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Sexual Power is Power

January 30th, 2013

I know a group of guys who are years younger than
me and work hard and also have an active family
life. One is in his mid 50’s, two in their mid
40’s and a younger guy who just turned 26. They
golf, lift weights, Ski and play sports. But, for some
reason all of their blood work came back showing
low testosterone (LOW -T). They are now
all on supplements and some of them are even
injecting themselves with testosterone to try and
bring their levels up to normal. I find this very
unusual. Could it be their diet? Their stress
level? Or the wrong type of exercises?

When you start artificially feeding your body with
testosterone, what happens is your body actually
becomes lazy and stops producing it. This causes
the old ‘No Led in you pencil” syndrome. Although,
I am years older I have been focusing on internal
exercises that stimulate and strengthen the
kidneys, move the energy and keep the led sharpened.

It’s highly unusual for the 26 year old but he has
been losing too much Jing. In Chinese Medicine,
the Jing feeds your sexual energy, your internal
fluids, your vitality and keeps you young! If you
do the correct exercises, you can strengthen your
internal organs but if you are not paying
attention, losing vital fluids every time you make
love, believe it or not you are draining yourself,
aging yourself and you can end up with low back
pain, hair loss, knee pain, tinnitus and sexually

, order this
program today!

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

PS Sexual vitality is the secret to a long life
and an exciting one as well. Learn and practice
click on the link and learn more.

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Increase your Power and Energy

January 28th, 2013

We have all heard of the placebo effect.
“It is the measurable, observable, or felt
improvement in health or behavior not attributable
to a medication or invasive treatment that has
been administered. The placebo effect is not mind
over matter; it is not mind-body medicine. ‘The
placebo effect’ has become a catchall term for a
positive change in health.”

In a medical study, researchers will give half of
the group real medicine and the other half a sugar
pill. The sugar pill is considered to be placebo
and more than half of the time the person
receiving the sugar pill gets better, thats more
than just the power of suggestion. It is believing
that something will work, so it works! This is
true in many medical studies but when it comes to
Qi Gong, you need to practice.

I have been doing Qi Gong for the last 30 years
and I have no illness, no sore muscles, no
digestive problems and my sexual activity is as
good as ever. The other day I went on a film shoot
to demonstrate some Qi Gong and mediation
exercises with 2 professional photographers. They
are both 1/3 my age. I did exercises, stretches,
meditations and much more. We shot all day at
to 5 different locations all over South Beach and
we finally ended up in the Wynnewood area, one of
the hot spots for lifestyles, art and cool
restaurants in Miami.

Even though they are much younger than me, the 2
photographers were exhausted! Yet my energy was
still peaking! They said, “we had enough!” and my
energy was buzzing for hours. Went I returned home I wrote a blog, took a sauna, meditated and got to bed around 11
My usual day starts at 6 a.m. with
meditation, exercise and breakfast. I’m in the
office till 7 at night and I am full of energy all
the time! It’s no placebo and it’s not in my head
but it’s the nature of what the internal exercises
can do for you if you practice daily. Internal exercises,
stimulates the body, mind and spirit. It opens up
the meridians, the chakras and strengthens your
sexual energy.

In 2006 I put together a program of 36 of the most
powerful exercises to rewire our systems. It’s
called the Recharging Qi Gong. It consists of a
book, a guided practice DVD, an instructional
training DVD,
5 CD’s on:
1. Sexual Vitality
2. Internal secrets of Qi Gong
3. Compassion, the path to Mental Well-being
4. The Spiritual keys to Qi Gong
5. The 5 Elements of Transformational Power

This program is a must do program yo activate
the internal channels. Order today and rewire your internal

….. Be more Powerful
……… more Dynamic
………… more Energetic
……………… Stronger

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

PS The Recharging Qi Gong Program will change your mental,
physical and spiritual bodies in a matter of 90 days or sooner.

click on the link to order Now and I’ll send it out today.

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Special Feng Shui Lecture this Sunday!

January 25th, 2013

This Sunday is a very special day. I don’t usually
work on Sundays, in fact, I hardly ever come near
the office but this Sunday I am going to be doing
a special lecture and an introduction to some very
esoteric practices, at least some people think
they are esoteric. My associate who is from Moscow
arranged with a group of his patients and friends
to come to the office at 1 pm to learn about
cleaning ones environment like their house or
office as well as their health, energetically,
based on the Oriental principals of Chinese Fung
Shui and Ancient Geomancy. In the program that I
offer, the Magic Square, I share a formula with
people on how to balance out the different aspects
of their life like their career and their money,
their family and relationships, their projects and
how to bring influential people into your life
that will increase your financial well-being. This
Sunday we will be explaining how this affects not
only your environment, your living space but your
personal health and well-being as well. If you
are interested in joining us please call
305-407-0120 and make a reservation as the space
is very limited.

I wish you the best in our Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

If you cant attend and want to learn more about
these sacred practices I suggest ordering the
program, The Magic Square and once you go over the
program I will invite you to contact me personally
for your questions and comments and if need be I
can come to your home or office and balance your
energies as well.

Dr. Wu Dhi

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How the tooth fairy affects your health

January 23rd, 2013

Oh No! Another dentist appointment!
I’m on my way to the dentist this morning for my three
month maintenance. Every three months I get my teeth
cleaned and for good reasons. Did you know that
every tooth in our mouth is connected to an organ
in our body? You wouldn’t think so but if you are
having a problem with your digestion or you are
getting migraine headaches or a nagging backache;
a problem could lie in your mouth. The dentist
that I see is a biological dentist. He understands
the relationship between the teeth and the organs
and uses homeopathic medicine to treat along with his
traditional dental practice or he sends
his patients into my office to balance out the
imbalance in the body.
I tell all my students and patients that,

and start detoxing. If you have never done
a detox program, it is high time that you start
one now. I have found the Core Restore Detox
program to be one of the most effective and
easiest to do.

I have had hundreds of patients go through this
process with great success!
It cleans the digestive system, makes your skin
look younger, lose weight and your energy goes up!

You can order your program today and it will be in
the mail tomorrow!

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Creating positive energy in your life!

January 21st, 2013

If you have been reading my blogs, you know that
last week I had to go up to a family’s house in
Boca Raton and clear out all of the negative
energies and vibrations from their house.
Interesting enough I found out that the people who
lived there before lost one of their loved ones to
cancer and they were living in the downstairs part
of the house.

We found this out just by chance when their real
estate agent who sold them the house brought over
a house warming gift and the couple asked of there
were any illness or deaths and the real estate
agent told them the story.

which affected her life and sent her into a deep
depression. In the Chinese system the lungs have
to do with sadness and grief and the liver, anger
and rage. Apparently that’s the energy that
permeates the house. No one would have known this
but as we investigated we got a better picture of
the energies of the house.

Once we knew this the focus was to balance and
harmonize the house with the emotion of valor and
courageousness which is the positive emotion of
the lungs and kindness, the positive emotion of
the liver.

We were able to free the stale energy in the house
and lift the black cloud of negativity and bad
luck that surrounded their family.

Often you will find that if there is a sickness or
death and especially if it involves suicide, the
entity or spirit will linger for years unless it
is freed. We may never see the actual spirit but
the energies may just feel strange, dark and not a
comfortable place to be in.

This type of work is very typical in China as well
as many of the Islands in the Caribbean and in
Europe. You may have not heard of this type of
work in the Untied States as people have a lot of
hidden fears and would rather not talk. I received
a lot of letters from many of you asking if I
would be willing to clear the energies in their
house, their property and even in some offices.

I consider this part of my practice and an
important aspect in someone’s overall health. If
you would like to find out more, you can write me
Or, call the office at 305-407-0120 to setup an
appointment with me and my staff to handle every
aspect of your health.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Clearing your house of stale energy, demons and spirits!

January 18th, 2013

Last Sunday I drove up to Boca Raton for a very
special kind of work.
It’s only 45 minutes from my house and a nice
ride on a Sunday afternoon.
The family I visited moved into a new house around
6 months ago and since then they have had nothing
but bad luck.

The first thing that happened was their family dog
died unexpectedly within weeks of moving in, the
storm that hit Florida a few months ago caused
havoc with their roof, even though it was just
inspected and they said it was A- OK. This
brought the ceiling down in a few rooms and now
they have black mold covering the walls and the
termites are having a picnic.
Anyone would be stressed with all this happening
in their life. But wait… there is more. The lady
of the house had such a strong migraine she had to
go to the hospital and was unable to drive. She
asked the neighbors kid if he would drive her in
her car and on the way to the hospital he got into
a bad accident. The lady was knocked out cold. No
one knew it at the time but the kid’s license was
suspended for a DUI and when he hit the embankment
and saw she was unconscious he bailed, leaving the
car and the woman there, not knowing if she was
dead or alive. I guess you are starting to get the
The family seemed to be getting hit with
everything including the kitchen sink.
This isn’t usual for them, it all started when
they moved into their new house.

This family really needs to change their karmic
address! (What they’re drawing in to their lives).
When I interviewed them they told me everything
was going well for everyone in the family with
their career, their relationship, health, money
and family until they moved into the new home.
That’s when all hell broke loose.
The purpose of my trip was to balance and
harmonize the house, property and the family. This

it’s a method of divination that
interprets markings on the ground or the patterns.
Once practiced by people from all social classes,
it was one of the most popular forms of divination
that can work to balance a piece of land and the
house it sits on. This is similar to what is done
in Chinese Taoist medicine and other healing arts
to balance the body, mind and spirit.
In the Chinese Taoist healing system the focus is
to keep our body, mind and spirit balanced but we
also need to keep the place where we live, work
and play in balance. Sometimes it takes an entire
house clearing or cleaning on an energetic level
to get things to harmonize. All of this should
have been done before they moved into their new
home, but it wasn’t. Chances are all of this so
called bad luck could have been avoided.

In the study of Medical Qi Gong we refer to spirit
possession and demon possession that affects the
mind and the mental state of a person. In Western
terms we have words for this like obsessive
compulsive disorder, schizophrenia, bio polar,
depression, delusional disorder Etc.

These disorders are somewhat affected by your
environment where we live and who lived there
before you. I’ll give you an example; lets say
there was a death in the house by suicide or an
abusive behavior pattern, lots of drinking and
drugs this will effect the vibration of the home.

It is a good possibility that when the family
moved into there new home some lingering vibration
was from the previous owners.
That’s why it is important to not only clean out
the old physical stuff but the vibrational
energetic junk also needs to be cleared and

Over the last 30 years, I have done this for
homeowners in South America, in Hawaii, Colorado,
Michigan and in Florida with some amazing results!
Sometimes we do these clearings when moving in to
a new home and other times it’s necessary to clean
the energetic vibration in the place you have been
living in. this is all based on an ancient
oriental system that changes the vibrational
quality of ones living space and harmonizes the
energy to make your home a place filled with love,
health, wealth and happiness. If you or any of
your family members are interested in having this
ritual performed with all of the necessary
cleaning processes and rituals releasing negative
energy and making your home safe, give me a call
and I would be glad to speak to you about what is
going on and how we can change it.

You can call me at 305-407-0120 and we can setup
an appointment. I can do this anywhere in the
world, it’s just a plane flight away!

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr Wu Dhi

If you are interested in learning more about Fung
Shui, you can order my program, The Magic Square.
This one is more about your personal life and it’s
a good one!

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The best time to drink water and why

January 16th, 2013

Jack Frost is alive and well in most parts of
northern USA. My friends and family report
freezing cold weather and are bundled up in their
winter cocoon. I don’t miss old man winter a bit.
I did enough cold, ice and snow when I lived in
Michigan and Colorado. Sunny Miami Beach is for me
this time of the year! Although it’s been
unusually warm in the high 70’s and even in the
80’s this time of the year, not bad and I am
surely not complaining!
What we are getting in the Sun Belt is strong
winds daily but as long as the ocean doesn’t rise
too quickly….. I am good.

In the Chinese five-element system this time of
the year, “Winter” is ruled by the water element
and corresponds to the Kidney and the Urinary
Bladder. It’s represented by the color blue
or black, has a salty taste and is most associated
with ears, hearing and alert-stillness. The
direction is north and the negative emotion
is fear, and the positive one is wisdom /Awe. As
you would expect the environment is cold,
of course it would be “it’s winter time.”
You may have forgotten how important it is to stay
hydrated all winter. We usually think more about
hydration in the hot summer, but winter cold
weather can dry you out like a prune. There is
less moisture in the air, you are in heated homes
most of the time all of this can suck you dry.
Water is the drink of choice to keep your system
well hydrated.

How many folks do you know who say they don’t want
to drink anything before going to bed because
they’ll have to get up during the

Why do people need to urinate so much at

Gravity holds water in the lower part of
your body when you are upright (legs swell). When
you lie down and the lower body (legs etc.) seeks
level with the kidneys, it is then that the
kidneys remove the water because it is easier. We
need water to help flush the toxins out of your
body; I bet you didn’t know this; there is a
correct time to drink water… Very Important!
Drinking water at a certain time maximizes
its effectiveness on the body: Two glasses of
water after waking up helps activate internal
organs. One glass of water 30 minutes before a
meal helps digestion, one glass of water before
taking a bath – helps lower blood pressure and a
glass of water before going to bed can help avoid
stroke or heart attack.

Also drinking water at bed time will help prevent
night time leg cramps. Your leg muscles are
seeking hydration when they cramp and wake you up
with a Charlie Horse.

If you have a
blockage in your digestive system your entire body
is out of whack. The problem is that when we get
blocked up, the toxins accumulate in our cells,
blood, tissues and organs. When they are stored
there for any length of time all kinds of health
problems rear their ugly heads. Basically our
digestive track is a large tube running from the
mouth to the anus. If you put in good fuel
(food) and clean water, everything does its job
and moves through the tube unobstructed and you
feel good.

Don’t let your diet plug you up, make you sick and

There is a product that I have been recommending
to my patients and hundreds of them are getting
great results. It’s called Oxy-hydrate by Qi
Essentials. It oxygenates your body as it detoxes.
Oxy-hydrate magnesium peroxide compound contains
detoxification properties that are revolutionary
in colon care.

A Natural detoxifier Oxy- hydrate works with
nature’s own powerful detoxifiers—oxygen and
minerals —to create the perfect detoxification and
hydration to your colon.
Best of all, it is not a harmful laxative. The
innovative formula helps to put needed moisture
into the intestine.
It provides superior cleaning ability, yet is safe
and gentle on all systems.
A large 180-pill bottle sells for only $26 and can
be shipped directly to you.
Take a good look at this one, it’s a winner!

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Opening the Flow

January 14th, 2013

I received this letter over the weekend and I
wanted to share it with you.

“Dear doctor
I want to thank you so much! For years I’ve been
having problems with my weight,gas,stomach aches and
constipation. As you can imagine this has not only
been uncomfortable but also embarrassing for my entire
adult life! Thanks to you and the product
Oxyhydrate, I have never been so happy and so
regular in my entire life!
Thank you,
Mrs. Jennifer Sydney”

Dear Jennifer,
Thank you for writing me and telling me about
your success! your not the only one who has written me
with such good results.


Dr. WuDhi
Yes Oxyhydrate has worked like a charm. Not only are people
becoming regular they are also losing weight,
have less bloating more energy and their
general health is getting better!
I have patients who think it’s normal to only have a
BM only two to three times a week, and THAT IS NOT NORMAL!!

You should be having a BM everyday, come rain or
If you look at food as fuel, and you’re
putting the proper fuel in you system – after the
fuel is used the exhaust has to come out! If it
was your car you would be at the mechanics the next
Oxyhydrate is not a laxative.
Oxyhydrate is a combination of carefully developed
minerals and vitamins that puts more moisture and oxygen in
your system, and has regulated thousands of people
with no adverse side effects at all.

Our office is one of the only distributors of
Oxyhydrate in the U.S.A today, and you can order
by clicking here,

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr Wu Dhi

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What do you want? Youth or old age?

January 9th, 2013

I received this story from a friend about a family
that lost hundreds of thousands of dollars.
The husband was a heavy smoker, he was having
chest pains– so they took him to the hospital and
they found out he had multiple spots on his lungs.
His cancer was so far advanced; there was nothing
they could do.

A few days later he died.
The poor guy, retired from the military and had
spent his whole life serving his country, and
although he had a pension coming, because he was
diagnosed with lung cancer, his family was not
entitled to any money when he died.
Later they found out that if he had been diagnosed
with throat cancer, it would have been covered and
the family would be entitled to his entire
The doctors felt there was a good chance that he
actually had throat cancer and that it had
metastasized to his lungs, only at the time they
had no reason to run further tests.
Unfortunately, he was already gone by the time
they found out about the pension.
If only they had known earlier, maybe something
could have been done, if the results had proved it
was throat cancer, they would have received
100% of his pension.
The military knew the information, but didn’t
offer it and of course; it never occurred to the
family that such a thing could ever occur.
As a consumer, you’ve most likely experienced an
“If only I had known” situation a few times
in your life.

That old saying “If I’d only known” syndrome can
cost you much more than you would think.
I hear it every day in my office. If I’d only
known, I would have taken better care of myself,
If I’d only known I would have eaten better, or If
I’d only known I would have practiced those
exercises regularly.

Don’t let this happen to you. Take the action and
do what it takes to keep you healthy.
I have been doing Qi Gong for around 30 years.
When I first found out about it only a few people
were practicing in the USA or even knew about the
benefits of longevity, staying younger and the
proven anti-aging effect has had on people for
thousands of years is incredible.

I hear people saying, if I only knew what you were
saying years ago I would have practiced, but now
it’s too late.
It’s not too late at all, if you start practicing
on a regular basis you can get the Qi flowing in
your body and what follows Qi is blood filled with
rich oxygen.

Once you get a rich blood flow to all your organs
flowing properly you’ll enhance all your organs,
as well as your brain. It’s a no brainer, practice
and become younger! Or Sit on your duff and age.
There is never a best time to make this decision
as you will always have things going on. Let’s do
this now and get it handled for you so you can
start benefiting now. Order your copy today

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

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What choices will you make this year?

January 8th, 2013

What choices will you make this year?

Just last night, I received a call from Bryan
who lives in Northern California.
He has been wrestling with a multitude of problems
such as health, self-confidence, sexuality, money
and lack of knowledge on how to get out of the deep
hole he’s dug for himself.

Every time I suggested something he answered
with a phrase that blocked any positive input he said,
“Yes But” as if it were the cream in his coffee.
This went on until I had to stop the conversation
and point out that his “Yes BUT” answer was in the way
of making any movement and keeping him in the rut.

“Yes But” is a Killer Phrases that destroys ones
creative potential. I asked him if he was ready
to transform “Yes, But…” into “Yes, and…” and
ideas into reality!
Bryan’s self talk was blocking him on every level.
He was stuck knee deep in his own muck.
What ever you think about the most
is what you’ll bring into your life.

It makes no difference if it’s good or bad.
What ever you think about, say and talk about the
most often is what you will get… If you say,
“it’s going to be a bad day.” Guess what? It is!
On the other hand if you declare,
“it’s going to be a great day,
” it’ll be Great!

Brian wanted to tell me how his situation
blocked everything in his life. He went on
to tell me again, and again, and again that he had a
dysfunctional family. He doesn’t have any money or a job,
and he made sure that I knew that as he repeated it to me
3 or 4 times in the conversation.

“Many people are in a rut and a rut is nothing but a grave -
with both ends kicked out.”
Vance Havner quotes

I am 99 and 44/100% sure that the universe was listening
to his every word and following his instructions to the Tee.
He said, “I’ve been with depression and anxiety for as long
as I can remember. I’d say since about the age of 11 or 12,
and it’s only getting worse.” What he is really doing is
reinforcing his stuck situation and allowing the same dark
cloud to stay right over his head.

Self-talk can be the # 1 jamming process you do to yourself
or the it can be the key to having everything you want.
Over the past 25 years I have been teaching, coaching and
mentoring both individuals and groups on how to make
positive changes. It’s more than possible to
re-program oneself, and when you work with a coach
you can eliminate falling back into old patterns. You
make advancements quicker and have an objective
person moving you into what you want to be.

A coach can help pull you out of that rut.
No matter if it’s your health issues mentally,
physically, spiritually, or getting back on
purpose of reaching your true wants, needs
and desires. When we work one- on- one
there are major shifts that can happen
in ones life. A stronger bond is created
and a personal connection is established,
even if you are on the other side of the world.

Every month we have a personal Skype call, and go over
practices together. The goals to be accomplished and we
adjust them for maximum success; we look at where we are now,
where we want to go and how to do it… I have been working with
people outside of the box using meditation practices
and internal exercises like Qi Gong, Nei Gong and Shen Gong to
customize personal growth and health.

Your life can be easer and more powerful when you
can work at strategies with a teacher who comes
from a totally different tradition than most coaches.
Your choices may range from profound to trivial,
and each one has an effect that makes your life more fulfilling
or less fulfilling, more balanced or less balanced, that makes your
process of living more effective or less effective.
Coaching helps you learn how to make choices that
create an effective, balanced and fulfilling life.

As we work together we will connect your body,
head and your heart to help transform your hunger
for your dreams into action for your life. Take this
test and get a snap shot and see if the coaching
program is for you!

On a scale from 1 to 10, rate each of the following
statements: (if not applicable, score the item as a 5).
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1 0
Not at all Maybe Totally agree

• I am ready to create more balance in my life.

• I am ready to improve my sex life
and relationships.

• I am ready to make real and positive
changes in my life.

• I am ready to find and live my life’s purpose.

• I am ready and willing to overcome
self-limiting beliefs and behavior.

• I am ready to create plans and take action to
achieve my goals.

• I am ready to achieve a sense of fulfillment
at work and in my personal life.

• I am ready for more fun and pleasure in my life.

• I’d like to work smarter and make more money.

• I can benefit from someone who will help me
to stay on track.

What’s your total score?
Less than 33
 Coaching is not for you at this time.
33 to 64
 Coaching can assist you at looking at
your life from a different perspective, and help you
develop a plan to change what it is that you would like to transform.
If you decide to work with a coach and commit that you will
take the necessary action for your benefit, then it will be possible
for you to make lasting life-changing improvements.

Over 60
 Congratulations! You are ready for Coach!
You are willing to do whatever it takes to create the
life you deserve and desire. Please take a moment to
contact me right now for a FREE introductory
coaching session to find out what coaching can do for you.
This one click can change your life forever.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and Happiness

Dr. Wu Dhi

P.S. Don’t hesitate another moment click here

and fill out the questions.

We will set up a free personal coaching session!

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