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Dealing with Stress

May 30th, 2011

Everyday I deal with stress.
I’m used to stress.
I do my practices and training and for the most part,
I use stress to my advantage and turn stress into power.
Last week, I had to go to Michigan as my eldest son was
stressing out and crashing after his son’s surgery
a few weeks ago. He was stressed to the max.

With his children, job, relationship, and business in general,
he had so much stress,
that he was unable to function and this stressed me.
The reason I’m telling you this story, is even if you don’t have
stress in your personal life, if friends or family are going through
a rough time, they defiantly pull on your strings and can pull
you off center easily.

I noticed in Michigan, I wasn’t following my diet,
let my practice go for three days in a row,
and I was wasted.
“If you don’t eat the energy,
the energy will defiantly eat you.”

Although I had a ton of things to do there,
as soon as I realized I wasn’t training,
I immediately went back to it, corrected my diet,
and began doing the exercises in the
Turn Stress into Power program,
and took the reigns
back on my own situation. This happens to many people,
when life throws you a curve ball, the tendency of most
people is to eat, drink, and talk excessively or to just
stay home and do nothing.

But neither one of these strategies
work to put you in a place of power. If you want to be in
charge and on top of your game, its imperative to recommit
to your practice daily and make sure that your health is # 1.
Sometimes, people think this is selfish but it’s not at all.
If you’re sick, you can’t help anyone else.
It’s true in all walks of life. If you see a drowning
man in the water, and you’re not trained as a lifeguard,
and jump in, he could pull you down. Even a lifeguard knows that
when he jumps in to save the drowning man, he always
brings a life preserver to assist the person not only the
person drowning, but to keep himself from drowning.

If you want to help others, you must help yourself first,
and that’s where training comes in. You build in a
muscle memory that brings you back to your training
and your practice. The Turn Stress into Power program
will give you exercises, meditations, mantras, and
strategies to pull yourself out of stressful situations and
keep you healthy strong and powerful.

Get your copy today

“He who fails to train, trains to fail” –Unknown

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and Happiness

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Need More Energy?

May 17th, 2011

We all want to increase our energy levels.
Here is my formula that works like a charm.

First let’s look at what is the biggest
energy sucker.
The thief that steals your energy the most
and leaves you exhausted.


Stress can cause a multitude of problems like:
Pain of any kind
Heart disease
Digestive problems
Sleep problems
Auto immune diseases
Skin conditions, such as eczema

Stress has dramatic effects on energy
and can turn your world upside down.
The medical treatment people always suggest
is that you reduce your stress as much as possible,
an easy statement to make but harder to deliver
unless you have the proper education and training.

Here are 6 formulas to transform
stress into personal
power,regain and rebuild your Energy.

1.Start by identifying the things that stress you
out; this is the first step towards eliminating

Make a list to start changing and eliminating
these energy suckers.

*What re-occurring things stress you out?
*Which people and what activities
cause stress in your life?
*What foods seem to give you more stress?

See which of them can be eliminated,
changed or do less of them.
Make a plan on what you will do daily in order
to keep yourself fit, mentally, physically,
and spiritually and follow it.
Discipline your monkey mind to follow your
chosen de-stressor health program.
This will start to release blocked energy
and increase your energy.

Follow the exercises and meditations in the program.
It can be your guide.

2.Choose Energy Producing Foods
If you just got a new Lamborghini Reventon Roadster,
you would not put the cheapest gas in it,
would you? You’d put in the best you could find.

Your body is the same so don’t fill it up on
cheap food.
I haven’t been into a fast food restaurant
in 25 years and all my parts still run like
a fine tuned machine.
If you treat your body as a temple
by keeping it clean and offer it only the best
foods,it will work years with no break downs
and will have incredible power.

But as the saying goes, “if you put Junk
in you will only get Junk out!”
It’s important to pay attention
to the timing of when you eat, and what you eat.
This is a major factor in your energy levels.

Never skip breakfast! Your body needs good
clean fuel to run properly.

I eat as soon as I finish my morning workout.
I usually drink a protein drink in the morning
to get going if I don’t have time to sit down
and have a meal.
It has 18 grams of protein in it and
all the amino acids. I’ll just add 1 scoop of
“Greens First” to the mix to get all my
fruits and veggies.
Sugar filled cereals are not fuel;
they burn too quickly and leave you flat in
no time. Poached eggs are a good choice because
they are low in fat, high in protein and
will keep your energy up.
Our bodies thrive on variety, so mix it up
fruit one day, eggs the next and power protein
drink a few days a week.
Skip the high fat desserts after dinner–
this will drain your energy and make you fat.

3. Exercise regularly,
but make sure you are doing the right exercises.
I find that a Qi Gong workout will
give you much more energy in the
long run than running or heavy
weight lifting. Those exercises can
cause injury too often. If I lift I
do light weights and instead of running,
I’ll do walking and short fast sprints.
Qi Gong will increase your internal power
and charge up your batteries.

That’s why I put together the
Recharging Qi Gong program
It will increase your energy and Qi flow.

You will see that within one month you will
boost your energy ten fold and keep yourself
healthy on every level.

I usually do my practice of the
Flying Crane Qi Gong at sunset
This will chill you out with real mellow energy.
I have found that it gives one much better sleep,
better dreams and puts you in a meditative state
very easily. The more consistent you become,
the more energy you will have.

4. Shut the Boob tube off!
It’s a giant energy sucker.
If you’re a TV junkie, wake up
because it’s addicting just like hard drugs.
Switch it off by 9 O’ clock because it
will steal your energy for sure!
Also, watch out for your computer as well,
it has energy sucking qualities that can
sneak up on you and drain your juice as well.

These brain drains keep your brain stimulated
late into the evening and will rob you of a restful
sleep and important dream time.
A far more beneficial way to unwind is to read,
listen to classical music and meditate and your
brain will thank you!

If my mind is racing at night, I’ll take
a walk before bed. This will relax you and
increase your energy.

5. Make your bedroom as dark as possible.
The darker your bedroom is the better you will sleep.
Use your bed for sleep and sex that’s it.
If you have other activities you need to do,
do it somewhere else except your sleeping quarters.
These changes will ensure you a
restful sleep and much more productive days.

6. Complete your projects
Every project you have is filled with energy.
The quicker you complete them the more energy
you will get.
They are like little treasure chests but
in order to get the treasure you need to complete
the task. The more tasks you complete the more
energy you will get. But on the other hand if
you have unfinished projects, they drain your
energy until they are finished. So make a list
of all your current projects, what needs to be
done and get going.
As you complete them you see your energy levels
go higher and higher.

Having more energy will change
many aspects of your life and
your thinking. All it takes is the
strong decision to make a change.
You’ll be glad you made these simple changes;
they will improve the quality of your life
and increase your energy.

In The Turn stress into Power program, you will find
a series of exercises and meditations to
calm your mind and allow you to unwind before bed.
“The Tension Release Exercise” featured in the
program will give you a step by step process to
clear your mind of useless physic tension and clear
your energy pathways.
This will give you a sounder sleep
and you will wake refreshed and full of energy.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and Happiness.

Dr Wu Dhi

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Training that’s as easy as Pie!

May 11th, 2011

Back in 1978 I was living in the mountains with my family. My friend Bob came to visit from Michigan on his way to Arizona. I’ve known Bob since I was 12 years old.
His family they lived just a few houses away from us.
Although I haven’t seen him in years, he heard that we moved to Telluride and showed up one afternoon at our door.
Bob went to school with me at the College for Creative Studies (CCS) and at that time it was called “The Center for Creative Arts” in downtown Detroit.

Somewhere along the way he picked up the skill of making pies and that night he made a few pies for our family and passed down his pie making secrets to me.

That spring the rhubarb came up in the high country and I decided to make a few delicious rhubarb pies. I picked a whole bunch of fresh organic rhubarb and brought it into the house and began my pie making magic. I started with a homemade organic lattice crust. You know, that crisscross kind?
It was just beautiful and it was filled with rhubarb and fresh strawberries. I put them in the oven and when they were ready I placed them on the table to cool.
I went into town to do a few things. When I came back both pies were gone, I asked my wife what happened to the two pies?
She said, “I had friends drop in unexpectedly and I served the pies.”
Me, “Both of them?”
She said, “Yep! They are gone and we really enjoyed them. Thanks.”
I asked her if she saved me a piece as those were the first rhubarb pies that I ever made and she said,” No there all gone.”
At first I was disturbed and in disbelief that they didn’t even save me a small piece.
It took me a few hours to make them and they were all gone!

But as we all know for every action there is a reaction.

The next day I was at the post office and one of the guys who came over to visit my wife and have a piece of pie, came up to me and was really pissed off.
He said after eating the pies he had stomach cramps and diarrhea all night.
I heard that from more than one of her guests.
Apparently, I got some of the leaves of the rhubarb into the pie and the leaf will give you the runs for sure– it’s considered a mild poison.
Although I never got to taste my first rhubarb pie it sure made me put a smile on my face.

In life there is always a reaction to everything we do.
The reason I train, meditate and eat a healthy diet is; I am creating a reaction in my body, mind and spirit. The reaction I am shooting for is openness, clarity, flexibility, awareness and optimal health.
We can all achieve these qualities but it comes with work and training It takes two wings to fly. One is the practice and the other wing is the training or education, to achieve your goals you need both. If you just have one wing you flop around on the ground and never get anywhere. But if you get the proper training and practice you will soar to new heights.
The purpose of the Qi Gong Inner Circle is to train serious students.

If you’re just starting to train and practice this isn’t for you right now.

Get the Recharging Qi Gong program and Turn Stress into Power and practice for 6 months first.
These programs will give you the foundation you will need to become part of the Qi Gong Inner Circle www.Qigonginnercircleqigong

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and Happiness

Dr. Wu Dhi

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When Life Sends You A Curve

May 5th, 2011

I am on my way to Michigan for a short visit to
Mom for Mothers Day. I planed this trip weeks ago
and I sort of had it in my mind what I was going to
do when I got there.
When I told my mother of my plan to visit for a few
days she was delighted.
The next thing I knew everything was planed out
for me in detail for me by dear Mom.

She said. “We will visit my sister, your aunt Shirley
and have lunch with her.
There are a few things I need to pick up at the mall,
and I want stop at the bank.
Then I want to go over to the kids house and see what
they have done. On Sunday, I know just we’re we will
go for brunch and the kids will meet us at Mindy ‘s house
Q ( she is my sister-in- laws ) for a Bar-B-Q late
that day.

This trip has a lot of visiting relatives and
eating involved in it and then like a giant tsunami,
everything changed.

My daughter-in-law, Dana called me and told me what happened.
Hear’s what she said.

“I wanted to let you know what has been happening here over
the last couple of months.
I am sure Brad filled you in on some stuff,
but this is right from the horses mouth. Zaine,
He is my 9 year old grand son is having surgery tomorrow
to remove what is believed to be a benign tumor in his chest.
He feels fine and is showing no symptoms of any disease.

On our airplane ride home from Arizona at the end of February
Zaine broke the tab off of his soda can and dropped in into
the can…this lead to him swallowing the tab.
He was also suffering from pain in his ears and his nose
began bleeding shortly after he swallowed the tab.
He doesn’t normally suffer from nose bleeds so I was a
little concerned.

When we got home I took him to his Doctor to check everything out.
He said that the ears were do to the altitude and the nose bleed
was due to the climate change.
He was most concerned with the pop tab and sent us straight
to the Hospital to have an X-ray to make sure that the tab
had passed as it is sharp and could cause some damage.
While we were getting the X-rays the radiologist thought
that he saw that Zaine’s Aorta went to the right instead
of the left as the majority do (did I mention that this
all took place on his birthday).
This sent us into a series of Ultrasounds over the next
few weeks to ensure that his heart was fine and if his
aorta was going to the right we had to make sure that
it was not wrapped around his trachea and esophagus.
The good news is that his heart is perfect and normal.

That being said, the Radiologist felt that he needed
another set of X-rays so that he could figure out
what he saw.
The X-ray showed that he had a mass in the right side
of his chest attached to (but not into) his spine
and the protective layer of his chest.
He has had an MRI and also a Biopsy and both lead all
the Doctors to believe that the mass is Benign.

However, the type of mass that he has begins as Malignant
cells and changes over time. Even though the biopsy proves
it to be benign there may still be malignant cells present
in areas that were not biopsied so they are going to
remove it and have it tested to ensure that it is benign.

If the mass proves to be benign then after this surgery
we are all done and he doesn’t have to go back.
If it comes back that there are still malignant
cells then we will have to proceed to find if the
rest of his body is clear.

We are all feeling very positive about the surgery and
the outcome.Zaine is being very brave and understands
what is happening. He is scared but understands that
it needs to be removed.

I will try to send out an update tomorrow or Thursday
while he is in recovery.
I hope that this sheds some light on what has
been going on.”

The surgery was a success and the little guy is
doing find.

I am with Zaine right now and he is doing great,
we are about to go for a walk and then have dinner.

Things like this happen every day.
We make plans and the universe then
supplies us with what we are really going to do,
where we are going and who we will be with.
Our job is to stay flexible and open to learn the
lessons at hand.

This was the subject and the focus of last nights
Wednesday night meditation class that I taught
in Florida .
How to let go of our tensions and work with the
energy at hand.

If you are in the Miami area I teach every week,
the class is about an hour.

If you can’t make it I share many of the meditations
and spiritual technology through the Qi Gong
Inner Circle.

and the members receive a DVD every month of
teachings that will build and strengthen your
spiritual digestive system.

Have a good mothers day and stay flexible.

I wish you the best in your Health,Wealth and Happiness

Dr. Wu Dhi

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Dr. Wu Dhi was born Sherwood Swartz but mostly known as ‘Woody’ to friends and family. As a student of various traditions he as received various names and titles over the years as is appropriate in those schools. Among these names was Wu Di, very similar to the pronunciation of Woody, in China the name means ‘has no enemies’. Wu Di was later renamed by a Tibetan Lama to Wu Dhi with an ‘h’. Although this may not seem like that much of a change from Wu Di or even Woody for that matter, it is in fact a high honor to receive such a name directly from a Lama. Dhi in this case is the Sanskrit seed syllable ‘Dhi’ and associated with the great wisdom holder Manjurshri.

Dr. Wu Dhi has been a pioneer in alternative health care for over 30 years and a master of Medical Qi Gong. Dr. Wu Dhi completed his advance studies in neurology under the direction of Professor Sun at the prestigious Heilongjiang, University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Harbin P.R.China.

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The Best Custom Detox Program Ever

May 3rd, 2011

I got some new fabulous equipment in the office
this week a Light Beam Generator.
My patients are getting healthier quicker
and freeing their bodies
of dis-ease quicker than I have ever seen
and with no side-effects.

We are getting hit with so many
environmental toxins-in the air
and the chemicals in our
food, water, houses, and workplaces
and the so called
“New-and–Improved” products we put into
our bodies all expose us to environmental

The LBG works to detox the body quicker
and more effective than old slow ineffective

Let me share with you a little bit about the
new machine and how it works.

Light Beam Generator (LBG)-Photon Tissue
Decongestion Therapy.
Cells have an electromagnetic charge that
helps to bind them together and keep
them apart.
When we get exposed to toxins and too much
stress our overburdened cells in the lymph
system can clump
together and bond electrically with water,
resulting in chronic
inflammation – which in turn may lead to
serious disease conditions that cause
premature aging.

The LBG works by helping to rebalance the
charge of the cells’ electromagnetic fields.

Using cold-gas light photons and extremely
low-energy electromagnetic frequency patterns,
the LBG helps separate these cells from each
other and their accumulated fluids.

This enables the body to rapidly rid it
self of:

*inflammation*swelling *abnormal growths
*lymph blockages.

It also helps in removing unnatural additives
in our food,including steroids that mimic hormones
and attach to proteins from the body.

Cells in the lymphatic system can clump together
and bond electrically with water to create disease
conditions of swelling or abnormal growths,
like cancer.

By separating these cells from each other and
from their accumulated fluids, edema, tumor
masses and other blockages are dispersed.

If you are toxic you could be experiencing
these symptoms daily:
*Intestinal Problems
*Back Pain
The cold gas ionization produced by the “Light
Beam Generator” is a powerful tool that facilitates
decongestion of the lymphatic system, restoring its
ability to transport nutrients and eliminate
toxic waste from the body.

Lymphatic drainage allows the body to flush
out virus,bacteria and fungus that feed on the
protein wastes and rid it of food additives
and other chemicals that attach to the
protein waste.

I have put together a multi-pronged approach
to detox that cleans and clears the Kidneys,
Liver, Colon, Lymph Lungs and the Skin.

The program includes exercise, drainage formulas,
nutrition,and deep detoxing using the LBJ and
the infra red sauna.

To find out more info on this program contact me
and let’s stay healthy
look and feel better than ever.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and Happiness,

Dr. Wu Dhi

Begin the detox program now by
Call 786-271-0325 and schedule an
appointment today.

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Get ready for Summer! -It’s Gonna be HOT!

May 1st, 2011

It’s warming up in South Florida
and the snow birds are flying home.

It’s Spring, and a bunch of holidays have
just passed to celebrate the coming of new life.

Spring is in the air!
As the seasons change, it’s time
to pay close attention to your diet.
When the temperature increases, we
will all need a lot more liquids to keep us hydrated.

I drink a lot more water; it’s time to
eat more fruits like plums, pears, and watermelon.
Also soups are one of my favorite
in both the summer and winter.

My friend Jerry Gruber is a fabulous chief
and gave me this recipe for a killer gazpacho soup.
What really makes it so good is the fresh flavor
of all the crisp vegetables.

Cold Gazpacho can be one of summer’s enjoyments.

Gazpacho soup originated from Spain.
It’s traditionally made with ripe tomatoes,
bell peppers, cucumbers, garlic, that is blended
with olive oil, vinegar, vegetable juices and served cold.

Here is Jer’s recipe:
3 bell peppers (the more color the better)
3 peeled tomatoes
3 cucumbers
2 purple onions
(Seed everything) you don’t want to
get seeds stuck in your teeth.
Dice all veggies (fine).

Take all scraps and put in a blender.
Add enough red wine vinegar to cover
and then add ¼ to ½ cloves of garlic.
Add a pinch of ground caraway seeds and blend in a big pot.
Add ½ large can of V8 32oz can
(I found an organic one at whole foods.
If you can go all organic, it would be the best)
1 Large can of tomato soup –organic
1 can of tomato juice – organic
Add the stuff you strained and then add oil
Add 2 tsp of light weight olive oil and mix gently

Salt, spike (a natural seasoning)
White pepper
Some hot sauce to taste
A splash of Tamari sauce or Braggs amino acid
A little bit of lemon to kick up taste

Chill and add a dab of yogurt just before serving

It’s also a great time to do a detox program!

Detox-Kit liquid drops combine three homeopathic
remedies to relieve symptoms of illness caused by an
unhealthy lifestyle and/or exposure to environmental toxins.

*Lymphomyosot stimulates the lymphatic system
*Nux vomica-Homaccord stimulates the
gastrointestinal pathway and liver function
*Berberis-Hommacord stimulates the
kidney and gallbladder systems.

Homeopathic remedies are very safe and effective
and can be a great way to detoxify the body,
especially the liver and kidneys. For the colon,
however, nothing comes close to effectiveness of
a high quality fiber supplement that gets in
there and literally scrubs things clean.
Special herbs are also
needed to remove intestinal parasites.

The Detox-Kit

contains a combination of homeopathic remedies
and many traditional Homeopaths believe that the
homeopathic remedies should be given in single
doses and the perfect remedy needs to be
determined for each individual.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and Happiness,

Dr. Wu Dhi

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