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Toxic overload causes Weight Gain

June 22nd, 2011

I am totally amazed when patients
come into my office and tell me that
they only have a BM once or twice
a week. They eat 3 times a day and
yet nothing is moving out.

People eat a diet mostly made up of
the wrong stuff and wonder why they
have gas, bloating and constipation.

What are people thinking?

When you only have a BM a few
times a week, that’s considered
constipation in my book. You should
have a BM at least once or twice a day.

If you don’t, the Qi flow is blocked.
The organs are not getting the right
nourishment and you’re going to be a
toxic mess if you’re not already.
Even the brain gets fogged up from the
amount of toxins stuck in the intestines.
I hear people say that it’s normal to only
have a bowel movement a few times a
week–maybe that’s normal for them but
it’s not normal to have rotting food stuck
in your intestine. If you eat a meal and it
isn’t moving through your system with hours—
you can be getting a toxic overload and it
affects every function in the body.”

These foods could be the culprit and
should be avoided or at least cut down.

Red Fatty Meats –
Steak, veal, brisket, pork

Fast & Fried Foods –
Pizza, burgers, tacos, fried chicken

Caffeinated Drinks –
Sodas, coffee, energy drinks

Dairy Products –
Milk, butter, ice-cream

Carbonated Drinks High in Sugar –
High fructose corn syrup

Refined Sugars –
Milk chocolate, cake, pie, candy-bars

Alcohol –
Beer, wine, mixed drinks

Enriched White Flour –
White bread, doughnuts, and tortillas

We need green leafy vegetables,
fresh fruits, clean water and pure
clean air. If you are getting them
daily, your digestion system will
start to work better and better in a
very short time.

There are a few things to start
doing right a way that can get
your gut healthy again.
FRUIT and DRINK 8 glasses

I put all my patients on these two
wonderful products as well and
they get unbelievable results.
First- The best and purest fiber
product I have ever found.


and next


The combination of these two
products works wonders!
I have hundreds of patients taking
them daily.

Here is what a few of them
have reported:

“Dr. Dr Wu, I have taking both
Fiber 1-2-3 and Oxy-Hydrate
for 6 months now and I am a
regular for the first time in years.
My complication has cleared up
and I have dropped 18 un-needed
pounds in 6 months. I take it every
day and I am grateful I found it.
Thank you.”

“I feel younger and better!
After only two weeks of taking
Oxy-Hydrate, while eating a
normal healthy diet, I feel at least
10 years younger, my eyes are bright,
whiter and no longer sunken in my
head with dark rings around them.
The aches and pains that
I’ve had are gone.”
-Jane Westley, Florida

“I Lost 18 Pounds!
About ten years ago, I was involved
in a motor cycle accident that left me
with pain all over my body. I took so
many pain pills and anti inflammatory
pills that my entire digestive system
was screwed up. Until I took Oxy-Hydrate,
and Fiber 1-2-3! I would have bowel
movements only once every two or three
months. I now lost 18 pounds and I feel
better every day! It was quite a shock to
me to find that I had that much waste
in my body!”
-James Holt, Boston, Massachusetts

If your digestive system isn’t working
100%–you are building up toxins in your
system daily and aging yourself quicker
than you could imagine.
Keeping your system open on every
level is the anti- aging secret we all have
been looking for. Moving the bowls is as
important as moving the Qi. If there is a
blockage in any part of our system,
we are blocked. Opening up the flow
in your entire body, mind and spirit
will keep you much younger than your
years and feeling good.

I Wish you the best in your
Health, Wealth and Happiness

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Auto-pilot training to build in muscle memory

June 22nd, 2011

When we are young and somewhat
immature, health is not a big concern.
I know in my younger days I thought
I was somewhat invincible and although
I have been training and working-out
since I was a teenager, I never put
much attention on health, sickness or wellness.
Probably because I never had any sickness
or death in my family until I was well
into my twenties.

By that time my training and daily workouts
were on my autopilot well ingrained into my
muscle memory and habit body.

The reason I always encourage you to train is,
if you keep it going you will build
in a habit body & muscle memory, that will
last a life time.
It will keep you younger and healthier.

That is one of the keys to Longevity.

As you mature, you hopefully become
more aware of not only your own situation
but others as well. As we move through
the different stages of life,
things around us
will constantly be changing–
they are all lesions to be learned.

When you experience any dis-ease,
no matter if it’s a common cold, an
emotional upset or a serious disease
it effects everyone around you as well.

If it’s a family member you will notice
it right away. If it’s a co-worker
and you are in the same office you are
going to notice their situation within a
few days or within a week for sure.

Why? Because it will effect you personally.
Maybe you’ll have to pick up the slack in
the office and do more work, or you may
catch what they have.
Just having someone around with
problems will effect you energetically.

But let us say it is someone thousands
of miles away, it can still affect us.
Take for example someone in Africa who
has Aids and comes into our country and
spreads the disease. It affects all of us.

“Getting well and feeling well
is a comprehensive growth process
that encompasses our entire humanity.”
-Dr. Reimar Banis

We only become healthy if everybody
is healthy. Getting well and staying
well is one of the most important tasks
in each person’s life.
Most people only notice their health
after they lose it or when they recovery
from a dis-ease.

All good Healers, no matter if they
are MD’s, Chiropractors, Massage
Therapists, Acupuncturists or Energy
Workers, promote self-healing by
providing profound stimulation for
the self-knowledge.

Help never really comes from the outside;
it is only to be reawakened within us to
bring a person back to true health and
We can therefore rightly say nature heals.

Getting well and feeling well is a
comprehensive growth process that
encompasses our entire humanity.

When you make the conscious effort to
change your health, you will change the
health of everyone around you.

The programs that I teach
are all about becoming healthier mentally,
physically and spiritually.
It makes no difference if you
begin with

The Recharging Qi Gong program,

The Flying Crane Qi Gong program

The Program on Mantra

or any of the other programs and health products
because they are all about
your Health and Happiness.

I wish you the best in your Health,
Wealth and Happiness

Dr Wu Dhi

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Opening Up to New Possibilities

June 20th, 2011

In 1977 I was invited to come
to Park City, Utah with a group
of healers and meditation students
for a month to study with
Virginia Satir.
She was a great psychotherapist, known
especially for her approach to family

She was regarded as
The “Mother of Family Therapy.”

When you are working with people,
(No matter if you are doing massage,
medical qi gong or acupuncture)
when you open up to new modalities
in your practice it will make you a
better doctor, healer or therapist.

One of Satir’s most novel ideas at
the time, was the “presenting issue”
or surface problem – that the presenting
issue itself was seldom the
real problem; rather, how people coped
with the issue is what created the problem.
She also offered insights into the
particular problems that self-esteem
could cause in relationships.

Whenever I work with a patient or a
student, I start with a process that
Virginia developed called:

“The Five Freedoms”.

*The freedom to see and hear what is
here, instead of what “should” be, was,
or will be.

*The freedom to say what you feel and think,
instead of what one should.

*The freedom to feel what you feel,
instead of what you “ought.”

*The freedom to ask for what you want,
instead of always waiting for permission.

*The freedom to take risks on your own
behalf, instead of choosing to be only
“secure” and not rocking the boat.

What The Five Freedoms will do
for you is open you to new possibilities
in your life and give you a way to look
at the world differently.

Applying the five freedoms in your
life can give you different twist
to think outside of the box and
free up your stresses.

In the Turn Stress into Power Program
I incorporated the Five Freedoms
in my writing and presented a new way
of looking at stress.
How to use your stresses to transform your
life and get on top of the wave of stress,
instead of being flipped, rolled and pulled
under by every day stresses.

Open up to new possibilities in
your life and order the program today.
It will transform your Stress into Power.

I Wish you the best in your Health,
Wealth and Happiness!

Dr. Wu Dhi

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“The “The Qi Gong Renaissance.”.”

June 18th, 2011

There is a trend happening in China as we speak.

People are studying and practicing
more Qi Gong than in any previous time
in Chinese history.

In the past, Qi Gong was only available to the
wealthy, monks, priests, and nobility.
But now, Qi Gong is taught in schools,
practiced in parks, temples, clinics and
hospitals to anyone who is willing to l
invest their time and energy.

When I was in Beijing a few years ago,
every morning when I went down to the park
to do my Qi Gong practice, there were hundreds
of people practicing different forms of Energy
work and today there is even more.
It was incredible to see and feel the Qi
and this type of energy brings in more energy.

In fact, when I went into the bookstores
in China,I found hundreds of books, tapes, videos,
magazines, on just about every aspect of
Qi Gong.
*The Martial art forms

*Meditation forms

* Medical Qi Gong

All kinds of healing forms of
Qi Gong. I was there searching for practices
on healing, health and the Medical Qi Gong forms.

I was amazed to find that Medical Qi Gong was practiced
in every hospital I went to. When I first went to China
17 years ago, these practices were all secret,
but today there are large Medical Qi Gong
hospitals in all major cities of China.

China is the only country in the
world where Medical Qi Gong has been
truly integrated and accepted as part of
the healthcare system.

You may be asking what is Medical Qi Gong?
Qi means life -force -energy and Gong means skill.
Qi Gong is the practice of gathering,
cultivating and applying life force energy
to heal the body,mind and spirit.

Medical Qi Gong is the oldest of the four branches
of traditional Chinese medicine and provides the
foundation in which acupuncture, herbal
medicine, and massage originated.

The Qi is the spark that activates all the other
branches and opens up the spiritual path of self
realization. It is the best way to prevent or cure a
disease, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

In my practice of Medical Qi Gong, I send
energy/Qi into my patient’s physical and
energetic body to help transform their health.

If I do this all day, without recharging myself,
I would be wasted in no time. Practicing charges
up my batteries up and I do my energetic practices
every morning, if I didn’t I would be sick myself in
no time at all.

That’s why every morning I train, practice and teach to
renew my body mind and spirit. The foundation
of the practice is built on the meditation and spiritual
work and that’s what guides me.

When I am practicing
Flying Crane Qi Gong,
I always close the set by doing the automatic move
to balance my meridians and chakras. This balances
and roots the energy in the lower
Dantian, navel and Ming area of the body and
Is the storage place for Qi.

Pick up your copy of the
Flying Crane Qi Gong today at
and lets get started now.

I wish you the best in your Health,
Wealth and Happiness

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Build Strong Yin Qi All Summer

June 16th, 2011

The first day of summer
is just about here!

The Summer Solstice
This is the longest day of the year.
Summer begins in the Northern Hemisphere
on June 21, 2011, at 1:16 p.m.

The word solstice comes from the
Latin words for “SUN” & “TO STOP,”
as the Sun appears to stop in the sky.

This is one of the most important days
of the year for Energy Work.

Like Meditation,Qi Gong and Yoga practices,
the Energy is at its highest.

In fact, if you are thinking of getting an
Acupuncture treatment, a Medical Qi Gong
treatment or any kind of Energy Work,
the Summer and Winter Solstices
(June 21 and December 21)
are the strongest days to move the Qi.

My calendar gets totally booked up a few
days before the solstice,the day of the solstice
and the week after. It seems like everyone who
knows anything about Energy work is at my office that
week to get a treatment and for good reason a treatment
done at the Solstice can last up to three months.

The six weeks leading up to and directly
after the summer solstice is ruled by the
Fire element. This is the season for a lot of fun.
The Fire Element relates to communication
and community. It’s the time when people
travel, have family reunions, plan June
weddings and spend lots of time outside
having FUN.

The Qi is moving better than
ever and we usually feel great.

As for diet:
It’s better to eat light, more fruits and
vegetables, to keep the body from over heating.
and drink lots of H2O

My Qi Gong practices are focused more on the
Yin element,as the days get hotter.
This helps to cool the body down and quit
the mind.
In China, the summer solstice was observed
by a ceremony to celebrate the earth, femininity,
and the “Yin” forces.

I’ll increase my practice of Flying Crane Qi Gong
for the next few months to build more Yin and stay cool
If you don’t know this style get this
one today it’s great.

I am spending more time on the automatic move
and the Yin set from the Recharging Qi Gong Program

They both increase the Yin quality and
keep the heart in balance, the mind
calm and the body cool.

I wish you the best in your Health,
Wealth and Happiness

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

June 16th, 2011

Today is the full moon and a Lunar eclipse.
Today is loaded with energy.

I was reading my friend Brenda Brush’s
page on what’s going on in the skies today.
Brenda is an internationally known
astrologer from South Florida.
Here is what she says will be happening
at 4:34 pm on June 15th which is
today at 24 degrees 23 minutes of Sagittarius.

This Lunar Eclipse will affect us for 6 months.
Sagittarius is the sign of expansion,
expert information,
travel, education, and religion. Both Gemini and
Sagittarius have to do with information, but Gemini
is local and Sagittarius is global. Gemini is word of
mouth and Sagittarius comes from informed sources.

It is interesting that the New Moon/Solar Eclipse on
June 1st had Mercury, the ruler, in Taurus and the
June 15th Lunar Eclipse in
Sagittarius has Jupiter, the ruler, in Taurus.

The information, no matter where it comes from, the ruler
of either eclipse is in Taurus. The knowledge we are
receiving is practical, it is about survival, and it
is about taking care of what we have.
Greed is gone.
It is not happening.
It is time to live more authentically.

It’s Time To Live Within Our Means.

We know it is the information age and we
know the eclipses are emphasizing
that, but the information that is useful to our well being
is coming from the sign Taurus.
This is practical, solid, and sustainable.

We could title this eclipse,

“Put Your Money where your Mouth is.”

A year and a half from now, the Eclipses
will move into Taurus
and Scorpio, the signs of power and money.

These current eclipses,
in the signs of information, are giving us a heads up.
It is time to get on top of things so we are coming
from a secure spot. We have the opportunity over the next
12 months to improve our financial outlook and then when
the eclipses begin to enhance those areas,
we will be prepared for more.

Thanks Brenda! – That’s good advice.

As for Qi Gong practices and Meditation work it’s
a time to open up more and get out of the way of flow.

“The creative area of a person is the flow within,
which manifests its presence in the mind”.- Rudi

Take the time to practice today because the energy
is ripe and will bring you more merit than usual.

If you haven’t seen my YouTube station, sign
up for it today
it’s FREE!

I share a lot of info that will benefit you.
But if you want to get the best of Dr. Wu
teachings join the Qi Gong Inner Circle.

it’s only a Buck to get started and you
will get much more than you ever expected once you join.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and Happiness

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Restoring balance to a sick child in Record Time

June 12th, 2011

I received this letter from Elizabeth after working on
her son Gryphon.

Elizabeth has been a patient for many years and
although her family is very conservative and believes strongly
in Western medicine, as a mother she knew that her only child
was in trouble and traditional medicine wasn’t working.
Liz brought the boy into see me last week
and he is now doing find.

I was able to restore his health in one treatment and although
that doesn’t happen all the time,
this time it did. Healing happens quicker in children.

Although western medicine has it’s place sometime they are to busy
looking at the problem and not the cure.

Here is what Elizabeth said in her kind letter.
“My son Gryphon who is 9 years old has been sick with stomach
problems since September 2010.
After each meal he eats he feels sick to his stomach.
In late April, 2011 the issue escalated that he was throwing up
after every meal.

We went for special testing in January 2011 to
All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg, Florida
which is 3 hours away from our home in Naples.

The doctors did numerous tests at the hospital,
and the only report they could give us was reflux of the
upper GI tract.
We were told to give my son Prevacid which he threw up as
well when he took the medicine.
After a month of throwing up, I finally got in touch with
my alternative doctor.

Dr. Wu Dhi and told him that I needed help with Gryphon,
and that it was an emergency as Gryphon was now losing weight
due to throwing up.
He met us at his office in Aventura.

Dr. Wu Dhi’s treated my son. He massaged him, did Medical Qi Gong
work and put him under a special machine he called
“the Light Beam Generators” (LBG)
to take the pain away from his aching belly.
Finally, he gave him some low potency medicine, and he gave us some
drops to do at home for a week.

That was 30 days ago and my son has never thrown up again.
My son wants to go back and see him as he said it felt so
good to be healed and massaged by
Dr. Wu Dhi In my opinion as a mother he is a miracle healer.
I have experienced his healing personally as a patient
myself 11 years ago, and I have been a follower ever since.

I highly recommend Dr. Wu to you too.
He is truly a healer who can help with all ailments and disease.
He has studied Chinese, homeopathic, acupuncture and
energy medicine plus so many alternative nature cures for
a long long time.

You can trust him to heal you as he is an expert in his field.
I now know that I should always start healing by seeing him.
Our medical bills from All Children’s Hospital have
exceeded $20,000 with no results.
One visit to Dr. Wu Dhi’s clinic for $300 and my son is healed.
It is a simple decision for me today to call Dr. Wu Dhi and we
drive 3 hours round trip to see him. Use Dr. Wu, and you will
experience the miracle too.

A Happy Mother
Elizabeth Ganzi
Naples, Florida

I truly thank Elizabeth for taking the time to write me and share the
experience with her son.
When it comes to our children it makes no difference if their
are infants or adults as concerned parents we will do all we can to
make their lives better.

That’s exactly what a worried mother did she protected her child.
She reached out to who ever and where ever she could to find a
cure for her child…

When it comes to health I always looking for balance mentally,
physically,emotionally and spiritually.

If the person is out of balance there is always some kind
of dis-ease.
Once the system is brought back into balance health is
easily restored.

Some times its just a change in diet, a realignment of the physical
body, the right nutrition, or giving the patient new possibilities and
teaching them how to stay healthy .

This will bring a person back to balance and restore their health.
The Qi Gong programs I teach and practice are all about bring
your body, mind and spirit into balance.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to work with any of my programs
I encourage you to get one today.

I suggest you start with the Flying Crane Qi Gong program
and then start to move up the latter by getting
the Recharging Qi Gong program.
I have entire families practicing these wonderful exercise
program together
and finally become a member of the Qi Gong Inner Circle. .

There are many other programs that can work to keep
you in balance, but if you want to take advantage of my
40 some years of expertise order today.

You can make a big difference in your own health and
the health of your family.

I wish you the Best in your Health wealth and Happiness

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Internal Transformation-Change Darkness to Light/Yang to Yin

June 10th, 2011

This morning my practice was
focused on all the Yin organs.
The heart, lungs, spleen, liver, and
kidneys are all vital organs and are
considered Yin in Traditional
Chinese Medicine. Keeping these
organs healthy and disease free- will
keep all the Yang organs strong and
healthy as well. Like the stomach,
gall bladder, large and
small intestine and the bladder.

In the five element system,
every organ has an emotion to it
as well. For example, the liver
is associated with anger on the
negative side and kindness on the
more positive side. The lungs are
associated with sadness, grief, valor
and courageousness on the more positive note.

The reason why we focus on the
Yin organs is they will balance out the
Yang as you work them in Qi Gong, or
when you’re getting an acupuncture treatment.

It’s like an alchemical process where
you’re changing one emotion to the other.
You’re able to free yourself of any form
of dis –ease by getting the energy to flow.

In China, there isn’t much of a
physiology department or need for
too many psychiatrists.

When there is an imbalance
in the mind there will be an
imbalance in the organ associated with it.

The Heart/ Small Intestines-
Negative: Anxiety, Rush, and Hastiness.
Positive: Love, Respect, Honor, and Joy.

The Spleen/Stomach-
Negative: Worry
Positive: Balance and Equanimity

The Lung/ Large Intestines-
Negative: Sadness and Grief
Positive: Valor and Courageousness

The Kidneys/ Urinary Bladder-
Negative: Fear
Positive: Gentleness

The Liver/ Gallbladder-
Negative: Anger
Positive: Kindness

In the Recharging Qi Gong program,
I teach the Yin set, a series of prescriptive
exercises that focus primarily on the organs
to change the negative emotion alchemically
to the positive emotion and at the same time
correcting the imbalance in the organ.
If the Qi is flowing, blood will naturally follow.
If there is a blockage in the energy patter,
it causes a blockage in the Qi, a stagnation
of the blood, and dis-ease is soon to follow.

In the Recharging Qi Gong program,
specially selected exercises are taught to
not only improve your health but to increase
your energy by TEN FOLD. There are thousands
of people practicing these exercises in seven
different continents, and all report more energy
in general, more vitality, their flexibility has
increased, and their sexual appetite and performance
is the best ever. If you don’t have this program yet,
I highly suggest that you go to
and get your copy today.

The program includes:
* The Workbook
* The Practice DVD
* The Practical DVD
Five CDs:
* 3 Internal Secrets of Qi Gong,
*The Spiritual Keys to Qi Gong,
*Compassion, the Path to Mental Well-being,
*The 5 Elements of Transformational Power,
*10 Secrets of Sexual Vitality.

You can’t get this program in a store,
on television and you won’t get these
teachings in a class with 200-300 people in it.

This type of program is for the serious student,
who wants to slow down the aging process,
increase his or her vitality, and achieve
optimum health. The Longevity practices
have been passed down from Masters to
Master and they are now available to
You . Get your program today

I wish you the best in your Health,
Wealth and Happiness

Dr. Wu Dhi

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keep Your Eyes Open and Your Big Mouth Shut.

June 1st, 2011

Many years ago my master
warned me to keep my eyes
open and my mouth shut.

He would say, “Guarding your
speech is as important as guarding your life.
What ever you say, when you say it and who
you say it to can get you killed, or save your life.”

I remember I was a blabbermouth
and my teacher gave me an assignment to
control my speech and break me out of
a habit for over talking.

At first it seemed like an easy exercise to me.
I thought I could do it for the assigned time of
12 hours without any problem, but it was
more difficult than I imagined.
Before I really made a commitment
to train myself, my mind was jumping
from one thought to the next, like a monkey
jumping from branch to branch chattering as
I went from one subject to the next.

Here is the exercise the master had me do:
He told me to take a penny, wash it and
put it on my tongue and hold that penny on
the roof of my mouth.

I was told to be sure to take it out of
my mouth to eat and drink.
It’s a way to train the mind,
to stop the mind from chattering and a
way to guard your speech.

When we talk and talk and talk and talk
we lose a tremendous amount of energy.

The 3 ways we lose the most of our energy is:

1. Through our digestion
– over eating is an energy sucker.

2. Sexual activity
– too much too often can zap you and age you prematurely.

3. Over talking, your speech, and what you say
– Guarding your speech is most important of the three.

When we are trying to make changes in our lives,
no matter if it’s mentally, physically, emotionally
or spiritually, we will run into some resistance.
Our bodies are like robots and we like doing the
same things over and over. It makes no difference
if those habits are good or not, the body / mind likes
doing what it does.

Now, how can we make those positive changes
that we all want in our Health, Wealth and Happiness?
There is a way and it really works.

1st is Education and 2nd is Training.

With the right instructions and the correct
Practice, you can change just about anything
and be in control of most situations in your life.
The easiest way to get permanent change
is to change the body first.
That’s where the commitment comes in.
If you want to change, you need to do something
to make those changes.

Body first, then mind and spirit.

The combination of the three will
make and hold the permanent changes in your life.

I have found that Qi Gong Practices include all three.
It trains the physical to be more flexible and supple,
it opens up the flow of energy in the meridians and
quiets the mind.

When I was first introduced to Qi Gong, it blew my socks off.
My hand chakras opened, my meditations improved and I
became much more flexible in both body and mind.
I started my Qi Gong training in
Flying Crane Qi Gong and
I still do it to this day.

if you haven’t learned this one yet
pick up your copy today.
It’s easy to learn and it will last you a lifetime.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and Happiness

Dr. Wu Dhi

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