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Is Qi Gong becoming Mainstream?

January 30th, 2011

I have been doing Qi Gong practices for more that 30 year
now and like acupuncture it is hitting the mainstream.

How cool is that.

When I started everyone thought that I was some kind of health nut,
today most people who exercise and are involved in any of martial
arts practice know what Qigong is or at least have heard of it.

Did you know that Qigong practices go backs thousands of years
and can be found in the oldest Chinese medical texts.
Qi Gong is one of the guarded treasures of Chinese that focuses
on creating health and vitality.

Fifteen years ago I was studying in Harbin, China,
it’s near the Russian border in northeast China.
The winters are incredibly cold and Harbin is often called “Ice City”.
It’s well known for its beautiful ice sculptures.

I was given some really extraordinary Qi Gong teachings
by professor Sun
in private, as these practices aren’t for the general public.
I am a friend and guest of his son- in- laws who I able to help when
he came to Florida years ago.
That’s the only way I got these teachings.

Qi Gong use to be call Dao yin but we call Qi Gong today.
The word Dao means to guide and yin means inward,
Dao yin are practices that guide inward or guiding and
stretching or stretching and breath practices.

They translate Qigong as energy practices, energy
cultivation or energy mastery.

But What’s Medical Qi Gong?

According to Jerry Alan Johnson the author of the thousand page
Qi Gong book “Qi Gong Medicine”

“Medical Qigong therapy is the eldest therapeutic modality of
Chinese medicine.

It is a comprehensive system of health care addressing the root
cause of symptoms or disease, and treats the client as a whole.

The practitioner, drawing upon their ability to sense and manipulate
energy developed through dedicated study and self-cultivation,
uses Qi emission and/or teaches medical qigong exercises
and meditations based upon a differential diagnosis rooted in
Chinese medical theory to restore health and wellness.

Practiced as an excellent adjunct to Western medicine,
Chinese medicine may successfully treat conditions which
Western medicine finds resistant or ambiguous.”

As a Medical Qi Gong doctor we learned to emit Qi from
our hands to control the flow of Qi in the meridians.
By doing so we can remove blockages in the organs,
the channels and in the body.

The meridians are like rivers of energy flowing through the entire
body. There is a meridian for each organ, when there is a blockage
of energy in one of the meridians or channels it would be
like putting a large boulder in the river causing a blockage
of water.
In the body this blockage stops or slows down the flow of Qi
and what follows Qi is Blood.

We all know that if our blood is not flowing we are in big

I have personally removed blockages in Cancer patients
as well as cleared out deep-seated emotional problems;
in Chinese medicine we call them shen disturbances.

When channeling Qi into a patient you can clear excesses
and build up deficiencies

One of the unique aspects of Medical Qi Gong is that it is
based on posture, breath and intention.

In the Chinese medical view we are all
energy beings, when there is a block mentally, physically,
emotionally or spiritually there is a dis-ease in the
entire system.

In order to clear blockages it takes two.
One the doctor and two the patient.
If they will work together a change or healing will happen
in the entire system, the physical body, the energetic body,
as well as the spirit body.

When I created the Recharging Qi Gong program this was exactly
what I had in mind. a tool that both students and patients could
learn and do that would assist them in recovering their health
and you know what ?

Thousands of people have written me and told me of their
great success in health recovery and increased energy.

If you have been training or not and want to start making things work
for you order the Recharging Qi Gong Package program today
and start your own Anti-Aging

I Wish you the Beast in your Health , Wealth and Happiness

Dr. Wu Dhi

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What’s The State of Your Union?

January 25th, 2011



The State of the Union is an annual address presented by the
President of the United States to the United States Congress.
The address not only reports on the condition of the nation
but also?allows the president to outline his legislative agenda.

The State of the Union is typically given before a joint session
of? the United States Congress and is held in the House? of
Representatives chamber at the United States

On Monday, the white house stated that President Obama’s State
of the Union address will take a different course than the annual
speech typically follows, eschewing a “laundry list” of proposals
for Congress to consider, but offering a broad outline
of how to tackle the nation’s economic challenges.

Every year in January the president gives us information on
how we are doing, from his prospective.
This is ?to act as a guideline to improve, change and
hopefully make things better.

I always take a look at what’s going on with our nation as well,
where are our leaders hope to taking us.

So far I am not really pleased with the picture that they have
But I can and do take a good look at my own State of Union.
and how I can make it better.

I look at how things going in my life.

How is my carrier going?

Do I like it?

Is it going the way I expected or do I want to make some changes?

What about relationship?

Am I happy with the one I have ?

Are my relationships fulfilling with friends, my mate and family?

I take a good look at what I want and need

What I would like to change, and how I am going
to make those changes.

When we start to look at our own personal State of the Union,
there are nine different categories that the Taoists look at
according to the formula in the Magic Square.

1. Carrier
2. Relationship
3. Family
4. Finances
5. Spiritual
6. Travel & Influential people
7. Projects
8. Health and Exercise
9. Success

These nine domains make up the Pa-Kua (Eight trigrams)
plus the secret number (Spirit) that makes nine. It’s also referred
to as the “Magic Square” which makes up the basics for Chinese
alchemy and is the basic for the I Ching.

Last November I was asked by a group of Psychologists to teach
them the secrets of the Magic Square.

I hemmed and hawed for a few weeks and after they bagged me
to teach their group a hundred times, I finally agreed to teach
a day long workshop.

I shared my understanding of the formula how it worked in my life.
How i used it to balance out my life my patients and students.

To my pleasant surprise I watched a group of people transform. It
was amazing to see them change before my very eyes and since
then I have gotten calls and letters thanking me
for sharing these valuable teachings.

I was told that not only do they use the formulas in their own lives,
their patients have made some of the biggest jumps in there recovery
and now have a way of balancing all aspects in their lives.

Last December I reviewed all of the DVD’s and I really liked
what I found.
In fact I was re-reminded how important these teachings are.

Soon I’ll have Wally-The-Web- Guy get this up on the site for sale.

If you would like to get an advanced copy send me a note at

I only made 33 copies so if you want one let me know ASAP they
will go fast.

There are 2 DVD’s the price will be $164.00 plus S&H
but if you pre order it’s only $99.00 plus S&H of $6.00 in
the USA
$12 out of the USA.

I Wish you the Best in your Health , Wealth and Happiness

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Don’t ever Drop your Trouble light

January 21st, 2011

My friend Bob is an engineer from Michigan.
His company installs, maintains and rebuilds
big industrial motors.
He was telling me about an account that he
had maintaining these giant motors that
generate the electricity for the salt mine
in Michigan.

Some 1,200 feet beneath the streets of Detroit,
runs 100 miles of subterranean roads over
an area of more than 1,500 acres.
It is the Detroit Salt Mine and as a geological
entity; this salt deposit is older than dinosaurs.

Bob told me that he had a contract to maintain
and clean these puppies for years until one day
they hired a new foreman that thought he’d save
money by cleaning the giant generators.

They used a very combustible solution that seemed
to work Well on the first two generators,
but the next one turned out to be a real disaster.

They were spraying the solution to cut the salt and
rust off the 20 foot motors when the “Trouble Light”
(A trouble light, also known as a rough service light,
is a special lamp used to illuminate obscure places
an handle moderate abuse)
dropped and broke, lighting up the entire place which
went up in smoke.
It blew the worker some 30 feet in the air and fried
the motor to a crisp. It cost the company a pretty penny
and the new foreman’s ass was grass. Luckily, no one was
killed and Bob was able to get it back together.

Some people are always trying to save a buck in the
wrong places and end up under the eight ball.

Just yesterday a patient came in the office who decided
to save money by cutting down on her coverage on her
auto insurance and sure as taxes she was driving down
interstate 95 on a rainy day and boom she hit someone.

She was really a wreck when I saw her. Neck and
shoulder pain,her wrist was swollen as well as her
chin and nose from the exploding air bag and her low
back and entire right side was a mess.

Now she has no car and the reason she canceled full
coverage in the first place is she lost her job and
had to get a bunch of dental work as well as major
underline health problems.

I asked her if she trained or spent any time in
meditation and guess what she told me? A BIG NO!
She said.” I am way to busy to do
any of that stuff.”

We all get overly busy at times and that’s just
the energy that the universe needs to push you
out of balance.
Too busy to maintain your center or equilibrium
and the next thing you know you get
smacked right in your big nose. Ouch!

But don’t worry I have a sure fire system to
keep you from getting those universal unwanted
bumps on your head.

Yap, you need to train to keep your self centered
and stress free.Here is what I suggest you do.

1. Get a copy of the Book and DVD
“Turn Stress Into Power”

and turn to page 17. There you will find
“The Tension Release Exercise”.
This powerful stress buster exercise and meditation
will transform negative energy into Power.
It works like a“Pac Man” game to eat it all up.

2. Start the practice of Crane Style Qi Gong

It’s easy to learn and your energy will be double
what it is within 60 days, no kidding around.
All it takes is 15 minutes a day and you will
feel the difference.

I have been practicing these exercises for over
30 years and I have changed my internal electrical
wiring from a 110V to a 220V.

If you don’t know what that means
I’ll tell you. – I have more energy and
stamina than most people half my age and so
will you.

Grab your copy of there programs today.
Crane Style Qi Gong

“Turn Stress Into Power”

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and Happiness

Dr. Wu D

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Qi Gong Junkie

January 20th, 2011

Today, one of my students wrote to me. This is what he said:
> “DR. Wu Dhi, I purchased your DVD around Christmas time.
> I would like to report to you some of my findings with your program
> Flying Crane Qigong program. After a week my hands
> beganto tingle (nice).
> I’ve had it around 3 weeks now and I practice every day.
> Except I don’t do it on all weekend,
> just sometimes. It’s now been an hour or two ago since
> I performed my last set of the Flying Crane Qigong and let
> me tell you this.
> My hand meridians are wide open.
> I feel like there’s big magnets in each hand!
> I feel like my hands are pulling in Qi plus the tingly
> feeling goes all the way up both arms,
> this stuff is truly AMAZING! THANKS!”
> He isn’t the first student to report some incredible results
> from practicing Flying Crane Qigong, and I am sure Terry
> will not be the last one either.
> Let me give you a little insight to what’s happening to him.
> Our hands have many meridians running through them.
> The thumb is where the lung meridian ends.
> The index finger is the beginning of the large intestine
> meridian, the pericardium (the sack around the heart) begins
> at the nipple ends at the middle finger.
> The ring finger is where the triple warmer starts.
> The pinky finger has the end of the heart meridian on the palm
> side of the hand and the small intestine meridian starts .1 cun*
> posterior to the corner of the nail on the ulnar side of the
> little finger.
> There is a whole bunch going on in the hand. When you start
> to move Qi the hands respond rather quickly.
> When I first started to practice some 30 years ago, I had no
> idea how powerful of an exercise it could be.
> Before my discovery of Qi Gong, I was practicing many
> different kinds of yoga,like Hatha, Kundalini and Tantra.
> I thought I was really open from all of the meditation and
> hours spent doing yoga.
> But after I met my Qi Gong Master and started practicing
> Qigong I was blown away.
> The first thing I noticed was my hands opening and all the
> Qi in my entire body was surging like a ragging river after
> the snow melted in spring.
> Within weeks my energy jumped more than it did in years
> of constant yoga.
> I was definitely hooked on Qi Gong!
> Since that time I have been practicing daily.
> I’ve written two books on Qi Gong
> The “Recharging Qigong” and “Turn Stress into Power”.
> I have produced many DVD’s on Flying Crain Qi Gong
> as well as many other Qi Gong and meditation practices.
> In fact a few years ago, I completed the doctoral program in
> Medical Qi Gong.
> I guess that makes me a Qi Gong junky.
> The power of Qi gong has made a great difference in my life.
> Last year I visited a health clinic in Switzerland. My purpose
> of going there was to intern in European Biological medicine
> with Dr.Thomas Rau and to have my body tuned up with all
> the European tests and get the treatments.
> To my pleasant surprise all the tests that I took at the famous
> Paracelsus Klinik showed that my bodies aging process had
> been delayed by more than 15 years.
> YES! This stuff Works.
> So if you want to slow down the aging process in your body
> and mind, order a copy of Flying Crane Qi Gong
> today and rediscover the younger you.
> I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and Happiness
> Dr Wu Dhi
> *The cun is a measurement relative to the patients’ body that is
> used to find acupuncture points.
> Generally speaking one cun is equal to the space between the distal
> interphalangeal joint and the
> proximal interphalangeal joint on the middle finger.
> –
> Dr. Wu Dhi

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The Mommies are Falling

January 13th, 2011

My 90-year-old mother fell last night.
She said, “I was a little disorientated when I woke up
in the middle of the night and the next thing I knew,
I was lying on the floor.”

Luckily she didn’t get hurt.

She wears one of those emergency buttons around her
neck and someone came up to her apartment in minutes.

My friend’s mother wasn’t so lucky. She is up there in
years as well but nowhere close to my mother.

She got her feet tangled up in the sheets and before
she knew it she was on the floor with a broken bone.

It seems that when she tried to get out of bed she fell
on the floor and fractured her thigh.
She was rushed to the hospital and is now
getting pins and rods to hold it in place and months
of therapy just to try and get back to normal.

When you fall and break something it can take months
to repair and sometimes years,
and that’s not the worst part.

If you aren’t moving your body your lymphatic system
isn’t moving either and you can get swollen legs,
fluid build up and even possible heart or kidney failure.

In Chinese medicine, the heart is the fire and the kidneys
are water.
Hence that’s the meaning of the yin and yang sign,
fire and water.

They need to stay balanced to keep your health and vitality.
That’s the first thing I check when doing an acupuncture
treatment, the heart and the kidneys yin and yang.

You would think this just happens in the older population
but that’s not the case.
Many younger people end up on the floor with broken
bones every day and it can be prevented
but it’s not an overnight fix.

On my last birthday I was in Lake Havasu, Arizona.
I was invited to go on a friend’s powerboat for a ride.
When I got in the boat I just walked over the hall and
sat down.
My friend remarked that I had great balance and most
people have a hard time walking on board.

I didn’t think much about it at the time, as my balance
is very good.

But it’s not totally natural– I work on it and have been
for years.
I started practicing martial arts when I was 12, yoga
when I was only 17 and Qi Gong for over 30 years.

I work on my balance every day, sometimes spinning
in circles on the beach, walking backwards or practicing
Qi Gong postures.

Nothing comes for free if you want to avoid the perils of
old age or just prevent yourself from falling on your face-
you have to practice.

Students ask me all the time what would be the best
program for me to start with?

If I had to choose a beginning Qi Gong practice I’d
suggest getting the Flying Crane Qi Gong
and then move into the more advanced Recharging
Qi Gong program.

For the students that wanting more and more of
advanced info

I started the Qi Gong Inner Circle to give the serious
students the inside scoop on anti-aging and longevity
practices that most Westerners will never see and unless
they find a Master.
All these programs are listed on the website

if you still have questions about the programs
classes or private treatments write me at

Drwudhi@energymedicineflorida and
I’ll answer your questions.

I Wish you the Best in your Health, Wealth and Happiness

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Shen Disturbance caused Tuson shooting

January 12th, 2011

My youngest son Damion lives in Tucson,Arizona.
It is about 6 blocks from where that shooter
-Jared Lee Loughner gunned down all those people
and wounded one of our U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.

When we spoke today he was telling me
that he was at a similar gathering with
my granddaughter a few months ago.
Damo, as he is called by friends and
family is in the Newspaper
business and goes to most political
events in his community.
I was glad he missed this one.

It brought a tear to my eye just thinking
of the negative possibilities for a split
My prayers go out to the families that lost
their loved ones and that our U.S. Rep,
Gabrielle Gifford has a speedy recovery
from this sad event.

“A tragedy for our entire country.”

In the Chinese medicine the shooter,
Jared Lee Loughner would have
been diagnosed with a Shen disturbance.

A Shen disturbance is a symptom of depression,
mental health problems and emotional disorders.
But it’s much more than that.

The word Shen is literally translated as Spirit
but way different from the Western idea of Spirit.

In Chinese medicine, Shen includes many
different aspects of mind, spirit, consciousness,
awareness and vitality.
It reinforces the body, consciousness and personality.

Unfortunately, for all of us, politics and politicians
play nasty and can influence unstable people to do
some really bad things.

“The Targeted List,” by one of our overly ambitious
politician has the crosshairs of a gun sight over our
U.S. Rep district in Arizona.
I was sure that the campaign managers didn’t see
anything wrong with this as a logo.

But it is possible in a Shen disturbed mind this can
trigger the wrong message.
A message that could be easley be misunderstood if
you are off balance in the first place.

I bet a dollar of donuts that Jared Lee was a wired
junk food eater, and that contributed to his
disturbed mind and behavior.

To keep from falling into destructive patterns,
it is necessary to keep a good attitude in body,
mind and spirit.
There are ways to keep yourself balanced and
avoid negative energy as you keep your Shen
in tip-top shape.

Here is a list of activities to keep you balances

1. Meditation
2. Exercise
3. Positive thinking
4. The company you keep
5. The foods you eat
6. The places you frequently visit

Turn stress into Power is a program filled
with exact formulas to strengthen your Shen
and transform energy into power.

Claim your copy now by going to

I wish you the Best in your Health, Wealth and Happiness

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Trapped Blue Heroin saved in a nick of time

January 9th, 2011

Hung up in fishing line

It was 6:15 in the morning; the temperature was in the low 50’s
and with a strong ocean breeze thats cold for south Florida.

As I was walking down the beach to train with my friend Bob,
we saw something splashing in the surf.
We were’t sure what it was at first so we walked over to see.
It was a bird all wound up in a fishing line with hook line and
sinker attached.

I knew if I could get him out of the water he’d surely drown.
It was a small blue heroin, with medium-large, long-legged,
a long pointed blue or greyish bill with a black tip that he
could us as a dagger if I got in his way.

The fishing line wound around his foot and his wing,
and he was unable to fly.

The poor little guy screamed and pointed his sharp beak
at my hand and I backed off quickly.
I knew that if I didn’t do something quickly he was going
to drown in the surf, starve to death, or have one of those
cats have him as a meal.

I was a little perplexed on how I could free him
but I wanted to help this creature out.

A young French couple came over to see what was going on,
they had a towel so we decided to throw the towel over the
birds and grab his beak so he wouldn’t attack us.
With sergeant like patients, I enwound the fishing line,
took the hook off and freed him.

In just one moment he was up and running,
I sure he as greatful but didn’t stick around for any
thank you’s.
It’s the same in the human system.
Sometimes we get caught up in the fishing line of life.
We smoke, drink too much alcohol, overeat
and don’t realize that we are actually caught in some
addictive behavior pattern.

We are waited down, unable to fly, unable to move,
and we don’t even know that this could be our demise
until we wake up, or are woken up by a teacher or a coach
who shows us the way to untangle our entanglements.

The reason that I practice Qi Gong and teach it to thousands
of students is it gives them a way to free themselves from
habits that they know about, some they don’t even know
they have and from entanglements that have they stuck.

The Recharging Qi Gong program is a series of 36 well
selected exercises to free your body, mind, and spirit
of chronic accumulated tension. It is a habit buster.

Hundreds of students have reported to me that after
doing these simple but powerful exercises for less
then 90 days, their lives have turned around 180 degrees.

Asthmatic patients now breath better,
people who are suffering of back pain for years,
no longer have that pain.

One lady, Mary, who has problems with her cycle
over 15 years, suffers with severe cramping, bloating,
headaches, and dragon-like PMS, and is dysfunctional
for at least 10 days every month.

Once she started doing the Recharging Qi Gong exercises,
all of the above symptoms disappeared and her huband
is one happy camper!
Order the Recharging Qi Gong Program and start feeling better today!
I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and Happiness
Dr. Wu Dhi

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