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Too much Energy

February 29th, 2012

Whenever we are working with energy,
it’s like working in a lightening storm.
If the energy is directed, it can light up cities
but if it’s not it can fry you up. This morning
I got up early and was out of the house around 6:30 am.

I got to the sight where I was doing the
latest video for the Qi Gong Inner Circle.
The lighting was perfect, the sun was just
getting ready to come out and it was about
74 degrees. I got two videos in the can by
8:30 am. By 9:00 am I was at my favorite
restaurant having breakfast.
A great way to start the day!

I waited until the traffic cleared and headed for
Key Biscayne with my friend Franko.
That’s when he noticed that he lost his wallet.
No ID, no credit cards, no money, and the
energy level in the car increased as if we were
just hit by a bolt of lightening.

For about 5-10 min, he felt that his whole life
had collapsed. We all know that feeling when we
lose something important, when we get in a car
crash or our boyfriend or girlfriend leaves us.
We searched the car, the restaurant, he looked
in all of his pockets and then realized his
identity was temporarily gone.

He wondered, “How will I get back to
Michigan without my ID?”
He called the banks and cancelled the
credit cards and finally settled down a bit
as we continued our trip to Key Biscayne.
I finally got to Key Biscayne about a half
hour later to pick up some sacred
Asian artwork that a dear friend was holding for me.

When I came into the room where the
art was held, I sat down and began doing the
microcosmic orbit meditation, a way of working
with energy on a deep level. I could feel the
emotion swelling up, again like a lightening
storm lighting up my internal channels and
feeling the third surge of energy for the day.
If I didn’t know how to direct energy, and how
to open up the internal channels, I would have
defiantly been over amped and an emotional wreck.
I packed up the art, thanked the people a hundred
times and headed home.

That’s when I got a call from the restaurant.
They found Franko’s wallet!

When you know how to work with energy,
magical things happen!
Things that are lost are found, stresses
disappear, and disappointments vanish.

Every Wednesday night I teach a class
showing students how to work with energy in
order to transform their lives. The ones that
can’t be here join the Qi Gong Inner Circle.
They are the ones that get the inner teachings to
work their spiritual digestive system and
transform their lives, body, mind and spirit.

If you’re ready to make magical things happen,
have disappointments vanish and find where real
energy comes from, become a member of the
Qi Gong Inner Circle today!

I wish you the best in your Health,
Wealth and Happiness

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Wealth Formula

February 27th, 2012

I am back in Miami, busy as a
bee and I’m humming with energy!
Whenever I leave for a long weekend or
an extended trip I know when I return I am
going to be packed.

It has to do with a few things.
Of course patients who missed a treatment
now are jamming into the office, and my email
is full of questions about Qi Gong, health stuff
and what to do to slow down the aging process.
This will keep me moving at double-time for a few long days.

The magical part of traveling for me is the
Feng Shui aspect of it.
In the Chinese Ba Gua lie the internal teachings
of the Magic square. The Lo Shu Square as
it is called is part of the gift from the most ancient
Chinese mathematical geomancy concerned
with the placement of objects in relation to the flow of Qi.

In ancient China the people offered sacrifices
to the God of one of the flooding rivers, to try
to calm his anger. They say that a magical
turtle emerged from the water with the
interested pattern on its shell. The Lo Shu
pattern a series of circular dots and lines
giving a one through nine arrangements.
From this pattern the Emperor was able to
see a formula to divert the raging river and
save the city.

The Lo Shu is connected neurologically with the
trigrams in the Ba Gua. There are nine different
quadrants each one of them has to do with an
aspect of your life. The number six in northwest
direction has to do with travel and people of influence.
When we travel we meet people and when you open
to the spiritual aspects this draws in the energy from
the southeast bringing in fortunate blessings and wealth.

When I go on a journey it’s to see new places,
gather the energy and this last week was no
exception. Our ocean covers 71 % of the earth’s
surface and contains 97 % of the planet’s water.
When traveling on the ocean it’s easy to tune into
the vibrations of the water element, the greatest
energy source on the planet.
If you are ready to take a journey into the world of
Alchemy, Qi Gong, Fung Shui,
Taoist and Tibetan Buddhist meditation join
me in this adventure.


On March 11th the Flying Crane
Qi Gong 6 week class will begin in Miami.
Sign up today and you will learn how to
cultivate your energy, build your spiritual
digestive system and reverse the aging process.

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Captured at Sea by a Teenager

February 20th, 2012

Sunday night my granddaughter flew
into Miami to spend a week with me!
As most of you know, I have 2 boys and
I also have a brother. There are no girls in
the family at all! BUT, next week I have my
very own teenager coming to stay with me.

Let me tell you a little bit about her.

Last Thanksgiving, I flew into Detroit to
see my family. I stopped at Whole Foods and
bought organic everything-Turkey with all of
the trimmings, cranberry sauce, vegetables, salads,
and pies. The food was great but a bit expensive!

We all sat down to have a beautiful dinner
and my teenage granddaughter only ate the
mashed potatoes and the rolls and maybe a little
bit of the dessert. To me, she is a junk food
eater and now she is coming to visit me for a week
in Florida. I was moderately freaking out thinking it
was going to be a week of donuts, candy bars,
fried food and other stuff that I hate buying for anyone!

So I solved the problem by taking a 4
day cruise to the Caribbean!
She can eat whatever she wants, play
with other kids and she only has to unpack one time.

This is going to be great! So with my computer in
hand and a host of meditations and exercises,
I am off to sea this week to do some incredible
meditations in the darkness of the night.

The New Moon is on the 21st of February and it
will be pitch black out at sea.
I’ll be sharing the meditation that I am doing with
the members of the Qi Gong Inner Circle and how
they can use this type of work to build their spiritual
digestive system, ground their energy, and open up
to the darkness of the new moon.

If you’re not a member yet, what are you waiting for?

These teachings are not available to just anyone.
ONLY to the members of the QI Gong Inner circle!

Join today:

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and Happiness

Dr. Wu Dhi

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When you are Smiling, the Whole World Smiles at you!

February 17th, 2012

I was living in the mountains at 8,0945 ft.
The winters were cold and the
terrain was rough.
I always had to drive a 4 wheel truck and
the town was small.
There were only 400 people living in the
entire town.

I left Michigan and moved to Telluride, Colorado
with my family the year before the ski area
opened and long before it became a popular attraction
for skiers from all over the world. Every morning at
around 6’oclock, I would leave the house and walk
down to the bakery shop.

The girl who ran the bakery shop was very beautiful!
Black hair that glistened in the sun and eyes that
looked like two black pearls in the ocean.
She was absolutely stunning!
Except for one thing, she NEVER EVER SMILED!

Pattie always had a frown on her face.
It wasn’t just me who noticed this. Everyone
told her how beautiful she was, but she never smiled.

People don’t realize that a smile comes from inside.
Deep down within our core, we have a muscle
that needs to be exercised all of the time.
It’s our smile muscle. To work the smile muscle,
every day when you get out of bed, you need to start
exercising your smile muscle. Here is the formula to
put a smile on your face every morning. Get a tube of
lipstick, it doesn’t matter the color, but bright red is a good one.
Go into the bathroom and with the
lipstick write on the mirror,
“I look so good, I must be going to a party.”
Every morning when you drag yourself out of bed,
and you walk into the bathroom, the first thing you
are going to read is that quote.
This will definitely put a smile on your face!

In the book, Turn Stress into Power, there is a special
meditation called, “the Smile Meditation.” It will help you
build your smile muscle and after a few weeks, you will be
smiling every day come rain or shine.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and Happiness

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Dr. Wu Dhi’s Longevity Secrets

February 15th, 2012

I was reading the “Baby Boomers guide to Longevity”
and I was impressed on what they had to say about how
you can increase your life span and improve your health.
Here is a summary of what they said about
‘The Time Honored Energy Practice Qi Gong:’

“We know that stress ages us. It tires out and weakens the
immune system. Eventually, chronic stress will start to show
up in our joints and aging skin. This makes Qi Gong, an ancient
energy practice from China, an especially effective Anti-Aging Remedy.”

In China, Qi Gong is the name given to the study, practice, and
cultivation of Qi (chi), which mean’s “Created Energy.”
The word ‘Gong’ comes from GongFu, which refers to energy and time.
Although there are different ways to perform Qi Gong, most practices
involve breathing exercises and a series of carefully choreographed
movements or gestures designed to facilitate the flow of Qi (chi).
A consistent Qi Gong practice has the ability to strengthen physical
power, increase mental alertness, endurance, and promote long life.

As it relates to longevity, Qi Gong is especially important because,
in addition to restoring and moving lost Qi, it also replenishes the
blood. As we age, our blood supplies dwindle and our bodies become dry,
brittle, and less elastic. In both Western and Chinese medicine, it is
our bone marrow that maintains healthy levels of red and white blood cells
– the fluid that protects and nourishes the body. The Qi Gong exercises that
I teach and practice restore the suppleness of this marrow, which in turn
strengthens the brain and enhances our mental capacity.

In addition, medical studies have found that Qi Gong practice reduces
sympathetic activity (the fight -or-flight responses that are activated
under stress) in the central nervous system. At the same time, Qi Gong
increases parasympathetic activity, which is restorative and most active
during periods of rest. Qi Gong is considered a viable therapy for
protecting the heart, lowering blood pressure, and reducing anxiety,
all without the need for drugs!”- Well said.

Personally, I have been practicing and teaching Qi Gong for 35 years and
have a Masters in Medical Qi Gong from the International institute of Medical Qi Gong.
I can say without a doubt that my practices have kept me younger and healthier.
I take no medicine, feel great I haven’t had any operations and my sexual
energy is great! I have to say that all of my organs function well.
My brain and memory are only getting better and I want to share this with you.

Yes, you can avoid dangerous medicine, going under the surgeon’s knife and restore your health.

I have two ways that you can learn this wonderful system. On Sunday
March 11, 2012 at 8:00 AM I will offer you an opportunity to restore
your youth by joining the 6-week Flying Crane Qi Gong class in Miami Beach.
If you’re out of town and can’t make it to Miami, don’t worry I have you covered.
The Flying Crane Qi Gong program has been professionally recorded and edited in an
easy to learn format that you can play on your TV or computer. You will also
receive some great free gifts with your program!

Order your copy today to make your body, mind and spirit look and feel younger!

I wish you the best in your Health,
Wealth and Happiness

Dr. Wu Dhi

Call Anastasia at 305-466-1977
to sign up for the class and receive your free gifts!

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I saw a Mermaid!

February 13th, 2012

I had a meeting this morning
on Key Biscayne which about
45 minutes from my office.
I left after 11:O’ clock in the morning
so there was no traffic at all and I was
on the Island 20 minutes earlier than I thought.

So I stopped near the water to
enjoy the natural setting of the Island
and calm my mind before going to my meeting.

As I peered into the water I was astonished!
I thought I saw a Mermaid! She slowly swam
toward me, as she poked her nose out
of the water I had to laugh! It was a
group of large Manatees!
They originated in the middle Eocene
period around 45 to 50 million years ago.
They are gentle, plant-eating herbivores
sometimes nicknamed “sea cows.”
I understand that, their closest living
relatives are elephants and aardvark.

How cool is that?

This was quite a blessing for many reasons.
Manatees are now quite rare. Perhaps only
2,500 are left in the entire USA. Sailors
would think that they were Mermaids,
I guess by looking at their long tails.
It is said that they have magical
attributes and grant favors.
It’s imposable to tell the age of a
Mermaid for they are immortal and
have healing abilities.

I personally think that by seeing one
of these rare creatures is a sign of good
fortune. I looked up the magical
attributes of Mermaids when I returned
to my office and found that they are strong
protectors and they Represent:
freedom, imagination, and wisdom.

They also help humans find treasures
and grant psychic powers. I knew my
meeting was going to be a success for sure.
I met with a group of marketers whose
soul purpose of their business is to make
peoples’ life better in some way.

As you know I am always wishing you
Health, Wealth and Happiness.
The same is true of the Recharging Qi Gong
exercises I teach.
Can you get both healthier and wealthier while
you workout on the beach?
I certainly think so.
If you don’t yet understand this you need to
examine a little more closely those connections
between your body, mind, and success.
Sometimes it can take thirty or forty years to find
all of the connections and other times it just
takes looking at things another way or trying
something different.
I can recommend no better way to do this than to
start practicing the Recharging Qi Gong every day.
When you understand this, you
will understand how a peaceful
workout can change your own
consciousness from one that repels
success, money, and love to one
that attracts all of these wonderful things.

It may sound a little over the top
but it’s really not.
It’s simple.
Find out how at

I wish you a magical day filled
with Health, Wealth and Happiness

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Who is Watching your Back?

February 10th, 2012

I was at a party the other
night and struck up a conversation
with a group of people about health
and who is watching your back.

We were discussing the article written
in the Health & Wellness section of the
Wall Street Journal:

“What if the doctor is wrong?”

Basically, it was about how many times
patients are misdiagnosed and treated
for the wrong disease.
The article went on to say that as many as
25% of patients who arrive at the major
medical centers with diagnoses for
certain cancers such as lymphoma
may receive a different diagnosis.

Primary-care doctors can misdiagnose common symptoms.
In a study, 202 patients most commonly complained
about abdominal pain, fever, fatigue, shortness of
breath and rash. Incorrect diagnoses included:

•Benign viral infection 17%
•Musculoskeletal pain 10%
•Asthma/Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease 6%
•Benign skin lesion 4%
•Pneumonia 4%

Final correct diagnoses for patients
misdiagnosed initially included:
•Cancer 16%
•Pulmonary embolism 6%
•Coronary artery disease 5%
•Aneurysm 8%
•Appendicitis 6%

The National Jewish Health, a
Denver Medical Center, found in a
study that more than half of patients
who were diagnosed with chronic
obstructive pulmonary disease had
previously been misdiagnosed with asthma,
leading to inappropriate treatments.
Misdiagnoses can come about for various
reasons. Pathologists and radiologists may
misread slides and scans or fail to use the
latest tests or technology.

What to Ask When Seeking
a Second Opinion:

1.Have you reviewed all the materials related to my case?

2.Was the lab test/image/biopsy specimen
adequate to make a firm diagnosis?
Would a repeat test give me more information?

3.Are you certain that this is the disease that I have?
Could there be another explanation for these
symptoms or results?

4.If you agree with the initial diagnosis, can
you confirm or suggest modifications to the first
doctor’s proposed treatment plan?

5.Can you reassure me that we have
explored all the options?

The truth about health is; the more responsibility
you take for your own health the better your chances
are of you living to be 100 in

Every day I see people with a host of
dis-eases, some of it is from mental
imbalances, others suffer from toxic
overload and a bunch of them come into
the office for physical injuries.

There is always more to dis-ease than it
first appears. All Dis-ease has mutable
components to it and most doctors are only
addressing the physical.

I believe that all dis-ease stems from an
imbalance in one of the three bodies.
The ancient Taoist masters recognized
the importance of working on all three
levels of our being, the physical body,
the energy body, and the spiritual body.

The three bodies correspond with the three forces:

1. The Physical body with the Earth
2. The Energy body with the force of Man and Nature.
3. The Spiritual body with the Heaven
(primordial) Yang force

In the human body, we call these
forces the “Three Treasures”

A. Life -Essence/Sexual energy
B. Qi- Life-force
C. Shen -Spirit or consciousness.

All three are important in forming a
vehicle with which we may climb
consciously into the spiritual worlds and,
back into the physical world to be
creatively active here. This vehicle
enables us to learn about the inner worlds
and to return with knowledge and
increased energy. An Immortal Body,
which is developed in the practice of
Internal Alchemy, enables you to establish
a constant link between life and the
after-death state.

To truly heal from any dis-ease all three
bodies must be addressed.
I know patients who have been in
remission from cancer and other diseases
for a few years and then it comes back
like a monster in the night to haunt them.
Why? I believe that the healing of the
dis-ease was only addressed in the physical
body and the other two bodies were never
attended to so the blue print of the disease
was still in tact and sooner or later the
disease showed its ugly head again.

In the Qi Gong Inner Circle I teach
“The Members” the healing techniques
and longevity practices drawn from Taoism,
Tibetan Buddhism, and Alchemy to
transform their lives, how to heal your body,
mind and spirit, the keys to anti aging
medicine and meditations to open up your
third eye, heart and base chakras.

Do you really want to be like so many
elderly men and women who are getting
their hips and knees replaced? Do you
really want to follow the pill-popping trend
that goes along with high-blood pressure,
diabetes, high-cholesterol and the glut of
other problems currently plaguing those
men and women who’ve passed away at
the age of 40?

I definitely hope not.

I think it’s a damn good idea to live 100
years or more in excellent health.

Don’t you?

Order NOW and travel the road of maximum
health and well-being.

May you live to be 100 in PERFECT HEALTH!

I wish you the best in your
Health, Wealth and Happiness

Dr. Wu Dhi

PS. Every Wednesday night at
7:00 pm I teach the members of the
Qi Gong Inner Circle a private
meditation class at my office.
Come by and check it out
18205 Biscayne Blvd. Suite # 2214
Aventura, Florida 33160
Call for more details 786-271-0325

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Unleash your Sexual Power!

February 10th, 2012

Whenever Billy gets close to scoring,
the game is over before it even starts.
Now he stays away from sexual encounters as
he is embarrassed and within minutes of getting
excited he blows his goo. He told me that sometimes
he looses it even before intercourse.

This can happen to anyone, regardless of age.
It affects sex life big time and the overall
satisfaction of the partners as well.
According to western medicine, premature ejaculation
is due to a heightened sensitivity to touch which
results in quick ejaculation and thus sex can’t be
continued for long.

The causes for premature ejaculation can be:
• Emotional aspects
• Stress
• Mental instability
• Depression
• Blood
• Excess Medicines or drugs
• Over drink Alcohol

Most men experience premature ejaculation at
some point in their lives. It becomes a serious
health condition only if it persists over a period of
time and may be a precursor to impotency.
Most cases of premature ejaculation remain
undiagnosed and untreated because of the stigma
associated with this condition. ?? ?

Current evidence supports an average intra-vaginal
ejaculation potential time of six and a half minutes in
18-30 year olds. If it’s below this time, this is
considered premature ejaculation

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) see’s Premature Ejaculation
most commonly caused by a Kidney disorder.

There are many other patterns associated with this disorder
but most commonly have an underlying kidney deficiency.

Kidney deficiency with Liver Qi Stagnation:

Kidney is deficient in general, plus emotional factors
stagnate the Liver, like anger. This can lead to heat which forces
an already weak Ming Men Fire, (“The Door of Life”) It’s located
just beneath the two kidneys, and exactly opposite the navel, and
it is associated with the water element. These people are generally
depressed, have a bitter taste in the mouth, dry throat, and blurred vision.
Chinese Herbal Formula: see your Chinese herbalist

Kidney Yin deficiency with Fire Rising:

Excessive amounts of sexual activity, which leads to
this condition of premature ejaculation.
There are general symptoms of hot feet, night sweats,
red cheeks, mild anxiety, and low back ache.

Kidney Qi deficiency:

This type of premature ejaculation revolves around fatigue.
Although there is also low libido, when this individual can
achieve an erection it will not last long and will experience
premature ejaculation. The body will show signs of poor energy,
low back ache, dribbling urine or frequent urination, urination
at night, weak knees low sex drive and possible sense of cold,
especially the feet.

Fear/Shock injure Kidney:

Premature ejaculation occurring after a traumatic event in ones life.
There is a sudden feeling of fear or fright, which changes the
behavior of the individual. There also may be insomnia, fear of
crowds or similar uneasy feelings.

What can one do to hold on to your goodies:

• The Dear Exercise
• Chinese sexual weight lifting
• Deep thrill exercise
• Sexual male massage
• Sexual enhancement diet
• Sexual Qi Gong exercises

If you want to be all you can be in the bedroom I can
Show you the way on how to stay in the BEDROOM.

Join the members of the Qi gong Inner circle
and get ready to be more than you have ever been

I wish you the best in your Health,
Wealth and Happiness

Dr. Wu Dhi

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If You Really want it You can Get It.

February 2nd, 2012

When I was just 17 years old
I met a girl and I fell head-over-
heals for her. At that time she was
just 15 and I couldn’t wait to take
her out on a date. So I borrowed my
Dads car and headed over to see
her and meet the parents. I guess
it was no surprise when her mother
said she wasn’t going anywhere with a
teenager with a car and raging hormones.
I was disappointed but there was no way
I was giving up.

It turned out that her mother was a Yoga
instructor and taught classes every week.
Although I didn’t have a clue what yoga
was at that time, I went to her classes and
said I loved it and wanted to come to more
classes. It was great! I sat as close to my
sweetie as I could possibility get and rolled,
stretched, bent over and laid with my eyes
closed and my heart beating for the entire class.
After I became a regular Yogie fan her
mother trusted us to go out and pick up
some dessert and bring it back to the family.
At last we had an hour alone.
I drove to the
restaurant as fast as I could go, pick up
the order, park in a dark street and make
out for ½ hour and drive back to her
parents’ house as quick as possible.
That was it! I was hooked on Yoga and
never missed a class. In fact I often
stopped over to ask her mother questions
about the practices and got to spend some
more time with my sweetie.

My entire body mind and spirit was focused
on being at their house and the yoga was
the key to unlocking what I wanted.
Doing a practice has rewards way beyond
our imagination. When I was a youngen it
didn’t matter what the motivation was.
I had a goal and nothing was going to
stand in my way.

That was a long time ago but the lesson
learned still applies today. If you want
something no matter how impossible it
may seem, if you are motivated in body,
mind and spirit- YOU WILL GET IT!
Over the last 40 or 50 years I have studied
many aspects of health, both Eastern and Western.
They include internal and external exercises,
many systems of yoga, meditation, Qi Gong,
Shen Gong and Nei Gong and many longevity
practices you may not be aware of that are
still practiced in Europe today.
These practices involve living life in a
responsible way and living life to its fullest
but integrating the reality of the world you
live in by taking a mindful look around you.
In Buddhism they have a formula to live life
to it’s fullest, it’s called:

The Noble Eightfold Path
1. Right View
2. Right Intention
3. Right Speech
4. Right Action
5. Right Livelihood
6. Right Effort
7. Right Mindfulness
8. Right Concentration

It is a practical guideline to ethical and
mental development with the goal of freeing
the individual from attachments and
delusions; and it finally leads to
understanding the truth about all things.
Great emphasis is put on the practical aspect,
because it is only through practice that one
can attain a higher level of being and
reach Enlightenment.

1. Right View
To see and to understand things as they
really are. Right view is the intellectual aspect
of wisdom. It means to see things through,
to grasp the impermanent and imperfect
nature of worldly objects and ideas, and to
understand the law of karma.

2. Right Intention
The mental energy that controls our actions,
it can be described best as commitment to
ethical and mental self-improvement.

3. Right Speech
Proper conduct is viewed as a guideline to
proper control of your life. The importance
of speech is obvious: words can break or
save lives, make enemies or friends,
start war or create peace.

4. Right Action
Healthy actions lead to sound states of mind.
Again, the principle is explained in terms of
abstinence: right action means

A. To abstain from harming any living being,
especially to abstain from taking life
(including suicide) and doing harm
intentionally or delinquently.

B. To abstain from taking what is not given,
which includes stealing, robbery, fraud,
deceitfulness, and dishonesty.

C. To abstain from sexual misconduct.
Positively formulated, right action means
to act kindly and compassionately, to be
honest, to respect the belongings of others,
and to keep sexual relationships harmless to others.

5. Right Livelihood
Right livelihood means that one should
earn one’s living in a righteous way and
that wealth should be gained legally and peacefully.

6. Right Effort
Without effort, which is in itself an act of
will, nothing can be achieved. Mental
energy is the force behind right effort.
The same type of energy that fuels desire,
envy, aggression, and violence can on the
other side fuel self-discipline, honesty,
benevolence, and kindness.

7. Right Mindfulness
It is the mental ability to see things as
they are, with clear consciousness.
Right mindfulness is anchored in clear
perception and it penetrates impressions
without getting carried away.

8. Right Concentration
Right Concentration on wholesome
thoughts and actions to develop the
right concentration is through the
practice of meditation. The meditating
mind focuses on a selected object, then
sustains concentration, and finally intensifies
concentration step by step.
Through this practice it becomes natural
to apply raised levels of concentration in
everyday situations.

In The Qi Gong Inner Circle –
you CAN get access to me and
teachings, get answers to your
health and spiritual practices
both mentally, physically and
spiritually as well as
encouragement to support
your drive toward a more
successful and healthy living.

I can assure you, as a member
of the Qi Gong Inner Circle,
I will go the extra mile for you.
Addressing the personal and
individual needs you have that
cannot be addressed in a
manuscript or set of CD’s or DVDs.
What you’re getting is an
“interactive experience.”

Believe me, one piece of advice
from me as well as the many
fabulous members already in the
QGIC – can put you on the
FAST TRACK to Anti- Aging,
Longevity and Internal practices
in a New York second.

Get On the Program
today, my friend. You got everything to gain.

I wish you the best in your Health,
Wealth and Happiness

Dr. Wu Dhi

P.S. Make sure you click the
link below to enroll.

P.P.S. We will notify you in
24-72 hours to let you know
your username and password
for the Qi Gong Inner Circle.
Some people, unfortunately,
will not make it in because
they’re too slow to act.
Don’t be one of them.

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What makes you Happy?

February 1st, 2012

What makes you Happy?
Is it your health, relationships,
wealth, power or position?
A group of researchers came up
with a list of 10 of the most important
things in life that create happiness.

I discovered the article in
Reader’s Digest and began to think
a lot of what makes us happy.
Here is what they said:

“Over the last 70 years researchers
have been probing happy and unhappy
people, and they’re finally zeroing in on
the factors that make a difference.
What follows are the top ten. By the
way, the experts think your genes
account for about 50 percent of your
disposition; the other nine factors
make up the rest.”
1. Wealth-
Money can buy a degree
of happiness. But once you can afford
to feed, clothe and house yourself, each
extra dollar makes less and less difference.
Once your basic needs are met, money
only seems to boost happiness if you
have more than your friends,
neighbors and colleagues.

2. Desire-
How much stuff do
you need to feel good? In the 1980s,
political scientist Alex Michalos,
professor emeritus at the University
of Northern British Columbia in Prince George,
asked 18,000 college students in 39
countries to rate their happiness on a
numeric scale. Then he asked them how
close they were to having all they wanted.
He found that the people whose
aspirations — not just for money, but for
friends, family, job, health, the works — soared
furthest beyond what they already had,
tended to be less happy than those who
perceived a smaller gap. Indeed, the size of
the gap predicted happiness about five times
better than income alone.
This “aspiration gap” might explain why
most people fail to get much happier as
their salaries rise. Instead of satisfying
our desires, most of us merely want more.
The good life remained always just out of reach.

3. Intelligence-
Are smart people happier?
Intelligence has no effect. Some researchers
speculate that brighter people could have higher
expectations and thus be dissatisfied with
anything less than the highest achievements.
“Or maybe scoring high on an IQ test — which
means you know a lot of vocabulary and can
rotate things in your mind — doesn’t have
a lot to do with your ability to get along
well with people,” says Ed Diener, a
psychologist at the University of Illinois at
Urbana-Champaign. He speculates that
“social intelligence” could be the real
key to happiness.

4. Genetics-
David Lykken, a behavioral
geneticist and professor emeritus of
psychology at the University of Minnesota,
Minneapolis, believes our feeling of well-being
at any moment is determined half by what is
going on in our lives at that time and half by
a “set point” of happiness, which is up
to 90 percent genetically determined and
to which we eventually return after
dramatic events, our happiness set point is
largely determined by our genes.
They have found that genetic variation
accounted for between 44 and 55 percent
of the difference in happiness levels.
Neither income, marital status, religion
nor education accounted for any more
than about 3 percent.

5. Beauty-
Good-looking people really
are happier. The most attractive faces are
highly symmetrical, and there is evidence
that symmetry reflects good genes and a
healthy immune system. Beautiful people
are happier because they are healthier.

6. Friendship-
family and friends because
of the social support that arises from the
importance of the extended family.

7. Marriage-
Married people are consistently
happier than singletons. Happy people are
more likely to get married and then stay married.
But anyone can improve his or her mood by
getting married. The effect begins about a
year before the “happy day” and lasts for at
least a year afterward.

8. Faith-
Karl Marx was fairly close
to the mark when he described
religion as an opiate for the masses.
Of the dozens of studies that have
looked at religion and happiness,
the vast majority has found a positive link.
They even live longer.

9. Charity-
Several studies have found
a link between happiness and altruistic
behavior. But as with many behavioral
traits, it is not always clear whether
doing good makes you feel good, or
whether happy people are more likely
to be altruistic.

10. Age-
Why are old people happier?
Some scientists suggest older people may
expect life to be harder and learn to live
with it, or they’re more realistic about
their goals, only setting ones that
they know they can achieve. With
time running out, older people have
learned to focus on things that make
them happy and let go of those that don’t.

“When I was 5 years old, my mother always
told me that happiness was the key to life.
When I went to school, they asked me what
I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down
‘happy’. They told me I didn’t understand the
assignment, and I told them they didn’t
understand life.” -John Lennon

Not everyone is born with a sunny
disposition, but experts agree we can
all learn how to bring more meaning
and satisfaction into our lives.

I have spent many years in
perfecting meditations, exercises
and adjusting my diet and mental
outlook to staying healthy and happy.
I practice every day and do what I
say and say what I do. It’s no accident
that I am healthy and happy. I practice
and train to be there and stay
there and so can you.

With My Help It’s Easy to Better
Your Previous Best!
Each day I receive over a hundred
emails from men and women
from all over the world. And
these well-meaning people
want me to reply to them, give
them all sorts of advice on subjects
too numerous to list right now.

Truth is I would LOVE to be able
to answer all of the emails -
So I formed the Qi Gong Inner Circle –
a “Members Only” community
where you CAN get access to me
as well as many other experts who
are happy to answer your health
and fitness questions on longevity
and anti aging, as well as encourage
you and support your drive toward
more successful and healthy living.

If you already have any number
of my best-selling products – I can
assure you, compared to what you
are taught when you’re a member
of the Qi Gong Inner Circle, well,
there’s no comparison. I go a whole
lot further. Guiding. Instructing.
Addressing the personal and individual
needs you have that cannot be
addressed in a book or set of DVDs.
What you’re getting is an “interactive
experience.” That’s FAR different than
quietly reading a book with no
feedback from me.

Believe me, one piece of advice from
me as well as the many fabulous
members already in the QGIC – can
put you on the FAST TRACK to success
in a heartbeat.

So jump aboard, my friend.
You’ve truly got nothing to
lose and everything to gain.

Important: Don’t forget that this
offer expires very soon.
Maybe even later today.
Jump on it NOW!

I wish you the best in your
Health, Wealth and Happiness

Dr. Wu Dhi

P.S. Make sure you click the link
below to enroll.

P.P.S. We will notify you in 24-72
hours to let you know your username
and password for the Qi Gong Inner Circle.
Some people, unfortunately, will not make
it in because they’re too slow to act.
Don’t be one of them.

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