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The Movement of Qi or lack of it will spell out your health picture

April 30th, 2011

Anastasia is constantly asking me questions.
She want to know, why Qi, why is it so important?
She said to me, “I can’t see Qi, I can’t touch it,
and how do I know that these Qi Gong exercises
will keep me healthier and younger as well as
looking great??”

I invited her to come to train with me in the
morning for two hours.
After that, she reported that she was tired
and had less energy than she had before.
She called me the next morning at 7 o’clock
and I asked her why she called so early.
She said that she’s been up since 5 o’clock
in the morning and had more energy than she
did in her entire life. She cleaned the house,
went to jogging for 45 minutes, came home,
made breakfast, and it’s only 7 o’clock in
the morning!

She defiantly is a believer in Qi, and
Qi Gong now.

Here is some information to chew on
about Qi!
I will also be sending you more details
in the next few weeks.
There are many different kinds of Qi
and they all function in different
ways to keep us healthy .

Qi is the energy of the body,
of the meridians, of food,
and of the universe.
If you’re Qi deficient then you’re
going to be out of energy for sure.

For example Gu Qi is energy;
it’s derived from food and is the
first stage in the transformation
of food to energy.
Food is first digested by the stomach
and then sent to the Spleen to make Gu Qi,
still in unusable form.
Then the Gu Qi is sent from the Spleen
and Stomach and to the Lungs and Heart.
That’s where it combines with air to form Zong Qi.

The Zong Qi has the function of nourishing the
heart and lungs and forms the basis for the
involuntary functions of heartbeat, respiration
and the heart’s function of governing the
blood and blood vessels.
When it’s weak, the extremities, especially
the hands, will be weak or cold.
It influences speech and the strength of voice.
It also has a strong effect on the emotion,
and there are usually emotional problems.

The Wei Qi is our defense system our protective
armor which protects the body from attack,
wind, cold, heat, dampness, and
aids in nourishing skin and muscles.
These are just a few functions of Qi.
Qi also has six different actions and
in the Flying Crane Qi Gong program we
use all of them:
* Closing.
These actions of Qi affect every organ
in the body as well as the emotions.
When we practice on a regular basis,
the Qi is flowing and feeding the
body and mind and spirit with rich
Qi and oxygen this will keep you
disease free.

What happens is when the Qi is
stagnating energy blocks begin
to happen.
First in the spirit body then the
energy body and finally your physical
body and Boom! You’re sick.

Sickness just doesn’t happen.
No one gets cancer over night.
It first affects the other two bodies
(the Spirit body and the Energy body)
and then by the time the disease
raises its ugly head it’s too late.
That’s why regular practice is so
important to keep everything flowing
and healthy.

Practice will lock in the muscle memory
and soon you will embody the work.
The Flying Crane Qi Gong program will
quickly help you open up the flow of Qi
in all the meridians and you will stay
disease free and full of energy!

Pick up your copy today:

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and Happiness!

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Shedding a tear for a fallen friend

April 24th, 2011

Florida Everglades

Yesterday afternoon I got in the car and headed to Ft. Lauderdale to say my last goodbyes to my dear friend Gary.
I set the GPS and off I went.

I was driving for about an hour before I found myself
far out into the everglades.

That’s not what I planed, but that’s where I ended up.
I guess the GPS had different plans for me. Maybe it was
Gary sending me a message.

I parked my car and went for a long walk with my fallen buddy
on my mind.

It’s beautiful what a spectacular place the sea of grass is.
I knew it was one of Gary’s favorite places in Florida as we
talked about it often.

As I walked I saw some big alligators sunning themselves
on the banks, birds were flying over head and fish were jumping.
I was led to a quite place where I could say goodbye to an
old friend that I knew since high school.

Nature is really a wonderful place to commune with
your higher power and open up your soul.
I hung out with my friend in spirit for a few hours.
I was really enjoying myself and I even shed a few tears
as I looked off into the flowing grass.

Then I looked up into the blue skies and there
it was giant high voltage towers moving electricity across
the sky and there I was under it.
I high tailed out of there as quick as I could.
The ceremony of spirt came to a sudden halt.

I made a decision at that point to share more with you on
your health. What to watch out for in the environment that
effects health.
What foods to avoid, where to go and where not to be.
How to care for your health and the health of your family.

I hope everyone had a blessed weekend, as I did with friends
and family

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and Happiness

Dr Wu Dhi

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Spring into Action & Save “BIG BUCKS” Inbox X

April 20th, 2011

don't be chicken

Don’t be a chicken, Spring into action Now

It’s Spring Again!

My son called me this morning at 6:00 am, and said
“Dad, can you believe it- there is two inches of snow
on the ground! and it’s cold again ” He lives in Michigan
where it’s still spring time as the hours of light and
darkness are equal. He told me that he can see green of
the daffodils, tulips and crocus shooting their heads
through the white snow and about to bloom- the new leaves
are appearing on the trees and he said that it was beautiful.

In South Florida we don’t get to see such a dramatic change
because spring is subtle here. Traditionally, it’s the
time to start new beginnings.

As I spring into things with a new burst of energy I will
start to detox my body by fasting for a few days, increase
the amount of liquids I drink, and eat a lot more green
leafy vegetables. I also focus my Qi gong practices on
the wood element -the liver and gall bladder; those are
the organs that are ruling in the spring.

The Spring Equinox also called vernal equinox, the rites of
spring, and our religious holidays like Easter and Passover
are at this time of the year, as the earth is bursting forth
with life once again. The equinox was a few weeks ago and we
are in the midst of holy week and Passover.

As a celebration of spring and of the new YOU, I want
to encourage all of you to increase your Qi Gong practices.
If you don’t already have the Recharging Qi Gong program now
is the time to get it !

The time for new beginnings- a time for a spring sale.

The Recharging Qi Gong program is now being practiced
by thousands of students in six different continents.
The program will balance your meridians, open your chakras,
relax your body, mind and spirit, and make you a power to be
reckoned with.

From now until Monday, April 25, the entire program
1. The Manual
2. The instructional and training DVD
3. The guided practice
4. 5 CD’s
a. Compassion, the Path Mental Well-being
b. 10 Secrets to Sexual Vitality
c. 3 Internal Secrets of Qi Gong
d. The 5 Elements of Transformational Power
e. The Spiritual Keys to Qi Gong

Order your package today and jump into spring!

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and Happiness

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Vibrant Sexual Power for Optimal Health

April 19th, 2011

Phillip is a patient of mine and has
been for awhile.
He originally came in the office to
strengthen his sexual energy.
His primary doctor informed him that his
sperm count was very low.
He is only in his early forties and
still wants to have more children.

His wife, Gloria, is pregnant for
the second time-but there is a problem
and the young couple doesn’t know what to do.

Gloria is in the 26th week and unfortunately she’s
having trouble holding onto the baby.

She’s been hemorrhaging everyday and her uterus
already started to dilate.

Both her and her husband are stressed and they are
doing everything they can in order to not lose their
second child. In her first pregnancy,the same thing
happened, but her doctors gave her medicine that is
no longer on the market because there were too many
side effects.

When she called me, she didn’t know what to do and was
hoping that alternative medicine would be able to help
her bring the child to full term.

She came in to the office with her husband for the
first time and they were very emotional.
The medical doctors scared them and told
them that they may lose the child.

We went over her complete medical history,
looked at her bloodwork and found that her
levels of progesterone were very low.
Her energy was low, especially the kidneys.
This is something that isn’t usually checked in
conventional medicine.
When I looked at her tongue, I could see that
she was very dehydrated.
In Chinese medicine this is typical in a yin
deficiency patient.

I prescribed a series of non stressful medical Qi Gong
exercises to start immediately.

These exercises will build her immune system and
vitality and some natural creams to build yin.
This should do the trick to strengthen her uterus,
lower diaphragm and hold on to the fetus.

I have taught these exercises to the members of the
Qi Going Inner Circle,

as part of the longevity exercises.

The techniques are originally from ancient Taoist
Medical Qi Gong system, they work to keep the
meridian flowing and to keep one healthy in
body, mind and spirit.

In fact I found these exercises so important
that I included the “Yin Set” as part of the
Recharging Qi Gong Program.

My personal experience of practicing the “Yin Set”
and teaching them to students is all positive.
They incorporate all the senses: auditory,
visual and kinesthetic.

Hear is what they do:
*They strengthen the yin organs -the heart, kidneys,
liver, lungs and spleen

*They balance the yang organs-small intestine,
bladder, gall bladder,large intestine and Stomach

*Pull toxic heat and poisons out of the body

*Balance the Shen (calms the spirit)

*Tone and strengthen the sexual energy

In Taoist medicine if you’re not physically powerful
and healthy sexually-you’re rapidly ageing.
Sexual energy depends on the health of the kidneys.

If your kidneys are not healthy –you’re
getting old before your time and your sexual energy
is out the window. Some of the symptoms of kidney
problems are, low back pain, loss of hearing,
hair loss or per-mature gray hair,
and sexually you are kaput.

In China, the Emperor had many consorts to
stimulate him sexually and his doctors worked on
keeping his kidney energy vibrant.

Strong kidneys = Strong Sexual Power

One of the main keys to longevity is
sexual liveliness.
If you have it –you are young and if not
you’re getting old quicker than you can

In the Qi Gong Inner Circle programs;
we explore all aspects of longevity including
sexual strength, power and ancient herbal

When I produced the Recharging Qi Gong program
I made sure the entire “Yin Set” was included.
These important exercises will definitely
slow down the aging process and
keep you young if you practice.

Start today and order your copy of the book,
and get the 2 DVD’s and the
5 CD’s all at the same price

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and Happiness

Dr. Wu Dhi

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The power of 5 O’clock AM Qi Gong

April 15th, 2011

This morning I got up early around 5 o’ clock.
I don’t know why but my eyes just popped open and I was wide awake and ready to go. 
I made a cup of green tea before I left the house.
It took me around 5 minuets and when I got to the beach it was still dark , I was all set to practice before daybreak.

I started by doing the grounding poses and opening the Chakras as the daylight began.  What a beautiful way to open yourself to a new day!
When I have a few hours to practice I get myself really charged up by doing the Recharging Qi Gong.

The entire set takes about 20 to 30 minutes once you learn the routine.
I really pushed it this morning, lots of percussive and intensive breathing which was a powerhouse of energy and just the start of a great workout.
 As the sun started to come up I began the Flying Crane set:
I really slowed it down this morning I was moving at half the usual speed which really activates all of the meridians. This is my favorite workout and when time allows it, I’ll at a ½ hour at the end just doing the automatic move. That gets things moving in both the energetic and the spiritual bodies.
Today was one of those special days when I had plenty of time.  The combination of the two programs, Recharging Qi Gong and The Flying Crane Qi Gong are the ticket to boundless energy. Man, it’s really powerful and makes your force to be reckoned with. Your body and mind and spirit becomes power packed.  
When I got back to the house I opened up my email which contained Terry’s message that read:
“Dr Wu Dhi,
 I would briefly like to share with you what happened today when I was near the end of Flying Crane Qi Gong.
 At the end, where you reach back, gather the chi, bring your arms forward and stand with your hands overlapping, I felt my hands and arms being repelled away from my body with little muscle involvement, so I just let my arms expand as far as they wanted to.
 It was exciting! And thanks again!”
You can believe me when I say, ‘It only gets better from here with practice and the more time you put in the better.’
In a very short time you will notice some really amazing things happening in your meditations as well as your body.
I’ve had centers open up for me that I didn’t even know existed.
The programs will make you strong, flexible, agile and open your intuitive centers as well.
Terry isn’t the first to write me about the amazing experiences while practicing Flying Crane Qi Gong and you will definitely have some incredible openings and experiences as well if you practice.
Place your order now for both programs and you will receive a great savings!
The first 33 people that order, I will send you a blessed amulet from Putoshan Island in China as a gift.
I only have 33 of these blessed amulets and they will go fast.
don’t delay you don’t want to miss this one.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and Happiness!
Dr Wu Dhi

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Will Qi Gong Improve your Sex Life?

April 10th, 2011

I received this letter from a student a few days ago and
I decided to share it with all of you.

Here is what Mike said:

“I was just wondering if the Flying Crane Qi Gong
would be beneficial for Prostate problems and or
impotence/erectile dysfunction.
If not, is there something else you
could recommend or even make
a video for on your YouTube channel?
Please let me know and thank you for your time.”

When you learn and practice Flying Crane Qi Gong,
what you are actually doing is opening up the
meridian flow of the entire body.
There are 14 meridians running through the body.
They are like rivers of energy; there is one for
the lungs and large intestine, stomach spleen and so on.
They run through every organ in the body and bring
Qi everywhere. Blood follows Qi and blood is rich in oxygen.

If there is a disruption of energy mentally,
emotionally, spiritually or physically,
it will cause a stagnation
or blockage of the energy running through the meridians
and eventually cause the body a dis-ease and if gone
unchecked there will be some kind of a physical or
mental breakdown.

“This means whereby man is created, the means whereby
disease occurs, the means whereby man is cured,
the means whereby disease arises: the meridians are the
basis for all theory and treatment.
The meridian is that which decides over life and death.
Through it the hundred diseases may be treated.”
– Nei Ching

The Flying Crane Qi Gong set will open up the meridian
flow and allow the Qi to flow smoothly and bring Oxygen
rich blood to all the organs including your sexual organs.

Have you ever wondered what all of those sex drugs do?
They push more blood to the organ-hence that’s why
some guys end up with heart attacks.
Too much blood too fast –the ticker can’t handle it
and BOOM they are dead!

These are some of the warnings right off their website:
*Do not take VIAGRA if you take nitrates as this may
cause a sudden, unsafe drop in blood pressure.
*If you experience chest pain, nausea, or any other
discomforts during sex- seek immediate medical help.
*If an erection lasts more than 4 hours, seek immediate
medical help to avoid long-term injury.
*Men taking VIAGRA reported a sudden decrease or
loss of vision. If you experience a sudden decrease or loss
of vision, stop taking VIAGRA, and call a doctor right away.
*Sudden decrease or loss of hearing has been reported in
people taking VIAGRA. If you experience sudden decrease
or loss of hearing, stop taking VIAGRA and contact a
doctor right away.
*If you have prostate problems or high blood pressure for
which you take medicines called alpha blockers,
your doctor may start you on a lower dose of VIAGRA.
*The most common side effects of VIAGRA are headaches
facial flushing, and upset stomach. Less commonly,
bluish vision, blurred vision, or sensitivity to light may
briefly occur.

This will never happen when practicing Qi Gong.
The exercises are gentle yet powerful at the same time.
Qi Gong is considered an internal exercise and although
there is physical movement in Flying Crane Qi Gong,
most of the action and movement is taking place on
the inside.

Here is a saying that I am found of:
“If you do external exercises,
You must do internal exercises,
If you do internal exercises
You may forget to practice external exercises!”
-Stephen T. Chang

The ancient Taoists realized that the human body could
not exist unless there was a continual supply of energy
(Qi) coming into the tissues and the organs.
They realized that health was a condition which existed
when the energy within the body was balanced and
that disease occurred when there was a state of
energy depletion or weakness.

Flying Crane Qi Gong will increase the flow of Qi to
all of your meridians, move the blood, bring more
oxygen into your body and increase your physical
stamina and sexual appetite. Mike, before you spend
thousands of dollars on trying to bring your sexual energy
up or damage your health by taking drugs with side effects,
I highly recommend getting the Flying Crane Qi Gong package
and start practicing today.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and Happiness.

Dr. Wu Dhi

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Can quick judgements cure your migraine?

April 10th, 2011

Before I moved to Florida I thought a roadie was
the tech guy who travels with a rock and roll band
and handles every part of the concert except for
playing the actual gig with the musicians.
I knew some roadies back in the seventies who
did everything from stage set up, engineering,
lighting,security/bodyguards, truck drivers,
caterers and of course the groupies screening,
and if you were friends with a roadie you were
sure to get backstage passes.

Being brought up in Mo-Town, I got to see a lot
of local acts like Smokey Robinson and the Miracles,
Steve Wonder, The Jackson 5, and whenever
the heavy rockers were in the city I was there.
Detroit was a Rock and Roll city and it still
is to this day. I even saw Janice Joplin,
when she was still around, and I caught a few
Grateful Dead shows as well as The Rolling Stones.
My friends who were roadies would get me great
tickets or a backstage pass.
So you can imagine my surprised face when my
friends asked me to go to a Roadie Shoppe.
I thought it was where you get the parts for the bands.
It seems that a ‘Roti Shop’ not a ‘Roadie’ is a place
where you eat ‘Rotie’s.
It is bread made from stone-ground and whole meal flour,
traditionally consumed in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh
and Sri Lanka.
But here in Miami the Roti shops are from Southern
Caribbean, in particular Trinidad and Tobago.
They are stuffed with things like curry beef,
goat, chicken, conch, shrimp,duck, potato, or
vegetables and they are delicious, hot and
spicy and they are really tasty.

In life we often hear or see something and
immediately make a judgment of what it is
and if we will like it or not.
That’s a mistake.
We often judge too quickly and then we miss out
on the new experience.
Last week a new patient came into the offices
with migraine headaches that have been going
on for the last 5 years.
She tried conventional medicine with no luck
and then her doctor suggested Botox to numb the
nerve so she wouldn’t feel anything.
BIG Mistake!
Now she can’t hold her head up, her neck hurts
and she has migraine headaches.
She looks like a circus act.

She came to see me but when I started the initial
intake she had one restriction after another -
no acupuncture, no shots, no deep tissue work
and for sure no chiropractic adjustments.
She must have thought I was some kind of a
magician that could work with my hands tied.
After we talked for an hour we discovered that
she was carrying a lot of fear and anxiety in
her body and mind.
We ended up practicing Qi Gong for 20 minutes
and like magic she made a big turn around.
I could see her face change and her body loosen
up and by the end of the session she signed for
the next class of Flying Crane Qi Gong and
bought the DVD.

If you aren’t big on getting treatments but know
you need to do something to maintain your health,
Flying Crane Qi Gong is a great place to start.
I have advanced programs and see many patients
that I work with on specific exercises and
meditations to keep them healthy if they need it.
But 9 out of 10 times a person just needs a good
program and diet in order to handle your healthy
Order your copy and get started today.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and Happiness.

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Are you in Flow or Not?

April 10th, 2011

Why is everything falling apart? What’s going on?
Nothing seems to works right!

Everything seems to be going slow or falling apart.
I’ve been hearing this from clients, friends,
patients, family members and students for over a week.

Well my friends, Mercury went retrograde on March 30th
and remain retrograde until April 23rd.
If you know even a little bit about astrology you have
heard about Mercury retrograde.
When a planet is retrograde, it has the appearance
of moving backward in the sky.

It is an astronomical illusion.

It’s not really moving backwards, but, because
of the planets relationship to the earth and
the speed of the orbits, it sure looks like planets
is moveing backward.

This usually causes problems with communications,
travel, mechanical things and it’s a bad time
to sign contracts.

But Mercury Retrograde is not all bad.

There are some really good opportunities at
this time.

During retrograde mercury it’s a good time to
improve your life and get moving in a
new direction.

If you are paying attention, you could even
get a few good revolutions during a retrograde

While Mercury is retrograde you can access
and filter information much easier.

It’s a good time to figure out what is the
best for you and to move forward in your life.

It is best not to make a major decision at
this time, but it’s a great time to get things
cleaned up, repaired, and to do research.

It’s a time to read, study and prepare for the
New You.

Here are the eleven keys to do during retrograde Mercury:

1. Re-think and Re-learn
2. Re-discover, review.
3. Be patient, new information will come to you.
4. Keep an open mind
5. Do research
6. Gather information
7. Meditate
8. Work on your communication
9. Paying more attention to listening than to talking.
10. Make sure you back up all of your work.
11. If you are traveling during this period,
double check all reservations.

I have been reviewing, planning and writing more,
getting everything in order and planning for
the hot summer.

It’s a great time to work on your Qi gong and
Internal practices.
Start by doing more centering and grounGing exercises.
It’s a grand time to get everything together
to make a better you.

Make health number one on your like.
Get a copy of the Recharging Qi Gong

and start studying the manual listen to the DVD’s
and by the time planet Mercury goes direct you will
really be able to pore on the Qi.

I wish you the Best in your Health, Wealth and Happiness

Dr Wu Dhi

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Are you really that Tough?

April 9th, 2011

We generally don’t like to show that we
are vulnerable and many of us will do
anything we can to hide our weaknesses.
It doesn’t matter if you’re a male or
female, no one wants to show that
they’re weak.

In Chinese medicine, we have both Yin (soft)
and Yang (hard).
Yang is male strong, more active, faster, more
physical, heaver,and hotter then the sun it self.

While Yin is female moon, darker, slower, colder,
winter, lighter and much more mental.

One would think that Yang is the strongest,
but Yang burns out much quicker.
Yin is long lasting, in a storm the mighty oak
tree will snap and break while the bamboo sways
in the wind strong but flexible.

That’s the difference between hard styles of
fighting and softer forms.
Although the hard styles are powerful in the
long run, their fighters are short lived.

Soft forms like Tai Chi and Qi Gong promote
longevity health and are the real
Anti-Aging medicine.

When we are young, the hard forms are most
desirable and so are all the Yang herbs.
Lots of power, excitement and energy.
Where the problem comes in is when Yang
overpowers Yin and before you know it you
are Yin deficient.

Yin represents the energy that is responsible
for moistening and cooling bodily functions.
When this energy is depleted your body begins
to show signs of “heating up.”
This is not heat but rather a lack of the
moistening and cooling functions that are
necessary to maintain a healthy balance.
I see patients that are so ‘geeked’ up that
they literally burn themselves out.

It would be like taking a plump plum and
leaving it out in the hot desert for a few months…
you end up with a prune!
Dried out with wrinkles all over it and
that’s what happens to your organs and before
you know it you’re old and dried out long before
your time.
The key to staying young is in the yin nature
and that’s why I teach and practice Qi Gong.

If you are a beginner or have been practicing
for years,the Flying Crane Qi Gong is a form
you should learn and practice.

Although it has no fighting application,
it has one of the quickest healing and
spiritual opening forms of Qi Gong that I have
ever experienced.

What you receive in your Flying Crane Qi Gong
package is unheard of at this low price.

First: You will receive the DVD complete set
of all 5 moves plus the secret automatic
move professionally done and filmed at the
famous Morikami Museum and Japanese Zen
Gardens in Florida

Second: The practice DVD explaining each move.
The How’s and Why’s

Third: The Qi Gong Meditation CD taking you
through each stage of the Qi Gong movement,
breathing and internal meditation.

This is a limited time offer.
The package is valued at more than $85.00
but it will only cost you a fraction of that.
This is a form that I have been practicing
for 30 years and the foundation of
Qi Gong healing.

Order your own copy Now.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and Happiness

Dr. Wu Dhi

Check this for softness in a yang creature
No matter how tough you think you are,
there is a softer nature some where inside

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The Internal Power of Qi Gong

April 2nd, 2011

I received this note from a student
who is training in Flying Crane Qi
Gong This is what he said:

“Dr Wu Dhi, I want to share with you
my recent experiences with the
Flying Crane Qi Gong DVD’s that
I got from you.

I’ve had them for about two months
now and recently I noticed that
I have more stamina when I run.
This past weekend after the first mile
I felt no fatigue.
I turned around to run back home and
started to smile.

I couldn’t believe what happened next.
I was performing the above Qi
Gong and I mentally saw myself in
Hawaii under a waterfall of life
giving water performing the exercises and


Dr,let me tell you. I felt this blissful
energy that permeated my whole body.
It’s unbelievable and it’s been an hour
now and I still feel this calm inside
and out.

Thanks for your Qigong!
Keep up the great work!


Thanks for writing I always enjoy
hearing about your great experiences.

When I start training in The Flying Crane
system,within a few weeks, my meridians
open up much quicker than I ever experienced.
I was practicing yoga for latterly year
on end, Hatha, Kundalini and Tantra and
although I got some really great benefits
from my training
I was shocked when I started doing Qi Gong.

Within 6 weeks my hand chakras opened,
the heat was unbelievable and my
sensitivity was off the charts.
Having that awareness in your hands
changes everything if you do massage,
fight or are putting acupuncture
needles in people you’ll be amazed.

My skill level changed and so did
my energy level.
Even my teachers were astonished on
how quickly I progressed.

What I noticed most is my ability to
feel things much deeper.

If you are a fighter, a massage therapist,
a healer or just interested in becoming
much more sensitive in your work and
home life.

I’d highly suggest practicing Flying Crane Qi Gong

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and Happiness

Dr. Wu Dhi

P.S Every Saturday morning at 8:00 a.m,
I teach Flying Crain Qi Gong at
95 Street and Collins right on the
beach in Surfside, Florida.
If you want to join just show up.

Dr. Wu Dhi

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