caregiver or just someone who cares for your family and loved ones,
you could be in Grave Danger and not even know it.

So many of us give our heart and soul to others, we give everything
we can to take care of- our mates, children, family and lovers.

No questions asked.

If they are sick, depressed, or just off balance we pore all of our
energy and attention into trying to make them feel better.

I’ve seen this with my own eyes. Some one can be
Sick- As- A -Dog,
and their mate will insist that they go out with them with no
regards for how they feel.

What blows me away they go!
Sick as Hell.

Is this loyalty? A fear of not being loved, or such a strong
need to be accepted and loved,
that one will compromise their own well being ?

What’s their mate thinking?
Are they thinking?

No mater the reason,
they jeopardize their own health and longevity,
all while trying to please.

The intension may be good, but you could be

“throwing out the baby with the bath water.”

Self-cultivation is a method used to not only
educate yourself, but a way to build in self respect
for yourself.
If you feel that there is no one there for you,
you need to be there for yourself first.

“Healer, heal thyself”

“We are all healers, in one-way or another and in
general we don’t take the time to heal ourselves”.
We must take care of ourselves as we help others
do the same.

“If I give you a fish – you eat for a day,
but if I teach you to fish you can eat for a lifetime.”

Here are some suggestions to make your life better
and give yourself some well-deserved and needed

Start your day out right…

· Start your morning with a hot cup of tea, and some quiet
meditation before everyone else gets up.

· Have your first meal be a calming nourishing one

· Start your exercise with qi gong, yoga or a relaxing walk

· Get 6 to 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep

· Go to sleep before Midnight at least 4 days a week

· Don’t ever deplete your reserves, it’s way too expensive

· Take some downtime

· Establish good work and play boundaries

· Build your immune system daily

· Fast one day a month or eat lightly that day

· Avoid big meals and desserts! – They suck your energy

Develop a daily habit of cleansing your energy and
refining it every morning with aQi Gong meditation.

I establish an energy shield around my body before
I start my day.
If you want to learn this secret info,
join the Qi gong Inner Circle,

this is just one of the many hundreds of
Taoist teachings that I only share with members.

It protects me and allows me to work at a deeper
level with students, patients, family and friends.

Don’t buy into the atmosphere of fear that people
may project around you or their neediness.
It’s usually someone trying to suck energy
from you.

There are many ways to keep yourself healthy and retain
a strong energy field around.
If you are ready for the next step in your growth join the
Inner Circle now

It’s not just about getting through the day but about making
all the aspects of your life Happy, Healthy and Wealthy.

I wish you the Best,

Dr. Wu Dhi

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