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Thunder Magic from Hurricane Irene

August 29th, 2011

I flew Jet Blue back to Miami
on Monday night and I was home
before the clock struck midnight.
Boston is a magnificent city to visit.
There are a lots of fantastic things to
do, great museums, and the
crème de la crème of schools,
MIT and Harvard just to name a few.

But to tell you the truth
I was somewhat anxious to get
back home since there is a huge
Storm brewing in the Caribbean
and I wanted to buckle down the
hatches before it hit.
It looks like it’s going to miss
Miami but we are still get a lot of rain,
wind, thunder and lighting and that
means there is going to be a lot
of Energy in the atmosphere.

If you know how to tap into
Lighting storms, you can charge
your system up and go much
deeper into your Qi Gong and
Shen Gong meditation practices.

A few years ago I went to Long
Hu Shan (Dragon Tiger mountain)
it’s located outside the city
of Yingtan in Jiangxi
province in China, our group was
made up of all Daoists, healers and
Medical Qi Gong practitioners we
went to study at the oldest temples
in Chinese.

It’s where the founder of religious
Daoism (Zhang Daoling) is said to
have attained the Dao in the 2nd century.
They say that at Long Hu Mountain
you can tap into the core of Daoist
magic and obtain the ancient knowledge.

We were there for a week before the 900
birthday of the temple. The number nine (9) is a
most powerful number in the Daoist
The number nine is seen in Taoist divination as the perfect number for yang/yo, the “bright side” when determining the individual hexagram lines according to the I-ching (Book of Changes). Some have suggested that the number nine refers to the nine planets, that the Taoist believe directly influence human destiny, or to the seven stars of the Big Dipper (Northern Seven Stars) plus the two attendant/guardian stars which Taoist believe is the gateway to heaven, and which each star is a Taoist deity.

(Waterhouse, 1996)
You can imagine how important the
900 birthday celebration was.
The Qi was really strong and so were
the teachings. This is where I learned
some of the keys to cultivate Thunder magic.

Thunder magic is divided into two schools.

1. Healing- How to move the
powerful Thunder Qi through the
internal organs and restore your
youth and vitality.

2. Exorcism-One of the most effective
means of countering the use of
negative energy.

You don’t find these teachings on public
Access TV, in Barnes and Nobel or on the web.
These teachings are only for a select group.

This could be you!
If you are ready for the real deal, join me
and a group of people who are ready to go
beyond the ordinary. Join the
Qi Gong Inner Circle now and get the inside scoop.

I wish you the best in your Health,
Wealth and Happiness

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Eating your Stress?

August 24th, 2011

I spent the last 4 days in
Boston, Massachusetts.
The weather is a lot cooler than
Miami this time of the year and
although the leaves haven’t turned
different colors yet, it’s a heck of a
lot cooler and low humidity.

One of my patients that I see in the
winter in Florida lives here. She asked
me to come up and give her a good
tune up. For no apparent reason to her,
her back went out and for the last 4
days she has been bed ridden.

When I arrived at her home we went
over her last few weeks activities.
There didn’t seem to be any physical
reason that she is in so much pain.
No falls, no strains, nothing broken,
she said she didn’t lift anything and
didn’t remember bending over or even
tripping on anything. As I question her
on different things we hit on a BIG one.

She has been over worked and stressed to the max.
Stress can knock you for a loop and
cause you to tighten up your muscles
and then even a micro movement can
cause a muscle to lock up and push
against a nerve and then you’ve had it.
PAIN! The pain causes the muscle to lock
up more and then the body will swell to try
and protect itself and it all comes from stress.

Before we began the treatment we went
over a series of exercises found in the
Turn Stress into Power program.

We went over the Tension Release Exercise
until she could clear all of the accumulated
negative emotional stress out of her system
and then I showed her a few of the
protections so she would let the same
stresses sneak back in and cause both
emotional and physical pain.

What was the most amazing part of
the treatment was before I could do
any treatments of acupuncture or,
Medical Qi Gong, she said the pain
had completely vanished.

The emotions and the Stress were the culprits.
They had her so locked up that the Qi and blood
couldn’t run through the meridians and get to
the organs and extremities causing all the pain.

If you have a blockage in any part of your
body, mind or spirit don’t you think it’s
the right time that you release it?

Get the program today at

I wish you the best in your Health,
Wealth and Happiness,

Dr Wu Dhi

PS. If you have an active life,
Stress goes along with the territory.
You can use those stresses to gain more energy.
Order your copy today

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Happy Camper gets Rid of Flu in One Day

August 15th, 2011

Here is a letter that I got today
from a young woman who is
visiting from Caracas, Venezuela.
She joined me one Saturday
morning for a Qi Gong workout.

Here is what she said:

“About ten days ago, my nose
began to run, because a couple of
days before I was exposed to somebody
who was very sick. I realized that
I would also be sick very soon.
I decided not to take any medicine; instead,
I did Qi Gong with the intention to
mobilize energy that could heal my sickness.
What happened was kind of a miracle
for me, because normally a flu usually
lasts for at least a week to ten days,
but this time, the Qi Gong practice
knocked it out of me in only one day.
I felt so healthy!
I have been receiving your daily stories,
and let me tell you that I enjoy them very much!
Thank you for all the great
information and knowledge! :-)

People are always surprised when they
first start practicing Qi Gong and what a
difference it makes in your overall
health and energy.

If you have a blockage in Qi flow,
you will defiantly have a blockage in
the way your blood is flowing as well,
as blood follows Qi.

When you start to practice Qi Gong, you
get the energy moving in all the meridians.
Some students report a rush of energy,
and that’s because the blood follows the
Qi and blood is rich in oxygen.
This flow of oxygen will make you
feel supercharged and the more you
practice the more energy you will feel.

One of my students was so energized
that I had to tell him to only practice
in the morning as he wasn’t sleeping
and yet he wasn’t tired at all.
After about 30 days he was able to
go back to his morning and evening

It takes about 30 days for the body to
get used to the increase of energy and
flow of oxygen rich blood.

You may be wondering what kind of
Qi Gong he was practicing, and for how long?
Where can you practice to receive and benefit from?

You can find out today by ordering
the Recharging Qi Gong program
and get your Qi moving.
You will tap into the unlimited energy flow.

I wish you the best in your Health,
Wealth and Happiness.

Dr. Wu Dhi

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A Weekend with the Master

August 12th, 2011

Last weekend Stephen flew
in from Toronto for a private
coaching session with me.
A few weeks ago he called and
said he was going through a crisis
in just about every part of his
life and he needed a complete
tune-up physically, mentally and
spiritually. He flew in Friday night
and I picked him up at the Ft. Lauderdale
airport. We had dinner and went over
his program and treatment plan
for the next two days.

Early Saturday morning we started at
6 o’clock on the beach for the Qi Gong
training. This works on all levels
incorporating the Taoist and Buddhist
internal meditations, advanced Qi gong
practices, the internal energy work and
the advanced sexual practices.

After breakfast we took a little break and
later that morning Steve met me at my office.
We went over his blood work, diet and started
the treatments with acupuncture,
Medical Qi Gong, and Neuro-Therapy
which is all the homeopathic and
vitamin injections.

In the private coaching sessions we
work from morning until night. It’s intense
working on all levels at once to get the
maximum amount of growth in the least
amount of time. By the end of the
weekend he reported more energy than
he ever had and I could see and feel the
increase in his energy levels.
The one-on-one sessions are powerful;
there is a lot of information and
knowledge passed along in a very
short time.

The reason I insist on extensive blood
work is because it gives me a scientific
pictures of what’s going on internally.
The energy medicine gives us insight into
meridian health and quality of energy flow
and the Medical Qi Gong gives us a look
into both the spiritual openings, blockages
and where they needs to be addressed.

One formula that I use that is really
helpful is the magic square which allows
the student to set their goals on 9
different levels and balance all the domains.

That evening he came over to my
house so we could catch a bite to eat.
He had a ton of questions on just about
everything he saw, felt and experienced.

Over dinner we reviewed the weekend
and came up with a 3 month plan as
well as a 2 week plan, this way the
changes are made and checked.
This formula is a sure fire way to
revamp your system mentally,
physically and spiritually.

Years ago I was trained by multi
tasking and it proved to make me
the person I am today.

When you multi task, you do
everything at once. I got up in the
morning and started the meditation, right
after the meditation when other students
would go back to their rooms to rest and
get ready for the day, I immediately
started breakfast for 80 people, as I
was one of the chief cooks. When the
students were busy cleaning up for breakfast,
that’s when I was working on 2-3 patients,
and when the teacher started the program,
I was the first one in class and every time
there was a break I had a project to do.
I cut my sleep down to only 3 hours a night
and worked out and meditated in those
hours that most people were sleeping.
When you do this type of intensive and
multi task, you push yourself through
blockages that you may have mentally,
physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
This is a way to promote maximum
growth in the least amount of time.

This is exactly what I pushed Steve
through for those 2 days. If you’ve
got the cojones to make changes in
your life and you want it now,
contact me for a one-on-one coaching session.

I wish you the best in your Health,
Wealth and Happiness

Dr. Wu Dhi

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How to Clear yourself from Toxic Overload

August 9th, 2011

When a person comes into
my office as a patient they
always fill out the usual papers
on their health history.

Then they meet with me and are
usually somewhat caught off balance
by the unusual way of determining
the appropriate treatment. I always
take a look at their tongue, feel the
pulses and ask some important health
questions that help unravel their health
problems that most doctors don’t take
the time to go over.

1. What’s your main symptom, why does it bother you?
2. When was the last time you felt good?
3. Do you have any pain? Where is it and on a scale from 1-10
4. What do you plan to gain from the treatment?
5. Were you breast feed as a child?
6. Do you get colds easily or did you as a child?
7. Did you suffer from allergies or asthma as a child?
8. Have you ever had your tonsils or appendix taken out?
9. Do you have any amalgam fillings or root canals?
10. Have you taken antibiotics?
11. Do you feel tired after eating?
12. Do you have a regular bowel movement?
13. What foods don’t you do well with?
14. How much liquid do you drink per day?
15. What do you fear the most?
16. What do you feel is the cause of your problem?

All of these questions reveal hidden secrets
about your immune system, the function
of your lymphatic system and if your body
is suffering from Toxic over load.

You maybe asking yourself what the heck
is toxic overload?

That’s when we are exposed to chemicals
in pesticides, plastics, cosmetics, cleaning solvents,
and many other common products they build
up to toxic levels in our bodies and break
down our natural defenses against disease.

Let’s say there is a pile of garbage,
parasites, fungus and bacteria that
will come to eat the garbage, this is a
natural occurrence that’s how
organic material is broken down.
Or you can kill the parasite fungus and
bacteria with poisons which will work
for awhile but they will return. But if you
clear the garbage up there is nothing to
eat and the parasites and other things
will not come back. When you eliminated
the source of the problem it’s gone forever.

We start out life with a clean system.
As we age, we are exposed to toxins in
the food we eat, the water we drink and the
air we breathe. Before you know it we have a
toxic over load where diseases begin to develop.

We can kill them with pharmaceutical drugs,
but that’s not a cure and they damage the body trying.
For every action there is a reaction and every
pharmaceutical drug has side effects. If we
detox we can clean out our systems and
keep our immune systems functions running well.

I use many different detox programs to assist the
body in healing and staying healthy.

Some are as simple as a drink that you take for 4 weeks

and some are more extensive like the 2 week program

Detox involves everything from changing your
fillings in your teeth to high colonics. It depends
what symptoms you have and how serious you
are in getting back to optimal health.

I wish you the best in your Health,
Wealth and Happiness

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Don’t Ever Let your Emotions Steal your Power

August 6th, 2011

I had a young woman come in to my office who felt
that she wasn’t getting enough attention.

She felt like nobody was paying any attention to
her at all.
She was mad and hated her life.

I asked her what was going on, and she told me that
the other night she went to the restaurant with her
friends and the waiter would only talk to her girl friend.
He was a young strapping lad and she wanted to be
acknowledged but he gave her no attention.
This invoked the emotion of anger, jealousy,
worry and she felt worthless.

The following day, she was at work and the guy
who washes the cars texted her and asked her
if she wanted her car washed.
She said she wasn’t sure and before she knew it,
he was texting everyone else in the office and asking
them if they wanted their car washed.
This infuriated her again.

Today when I saw her, her energy was down,
she was angry, and literally hated herself and her life.
I asked her, how she felt and she said,
“I feel horrible, nobody is paying any attention to me!”

I told her a story about a friend of mine that owns a
Siamese cat.
Everyday after work, the girl would come home and
pet the cat.
The cat would purr, and rub its body against its master.
One day, the housecleaner came to the house and brought
her child, who was only 8 months old.
The cat became completely jealous and hissed and pissed
on the floor.
That’s exactly what she has been doing.
The same as the jealous cat.

I told her,you are letting situations in your life turn your
power into stress.
It’s time to transform it now and Turn Stress into Power.

This is easy to do once you learn how,
you can transform your stress into energy and
that will give you your power back.

Every time we get upset we lose power and energy.
We all strive to get more power, more energy and
she was letting everyday situations steal all of her power.

“At the time of our death, all we have is the amount of
love we have given and the amount of energy we have stored.”

If you want to learn how to store energy I can teach you.
I took the key points from the best teachers I have studied with
and created a program to put you back in charge of your life.

Things like jealousy, anger, worry, struggle and
blame can be changed overnight.
 You can take charge of your life and get your power back.
The Turn Stress Into Power program will change your life forever.

Get it today and turn your stress into Power.

Don’t let insignificant things in your life steal your power.
Get on the program now, and start practicing today.
Turn Stress into Power:

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and Happiness
Dr. Wu Dhi


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Discover The Nutritional Story in your Blood Test and take charge of your own health

August 4th, 2011

I was having lunch with Nastia
this afternoon and I asked her,
when was the last
time you had a check up and
your blood work done?

She said, “Noting hurts, I sleep fine,
I have a good appetite and I am
regular with my period, why even
check if I’m feeling good.
Is it necessary to get a check up
when I feel just fine?”

You would be surprised how
many people ask me the same thing.
If it’s not broken why fix it?

This may be true in many situations
but not your health.

Our health has
to be attended to all the time with
diet, exercise, hygiene, vitamins,
minerals and proper attitude.
If it’s not, you are looking for big problems.

You can compare your body to a garden.
The garden needs to be watered, and
weeded, you need to maintain the right
pH balance and get the right amount
of sunlight, if you hope to harvest
anything of value.

In our human system we also need
to check things like blood pressure,
proper Ph balance, blood flow, organ
function, as well as checking out the
alternative stuff. It’s a good idea to
have your acupuncturist take a look
at your internal balance.
Although there are many ways to
check, I have found that the most
accrued and scientific way is
through the blood work.

There are different values to
consider when reading blood work;
most doctors use the standard
clinical range. In my opinion
this is a mistake. It is based on
an average of very sick people,
very healthy people, and everyone in between.

The Functional Range, is a more
sensible range as it’s going to be
smaller because the calculations
are designed to eliminate the
extremes on both ends of the gamut.

The key point about the Functional Range
is that it can be used to optimize health
by restoring the sub-healthy ranges
before they turn into dis-ease.

In my office we use the state of the
art analyzing software to design a
clinical nutrition plan to optimize
the total health of the patient.

If your doctor is just focused on
the standard clinical range alone,
diseases like diabetes wouldn’t be
detected until the blood sugar is
above the normal level. That could
be too late and the damage on your
organs could already have started;
even if you don’t have any symptoms.
It is always better to be as natural as
possible, no matter if it’s your diet or
treatment. It’s much better to treat
naturally and assist the body in
healing itself by strengthening
the immune system.

I wish you the best in your Health,
Wealth and Happiness

Dr. Wu Dhi

If you want to discover
the nutritional story in your blood,
schedule an appointment.

You will receive a consultation
and a complete written report.
Call my office and schedule
an appointment today, 305-466-1977
or e-mail me at

Appointments can be scheduled
either in person, by phone or on Skype.
Dr. Wu Dhi

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