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How to Clean your Spiritual Objects

May 28th, 2012

Whenever I bring something new into
my home or office, if it is going to be
used for healing or spiritual purposes,
I make sure that I take the time to clean
it energetically.

The other day I was at the organic market in
Coconut Grove and there is a guy there that sells crystals,
Shiva lignums, gems and a host of unusual things.
I was eyeing a little Buddha for some time that seemed to
have some extraordinary Qi. Its cast of combination of
different metals seemed to resonate with interesting energy.
So, we cut a deal with the merchant and it’s
now part of my collection.
Before I brought it into my home I made sure it
was cleansed of any negative energy.

Here’s what I did:
Once you have cleaned an object physically, the next step is
to cleanse it of unwanted vibrations and energies that come from
other people handling it in packing, transportation, unpacking and
display before it has actually reached to you. With all the people
at the market touching, holding and looking at this Buddha, it needs
to be cleaned. Objects tend to take on energy indiscriminately and
like wearing someone else’s shoes, you can feel what’s not
the right energy for you.

I like to use a salt-water bath to purify these types of objects.
I live a few short blocks from the Ocean so going down to the
beach and cleaning my spiritual and healing objects is quite
easy for me. Salt is really good for removing negative
energy from most things.

You don’t need to soak the objects very long in salt water.
If it has a good vibe in the first place I’ll hold it in the
Ocean water for just a few minutes or sometimes I’ll bring home
a bucket of water and soak the object for a day or so.
When I do some really, really heavy clearing, I will soak the
objects in salt water for 3-4 days. Usually, an 8-hour bath every
now and then is just fine. If you don’t have access to seawater get
a bowl large enough to hold what you want to purify and fill the bowl
with water to cover it by about 1 inch. Add 1 tablespoon of sea salt.
But if you have genuine seawater, that’s the best!

When you pour off the salt water, do not touch the water or you can
transfer the negative energy back on yourself. Remember to thoroughly
rinse off any salt residue.

I’ve also smudged different objects with sage, sweet grass or
incense to cleanse them. This is especially good for things
that cannot be soaked in salt water.

After it’s clean I’ll put the object in the Sunlight.
It re-charges the ultraviolet light from the sun and
restores the depleted energy.
There are many other methods of cleansing spiritual
and healing objects. Some with water, sounds, light,
earth, color and fire. I share these spiritual teachings
with the members of the Qi Gong Inner circle as well as how
to use the tools methods and internal practices.

If you are seeking these teachings join us at

I wish you the best in your Health,
Wealth and Happiness,

Dr Wu Dhi

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Smells can make your Memory Better

May 23rd, 2012

Some years ago my parents made a special
party for my friends and their parents. It was
my fifth birthday and I can still remember how much
fun it was. I was so excited! I received two special
gifts from my parents that I loved. A new wristwatch
with Roy Rogers picture on it and a big bottle of cologne
that smelled just like the one my dad wore.

After the kids went home the adults stayed to have their
own party and I was able to stay up late for the first time
I could ever remember. But the rule was, “I could be seen
but not heard.” I was bubbling with excitement about my new
gifts and kept asking my mother if I could say something,
I wanted everyone to smell my new cologne and hear my watch tick.
She said, no! Repeating the rule, “Kids are to be seen and not heard”
I wanted to tell everyone about my new presents, but my mother kept
telling me if I wanted to stay up until 10:00 O’clock she didn’t
want to hear a peep out of me. She said, “It’s now the adult’s time.”

Well, I kept bugging her until she agreed that I could say
something about my gifts and then I had to go right to bed.
I announced to everyone in my loudest voice.
“If you hear anything, or smell something, it’s ME!

“Smell is a potent wizard that transports us across
thousands of miles and all the years we have lived.”

– Helen Keller

Sometimes we are so wrapped up in our thinking and
activity that we have lost touch with our senses.
The ol’ factory sense of smelling will bring us quickly
back to a moment in time. Remember the smell of cookies
baking in the oven around Christmas and the smell of the
pine trees? It brings us right back to those childhood memories.

Many of us have lost the scene of sensing as our
memory fades, but it can be recovered. In face You
maybe able to recover some long forgotten memories
if you set an intention to be aware of smells.

Focus on your nose awaken to its sensitivity.
In Chinese medicine the nose is related to the
lungs and large intestine and if unbalanced it
will leave you with the feelings of sadness and grief.
As you smell more consciously, let go of your judgment of the Aromas.

Don’t label smells good or bad; simply experience
them for their individual qualities. Smells can
restore old memories. The positive emotion of the
lungs is valor and courage. When I first stood up before
a large group and started teaching the Recharging Qi Gong
Exercises, I first did my deep breathing exercises to open
up my lungs to bring in the emotion of courage to move forward.
I encourage you to start every morning with deep breathing
like the percussive breathing.
The 36 exercises in the Recharging Qi Gong program will open
up your breathing for good, transform sadness and grief into
Valor and Courage.

“When you start using senses you’ve neglected, your reward
is to see the world with completely fresh eyes.”

-Barbara Sher

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and Happiness

Dr Wu Dhi

You can still get on the program today by
Ordering now:

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How the Solar and Lunar Eclipses Affect You

May 23rd, 2012

‘We are in a remarkable global pattern
for the next few years that can affect all of us.’
This is what some of the finest astrologers
in the world are saying.
Now, practice and staying grounded
is a must to keeping you balanced.

A Solar Eclipse occurred at 7:47 pm
on last Sunday May 20th 2012 and the
Lunar Eclipse will happen on June 4th.
The full moon has triggered an aspect telling
us to pay attention to what is right under our nose.
It is time to look at mental patterns that no longer work.
Pay attention to your habitual thinking and what you
create as the by-product of those thoughts.

Change the way you think about a
condition and the situation will change.
It’s as simple as that!

What you are saying to yourself can change a
habit and it creates the space for something new to happen.

It’s your Self-Talk – which is that
conversation that goes on inside your head,
the running commentary about everything you do.
It never lets anything go by
without some comment, remark or evaluation.

Once you become aware of
this process you can charge yourself
to the positive, successful, powerful
person you want to be. If the your
Self-Talk is not under control, look
out -the automatic reactions you have to
this constant chatter of judgments and
evaluations can keep you feeling stressed
and less able to meet your goals
and challenges of life.
Mind chatter like, “I’m not smart
enough, good enough, something
is wrong with me, I can’t do it,
I never finish anything, and this is too
hard” can rule you if you don’t take charge.

You may have initially formed
these negative ideas about yourself
from things you heard from a parent,
teacher or someone who was an
influence over you. You definitely
don’t need those people to tell you
what to do anymore, even if it’s
just in your head.

These thoughts surface when
you are faced with doing something
that is counter productive to what
your mind thinks you can do.
We may still crave things that are no longer
fulfilling. But now it’s essential to move in a new
direction. It is time to let go of the old mental
chatter and learn something new.
The past is the past — it is time for a healing and release!

We need to communicate what is important to us.
“Put your money where your mouth is”
“The proof is in the pudding” or “There is no free lunch”
may be the mantra for this period.

Start to look at things from outside of the box,
think differently and get on a healthy program.
Learning new things is the big key to the situation.
It is time to listen, learn, practice and ground your energy.
Get the Recharging Qi Gong program and the
Flying Crane Qi Gong program and practice daily.
These will give you the rooting and the grounding
techniques you will need to keep your
balance mentally, physically and spiritually.

The moon blocks the sun

I wish you the best in your Health,
Wealth and Happiness,

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Tired of the BS about Health?

May 21st, 2012

Our medical system is one
of the best in the world when
it comes to critical care.
If you get shot, stabbed or have
a bone crushing accident –
they can but you back together.

But if you get sick, watch out!
Our medical system has a long
way to go in treating disease and
preventive medicine, it is just
about non-existent.
Most chronic and degenerative
illnesses have reached critical
numbers with no cure in site.

Our lack of the right exercise,
poor nutrition, stressed life styles
and poor lifestyle choices are often
at the root of these conditions.

The medical community and
institutional funding focus largely on
surgical and drug-based interventions
and the problems just seem to grow
larger every day.

What can you do if you get sick or
want to prevent getting sick?
The traditional system doesn’t give us
much of a choice.

But don’t worry, there are plenty of
options to take the bull of the medical
community by the horns and get rid of
the bull once and for all.

I am not saying that medicine has
nothing to offer, they have made great
advancements over the years and
every day you hear more and more
of traditional doctors finally looking
into diet, exercise and a less invasive
way of treating.

Personally, I think the entire system
is broken and it’s damn hard to fix
something that is just broken.

If you want to take more
responsibility for your health,
stay young, vibrant, and develop
a strong immune system, you can!
My office has the state-of-the-art
tools for comprehensively evaluating
personal health influences and
delivering authentic solutions in
consumer-friendly fashion.
The personal health influences
we assess shows how the
biomarkers of work, stress, sleep,
dietary and other lifestyle habits
affect your over all health.

Once the information is analyzed
with the most current research
findings and advanced clinical
insights, a program will be
designed for you. That includes
diet, exercise, natural supplication
as well as goal setting and life
style reprogramming.

The result is a highly efficient and
cost effective method of bringing
the healthcare consumer and their
health professional’s attention to
proven health promotion steps.

I am offering a private
coaching program for those of
you who are ready to take
responsibility for your own health.

Private Coaching with Dr. Wu Dhi

I wish you the best in your Health,
Wealth and Happinesss

Dr. Wu Dhi

This is a limited time offer for
the month of May and June!

I am only offering this to
the first 10 people that sign up!

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Natural Face-lift to stay younger looking

May 15th, 2012

Last week the South Florida SunTimes
wrote a one-page article about our office.
Feel Good and Feeling Good about Yourself
They wanted to know how alternative medicine
can help with woman problems, things like
Hormone balancing, headache, PMS, how to have a
safe natural pregnancy; avoid morning sickness
and the things that my woman patients
are always interested in
Getting those extra pounds off and
those age telling wrinkles gone.
If we can lose a few unwanted pounds and
get rid of those wrinkles, and peoples ears perk up.

Every day I get calls from people wanting to reduce
the signs of aging. Some are Baby Boomers from all
walks of life and others are from the modeling
community that live and work in Miami.

Nobody wants to go under the knife, especially to get
rid of a few wrinkles and have their fat sucked out.
Especially if they are still young and we all know that
fillers and Botox can be dangerous.
There is something
about the TOX at the end of Botox that
just does not sound good to me.

When you see a model, you might think that their beauty
is all natural and they are just blessed people.
The truth is, modeling is one of the most challenging
jobs there is and those young woman work hard to keep
everything toned natural and stay young and beautiful.
Not everyone can keep up with the demands and succeed
in this high-pressure profession.

Here are some of the secrets from one of
my students who is one of Miami’s top model

Staying healthy on the inside and outside
demands a healthy diet with No junk food.
Junk food blocks up your intestines, causing
plaque to form in the arteries and age you way
before your years. I give all of my patients the
80/20 diet. Eight percent of the time you eat
fruits and vegetables and lean protein. Green
drinks are a must to staying healthy on the
inside and they will reflect in your skin.
The 20% is for fun foods. A girl gotta have some fun.

Exercise is the best- cardio, yoga and internal
exercises like Qi Gong. This way you cover all the bases.
You get a good sweat, stretch out and get a good
flow of Qi to your internal organs and brain.

Internal Work
Meditation will help to maintain a healthy
attitude towards yourself, establish a routine,
and stay on it. But don’t be too hard on yourself.
If you miss a day– just start again the next day.

Sleep is the key to healing and rejuvenating
your body, mind and spirit. Go to sleep at least
3 nights a week before midnight. That will reset
your internal clock and keep you beautiful and your mind sharp.
That saying about “getting your beauty sleep is for real.

Skin fitness
To be a successful model, you need to maintain healthy skin.
The best way to do this is to keep a beauty routine.
No harsh products and chemicals. Always wash your skin
every night. Remove make-up completely.
If you need moisturizer, only use a small amount.
A natural moisturizer is the best.

Stay Hydrated
One of the easiest things you can do to help
maintain healthy-looking skin is to make a habit
of drinking at least 6 glasses of water a day and
to stay glowing, drink 3 or 4 glasses of fresh
vegetable juice a week or more.

I have been doing The face -Lift acupuncture treatment
on hundreds of men and woman and it’s a real boom to a
working model, both men and women who just want to stay young.

If it’s done once or twice a week with some incredible results.
Its natural, safe and drug free. This proven technique improves
muscle tone of the face and neck while addressing underline
imbalances that can contribute to the aging process.
According to Traditional Chinese medicine a blockage of Energy
in our bodies will affect our cells, tissue muscles and the
organs and the next thing you know, you have wrinkles.
As we get older it becomes a little more difficult for that
energy called Chi in Chinese medicine to flow upwards to lift
the face.

This leads to inadequate muscle tone, and over time,
wrinkles and sagging skin.
A facial rejuvenation using acupuncture tightens pores,
improves muscle tone and dermal contraction, while enhancing
and increasing the elasticity of the skin.
My patients have found the treatments to reduce signs of aging
by strengthening and stimulating the circulation of Qi within
the meridian pathways, especially those of the face.

You will look and feel more energetic, calm, vibrant and healthy.

One of the products that I really like that keep your
intestines healthy and keeps the skin young and healthy is:

Fiber 1-2-3

I wish you the best in your Health,
Wealth and Happiness

Dr Wu Dhi

If you want to schedule an
appointment for a natural face lift, contact Anastasia at

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Motown Opened the Gates of my Ancestors

May 15th, 2012

When you travel, no matter if it’s
to the other side of town or a trip
to ancient lands, there is always a
treasure of knowledge at your
fingertips if you know how to open up to it.

I was brought up in The Midwest, Detroit,
which is my hometown. Even though
I live in Miami I still cheer for the Tigers,
the Lions, Red Wings and the Pistons.
My parents were born there and so were
my ten aunts and uncles as well as 22 first
cousins, even my grandparents were born
here on my mothers side. Our family has
roots in Detroit since the 1800’s.

The purpose of this trip to the homeland
was to visit Mom for Mother’s Day.
I don’t get to these parts a whole a lot,
maybe once or twice a year at most, so
when I do, I make sure I reconnect with my roots.
Hopefully our ancestors have cleared the way for
us and they did what they could to make the path
easier for us to follow, not that we all listen, but if
you do you can unlock treasures of wealth,
health and happiness.

The importance of connecting with our ancestors
and doing the ancestor practices is that they can
make you powerful, successful and happy or haunt
you your entire life.

In Asia these practices are held sacred to all of
the members of the family. They pay great respect
to their parents and to their older brothers and sisters.
When I visited my friend Michelle’s parents home
I noticed that she always made sure that her father
and mother were always greeted first and with the
highest respect. She is the oldest sister and she
gets the same respect from her younger brother
and sister.

It’s said that when you acknowledge
and honor your ancestors, you help
ensure their happiness and well-being
in the afterlife. It is a way of continuing
to show respect toward them, and it
reinforces the unity of family and lineage.
Showing respect to ancestors is an ideology
deeply rooted in Asian society.

It is believed that despite the death of a
loved one, the original relationship remains
intact, and that the deceased possess more
spiritual power than they did during life.
In a sense, the ancestors became thought
of as deities who had the ability to interact
and have an effect on our life.

When I teach my students the Qi Gong practices,
one of the first things that I teach them is rooting and
grounding techniques to keep them
stable, grounded, strong and to stay
connected with your lineage.

I pray and meditate for my ancestors’
continued happiness and that they keep
ascending to a higher place. Connecting
to your ancestors and ancestor practices
go back thousands of years. This is a ritual
that I emphasize to all of my students.
It will build your foundation, and strengthen your practices.

All of us belong to a tribe. Our tribes
today are our friends, family and our community.

When you become a member of the
Qi Gong Inner Circle, you are

joining a Spiritual Tribe, whose focus is
Health, Spiritual Growth and

Longevity. I personally invite you to
join me and the other members of

Our Tribe and reconnect with your
internal spirit.

I wish you the best in your Health,

Wealth and Happiness

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Summer Suffering Gone Forever

May 15th, 2012

It’s just about summer in South Florida
again as the temperature and humidity hits the 90’s.
This is the time of the year when my office fills up
with patients suffering from migraines, headaches,
cramps, pain in the lower abdomen, dizziness and
low back pain.

The culprit is heat and humidity. Every day I
hear from people complaining about THE HEAT, they
have excess thirst, their face gets red and so do their
eyes and irritability is a nice word for what I hear.
In general, people are restless and not having fun.
If you’re a woman combine that with your once a month
cycle and all hell can break lose.

Heat is Yang or male in nature and tends to injure the
blood and Yin is the female aspect. Heat dries things out,
makes your internal organs wither and atrophied. Too much
heat in your body will appear as wrinkles on your face and
your skin will start to dry out and look old.

But all of this can be reversed or at least slowed down
naturally, some with homeopathic, herbal medicine or a
relaxing natural treatment.

Hear are a few things you can do to beat the summer heat
and cool everything down:

1.Stay well hydrated. Drink at least 6 glasses
of water a day. Skip the drinks with carbonation-
they will throw your PH off and will bring you
more age related problems

2.Increase your Vitamin C

3.Tea is better for you in the
summer than coffee, I find jasmine tea quite
cooling and calming as well.

4.Believe it or not that summer Bar-B-Q can
make you look older than you really are, it
puts too much heat in the body.

6.Summer heat combined with too much cold food
weakens the digestive organs. Coldness causes
contraction; it holds in sweat and heat, and
interferes with digestion. Avoid iced drinks
and ice cream.

In my office I treat people where the root of
the problem begins and together we can retain
our youth longer and stay healthy.

I wish you the best in your Health,
Wealth and Happiness

Dr Wu Dhi

PS Pick up a copy of turn Stress Into Power and
end your stresses now

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Why I am YOUNG

May 11th, 2012

Yes it’s true,
I am in my sixties and still YOUNG and I have a face with
virtually zero wrinkles. I have 3 full time businesses and exercise daily.
Most of the women I go out with are twenty or thirty years younger than
me and they think I am in my forties’ or fifties. I know what they see and feel.

It’s the amount of energy I have– that’s why I feel young.
I train and practice daily when I move through these Eastern exercises;
in essence I take an iron to a wrinkled shirt and smooth out all of the creases
on my face and neck, strengthen my core and build my sexual energy.
My training program has a wonderful course designed to recharge the
internal organs from the inside out, including the skin, leaving you with a
healthier younger –you.

Recharging Qi Gong

After all, most people do NOT want to grow old and saggy.
They exercise to try and stay young and live longer.
Two of the
many benefits you receive when you invest in this course
are #1 more energy & #2 a better sex life.
There are many more benefits but you’ll have to get
the program to experience them.
How many bazillions of dollars has Cher and the rest of
Hollywood paid out to high priced plastic surgeons to stay young and vibrant.

It’s astronomical.
My premier course is a mere pittance in comparison.
And without ALL the underlying emotional baggage that
comes anytime you cut into the skin of your body.

And let’s say you are in your 40s or 50s and
you begin today on Dr. Wu’s course. How many years
can you take off by starting now as apposed to two years from now?
That number is up to you. Maybe you might hear from people that you
look 20 years younger than the last time they saw you.
That would be nice. Wouldn’t it? It’s possible and it happens all of
the time to people who make the intention to grow younger.
Be sure to jump at his current offer now as I am just looking out for you.

I wish you the best in your Health,
Wealth and Happiness

Dr Wu Dhi

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Being Cheap can cost you Big Bucks

May 8th, 2012

We all love a good deal, but going cheap
at the expense of your health, is just plain stupid.

The old saying penny wise and pound-foolish has
more truth in it than you could imagine.

Here are 6 of the most penny-pinching
things that you should never do.

1. Eating Fast food for the most part
may seem cheap in the moment but in
the long run you will just be mounting up big
health bills later. Digestive problems, ulcers,
blocked arties are just a few of the things that can
go wrong by eating the wrong foods.

“Cheap people care about the cost of something;
frugal people care about the value of something.”

2. Avoid seeing your dentists for
years can cost you your teeth, gum problems
bad breath and even heart problems.
You may think you are saving money or don’t
have the money but take care of your
teeth they will soon be gone.

3. White bread should
be avoided like the plague.

The whiter the bread,
the quicker you’re dead!” – old saying.

White bread is a main stay of most people’s diets.
Believe it or not, eating white bread is bad for you!
If you want to improve your health, lose some weight
and avoid the possibility of ending up with all types of
diabetes, then white bread will have to go.

4. Freezing to death during the winter to keep the
thermostat low is just a bad idea. Although you may be
saving on the front end, your body has to work hard to
generate enough heat to keep you alert and healthy.
If you are alert you can come up with more creative
ideas and balance out your income.

5. Neglecting the basic maintenance needed on your
home and car will only end up costing you more money
down the road. House upkeep, such as changing furnace
filters, cleaning out the chimney, cleaning out the gutter,
even keeping up with landscaping, is not something you
should neglect. Neither is changing the oil and checking the
fluids on your car. Lack of maintenance inevitably leads to something
big breaking and that will cost you a lot more to repair than it would
have cost to make small, ongoing investments in regular maintenance.

6. Your retirement fund needs the years it has until your
retirement to build, and when you take it out early, you’re
costing yourself a huge amount that you’ll definitely wish you
had later. Solve your urgent problems with a little creativity.

• Pick up a side job or do some freelance work.
To make cash in today’s world you have to be more creative than ever.
I have my medical practice, my Internet business and teach classes and
I am always keeping my eyes open to new opportunities.
Always keep your finger in the pie and you’ll be happier, and wealthier.

• Sell some of your belongings that you don’t need.

• Stop (or cut down on) eating out and buying coffee or soda.

• Look for ways to cut costs in your regular expenses,
such as dropping/reducing your cable and cell phone plans.
But don’t cheat yourself out of retirement money!

Don’t be cheap especially with yourself and family.
Look for ways to be more creative and bring more health into your life.
I have known people who never do anything about their
health until it’s far too late, they are the type that think they
are saving or that they don’t have enough to take care of their
health so they wait and wait and then they freak out when they
are sick and say they will pay anything to get their health back
and it’s usually too late. Yet they never did a damn thing to stay healthy.

Don’t let this happen to you.
Start taking all unhealthy foods out of your diet.
Start loving your self.
Get on a regular exercise program and Stay well hydrated.

These are a few of the keys to Health, Wealth and Happiness
Don’t be cheap with the things in life that really pay.

Get the anti stress solution today and add more value into your life!

I wish you the best in your Health,
Wealth and Happiness

Dr Wu Dhi

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Boost your Immune System Naturally

May 7th, 2012

It has been raining and raining and
raining in South Florida all week!
The weather has been unusually cool for this
time of the year and every day we are getting
strong winds. In Chinese medicine, one of the most
dangerous and illness producing culprits is the wind.
Wind diseases are colds, stiff necks and sore achy backs.

Wind is Yang in nature and tends to injure the
blood and Yin. Wind is often the vehicle through
which other climatic factors invade our bodies.

A wind disease mimics the action of the wind
itself in nature; it arises quickly and changes
rapidly. It moves swiftly, blows and sways the
tops of the trees. There is a saying that captures
the characteristics of the wind.
“Sudden rigidity is due to the wind.”

This refers to the clinical manifestations resulting
from both internal and external wind. An internal
wind disease can cause a paralysis like a stroke
and an external wind can cause facial paralysis
or simply a stiff neck.

The main manifestations of wind disease are:
Its onset is rapid
It causes rapid changes in symptoms and signs
It will move from one side of the body to the other.
It causes tremors and convulsions as well as stiffness and paralysis
It affects the top part of the body
It usually affects the lungs first
It affects the skin and causes itching

People come into my office all of the time with chills,
shivers, and they can’t stand being in the cold.
Their circulation is impaired. All of these are
considered wind diseases. It is like going into a
restaurant and the air conditioner is blowing on your back,
you immediately want to move tables because it affects the lungs.
The next thing we know is we are sneezing and
coughing and end up with a runny nose and mucus.

If a person has a strong constitution, their Whei Qi or
defensive Qi is strong and the wind will not enter the
pores but if a person has a relatively weak constitution,
they end up with a head cold, cough and runny nose overnight.

One of the doctors in the office has a young woman
who works for him and burns the candle at both ends.
She starts early in the morning, works till seven and
then goes to her second job as a cocktail waitress from
8 till 4 in the morning. When she is not working she
parties hardy! Her immune system is shot!
And she is only in her twenties. If anyone ever
gets sick in my office, no matter what it is, they
always see me first! She said, “Dr. Wu, I have a
sore throat, stiff muscles, I think I am catching
a cold, can you help me??”

I asked her what she has been doing and she
said that she went for a walk and got chilled from
the strong prevailing winds. I immediately opened
up the blockages to clear exterior wind invasion and
put her on a remarkable product that seems to work
for everyone when it comes to colds, flu’s, runny nose,
achy stiff body, and cough. It is called Vira-Qi!

These amazing little pills combine medicine form
Chinese medicine, aravetic medicine (Hindu medicine)
and Western herbs. I find this combination to be one of
the most powerful immune builders that prevent and
irradiate wind invasions (the common cold, flu’s and coughs).
She took 6 pills for only 2 days and to her amazement she
was back to her old tricks. Now I am hoping that in the future,
she pays attention to her health but in the meanwhile,
Dr. Wu is keeping her healthy and strong!

I wish you the best in your Health,
Wealth and Happiness

Dr. Wu Dhi

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