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December 30th, 2010

Whenever I take the trip
to visit or train it is well worth it.

I always come home with a ton of info
that changes my outlook on life and
increases my knowledge, health, wealth
and happiness.

I did an intensive training in Qi Gong
with Matt Furey just before Christmas.

He is the CEO of Maxwell
Maltz’s, training a self-improvement
phenomenon: Psycho-Cyberneticsis,
an expert in turning any situation into a
positive one using the power of the mind.

Matt is a champion wrestler, kung fu
artist, a motivational speaker, teacher
and a darn good friend as well.

I arrived just in time for dinner.
Then we went back to his place
so that I can do some acupuncture
and Medical Qi Gong
on him and his family.

Professionals like Matt know the value
of staying in tip top shape, and health
is the first priority. He gets treatments
before he teaches a workshop or gives
a lecture or hits the mat in wrestling or
kung fu.

This is a good rule to follow.
Put your health first,
business second and happiness
will naturally follow.

We started early the next morning,
and spent the next 8 hours
training in Qi gong postures and
breathing techniques, which are the
foundations of Qi Gong
and all the internal arts.

Whenever you train, no matter
if you are a new-be or have been
practicing for 100 years,
it’s always a good idea to go back
to the basics and reinforce your
foundation practices.

You can get a lot out of intensive
training, and when you can devote
an entire day to your practices,
you are

In this intensive training
we worked on the stances needed
to support good posture,
realign the spine and remove
pressure from painful points.
We reinforced the kidney energy
and enhanced the sexual organs
at the same time.

I feel younger just writing about it!

Working with a group makes it easy
to stand for hours at a time
with no discomfort at all.

In fact, I felt more relaxed with
more energy at the end of the day
then when I started.

The power of practicing Qi Gong
with a group gives you a lot more
energy and stamina.

The reason being- the group energy
will carry you through all the painful
parts of practice and keep you going
for hours. You can draw energy
from the others just by being there.

The flow of rich Qi filled with oxygen
moving through all the meridians
reactivating all of the channels, and
blood will follow the path of Qi.
All of that = ENERGY

A unswerving practice of Qi gong
is the secret to keeping your center,
good healthy and the key to all
the longevity practices.

It will strengthen your legs,
back and increases the Qi flow
Big Time.

Qi Gong stances require more relaxed
postures and are therefore more difficult
for some people to master.
However, with regular practice of these
exercises, you will find the benefits
well worth the effort.

Here are a few tips to get you started.

1. Start the stances with your feet
shoulder-length apart:

2. Knees should be slightly bent and
leaning out slightly.

3. The spine should be straight,
the tailbone tucked in. The rest of
your trunk sinking down, just as if
you were about to sit
down on an imaginary chair.

4. If you are standing properly,
the back of your thighs and buttocks
should be totally relaxed.

4. Place your tongue against your
upper teeth.

5. Keep your attention on your lower
dantian located about 3 inches
below your navel.

6. Soft glance with your eyes

7. Breath from your diaphragm

It’s best to practice Qi Gong exercises
daily to realign vertebrae and
correct your posture, as well as gain
super human strength.

If your sexual energy is fading—
Practicing Qi Gong, you’ll bring
things up again.

If your health is getting a little shaky—
Practice Qi Gong

If you are starting to notice some sagging
in your skin—
Practice Qi Gong

I have spent my life learning,
Practicing and teaching these well guarded
Exercises and I am in great physical and
mental shape.

I am at least 15 years younger than
my actual age.
I take no medicine and my strength
and stamina are GREAT!

If you want to slow down the aging
—Practice Qi Gong

If you want to get the best Qi gong workout
—Order the Recharging Qi Gong Program
and start your anti-aging program today.

I wish you the best in your Health,
Wealth and Happiness

Dr. Wu Dhi

PS. Students and patients have been ask me this.
“How can I learn the advanced Qi Gong practices?”
When you want to have the razors edge in advance,
join me and the members of the Qi Gong
Inner circle.

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Colder than a Witch’s Teat

December 26th, 2010

Colder than a witches

Last week it was in the thirties in Florida and that’s really cold for
South Florida. I was talking to a friend who is in Michigan and he
“It’s colder than a witches tit”.

That sounds really cold.
I looked the expression up. Here is what I found.

“The simple explanation is that “colder than a witch’s tit” is just a vivid metaphor, like “hotter than the hinges of hell.” Since a witch is in league with Satan, presumably she has no maternal feelings. Thus the medium by which she would suckle a child is, well, cold as a witch’s tit.
But there’s some history behind this wisecrack. A witch’s tit (or witch’s teat, to use the older spelling) supposedly left a marking that witch hunters and courts would look for on the body of an accused person. Supposedly, witches would suckle their familiars, and sometimes the Devil himself, from this “unholy” body part. To find these marks, as well as insensitive spots on the skin called devil’s marks–caused by the Devil’s claws or teeth–the suspects were stripped, shaven, then closely examined for any blemishes, moles, or even scars that could be labeled as diabolical. To find marks invisible to the eye, the examiner would poke the victim inch by inch with a blunt needle (called a bodkin) until they found a spot that didn’t feel pain or bled. Discovery of these marks or spots–one supposes they would be considered cold since they were a sign of communion with the Devil–would be “proof” of the person’s dealings with Scratch, so they would be shown in full court before the execution”.

Cold weather can cause problems with your health if you are not prepared,
especially the Kidneys and that can lead to back pain, stiffness and host
unwanted symptoms.
Although I now live in the Sun Belt, I was brought up in the northern
part of the USA and lived in the mountains of Colorado for years.

Winter is the season that you need to protect your kidneys.
In China the winters were long and cold, so they developed a system to
build energy, tonify the body and to nourish the internal organs to stay
healthy and strong. Qigong, diet and tonics play a major
part in nourishing the bodies immune system.

This is one of my favorites to keep your body warm and give you a
tremendous amount of energy on those cold days.

Dr. Wu’s tonifying Lamb Stew

Here’s what you will need.

I always buy organic veggies and when you get the lamb,
make sure that it is grass fed with no hormones or antibiotics.

2 lbs meat (I prefer lamb)
1 head garlic
1 kohlrabi cubed
Rosemary fresh
Burdock root (is high in minerals)
Lotus root
1-cup carrots sliced
2 red potatoes
2 turnips’s cubed
2 cups fresh okra
2 cups Shou wu chih
Brags ¼ cup
2 tsp olive oil.
Sea salt to taste
½ gal. of pure water

Cooking instructions

Brown meat with ½ of garlic
Add water about ½ gallons.
Cook until meat is nearly done
It can take 1- 2 hrs to cook.
Cook with a sprig of fresh
Organic Rosemary
Add Burdock sliced thin, it
takes the longest to cook
Add Turnip and kohlrabi
they cook at about the same
Add potatoes & lotus root
2 cups Shou wu chih
Add the other ½ of the garlic
Prepare okra cut ½
Add at end after off the fire
Add brags at end, sea salt
cayenne and olive oil

If you’re not a meat eater -substitute the meat with more root veggies.

As for the best internal exercises, I focus on the grounding and
rooting practices and of course the kidney exercises.
Go through the Recharging Qi Gong book you’ll find plenty
of them to build your Qi and keep you warm all winter.

It’s extremely important to keep your low back warm during the
winter months.
The new program on Back Pain is a must if you have back problems. This works!

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and Happiness
Dr. Wu Dhi

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End Holiday Stress in Less than 1/2 hour a Day

December 21st, 2010

I received a deluge of calls since the beginning
of the month.
People have been freaking out and they don’t
have a clue what to do.

The first thing I ask them is, have you been
practicing and training?
For the most part they haven’t been,
I can’t believe how many different excuses I hear
as to why they can’t or why they don’t practice.
Do they think that there was some kind of entitlement
to mental and physical health without doing anything?

There are formulas in just about every culture on how
to be balanced and to stay younger and healthy.

I don’t care if it’s Buddhists, Taoists, Hindus, Christians,
Muslim, Jewish or the ancient Egyptians.
Throughout the ages people strive for longevity and
there are tried and true formulas that work.

But you have to practice.

The formulas include diet, hygiene,
exercises, prayer, meditations and rituals.

The Key is Practice.

The month of December has stressed people to the max with
the holidays. The planet Mercury has been retrograde since
December 10th
and doesn’t go direct until December 30th.

This can cause delays in travel, communication and
mechanical breakdowns.

Last night there was a lunar eclipse.
That’s the eclipse of the Moon,
when the light of the Moon darkens at the brilliants of
a Full Moon.
Traditionally this has been viewed as a bad omen.
It can awaken illogical responses in people.

As a rule, women and family are generally more affected
by the lunar cycle.They say men are more affected by solar
eclipses and today is the Winter solstice.

The Winter Solstice has been celebrated in cultures all over the
world for over thousands of years. 

This start of the solar year is a celebration of Light and
the rebirth of the Sun.
One of the stronger days of the year to make changes in our lives.
As we welcome in the seasons we also have a great opportunity
to shift in our body and mind.

We can use all of these astrological aspects as excuses not to
practice and make positive changes, 
or we can move beyond all of
our expectations and have a great shift in body, mind and spirit.
There is an opportunity to use all the energy of the planets to
propel us to have all we ever wanted.
Make a commitment to yourself to be all you can be.

Practice! Practice! Practice!

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and Happiness
Dr. Wu Dhi

PS. If you want to be trained in the very best of internal practices
get the Recharging Qi Gong program right now!
In Less than a 1/2 hour a day you will transform you stresses
and be a Power House of Energy

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How to Create Good Luck for Others

December 14th, 2010


Lucky Penny

Back when I was 9 or 10 years old I can remember walking
with my Dad in downtown Detroit things were a lot different
in those times and Detroit was safe to walk everywhere.
The Big 3 automakers were in full swing and the
unemployment was just about unheard of, at that time you
could buy a piece of penny candy for a penny.

On our walk Dad stopped bent down to pick something up,
it was a penny but all he did was turn it over and left it there.

I asked why did you do that? He said,
“I am leaving good luck for someone else.”
At the time this made no sense to me at all.
He found money and instead of picking it up he bent down
and flipped it over and left it there.
Hello! That was a piece of candy to me.

For the next few days I keep that moment spinning in
my head until I had a chance to ask.
“Dad, why did you do that?”
He said. Do what? “Turn the coin over and say it was
good luck for someone else.”

I thought the good luck was in finding the money.
Dad told me I was correct. It was fortunate that we found
a coin and if it were heads up he would have scooped it up
and put it in his pocket. But this one was face down so he
turned it over and left it for someone else to find the
good luck and at the same time gained two doses of good
luck for himself.

One the fortune of finding a treasure in the first place and
two leaving a blessed treasure for someone else to find.

That experience stuck in my mind and make a lasting
impression on me.

When you are fortunate enough to find a treasure,
you have a blessing, but if you can help someone else
find a fortune, create a fortunate situation for them
you gain two blessings in the joy of receiving.

I teach thousand of people from all over the world
Qi Gong, Meditations and Longevity formulas.
I teach for a few reasons. One it improves the quality
of peoples lives, and at the same time strengthens
my own practices.

In life, as you give, so shall you receive. If you have a
friend or family member who doesn’t receive my health
and longevity tips turn them on to my blog.
I’ll send them exercises, longevity tips and information
that you can’t find anywhere else.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and Happiness

Dr. Wu Dhi

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The Power and Magic of your Birthday

December 12th, 2010

Rituals are one of the foundations of Spiritual work
and the basis of all the internal arts.
This is the reason I always encourage you to PRACTICE,
to build a strong foundation and to embody the practices.
It could be the Recharging Qi Gong practice,
Flying Crane Qi Gong or any of the internal practices
that I teach in the Turn Stress into Power program or
any other discipline you choose.

The key is the ritual of practice.

In 2007 a group of Qi Gong and meditation students
came to my office and made a formally requests
of me.
They asked if I would take them on as students.

The Master’s that I have studied with over the years
have taught me that whenever a student formally asks
for the teaching it is a karmic obligation of the teacher
to give it to them, if they qualify.

Since that time the group has grown and requests have come
in from all over the world.
Thanks to modern technology I produce a DVD every month
for the group on practices and ritual work.

“If one truly wants to grow the ritual of practice must be a
way of life.”
-Dr Wu

I am on my way to the Desert for my Solar Return.
You may be asking yourself, what the heck is a
Solar Return?

First, Let me explain the importance of this practice, it ‘s
called by astrologers “The Solar Return” the day of your
Most of us know the usual ritual. Ice cream and cake,
a drink with friends and maybe a few presents and It’s
a party “ Happy Birthday!”
But there is some real magic that can happen on that
special day once you learn the rituals of the
“Solar Return.”

A Solar return is when the Sun returns to the exact
degree and minute it occupied when you were born.

Basically astrologers use the Return as a way to
forecast the upcoming year.

Personally I don’t use astrology as an everything
forecaster,but it is a handy map to look at now and again,
to give you the best places to be and to know when
to travel,plan special events and avoid possible
bad situations.

Traveling on your Solar Return is a special ritual to
travel to a specific location that maximizes the
positive and reduces the negative factors of your
coming year.

I first heard about “Solar Return Travel” back in the
early Seventies.
Since then I make my birthday a magical day of
traveling to incredible places in the world.

Traveling for one day doesn’t work for most of us,
But when you turn the travel into a spiritual ritual
it has a lot of merit and will empower your entire

“Take charge of your life! and receive the support
of the stars.
Travel on your birthday to the best destination,
location to energize
a positive focus for your current year’s “Solar Return”.
Empower your intentions, your goals, and your desires
for the year unfolding.”

That being said you are going to need to do something
with this election other than simply showing up!

I’ll spend some of the time to creature a special a
talismans, some would call it a good luck charm, created
at a particular moment that will capture the energy and
power of that moment and preserve it.
My day will be spent in setting goals, meditations and
intensive Qi Gong practices.

I wish you the Best in your Health, Wealth and happiness.

Dr. Wu Dhi

PS I’ll be sure to have a piece of cake and a drink too.

Dr. Wu Dhi

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