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Has the ‘SANDMAN’ been passing you by?

August 31st, 2012

I have patients complaining that they can’t get a
goodnight sleep, and when that happens their body
just can’t recover from the stresses of life.
More than 50 % of Americans have trouble sleeping
at night.

Insomnia is such a huge problem that even the
famous Hollywood celebs like Elvis and
Michael Jackson who are
now pushing-updaisies died trying to
get a good nights sleep.

Our Sleep is a natural part of life. Our bodies
regulate sleep in much the same way that they
regulate eating, drinking, and breathing. Sleep
serves a critical role in our health and
well-being – but the drug companies don’t want you
to know that. They’d rather have you hooked on
sleeping pills for life. And they want you to believe
that their pills are a norm to
getting a good night’s sleep.

I have a friend who thought taking sleeping pills
was normal too until they almost killed him, too.

Then he discovered the secret to a sound sleep -
and his life changed for ever.

No more drugs. No more sleepless nights and his
stress seemed to just melt away.

He now sleeps through the night with ease, no
matter where he is
and he can show you the same method he uses.

Watch his video now and get rid of sleepless nights

Discover how to get a good
night’s sleep, every night, on command.

I Wish you the Best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

P.S. By the way, stress and obesity is directly linked
Sleepless nights can make you fat.
The better you sleep the more fat you burn.

Check out his program is great

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Once in a Blue Moon

August 29th, 2012

I was looking at the calendar in my office and I
realized that this Friday August 31st is a Blue

How Auspicious!

There is only one real way you can harness the
power of the Blue Moon.
And no, it’s not Taoist yoga or a Tibetan ritual.
It comes from you – and when it does it can change
your life.
You see, “Once in a Blue Moon” is a common way of
saying not very often, but what exactly is a Blue

The average interval between Full Moons is about
29.5 days, and the length of an average month is
roughly 30.5 days. This makes it very unlikely
that any given month will contain two Full Moons,
though it does sometimes happen.
On average, there will be 41 months that have two
Full Moons in every century, so you could say that
once in a Blue Moon actually means once every
two-and-a-half years.

The calendar that we use to measure the days and
the nights is very special to us when we realize
that we measure our lives by the calendar as well.
How many natural events do you know of that happen
once every couple of years?
How many Blue Moons have you seen in your

How many more have you got?
Where will you be in your personal health,
vitality, and happiness at the time the next Blue
Moon rolls around?

Start something new this Blue Moon and stick with
it. Not for a month, or a year, but stick with it
for a full Blue Moon and I’m sure the Blue Moon
will never be the same for you again.
The next full moon will be on the 31st of August
and this will be a Blue Moon, that’s this Friday!

This full moon is highly auspicious
a time to make some changes in your life
and stick to the program for at least the next
blue moon in 2.5 years . Start a program today and
stay with it,
The Recharging Qi Gong Program will change your life it
you practice it. Get a copy today
Go there now, open your wallet, pull out that
little piece of plastic, type in the numbers, take
a deep breath and visualize how healthy and vital
you want to be two and a half years from now, and
click the “submit” button.

Laugh if you must, that makes you younger too, but
the power of the Blue Moon will instantly start
streaming your way immediately.

Not because I said so, but because you say so.
By making this Blue Moon special, every Blue Moon
will be a special reminder that we have to
practice and play every day to live a long and
healthy life.

Check out everything I’ve put in it here in a Blue Moon

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The 9 Poisons that Can Shorten your Life

August 27th, 2012

I always told my students It’s Not Bad Dying
but getting sick is the pits. To keep yourself
healthy there are some things that you really want
to avoid.

1. Stress– it can kill you
Stress will take its toil on you and may actually
shorten your life if you don’t know how to use it.

2. Smoking
Tobacco use remains the most preventable cause of
death. Smoking can rob you of 10 years of life
and if you get cancer or lung disease you will
find out what I meant by the pits.
But your body can bounce back sooner than you
would imagine. In fact blood pressure and
circulation improves the quickest after quitting,
and your can significantly reduce the risk of

3. Stop eating processed foods
When I was a child my grandmother seemed to always
be in the kitchen and so was my mother. They
canned fresh fruit, made jelly, put up tomatoes,
pickles, peppers and relishes. Over the last 30 or
40 years there has been a shift to consuming more
processed foods by large multinational
corporations along with processing comes an
increase in added sodium, more saturated fat, more
sugar, and less fiber. The result? More,
cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes.

4. Sitting on your butt
Exercise, Exercise and more exercise. The more you
use your car the quicker it will ware out, but the
body is different. “Use it or loose it!” when we
exercise just 30 minutes a day five or more times
per week, you can extend your life by years.
Studies show that just 15 minutes a day can
increase your life span by another three years. So
get on your bike, roller blades, go to the gym,
take a walk and do something physical daily.

5. Anger
Anger can cost you years off your life. Levels of
stress hormone go up when you’re stressed or
angry, and cause havoc on your heart, metabolism,
and immune system. High cortisol has been
associated with greater mortality in a number of

6. Being a Hermit
Meet, Greet, visit friends and go out to eat!
Being social is a great longevity booster, it
boost your immune system, keeps you strong, while
being a hermit can be boring and put you in a
negative frame of mind and at risk of depression
and even heart attacks.

7. Letting Fear scare you to death
Fear can make your entire body contract causing
kidney problems, heart trouble and more. Chinese
medicine tells us that the opposite of fear is
gentleness. Exercises like yoga Tai chi and Qi
Gong can change your headspace bring more
gentleness into your life and keep you alive

8. Not sleeping
A good nights sleep can be worth Big bucks.
Getting a good night sleep can affect your
lifespan, not getting sufficient sleep or
disturbed sleep can effect your heart, cause
stress, depression, and heart disease.
Relaxing music and Meditation exercises can set
the stage for a good night’s sleep.

9. Good genes doesn’t always equal a long life

Work on health, avoid the 9 poisons

Having parents and grandparents who live into
their nineties and beyond is a blessing but it’s
only a third of the longevity secret.
Environmental and lifestyle, your diet and
exercise plus whether you’re exposed to toxins or
not and how much stress you experience play a big
roll in your longevity or lack of it. Also
relationships also play a huge role in how fast
you age and how long you might live.

Staying healthy is as changeling as you get older
and if you are still doing any of the 9 no, no ,
it’s time to wake up and start working on self
cultivation! You can change your health picture
around in no time at all and enjoy a quality life.
I have spent much of my life helping people turn
their health around for the better.

It’s a blessing to be healthy but you must work at

Health is a privilege!

If you are ready for a great life contact me and
I’ll give you a free consultation to make your
life better.

305-407-0120 Office

Private Coaching

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Don’t let the blue bird of happiness poop on your head

August 24th, 2012

I have been in contact with an old Dharma buddy
for years. We followed the same Master and as
Dedicated Practitioners’ we were involved in
Programs designed for serious practitioners of
Meditation to expand the understanding of the
dharma and intensify their practice.
As life goes on people make choices and then have
to live by the choices they make. I decided to
keep teaching and practicing and my buddy didn’t
make the same choices. It was two weeks ago when I
received a call asking for help. She said, with a
trembling voice, “I am lost, un-centered and have
no direction what should I do?” She was tormenting
herself with past regret and was not following any
common sense at all or the teachings she received
from the Master.

I asked her if she remembered the teaching from
the Magic Square?
Yes, you sent me a copy of your workshop and the
notes a few years ago. In fact I have it on my

We went over the 9 different categories together
for more than an hour and I suggested she takes
the time to write out exactly what she wants in
each of the categories. Then make a poster board
with pictures on it for each part of her life.
This way every time she looks at the poster her
mind and subconscious mind will be reprogrammed.
She thanked me and we said goodbye.

I haven’t heard from her for a few weeks, but last
night she called again and asked if I knew anybody
who could do soul retrieval for her? I suggested a
few teachers but she had excuses why one or the
other wouldn’t work for her.

Then I asked; Did you finish the Magic Square?

She didn’t!

Did you start it?

She didn’t!

So I shared this story little with her.
A man caught a bird, and the bird said to him,
“Release me, and I will give you three valuable
pieces of advice. I will give you the first when
you let me go, the second when I fly up to that
branch and the third when I fly up to the top of
the tree.”

The man agreed, and let the bird go. The bird
said, “Do not torment yourself with excessive
regret for mistakes.”
The bird then flew up to a branch and said, “Do
not believe anything that goes against common
sense, unless you have firsthand proof.”
And then the bird flew up to the top of the tree
and said, “You fool. I have two huge jewels inside
of me, and if you had killed me instead of letting
me go, you would have had them.”
“Darn it!” the man said. “How can I have been so
stupid? I am never going to get over this. Bird,
can you at least give the third piece of advice as
a consolation?”

The bird replied, “I have been hoaxing you. And
now you are asking for more advice, yet you have
already disregarded the first two pieces of advice
I gave you. I told you not to torment yourself
with excessive regret for mistakes, and I told you
not to believe things that go against common sense
unless there is some kind of firsthand proof. And
yet, you just tormented yourself with excessive
regret for letting me go, and you also believed
that somehow there are two jewels inside of a tiny
bird like me! So here is your third piece of
advice: ‘if you are not using what you know why
are you so intent on seeking what you do not

Sometimes we all get lost, un-centered, not
knowing what the next move will be like. You can
take the Bull by the Horns and get that BULL out
of your life if you have a formula. The teachings
in the Magic Square workshop have the formulas
that date back thousands of years. They have
worked for hundreds of thousands of people. They
are woven into the teachings of the Tao and the
ones who follow the teachings succeed in what they
want in life. I use it in my life and share it
with patients and students to bring them back to
balance in life no mater how bleak it may seem at

If you are ready to make the changes necessary to
make your life better order the Magic Square
program now! But if it’s going to sit on your
bookshelf and you are going to wrestle with your
Bull for a few more weeks, months or years wait…

When you are ready Order the Magic Square program:

Let your life begin now.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr Wu Dhi

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The Story of Fire

August 24th, 2012

Once upon a time a man was contemplating the ways
in which nature operates and he discovered,
because of his concentration and application, how
fire could be made.

This man was called Nour.
He decided to travel from one community to
another, showing people his discovery.

Nour passed the secret to many groups of people.
Some took advantage of the knowledge. Others
drove him away, thinking that he must be
dangerous, before they had time to understand how
valuable the discovery could be to them. Finally
a tribe before which he demonstrated became so
panic stricken that they set about and killed him,
being convinced that he was a demon.

Centuries passed. The first tribe that had
learned about fire reserved the secret for their
priests, who remained in affluence and power while
the people froze.

The second tribe forgot the art and worshiped
instead the instruments. The third worshiped a
likeness of Nour himself, because it was he who
taught them.

The forth retained the story of the making of fire
in their legends; some believed them, some did
The fifth community really did use fire, and this
enabled them to be warmed, to cook their food, and
to manufacture all kinds of useful articles.

After many, many years, a wise man and a small
band of his disciples were traveling through the
lands of these tribes. The disciples were amazed
at the variety of rituals which they encountered;
and one and all said to their teacher; ”But all of
these procedures are in fact related to the making
of fire, nothing else. We should reform these
The teacher said: “Very well then. We shall
restart or journey. By the end of it, those who
survive will know the real problems and how to
approach them.”

When they reached the first tribe, the band was
hospitably received. The priests invited the
travelers to attend their religious ceremony, the
making of fire. When it was over, and the tribe
was in a state of excitement at the event that
they had witnessed, the master said: “Does anyone
wish to speak?”
The first disciple said: “In the cause of Truth I
feel myself constrained to say something to these
“If you will do so at your own risk you may do
so,” said the master.
Now the disciple stepped forward in the presence
of the tribal chief and his priests and said: “I
can perform the miracle which you take to be a
special manifestation of deity. If I do so, will
you accept that you have been in error for so many
But the priests cried: “Seize him!” so the man
was taken away and was never seen again.

The travelers went to the next territory where the
second tribe was worshiping the instruments of
fire making. Again a disciple volunteered to try
to bring reason to the community.

With the permission of the master, he said: “I beg
permission to speak to you as reasonable people.
You are worshiping the means whereby something may
be done, not even the thing itself. Thus you are
suspending the advent of its usefulness. I know
the reality that lies at the basis of this

This tribe was composed of more reasonable people.
But they said to the disciple: “You are welcome
as a traveler and a stranger in our midst. But,
as a stranger, foreign to our history and customs,
you cannot understand what we are doing. You make
a mistake. Perhaps, even, you are trying to take
away or alter our religion. We therefore decline
to listen to you.”

The travelers moved on. When they arrived in the
land of the third tribe, they found before every
dwelling an idol representing Nour, the original
fire-maker. The third disciple addressed the
chiefs of the tribe: “This idol represents a man,
who represents a capacity, which can be used.”

“That may be so,” answered the Nour worshipers,
“but the penetration of the real secret is only
for the few.”
“It is only for the few who will understand, not
for those who refuse to face certain facts” said
the third disciple.
“This is rank heresy, and from a man who does not
even speak our language correctly, and is not a
priest ordained in our faith.” muttered the
priests. And he could make no headway.

The band continued their journey, and arrived in
the land of the fourth tribe. Now a forth
disciple stepped forward in the assembly of the
people. “The story of making fire is true, and I
know how it may be done,” he said.

Confusion broke out within the tribe, which split
into various factions.
Some said: “This may be true, and if it is we
want to find out how to make fire.”

When these people was examined by the master and
his followers, however, it was found that most of
them were anxious to use fire-making for personal
advantage, and did not realize that it was
something for human progress. So deep had the
distorted legends penetrated into the minds of
most people that those who thought they might in
fact represent truth were often unbalanced ones
who could not have made fire, even if they had
been shown how.
There was another faction, who said: “Of course
the legends are not true. This man is just trying
to fool us, to make a place for himself here.”

And a further faction said: “We prefer the
legends as they are, for they are the very mortar
of our cohesion. If we abandon them, and we find
that this new interpretation is useless, what will
become of our community then?”

And there were other points of view as well.

So the party traveled on until they reached the
lands of the fifth community, where fire making
was a commonplace, and where other preoccupations
faced them.
The master said to his disciples:
“You have to learn how to teach, for man does not
want to be taught. First of all, you will have to
teach people how to learn. And before that you
will have to teach them that there is still
something to be learned. They imagine that they
are ready to learn. But they want to learn what
they imagine to be learned, not what they have
first to learn. When you have learned all this
then you can devise the way to teach. Knowledge
without special capacity to teach is not the same
as knowledge and capacity.”

Learning to learn takes special skills and a
certin openness. The Lama on the Mountain often
talked about the six willingness’s of learning to

1. Willingness to Learn
2. Willingness to Change
3. Willingness to Ask
4. Willingness to Listen
5. Willingness to Act
6. Willingness to Reflect on the Results of

As we open and ask inside to learn the lessons
that we need to learn in this life time the
universe will support you.

The key is in the asking.
The different stories that I share with you are
all about learning, opening and discovering more
about yourself.

When I first started practicing Qi Gong I
discovered a new way of learning.

My body first learned the movements, then my mind
opened to new possibilities and then the true
magic happened! My spirit or soul began to change.

Life became easier; things that bothered me in the
past seemed to vanish. My stresses disappeared and
I was different person. Stronger, softer in
nature, more flexible in body and mind and what
happened? Spirit opened.

The reason I practice and encourage you to
practice is I know that if you do you will without
a doubt open and your life will keep getting
better. Start with the Recharging Qi Gong
exercises or the Flying Crane Qi Gong

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Is it better to be where you are or where you want to be?

August 22nd, 2012

Two friends encountered each other traveling in
opposite directions on a street.
They each asked where the other was going. One
said, “To see a woman,” and the other said, “To a
religious gathering.”

The first friend said to the other, “Why are you
going to go see that woman. Come to the religion
gathering—there will be a preacher, singing,
dancing, storytelling, and more.”
The other replied, “You should come with me. I can
hook you up with my woman’s sister—she is really

They both presented their cases, but both friends
decided to go their originally planned way.

When the first friend went to the , he was preoccupied thinking about what
a good time his friend must be having with his
woman, and he regretted his decision to come to
the religious gathering.
And while the second friend was with his woman, he
was preoccupied thinking of how his friend was
having fun at the religious gathering and doing a
good deed, and he regretted not going with him.

What is better for you? Getting the Recharging Qi
Gong program and practicing everyday or getting
the Recharging Qi Gong program and not practicing
at all?
I believe you would be better off practicing every
day and making your life better and feeling more
in charge of everything you do.

Why? Because you will be more decisive, more
grounded and your decision making skills will be

Order it now

I wish you the Best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Meet-Up or Not

August 17th, 2012

I learned about Meet up a few months ago and felt
that it had a lot of merit so I joined. Meetup is
the world’s largest network of local groups. More
than 9,000 groups get together in local
communities each day, each one with the goal of
improving themselves or their communities.
Our group meets up once a month, there are 15
people in this one and we are sharing information
on a host of subjects. After going to the group
for the last three months and enjoying the
networking and sharing of ideas, I talked to a few
healers and holistic doctors in the area and
decided to host a group.

The focus will be Health care, stress reduction,
Mediation, longevity practices and anti-aging.
(Not sickness care) the group will meet the last
Wednesday of the month for a few hours and share
alternative techniques to stay healthy and avoid
illness. Meetup’s mission is to revitalize local
community and help people around the world to
self-organize. Meetup believes that people can
change their personal world, or the whole world,
by organizing themselves into groups that are
powerful enough to make a difference.

Click on the website and signup!

If you want to learn some interesting stuff about
your inner self, how to heal yourself and your
family, this meet-up will be a fun and a great
learning experience for all of us.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr Wu Dhi

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Take a Blessing whenever you can get it!

August 15th, 2012

I was living in Caracas, Venezuela in 1989 in Las
Mercedes, an area filled with little shops, nice
hotels, restaurants and great art galleries.

I lived just a few blocks for the Church of
and had to pass it every time I left the
house. It was in the middle of the week on a
special day for me; it was my birthday December

I was up early and hiked up the Avila, the
mountain that separates Caracas from the sea with
a few students. We were back in the city by noon
and as I was walking home I noticed a long line
going around the block at the church.

I imagined it was some kind of blessing, maybe
they were splashing people with Holy water or a
high priest was there giving special blessings.
Why else would there be such a large group? So I
got in line, hoping to get a Birthday blessing of
some kind.

I really didn’t know what to expect and I didn’t
speak much Spanish at the time so I couldn’t ask
but with a few friendly hola’s and a big smile on
my face I moved along in the line. I think it took
a few hours by the time I got the actual blessing
part. Someone gave me a little water and a little
cookie and that was it.

I was finally on my way home it was well after 3
O’clock by the time I got there.

When I walked into the living room, my girlfriend
was furious and wanted to know where I was. I told
her I was at the church for some kind of blessing.
She asked me, what kind of blessing did you get? I
said, how would I know, it was all in Spanish. I
think it was a birthday blessing. She asked me
what they did and I told her of the long line and
the water and cookie blessing.

She screeched, “Are you kidding me? You took
That’s when I made the Lady of Guadalupe, my
patron saint. We share the same birthday.
She is the Saint that you see in Mexico. The story
goes like this:

At the beginning of December, a poor Indian named
Juan Diego left his house one Saturday morning to attend
divine service.
On the way, as he passed the hill of Tepeyacac
(“Hill of the Nose,”)
He was startled by a song coming from the summit.
The sweet, tender singing surpassed the trilling
of the most
exquisite birds.

Juan Diego stopped, entranced, and mused, “Is it
my luck to be worthy to hear such music? Is it a dream perhaps?
Did I get up from my bed? Where am I? In Paradise,
in heaven perhaps? I don’t know.”

The singing ceased and a heavenly sweet voice
called him from
the hill-top, “Juan, my little one, Juan Diego.”
Filled with joy, Juan Diego was
not at all frightened, but climbed the hill in
search of the mysterious voice.
When he reached the top, he saw a lady who bade
him approach.

It was a wonderful lady of superhuman beauty. Her
raiment shone like the sun; the rock on which she set her foot
seemed to be hewn from precious stones and the ground red like
the rainbow.

The grass, the trees and the bushes were like
emeralds; the
foliage, fine turquoise; and the branches flashed
like gold. Juan Diego bowed before her and the lady spoke:
“Juan, my little
one, the humblest of my children, where goest

“My lady, my child, I go to listen to such divine
matters as our
priests teach us,” he replied.
“I am,” said the wonderful Lady, “the Holy Mary,
the eternal Virgin, Mother of the true God. I wish a shrine to
be built here to show my love to you. I am your merciful mother,
thine, and all the dwellers of this earth. To bring to pass what I
bid thee and so a Temple was built.

In our lives sometimes we are called to a place to
do something because we have to. We end up in
a place where we could receive something special like a
teaching or a blessing. It’s our destiny.

Many years ago I was
directed to learn about health, healing, meditation
and internal work to change my life and the lives
of others. I am not religious but I practice and
train religiously, a calling to make things
better for all off us.

Different teachers have
come into my life to give me tools along the path
showing me the way. I have been passing those
tools along to my patients, students, friends and family
filling in pieces to the puzzle of life for our
growth and higher consciousness.

In May of 2007 I started a group called the “Qi
Gong Inner Circle.”
Since then I have produced a DVD with a different
teaching each month on longevity practices like meditation, exercise,
health, Qi Gong, body work,
energy work and anti-aging.

The membership has grown by leaps and
bounds over the years and so have all the

Isn’t it time that you grow beyond your limitations and became a member?

Join today:

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr Wu Dhi

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Your Birthday Spiritual Lesson

August 13th, 2012

“The greatest voyage any human being ever
undertakes is that of his creation. During the
nine months in which you are slowly forming within
your mother, you are traveling from some unknown
world and materializing within her. The formation
of the physical body can be compared to a rocket
ship, coming from space, bringing a soul. This is
the only creative experience that you undergo in
which the higher force is brought from the
spiritual to the physical level.

So, we are really like salmon trying desperately
to return to the home of our creation. Helping to
succeed in this attempt is the real purpose of all
religious and spiritual work. We are continuously
reaching up into the unknown, unconsciously
seeking that which is our heritage: the rebirth
and return to the level of being and purity that
exists in us at birth.”
-Swami Rudrananda

Returning to the source may seem difficult at
times. As there are so many different meditations,
a student can get discouraged and wander from path
to path always seeking and never finding the inner
peace they are seeking.

A simple way to insure your spiritual balance is
to put your external focus on an object like a
crystal, or the light of a flame.
Sit quietly and place your attention on the
object. Keep only a peripheral awareness on the
rest of the space around you. As you sit there
feel the object you are focused on is taking on
life. Allow your creative energy to open. It can
shine forth from the object in all directions and
breath that into yourself.

Open to the energy and ask deep inside to grow and
teachings will start to come to you. They could
take a number of different forms; maybe a book, an
exercise, new DVD or a workshop. What is
important here is you make your needs known to the
universe in your meditation and the spiritual
gifts that are for you will appear.
I called on old friend last night to wish her a
Happy Birthday.

She told me about the joy of her son getting
married, getting a daughter at last and then she
dropped the bomb.

In the beginning everything was great. My son got
married and a new daughter was brought into my
life and then “poof” everything vanished from one
day to the next.
Mom devoted all of her energy, money and time to
bring up her son, as most good mothers will do.
As young men will do they find a girl, fall in
love and get married.

“BUT move to Europe?”

They packed up and left the country. Mom is out of
a job and devastated.
She told me, “I have no idea what I should be
doing now. I am going through a spiritual crisis!”
I asked her if she knew about the magic square and
how to work it? You can balance yourself out and
create a direction for yourself and not be pulled
around by your emotional thoughts and feelings.
‘Oh yea, I have the DVD’s on the workshops you
taught and the notes.’

Well it’s nice that you have it in your closet or
on a book shelf, but now is the time to work the
magic in the square. It will help give you a
direction and a purpose. It touches on all aspects
of your life and will center you.
I went over the formula and gave her the
9-envelope practice to make a Mandela board so her
subconscious mind will be programmed as well as
changing her consciousness.

This is a great practice to do anytime but your
birthday can be extra special if you work the
magic and make it special.

If you don’t have a copy of the Magic Square
workshop part I and II get it today!

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Are Organic Foods a Scam?

August 10th, 2012

There are people who just think that the entire
organic thing is a scam.
To sell food at a higher price and rip the public
off and play on their fears of sickness.

Well it’s time to wake up!
When you are buying conventional foods you are
getting much more than you think. Conventional
could be interpreted as pumped up with chemicals,
sprayed with poisons and picked green.

I know sometimes you don’t have a choice. When I
go into a restaurant, for the most part I know
that I am not going to get organic food but there
are some foods that are really heavily sprayed and
fertilized and should be avoided.

Here is a list of the worst foods to eat if they
are not certified organic:
1. Apples
2. Celery
3. Strawberries
4. Peaches
5. Nectarines
6. Spinach, Kale, collard greens
7. Grapes
8. Sweet bell peppers
9. Potatoes
10. All lettuces
11. Cherries
12. Blueberries

Environmental groups say the worst foods contain
47 to 67 pesticides per serving and although our
government says consuming pesticides in low
amounts is not harmful- don’t believe them for one
It is critical that you know what you are eating
if you want to maintain good health.

The list is based on pesticide tests conducted
after the produce was washed with USDA
high-powered pressure water system. So for the
most part you can’t wash it off.
Peeling can help, although you have to take into
account that the pesticides are in the water so
the fruits and vegetables suck up the pesticides
through the roots and they can’t be removed.

What can you do if you want to eat those foods?
Plant your own fruit trees and grow an organic
garden and if you don’t have the room you can
always grow organic sprouts in your own kitchen
like lentil, radish, sunflower, mung bean alfalfa,
broccoli, peas and wheat sprouts. They are all
live foods and really healthy for you and a good
source of nutrition.

The body ages from having too many toxins
affecting our organs, (Toxin overload).

Now if you could imagine having a garbage can that
you keep throwing things in it, eventually it will
get full. When that happens, garbage starts to
spill out and the next thing you know you will
have flies, rats and pests. You can spray, and
poison as much as you want but the pests will
eventually come back as long as there is garbage
to eat. If you want to eliminate the problem, the
garbage has to be removed and the can cleaned out.

The human body is the same. These days we can’t
avoid toxins. It’s in the air, water and the
foods we eat.

Our system tries to filter it out through the
liver and the kidneys but eventually our bodies’
filters get filled up with toxins and the pests we
get come in the way of disease.

But don’t worry there is a solution that has
worked for thousands of health conscious people.

The Core Restore Liver Cleanse Kit:

It is a comprehensive 7-day diet, lifestyle and
nutrition program to reduce your toxic burden. The
program will improve hormone balance, reduce total
toxic burden and reveal chemical sensitivities as
well as food allergies. It will give you a
scheduled health maintenance program, simplify
complex gut issues and reinforce healthy lifestyle

We all do regular maintenance on our cars. Are you
doing the maintenance you need to do on your body?

Detox now and stay healthy

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr Wu Dhi

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