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October 26th, 2010

I don’t write about patients too
often but sometimes when a patient
touches me I want to share the story
with you.
I received a call a few months ago
from a patient.
A woman in her early forties she
was diagnosed with cancer of the
Not only was she freaked out,
she was embarrassed that it hit
her in the rear end.

She was under the care of an
oncologist who told her that
if she didn’t do the
recommended treatment she would
surely die.

The Patient lets call her Gracie
told me that she was so filled
with fear that she opted to go
conventional medicine, chemo and
Her doctor said this would be her
only chance to live and there would
be little side effects.

When we first met she already
had one round of chemo and they
were getting ready to give her
another 72 hour treatment.

Wait there is more at the same time,
they were blasting her with radiation
treatments six days a week.

Intense to say the least.

Gracie when from a beautiful
woman to an old lady in less
than 6 weeks,

She went from 130 lbs. down
to 96 pounds, her hair fell out,
and she felt nausea 24/7
and had major headaches.

The radiation fried her colon
so bad that she couldn’t eat solid
food for weeks on end.
She had excursing pain every time
she had to go to the bathroom and
major diarrhea for months on end.
Her skin turned from a beautiful
glow to dry up leathery pale look
and she had no energy at all.

They prescribed “Insure” a sugar
drink that is counter indicated
by most doctors that have
any clue about nutrition and
sent her on her way.

They said that she could eat
and what ever her heart desired.

Gracie said, I feel it was a
stroke of luck when I found you.
My other doctors seemed to only
use scare tactics on me and
paint bad pictures.”

I have treat many cancer patients
with an amazing success record.

I am not a typical doctor most
of my training was done in
China and Europe.

Dr Rau from the Paracelsus Clinic
in Lustmühle, Switzerland says
that Modern medicine has many
triumphs,but its treatments for
chronic and degenerative diseaseare
not among them.Reliance on conventional
drugs, surgery and radiation does
little to address the causes of the
condition, with the result
that treatment too often only
slows the progression of the
disease –sometimes with very
little benefit –and too often at
a terrible cost in quality of life
for the patient.

I told Gracie that if we were going
to work together that she would have
to make some life style changes.
Like diet give up the
wine with dinner and take complex
carbohydrates out of her diet.

We started doing Medical Qi Gong
treatments daily and doing Qi Gong
prescriptive exercises every day.

It was 5 months of treatments using
medical Qigong, acupuncture, Chi massage,
low dose medicine and meditation.

We worked on diet-starting with
protein drinks,green drinks and
slowly started to introduce all
organic food into her diet.

I received a call a few days ago
from Gracie, She was crying and said.
“I just took all the tests and

That’s brings a smile to my face
and a warm glow to my heart.
Gracie is one of the lucky
She didn’t just sit back,
she took a pro-active
part in her own health,
and it paid off.

Diet is one of the keys and
so are the Qi Gong Internal
exercises to healing the body.

I have prescribed many exercises
from TheRecharging Qi Gong program
to hundreds of patients over the
years and Flying Crane Qi
Gong to keep they healthy and disease

If you or a loved one has any questions
please send them to me.
If I can’t see you I’d be happy to refer
you to someone who can.

A Smile inside and out

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A Powerful Workshop on The Magic Square

October 8th, 2010

What do you tell the person who
feels unloved? Who feels beaten down?
The person who lost hope and doesn’t
feel acknowledged?

Linda knows that I am an acupuncturist,
but when she came into the office the
first thing she said was,
“Doc I don’t want any needles stuck in me,
but I need your help.
I feel alone and unloved by my husband-
and the kids only want me to do things
for them and they don’t give back.
Not even a thank you! I think they feel
that they are entitled to all my time
and energy.

Can you please HELP?”

“Linda, it was back in 1974 when
I first learned about a Chinese system
called the Magic Square that helped
me, as well as many of my students
and patients sort things out to bring
their lives back into balance.
It’s a rather simple system,
but very profound and most powerful
at the same time.

The Master’s that I studied with,
were skilled in Black Hat Fung Shui -
the most mystical and spiritual
of all the Fung Shui practices.
That’s where I received the pith
teachings and the bulk of my knowledge.
They say that the Magic Square formula
goes back to Emperor Yu who was the first
Emperor of China and was credited with the
discovery of the Magic Square.
It has been said that the Emperor was trying
to tame the unruly Yellow River.
He saw a giant tortoise emerge from
the river. On the shell, there was a
pattern of nine lines near the head,
one line near it’s tail,
four lines near its left foot,
two lines near its right fore foot,
eight lines near its left hind foot,
six lines near its right hind foot,
and five lines in the center.

These lines contain the keys to the
magic square. The patterns found were
so unique that in any direction-
horizontal,vertical, or diagonal,
the numbers all add up to fifteen.
This is said to represent the fifteen
days in each of the 24 cycles
of the Chinese Year.

From the discovery of the Magic Square
evolved the I Ching, Feng Shui, Nine Star
Ki, Geomancy, Chinese Astrology and Chinese

There are many hidden secrets in the use
of the magic square; the one that I
practice and teach my students comes
from the deep roots of the Chinese
Medical Qi Gong.
Once you understand how it works,
you can balance your health,relationships,
wealth, career, success patterns, family,
and open up your inner creativity.
Interesting enough everything in the formula
must move through spirit to make it work.
The keys to success is in the balance of
the spiritual energy.

On November 13, 2010
10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m,
I will be teaching a workshop
on The Inner teachings of The
Use and practice of the Magic Square.

How easy it is to successfully work
with this ancient system to help
balance the nine domains of your life.

The class will include:
*The formulas
*How to work the patterns
*The internal exercises of Medical Qi Gong
* Yin set- a powerful exercise to
strengthen the internal organs and
facilitate the integration of the
teachings into your every day life.

Miami Beach is the place to be on Nov 13th,
this workshop is a must if
•You work with people
•You want to transform Stress
•Increase your power of attraction
•You want to be More Powerful

I wish you the Best in your Health, Wealth and Happiness

Dr Wu Dhi

Call to register NOW – There are only 12 seats left

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Newspaper Man brings in the Good news

October 4th, 2010

Last week my son called me really excited with some good news.
Damo as we effectively call him is the editor of 6 newspapers in Arizona
He’s spends long days getting things together to get the newspapers ready to roll out on the press.

I really don’t know too much about the newspaper business so I Google it and here’s what I found
by Steve a. Smith

A newspaperman was a writer. An author. The true, first voice of history.

A newspaperman chronicled the life of his times on old Remingtons with faded ribbons.

A newspaperman wrote on copy paper, one story in one take.
If he wanted a copy, he used carbon paper. If it didn’t sing, it was spiked.

A newspaperman edited with pencils and always had a ready stack,
freshly sharpened, at the start of every shift.

A newspaperman smoked at his desk. And if the managing editor wasn’t paying too much attention,
he might steal a drink, too.

A newspaperman knew how to eat well and finish off the meal with a stiff drink and a fine cigar — all on the company dime.

A newspaperman wore black slacks, a bit worn. A short-sleeved white shirt and a thin black necktie.

A newspaperman owned one pair of black wingtips for his entire career.

A newspaperman had nicknames, raunchy, rude and unashamedly affectionate nicknames,
for all of the linotype operators in the basement.

A newspaperman reveled in the composing room heat, the smells of melted lead and oily black ink.
But the newspaperman was most at home in the newsroom.

A loud, smoky, smelly place. Wire machines. Real phones with loud rings.

The morning news meeting held in the men’s room, the last two stalls on the right,
each editor doing his business while conducting business.

The newsroom was a place of boisterous rough housing, crude jokes and tough insults,
none taken too seriously, unless they were taken seriously, in which case there might be a bit of a ruckus,
maybe a swing or two.

And the characters. The copy editor who barked like a dog.
The old city editor who ate reheated fish for lunch.
The former war correspondent, hobbling around on one leg, the other lost to drink not combat.
The newsroom was no place for the meek. The young newspaperman knew that when the managing
editor threw a coffee cup at his head, the proper recourse was to duck.

The older newspapermen had their heroes. Ben Franklin. John Peter Zenger. Horace Greeley.
William Randolph Hearst. Joseph Pulitzer, maybe. William Allen White certainly.

And because he had the heart of a newspaperman, Edward R. Murrow and, later, maybe Walter Cronkite.
For the aspiring newspaperman, heroes were the veterans who welcomed him into the newsroom,
all the while expecting he would stay quiet, pay his dues and eventually prove himself under fire.

The brightest, most ambitious, most talented young newspapermen were grateful for every day
they were able to work next to these great, principled and talented men.

A newspaperman knew the meaning of a deadline. He felt a chill when the presses rumbled at
midnight and would look for a reason to be in the press room,
slipping an early run paper from the conveyor to give the front page a quick
look and maybe also to see his byline in print.

Newspapermen worked hard and played hard.
The bartender at the dive across the street knew how many beers each reporter could consume between editions.
And after the last edition went to press, the bar lights would be turned up just enough to let the newspapermen
read those papers pulled fresh from the press.

The newspaperman was respected in the community. There was a mystique, a glamour that really didn’t exist but
which the newspaperman happily cultivated. In the movies, the editors were Cary Grant. Or Clark Gable. Or Jack Webb.
Or Humphrey Bogart, the greatest of all.

The young newspaperman wanted to be Bogie, standing in the press room, screaming into the phone,

“That’s the sound of the press, baby.”

The young newspaperman aspired to challenge authority, defend the defenseless and right wrongs.
If he was a Don Quixote with a pen, his windmills were politicians, bureaucrats, crooks and thugs.
He thought of his job as a calling and truth was his holy grail.
Nice read Steve.

I don’t picture my Son drinking and smoking cigars but who knows.
When I asked about the good news he said.
Dad I’ve got a space to fill in the newspaper and if you send me an ad I’ll put you in.

How cool is that.

I sent him a few choose one on the Recharging Qi Gong.
Take a look
The other one was an ad that I ran in Black Belt magazine.
I’ll let you know what he picked as soon as he sends it to me.

Dr Wu’s Black Belt

I wish you the best in your Health, wealth and happiness.

Dr. Wu Dhi

PS Thanks Damo xoxo Dad

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