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How to stay warm this Winter

December 28th, 2012

Winter is here again and now the days are getting
longer in the Northern hemisphere. Depending where
you live you could see as much as 8 minutes more
of light a day.
I have already started my winter organic garden
with lettuce, onions, garlic and tomato’s as well
as a host of herbs. My organic garden will produce
food for about 5 months and I know it’s organic
for sure. The garden does more for me than just
produce food; it is a way to stay in touch with
nature, stay grounded and a wonderful way to

In Chinese Medicine, the different seasons of the
year are associated with certain organs of the
body. Winter is ruled by the Water element, which
is associated with the Bladder and the Kidneys.
Chinese Medicine sees that the internal organs are
related to the physical symptoms of a person. For
example, the bladder and the kidneys are nourished
by the cold climate in the winter, but extreme
coldness or wetness can also injure them like deep
stiffness or pain, especially in the low back and

The ears are the sense organs
associated also with the Water element.
Interesting enough, the kidneys and ears are
shaped similarly. A water element disharmony in
the cold season can cause problems of the ears or
hearing. Another association to the water element
is the bones and any changes in the head ike hair
loss and premature graying may also suggest an
imbalance of the water element.

The specific
emotional imbalance associated with water element
is fear; and fear can itself injure the Bladder
and Kidney organs. On a brighter note, the
positive emotion is gentleness; being gentle to
yourself as well as to others.

I like to go to sleep early in the winter and
sleep in a little later. During this time of year
it helps the immune system keep everything strong
and healthy.

I’ll eat more root vegetables and have a hardy
soup for dinner at least a few times a week. Here
is one of my favorite recipes that will keep you
warm all winter and the kidneys tonified and warm.

Dr. Wu’s Tonifying Lamb Stew
I made this recipe many times in the colder months
and it keeps your entire system warm. The Lamb
stew is excellent for stomach problems, a good
source of iron and essential oils. It nourishes
the liver, kidneys, tendons and strengthens the

2 lbs. of lamb
1 Garlic head
1 kohlrabi cubed
Fresh Rosemary (excellent stomach and nerve
Burdock Root (source of iron and essential oils)
Lotus Root (crunchy texture cools the blood and
stimulates the appetite)
1 Parsnip
1 cup of Sliced Carrots
2 Red potatoes
2 Cubed Turnips
2 cups of fresh Okras cut in half
2 cups Shou wu chih (tonifies blood, nourishes the
liver, kidneys, tendons and strengthens bones)
¼ cup Brags liquid amino acids
1 Tsp. Olive oil
Himalayan Sea Salt to taste
A Few shakes Cayenne pepper
Pure filtered or spring Water
¼ cup of Black fungus

Cooking instructions
1. Cut the lamb into about 1 inch squares. Place
on a skillet, I prefer the old iron ones, and add
about a cup full of olive oil. Add ½ of garlic and
cook in the skillet till meat is brown. Next,
place the browned meat in a large pot. Add about ½
gallon of water. Cook for about an hour or 2 until
the meat is nearly done.

2. While it’s cooking, add a sprig of fresh
Organic Rosemary. Then add the sliced thinly
Burdock right after; it takes the longest to cook.
Stir in the turnip and kohlrabi at the same time.
Let it boil for a while and then add the potatoes
and lotus root and then the 2 cups of Shou wu
chih. Stir in the other half of the garlic and the

3. Once it’s cooked, add the sea salt, cayenne and
olive oil. Serve.

In the past I have made this dish with venison, or
elk it’s just as good but you may have to add more
olive oil.

Winter is my favored time in South Florida. The
temperature is in the high sixties and the low
seventies and the humidity is low. I am on the
beach every morning doing the Recharging Qi Gong
program. It works on keeping all the organs
healthy and keeps me limber. If I only had one
exercise program to do for my overall health this
would be it, The Recharging Qi Gong program is the
first choice with thousands of people now
practicing in 7 different continents.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

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How to get through the Holidays Stress Free

December 28th, 2012

In Chinese medicine they say that as long as you
have strong healthy kidneys you will stay young
and vibrant and have a good sex life. Once the
kidneys are weakened from over work, stress or
excessive sexual activity the body first reaches
adrenal exhaustion; your energy is “kaput” you may
even experience different aches and pains, hearing
difficulties, and no libido!

Here’s what I recommend to my patients:

• Reduce carbohydrates and stimulants.Yep! Coffee
& red bull
• High-quality nutritional supplements, including
essential fatty acids from fish oil, and adrenal
• Qi Gong exercises– they help build Qi and Jing
• Relax, meditate, go out in nature
• If you are healthy, start taking some wild
white ginseng (but if you’re sick- Don’t take
Ginseng, it will trap the disease in your body)

Your body needs time to heal from stress. I
suggest taking Adrenal boosting vitamins like
B-complex; which includes Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6,
folic acid, and biotin. They help reduce the
negative effects of stress, fatigue and will help
strengthen the body’s immune system. It’s ideal
for those people who lead stressful lives and
experience exhaustion easily. Adrenal support
vitamins helps the body adjust to certain types of
reactions during the alarm phased of stress. It
also increases resistance to environmental changes
that can cause stress for some individuals. These
adjustments should help return the body back to a
state of balance.

The holiday season is fun, exciting, joyful,
loving and can be a bit hectic with more traffic
on the streets, the stores are filled with not so
courteous shoppers and the over abundance family
and friends can be a burn out.
So get those vitamins in your belly ASAP.

What I have been doing is eating more berries for
breakfast after my Qi Gong practice, they are
great antioxidants, easy to digest and delicious.

I start off with the Recharging Qi Gong

and finish up with the Flying Crane program

and do the automatic move for 9 to 36 minutes
depending how much time I have. It’s a great way
to start the day, fill the body with Qi and is a
great de-stressor.

I wish you the beat in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

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The Grand Move on the Winter Solstice Day!

December 24th, 2012

For the last 5 years, I’ve been working in an
office with a group of doctors and I’ve been in
the same room number 213 for all that time! On the
solstice, December 21st I decided to finally make
an . Now, sometimes it’s hard to
make an energetic shift when you work with a group
of doctors but I made that shift 12.21.12! I moved
into a larger room with a better number, 212.
First of all, I cleaned everything out of the
room, I put down the crystals to change the
energy, I lit the incents to feed all of the stale
energy and spirits that may be lingering in that
room from other patients. I took my bell and dorgi
and changed the total vibration in the room. I
placed the energetic crystals in every corner and
did the rice blessing to bring in prosperity that
I may be of service to more patients and bring
them better health.

Whenever one makes a move into a new space no
matter if it’s a house or an apartment or even a
room, the importance of the purification is most
important to ones health and well-being. I know a
young couple who moved into their apartment and
made no changes at all. All they did was sweep the
floor. They had no idea that the person who lived
there before was an alcoholic and abusive to his
wife. When he left the apartment, he left a stale
energy. It’s not something that you could see but
when you walked into their apartment, it had a
dingy feeling, almost like it wasn’t clean. It
wasn’t that they didn’t wash anything, dust and
sweep, it’s just that they didn’t clean it
energetically. It’s the same with our exercises.
If you had been going to the gym and jogging and
sticking with that pattern for years, and you’re
starting to get aches and pains and stale energy
inside, it’s time to make a shift and cleanse
yourself from the inside out. I created the
Recharging Qi Gong for just this reason. To make a
shift in your energy. It doesn’t mean that you
have to leave your exercise routine. There is a
saying that if you do physical exercises, you must
do energetic exercises, but if you do energetic
exercises, it’s not necessary to do the physical
exercises. The Recharging Qi Gong Program consists
of a book that explains each exercise, what it’s
for and how to use it to your advantage. It also
come with an instruction DVD and a practice DVD
plus 5 CD’s that explains everything about
energetic work, Qi Gong, internal energy, sexual
practices plus much more. If you have the program,
start practicing daily! But if for some reason you
don’t have the Recharging Qi Gong program, order

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

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A Space is Open

December 20th, 2012

Dr. Carola Cuenca was here for the last 3 days and
as you all know we had 9 spaces available and they
were all full! We got some great information!
She was able to discover some impending health
issues and correct them using advanced homeopathic
medicine. Let me tell you, my patients were all
impressed and so was I. I then treated each
patient with specifically what they needed. The
computerized regulation thermography machine that
Dr. Cuenca uses has been used in Europe for the
last 30 years and for some odd reason most doctors
in the United States don’t even know it exists.
You would wonder why?! I’ll tell you why. The
diagnostic equipment is setup to discover an
imbalance in the body before it happens as well as
a way to treat it naturally with no side affects
in the least amount of time and not kill you
financially. I asked Dr. Cuenca if she could
please see a few more of my patients after
Christmas and she agreed to stay for 2 days after
the holidays and open up her time for another 6
people. If you’re having any health issues that
have been chronic and your doctor can’t just
figure out what it is, call my office today and
schedule an appointment while you can!

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Is this The End of the World?

December 20th, 2012

hey say it started on my birthday 12/12/12.
It was an Awesome Day for me !
12-12-12 stimulated lovebirds, counting on the date to be
ever lasting. 12+12+12=36

Symbolism of #9
*Number of the patience, the meditation.
*It is the expression of “the power of the Holy Spirit”.
*Symbolize the plenitude of talents, the reward of the tests.
*Symbol of the creation and the life as a rhythm and development.
*As a product of 3 x 3, is perfection, the symbol of the virile power
*Nine = the one who accomplishes the divine will.
*The eternal number of human immortality.
*Being the last simple number, it is the number of finalization
*This number is sacred in Egypt and in Greece.
*Number of the man, as a numeral symbol of his gestation
*Number symbolizing the nocturnal and terrestrial things
*Number of the hierarchy, represented by nine choruses of the Angels.
*Represent the three divine manifestations in the three plans
*A fortunate number, associate to the eternity.

For me it means a completion and great year.
No mater how you look at it, as Bob Dylan once said

“Things are a Changing”.

The Dooms day crowd say the 21 of December is the END
and it could be really ugly like what happen in Newton Mass
or amazingly wonderful.

The best any of us can do is to be present, calm,
conscious, strong and elevated.
The most effective and time-tested way to achieve such a
state is through Meditation and Qi Gong.
History tells us that Qi Gong and Meditation really works
to calm us down and increase our energy at the same time.

Yogis have been practicing for thousands of years.
Current scientific studies show the amazing,
proven effects of meditation to recover from disease and
increase the quality of our lives.

Since the holidays are known as a time of high stress,
I put together program two programs
Turn Stress into Power
The Internal Mantra Program

that will carry you through the holidays with ease.

Take care of yourself, manage your stress and be radiantly bright.
NOW is the time, more than ever to rev up your personal practice
I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and Happiness

Dr. Wu Dhi

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The End of the World is here,It’s time to Create Yours

December 20th, 2012

I met some special person 7 years ago and in Miami
I call her a light worker. On the physical side of
things, Light Workers are those who have realized
that life is made up of Light Energy, and then
consciously direct that Light Energy via their
thoughts, imagination and feelings to manifest
heaven on earth, in their own lives and the life
of our planet.

If you saw her you would know she is special. She
left her county and family and moved to Florida,
that’s where we met. She became a student and a
good friend just about as soon as we met.
You would just think she is an ordinary person if
you ran into her, but there is much more. She
stayed in Miami for 4 or 5 years and then had a
calling to move to Maui, Hawaii and off she went.
She really didn’t have any friends or family in
the middle of the Pacific Ocean but off she went.
We have been in contact since the move through
Skype and email which makes it easer on the
physical plan to keep in touch, and we visit in
dream state now and then.

Allow me introduce Julia to you. I received her
email that I need to share with you. Take her
words to heart because they are powerful in every

Is it the end of the world?
The answer is yes, but it is not as simple as a
Tsunami will come and erase us from the map, no.
The world is ending as we know it. The new world
full of love, compassion, peace, respect,
kindness, power, etc is starting (if you would).
If you are going to notice it or not, it will be
completely up to you, but if you do, you will feel
secure and powerful (you may probably already feel
it). If you don’t, you will continue your life as
it is right now, with the same movie, seeing the
same part of the world that you want to see.
So the change will take place on December 21,
2012? At what time?

Actually it does not start only the 12-21-12, but
that day is the peak. You will feel how the energy
that usually comes and goes is going to be more
that day as portals are opening to help us (if you
are willingly open to it, you will feel it, it
just takes will).

Why is 12-21-12 so important then?

Imagine that we were ascending a mountain for
several years (around 16 years), and we were
experiencing a lot of changes, movement in our
lives, people coming in and out of our lives,
people being born and dying, natural disasters
taking away from the planet a lot of people at
once. This past year (2012) we have seen even
more of this, did you notice? Now we are going to
start descending for years to come, it might be
easier because we know now (after several years of
practicing), that it is up to us to make the
transition softer, but it might be more difficult
if we as a group do not change the way we see
things around us.

But there is nothing to worry about, as the star
calendar is transitioning, the Earth is also
changing, moving, evolving and for that reason
“she” needed to do all that we have seen. What we
should do to help her to transition in this new
era is sending her light and healing energy. Since
we are part of her, we are receiving that healing
energy at the same time.

Being part of this planet means that we are not
just users of the resources, landing and
constructing in it. Being part of it is
understanding that the planet earth is a living
being that needs care as other living creatures
(animals, plants, ourselves). And that her blood
is the water and the veins and arteries are the

The earth is counting on you. Each of you, not
because you feel that you do not make a
difference, does not mean that you don’t. As a
“whole” we need to start acting accordingly. There
is one UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS that you are part
of. What we believe is what we bring to our lives,
as an individual and as a collective

Nothing just happens to us, we are completely
responsible in a personal and collective level of
everything around us. We are made by the same
material as God, which means that we are creators
and we have the power of changing our reality as
many times as we want in this lifetime.
I heard someone saying: “but there is not too much
consciousness right now about what is about to
happen.” I answered: “just YOU being conscious
about how powerful your words are, you can make a
difference, instead of seeing the half glass
empty, start seeing the half glass full.” If we
see, talk and talk about the poverty in the world,
it will never stop existing, because it is in our
reality and we created it. It is in our hands to
create another reality we would like to see and
live. It does not mean that you denied what is
happening in front of you or the news; it is about
changing the attention to a better state, just by
doing what you were watching in the news or your
own reality start shifting.

Creating takes three main steps:
The first thing we need to do is thinking that
there is love, kindness, respect, shelter, food
for everyone (however you want to see the world,
your world, think or imagine it).

The second one is talking about how loving, kind,
respectful the people around us is (or anything
you want to see, I am prosperous, instead of I do
not have money, even though your bank is in red)

The third is act on it, be one of those loving,
kind and respectful people (walk the talk)

Each of them are progressively powerful, so it
depends which level of creation you want to
achieve, either you take the first step only, or
you continue with the second one, or you take it
all the way through. You may use these steps for
anything you would like to change in your life. At
the beginning you might get discouraged because
sometimes those changes do not take place in our
terms, but if you are persistent enough the sum of
events are going to be more often to create that
reality you want. It did not take one day to
construct Rome, besides we have had the other type
of thinking around 30 years of our life if not
more? It could be magical, but it is not magic, it
requires your clear intention.

It takes more than one to create the UNIVERSAL
CONSCIOUSNESS, but you could be one of those.”
I am planning to start a radio show starting in
January 2013 with a group of light beings from
across the globe. You will be able to hear me and
my posse from different walks of life sharing
conscious work and meditation, healing, diet,
psychic intuition and much more. You will be able
to call in with your questions and have them
answered by some of the greatest minds on the
planet today.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

I’ll keep you informed about the radio show “One
Spirit” and all the coming events!

Make sure that you share the information on my website:
with your friends and family.
Everyone who signs up for the first time will receive a great exercise via EMAIL
-an information that will make their life better in every way.

Dr. Wu Dhi

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The Importance of your Solar Return

December 14th, 2012

The astrologer finally got back to me about where
would be the best place to spend my Birthday. You
may be scratching your head right now and
wondering why Dr. Wu Dhi would have to ask an
astrologer about where he should be spending his

I am not an astrologer but I always like to take a
look at different modalities to make my life
better and astrology is one of them. It would be
silly to say that the planets do not have an
influence of one kind or another on this Earth of
ours. Just look at the influence that the moon has
on the tides, as well as on us.
Every year on ones birthday we have what is called
a “Solar Return.”

It’s literally when the Sun in the sky comes to
the exact degree it was at the moment we were
born. It’s a “Return” to its original position.
The significance of the Solar Return is that it
provides a map, which can give you an insight to
what possibilities are available for you for the
coming year. This shows what the tendencies will
be for the year. Things like . Wherever
you are on your birthday, can influence how your
year will be.

Let me explain the way astrologers make up an
accrued astrology chart. They take the date of
your birth, the time and the place you are born,
which will provide them with a formula. One gives
them the sun sign, one the moon sign and another,
the rising sign, or ascendant. From this
information they can construct a chart using
mathematical formulas that will give them
possibilities of how your life may go.

You have to remember the map is not the
territory, but can give you an indication of how
things will affect you. Although the modern church
denies and frowns on astrology, when I was in
Switzerland, in a church built in the 900’s – all
of the stained glass had astrology signs all over
it, and most of the books and teachings that are
not religious based use astrology as an indicator
for world events, and our lives. I think the
church threw it out for political reasons.

Nevertheless, wherever you are on your birthday,
you will be given a new chart for that year. It’s
like getting a new ascendant. That’s why I
contacted an astrologer and he told me where the
best place would be for me to have a better year
and this year it’s, New Orleans!

Now let’s say you think this kind of stuff is just
a bunch of bunk, but when you go some place on
your birthday and declare it will be a better
year, it will be. Why? Because you declared it,
it’s also a great way to celebrate the coming
year. You make that special day special, and there
for it is special.

My focus this year is my health and well-being, to
write more, teach more and to help more people get
healthy and stay healthy. This will be my year to
focus on those things so it will happen. Either
way it is going to be a great year!
I encourage you to also focus your life around
your health and well-being. Join me and the
members of the Qi Gong Inner Circle at

Stay healthy, happy and wealthy this year and
every year thereafter!!!

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

Click here and find out more

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The Magic of 12, 12, 12

December 14th, 2012

I want to thank all of you for wishing me a happy
This birthday was really special as the numbers
were 12-12-12
A very auspicious number in numerology and they
say that it’s one of the port wholes of energy.

I was directed to be in the “Big EZ’ New Orleans
and let me tell you how much fun I had!
It wad awesome!
New Orleans is known for its food, music and
culture and I took advantage of all three.
Although when I got there Thursday night I ate at
a great Gumbo restaurant and it was delicious! I
started my birthday out by waking early in the
morning and being thankful for everything in my
life and of course that includes all of you.

I was up early and did my Qi Gong Training long
before the city woke up and then I was off to a
great restaurant for breakfast and to walk around
the French Quarter and enjoy the beautiful
architecture, music and art.

I talked to as many people as I could and I even
had a chance to work on somebody who had a stiff
neck, so on my birthday I made sure that I did
everything that I want in the coming year. They
say that every 2 hours of the day of your birthday
will represent a month in the coming year.

I ate good food
I trained
I worked on people
I shared my energy
Saw beautiful artwork
Listened to great music
And I took in the real meaning of life – peoples’
joys, peoples’ pain and suffering and their

I made my special birthday a birthday of gratitude
and thankfulness.
I told you in my last letter that this year is
going to be focused on 2 things and health is #1!

I’ll be sharing more information than ever before
on internal work, meditation, vitality and
longevity practices with the members of the Qi
Gong Inner Circle

If you are not a member yet, don’t wait another
second! Join right now!

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Strengthen Your Creativity

December 10th, 2012

Last week Miami was lit up with more than holiday lights.
The city was buzzing with artist, art collectors,
art dealers and art enthusiasts from all over the world
that came to Miami for “Art Basel” -
one of the major art events in the world and it was huge.

I spent days on the art trail seeing some of the most
creative pieces of work both new and old.
One thing I really noticed more than ever was people were
friendlier,more helpful and had a better attitude everywhere.

Happy times make for happy people,
and creativity can make you Happier.

We are all born with a great deal of creativity
but most people have it squashed, as they get older.
Interesting enough creativity is also our sexual energy
and according to Chinese medicine that’s what rules
the water element our (kidneys and bladder).

It’s true some people are more creative than others
and are born with a unique talent,
but if you want to nurture your talent there things you
can do to be more creative.
There is a technique in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
called mirroring and matching where you emulate
the person you want to be like.
This can be a big help in enhancing your creativity.

I have also used this technique in my spiritual work
following my Master in his habits like eating the same foods,
doing the same exercise and observing what he does.
There is a story of Guru that goes to the river to bathe
and do his morning prayers. He than then took some
rocks and piled them up and began his ritual.
Unbeknownst to the Master his students also piled up the rocks
and began their prayers and bathing rituals.
When the Guru got out of the river he asked the students,
“why they piled up rocks?” One student said,
“Because you did Master.” One brave student asked,
“Master why did you pile the rocks up?
Is it a special kind of blessing?”
The master said “I did it so when I get out of the river
I would know where my clothes are when I get out of the river”.

To be creative you need to ask a lot of questions.
First learn by observation then study
and embody what you have learned and then open up your creativity.

How can you enhance your creative ability?
Observe the habits of creative people,
identify the ones that you feel will work for you
and then make a plan to cultivate them.

1. Ask lots of questions. Keep asking what, why, when,
where and how.
This will keep your mind open and increase your child like
nature and your creativity.

2. Failure is not an option
Realize that the energy that creates great ideas,
also creates errors.
Know that failure is not really the opposite of success.
Both failure and success are on the same side of the spectrum.
You can actually fail yourself to success.

3. Value ideas of others and yourselves.
Write down your ideas whenever they occur no matter
if silly or impossible, you never know it may be workable

4. Embrace challenges.
Challenges bring the best out in us and
give us an opportunity to go beyond our own limitations.

5. Be full of enthusiasm.
This enthusiasm is the fuel for their journey;
the more excited you are about your project the more
creative you can be.

6. Don’t be satisfied with the normal.
Creative people are acutely aware of their
dissatisfactions with the way so called
normal and strive to improve on every situation.

7. Be persistent.
Never give up, it may take time and energy but as long
as you stay on purpose it will happen.
Sometimes I find the more creative the idea, the longer
it takes for it to be appreciated.

8. Be optimists.
Have the attitude that there is no problem that can’t be solved.

9. Become a problem-solvers
They are always looking for a solution to the problem they
will try this or that until the problem is solved.
They see a problem as an opportunity this stimulates the mind
and ones intercreativity.

Creativity and creative people can make a big impact
on you and our earth. Our mind needs to be stimulated
every day in as many different modalities as possible.

Study Qi Gong, learn the magic square, go dancing,
read a book on a new subject try different foods
and open up to all the creativity around you.

Give someone a different kind of present for the holidays
send them a copy of the Flying Crane Qi Gong
be different, be open be creative.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and Happiness

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Holiday Traveling Colds

December 7th, 2012

The common cold has many forms in traditional
Chinese medicine. The most common forms fall under
the categories of wind cold and wind heat. As is
the nature of exterior disorders involving wind,
the pattern may change very quickly, necessitating
a change in treatment strategy over the course of
an illness. In all the forms a cold, as well as a
cough or the flu, may take, prompt treatment bring
the most effective results. The longer one waits
to treat an infectious disease, the longer it
takes to clear the pathogen.

Common Cold Caused by Wind Cold
This pattern exhibits the following symptoms:
fever, chills (these are worse than the fever),
inability to get warm, nasal or sinus congestion
with clear mucus, cough with clear mucus, stiff
neck and shoulders, occipital headache (back of
head), and a slower-than-normal pulse that is more
easily felt at the surface.

Diaphoretic (sweating) therapy is especially
helpful in this condition, since it warms the body
and pushes the pathogen out through the pores. In
the very early stages of this pattern, an
effective remedy is miso soup with the white part
of spring onion (cong bai) and fresh ginger (sheng
jiang). For more severe or advanced cases, there
is a full range of therapies, depending on the
combination of symptoms.

When the wind-cold symptoms include strong chills,
inability to sweat, wheezing, and stiff neck, the
classic and ancient remedy is Ephedra Decoction
(Ma Huang Tang). The chief herb in this formula is
Ephedra (ma huang), a powerful stimulant that
opens the bronchial passages, warms the body, and
stimulates sweating.
Cinnamon twig (gui zhi) assists the Ephedra in
warming the body and promoting a sweat, while
apricot seeds (xing ren) help relieve the
wheezing. Licorice (gan cao) acts as a harmonizing
herb, modulating the harsh nature of the Ephedra,
preventing too much sweating and toxicity. It also
has anti-inflammatory and antitussive qualities,
making it useful for sore throat and cough

Ephedra is never used by itself in Chinese herbal
therapy; it is always part of a formula, often
combined with licorice (as in Ephedra Decoction),
which tones down its harsh nature. Since Ephedra
can raise blood pressure, especially when used
alone or with caffeine, it should not be used by
people who have heart disease orhypertension.
For symptoms of wind cold with headache and nasal
congestion as the chief symptoms, the classic
formula isChuan Xiong Cha Tiao Wan, typically
taken with green tea (cha), which moves the action
of the formula to the head area. Green tea has
been found recently to have strong antioxidant
properties, scavenging the free radicals involved
in aging and disease.
Common Cold Caused by Wind Heat
When the pernicious influence of wind combines
with heat, the fever is worse than the chills, and
the pulse is faster than normal. The primary
symptom is a swollen and sore throat with headache
and irritability. If there is a cough, it is
usually dry or nonproductive, with occasional
expectoration of yellow mucus.

Numerous formulas treat the many variations of
this condition, but the most famous by far is Yin
Qiao San. This highly effective treatment for wind
heat symptoms, appearing in such conditions as
influenza and tonsillitis as well as the common
cold, is also available from a number of different
manufacturers as the patent formula Yin Qiao Jie
Du Pian. In addition to Yin Qiao, a number of
other effective remedies are available. For
example, Gan Mao Ling is almost always useful in
cases of wind heat. If the fever is high, Zhong
Gan Ling is preferred. If the sore throat is
especially severe, it is recommended to add Chuan
Xin Lian Antiphlogistic Tablets to the treatment.
Other Elements of Treating the Common Cold
When treating cold or flu symptoms due to wind
heat, the results are always more dramatic if the
treatment begins at the earliest possible stage of
the illness. It is important to get adequate rest,
a vacation from sources of stress, and good
nutrition in the form of soups and fresh juices.
Sweets and stimulants (such as caffeinated
beverages) cause a rapid progression in the
severity of the illness since they tend to feed
the pathogen.

The same is true for tonifying herbs such as
ginseng. People sometimes make the mistake of
taking ginseng when they feel a cold coming on
since they have heard that ginseng is good for the
immune system. Using ginseng in this case is a
serious error since ginseng will powerfully feed
the pathogen causing the illness, making the
person feel much worse. This is traditionally
known as “trapping the burglar.”

If a person suspects a burglar is in the house,
the worst step to take is to lock all the doors
and windows, for the burglar will do more damage
trying to get out. A powerful tonic herb, ginseng
acts to “lock down” the exterior of the body while
releasing energy in the interior. If a pathogen is
already inside the body, ginseng and other
stimulating tonics lock it in while simultaneously
feeding it. The proper treatment plan is to open
the pores and push out the pathogen. Herb formulas
that “release the exterior and repel wind,” such
as Yin Qiao, are used in these cases.
On the other hand, if no pathogen is in the body,
ginseng strengthens the wei qi, the body’s wall
against invaders, while it simultaneously improves
the person’s vitality and resistance to disease.
This distinction between building long-term
immunity and fighting off an acute illness is an
important contribution of traditional Chinese
medicine. While tonic herbs can be taken
long-term, it is important to discontinue their
use during a cold or flu. Then, after the pathogen
has been expelled from the body, tonic herbs can
be taken again to build up strength and vitality
over the long-term.

Using Acupuncture to Treat the Common Cold
Acupuncture and moxibustion can provide some
immediate relief from cold symptoms and help the
body expel the pathogen much faster. Needles are
typically inserted into points along the lung and
large intestine meridians, which have demonstrated
the ability to activate immune function. The most
important acupuncture point in treating the common
cold is Large Intestine 4 (“Adjoining Valleys”),
which is located in the web between the thumb and
index finger. This point is very effective for
this condition, since it suppresses pain and
relieves exterior conditions. Patients frequently
experience quick relief when the point is needled
or massaged.

Typically, one or two acupuncture treatments and a
week’s course of herbal medicine are all that are
required for colds. If the symptoms are recognized
and treated early, it is possible to fight off a
cold in a day or two with acupuncture treatment
and herbs.

The most important acupuncture point in treating
the common cold is Large Intestine 4. This point
is very effective for this condition, since it
suppresses pain and relieves exterior conditions.

I am finally starting to feel better as I get a
lot of rest a few treatments and drank a lot of
fresh juice and water.

I’ll be sending you more information on how to
stay healthy all winter and avoid winter colds.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

Don’t forget the best treatment ids to build your
immune system and avoid getting sick.
Call my office today and schedule an appointment

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