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Are you gulping down enough water?

May 31st, 2013

Drinking water will eliminate a host of problems
for you.

The first thing to do when you jump out of bed in
the morning is to drink a quart of water as soon
as your feet hit the floor.

It will flush your stomach and gastrointestinal
tract. After a nights sleep we get dehydrated.
When you gulp down a quart of water first thing in
the morning, you flush the mucous and other
garbage from your stomach, intestines and kidneys,
and you will start to feel better with in days.

Drink water first thing as soon as you get out of
bed and you will feel the difference in every
aspect of your health.

When we are dehydrated we get sluggish, dizzy,
constipated and irritable. I have been doing this
for years. This is a great health habit done by
thousands all over the world and it is incredibly
powerful in improving digestion.

Another great time of the day to drink water is
during a strong workout in which you are
excessively sweating. Be careful not to drink too
much, a liter should be enough to feel energetic
and mentally alert.

images I
can’t stress to you how important it is to stay
hydrated. If I am not drinking water, I am
drinking green tea. It works as an anti-oxidant
and keeps your body hydrated.

As far as coffee goes, those diet and sugary
sodas, the sweetened waters, the sports drinks and
all of those other concoctions- Forget about it!
Most of them dehydrate you or stress your body
with sugar.

Water will help you lose excess body flab,
strengthen your immune system and make you

In addition to drinking green and white tea, make
sure you’re taking a daily supplement like the
Multi-Four from Qi Essentials. They come
individually packed so you can slip a package into
your pocket if you are not at home and they are
loaded with vitamins, minerals and fish oil.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

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A Vote of Encouragement

May 29th, 2013

I received a letter from Wendy this morning. She
has a group that provides resources and endorses
blogs to those looking to transform their life.

Just recently she wrote an article on the Top 50
Natural Blogs to provide her readers with a list
of what she believes are the top blogs in the
natural healing space and I was included.

Thanks Wendy!

Here is what she said about me.

“Dear Dr. Wu Dhi,

known world-wide and believe that my endorsement
will help you grow and spread a message we both
believe in.”

I really appreciate Wendy’s support and the
support from all of you.

I sincerely thank you for all your encouragement.

I wish you the best in your health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi,


If you enjoy reading turn
your friends on it! They will be happy you did!


Every Wednesday night at 7:00 pm
you are invited to the Qi Gong Meditation class
at our office at
18205 Biscayne Blvd #2214
Aventura, FL 33160

Call for more information: 305-407-0120

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Honor our Warriors

May 27th, 2013

Today is Unknown
To honor our men and women who have served our country and lost their lives fighting for ourFreedom. There have been so many wars and so much loss of life in the name of Freedom that it is overwhelming.
One would think that this time in the evolution of man we would all work together asa world to make things better for all of us.

To make sure that everyone has food and shelter and good health instead of working to take advantageof others. Now, I am not a communist and I don’treally care for the way communism runs, but it seems that people are so jealous and so envious of others in the name of their God that they try to take advantage of one and another.

I personally thank all of the fallen soldiers who served our country to make this a better place.
This Memorial Day like most Memorial Day’s people forget the meaning and Partayyy! Partayy means BBQ’s, Pina Coladas, going to the beach, hangingout and relaxing.

Take a moment out of your long weekend and remember somebody served our country to make this a beautiful and safe place.

Freedom is not Free.
It is like our health. You have to work for your health and fight for your health. You only remember it when it’s gone and then it’s too late.

This weekend I will have more free time than usualand for sure I am going to train, work out,stretch more and relax. I will spend some of my day in meditation, some in relaxation and try to open up on every level to make my life and the people I come in contact with,like you better.

I spend a lot of time putting together programsand teachings to educate all of us about our health, what the best exercises are and what nutrition would be the best for us in order to give us a healthy and happy life. If you all ready have some of my programs, take the time on this long weekend to practice and if you don’t own any get one or two now, go to

And click the tab on top that says programs. There is a detox program, The Polynesian Salt WaterPurification

that works so incredible and you can do it at the beach and feel great!

If you don’t h ave the Yin set already, it’s a download, and you can order it and have it right now. It is instant gratification that will work on your heart, your spleen, your lungs, the kidneys and the liver to keep you healthy, strong, happy,and most of all well-balanced. These are only two of the products that will make your life better.

I wish all of you a happy and safe Memorial Day!
Keep on Practicing!
Dr. Wu Dhi

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Having Faith that you will be directed to the right place

May 22nd, 2013

I really appreciate all of your great suggestions
on which car I should buy. You may know that I was
brought up in Detroit, “The Motor City”. Back in
the days when I was growing up, it was the car
capital of the world, the Headquarters of the Big
3- GM, Ford and Chrysler.

Living in Detroit mostly everybody was into cars
but I was an unusual kid more into the martial
arts, working out, meditation and longevity
practices. Cars never really interested me.

Maybe that sounds strange to you but I was really
hyperactive all the time with lots and lots of
undirected energy. Today they would have drugged me
with a number of ADHD medications like Wellbutrin,
Adderall and maybe some Ritalin to calm me down.
The list of drugs that they give kids today goes
on and on and it’s not especially healthy for them
in the long run.

Lucky for me, my Dad put me in martial classes and
when I got home from a 2 hour workout, I was ready
for a good nights sleep.

Mini-Cooper-Countryman-S-Images (3)
This was my start on the path to staying grounded in longevity
practices and meditations as well as becoming a teacher and a doctor

Anyway, let’s get back to the new car. I looked at
Hondas, Toyotas, Lexus’, Audi’s, Chevy’s,
Volkswagen and the new Cadillac’s. I finally
found the one I wanted.
It’s safe, strong sporty
fast and guess what?
The one I wanted drank gas like it
was still $1.00 a gallon and it just didn’t feel
right to be talking and teaching people to be
greener and not getting on the program myself.

I was beside myself as what to get and I was
starting to stress out about it to the point that
my focus and concentration was being disturbed.

I decided to drive to a dealership around 10 miles
from my office and just get a car and be done with

I was driving for over an hour, I thought I knew
where it was but I must have made a wrong turn
somewhere and when I called the dealer he said I
was still 20 minutes away. I pushed on and when I
got there I was at the wrong dealership but they
had a great selection of cars.

I walked around the showroom and the lot and then
I saw a cool looking car; a Mini Cooper
Countryman. It looked like a Mini on steroids, it
is much higher, longer and wider and this one had
a fuel-injected system. Really fast and handled
like a sports car, 27 miles to the gallon in the
city and over 35 on the highway. I ended up
getting the Mini and it’s fun to drive.

A Mini wasn’t what I was looking for and the
dealership wasn’t the one I thought I was going to
but it turned out this was the best car at the
best price and the best one I drove.

It’s the same with our health. We think we know
what we want and believe it will be the best for
us but, it takes a lot of searching and looking
around and sometimes we luck out and go to or do
the right thing and then you’ve got it.

We work years and years on our health, our studies and
getting educated. We want the best of the best for ourself
and our family.
It’s a must to avoid toxins mentally, physically and spiritually
if you want to have a healthy long life.

This kind of info is important to patients and
students. It’s all about staying balanced.
If you want to learn more, change your life and retard the aging process
join the Qi Gong Inner Circle today and I’ll send you DVD
filled with longevity secrets every month.
Join me and the members today

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

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The Formula for Ultimate Success

May 21st, 2013

Staying healthy and young is not something that
comes naturally. You have to work at it. Every
morning I get up and begin my training. I eat
healthy, stay well hydrated and stay away from
foods like sugar, breads and dairy. You may be
asking yourself, why?

The reason I stay away from foods like that is
because they do not give you the maximum amount of
energy. If I bought you a new Maserati for
$160,000 would you put the cheapest gas you could
find in that car?

Of course not, you would put in the best high
quality fuel that you could find. You would never
put in cheap fuel and why? Because it would make
your cool sports car run like a truck and yet, if
you are hungry and you stop by 7-11 and grab some
chips filled with trans fats, a genetically
engineered candy bar filled with corn syrup, or
some other strange item that you may think is fuel
for your system.

There are three rules that I follow:




images Make your
health #1 and put only the best fuel in your body
and in your Maserati.

When I train in the morning, I want to keep myself
balanced, healthy and strong. The Recharging Qi
Gong Program does all of that in the minimal
amount of time with the best bang for your buck!

Order Now!

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

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The 3 Rules of Longevity

May 17th, 2013

When I was in Michigan last week I ran into a high
school sweetheart who I hadn’t seen in over a
decade. She was sooo excited to see me she couldn’t
contain herself and before I knew what was
happening,she planted a big wet kiss right on my
mouth. She wanted to know what I was up to for
the last few decades and asked if I was doing some
kind of facial treatment or drugs. She said, “You
don’t have any wrinkles on your face, what are you

No, not the kind of drugs that make you feel
loopy, burn vital Qi, damage your organs and speed
up the aging process.

The kind of drugs she assumed I was on are the
kind you inject into your face. (You know the ones
I’m talking about, I won’t even mention them
directly as it might cause this email to be
flagged as spam.)

She said “You look great, and I’m turning into a
wrinkled old prune. Tell me what kind of
treatments you’re getting done and don’t lie to

I wasn’t offended. I took it as a compliment.

She doesn’t know any better. She never learned the
Qi Gong or any of the meditations from me.

What she may never know is that it’s not just the
upper half of me that’s looking good and working
great. I have Qi Gong exercises that keep my
manhood manly and I don’t use a drug for that

Qi Gong is good for a lot of things.

What she doesn’t know, like most Americans, is
that a few simple exercises (i.e. The Recharging
Qi Gong)

When done every day will be sufficient to keep you
looking WAY younger than the rest of your high
school classmates even 50 years after graduation.

Most Americans have been brainwashed into thinking
that the only way to get rid of wrinkles or start
looking younger is to inject your face full of
toxic goo or have the skin on your face cut.

I live and work in Miami Beach, and let me tell
you, it’s the world’s capital of surgical
augmentation and manipulation.

Any surgery you can imagine being done to a man or
woman in order to try and make them look young I
have seen done. And I know the catastrophic
results first hand.

Let me tell you how those things DON’T work.

Pay attention and warn your friends that may be
tempted to try and “fix” their face instead of
vitalizing the one they got.

If you put any kind of junk in your body that
doesn’t belong there, your body has to do extra
work to get rid of it.

The energy that should keep you full of child-like
enthusiasm is wasted on toxic clean-up.

Worse yet, people that get hooked on this stuff
end up deformed or looking like their face was
frozen in plastic.

Taking a knife to your face is only good for a

The tighter you stretch the skin and muscles over
you’re skull the more everybody is going to see
you’re skull, you don’t end up looking younger!

Even a little plastic surgery will end up looking
like goo, five years down the road.

There’s really only one path you want to take for
your own vitality and well being, this is how it

• Smile

• Breathe

• Drink water

• Eat good healthy “Food”

• Stretch

• Walk

• Run

• Play

• Meditate

• Sleep

Make time for all of the above every day of your
life and do it in a conscious and loving way.

What do I mean by that?

What I mean is:
Look at your body – every
inch of it,
Listen to your body – even when
it’s quiet,
And Love your body – it’s your
only true home.

These are the 3 L’s of longevity. I hope they
serve you well.

Wishing you Health, Wealth, and Happiness

Dr. Wu Dhi

PS: If you don’t have a copy of the Recharging Qi
Gong program

Order yours today. I have just printed the 4th
edition and there are only ½ of them left.

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Locked Out?

May 15th, 2013

imagesThis morning I tried to access my bank account
from my computer and guess what? I was locked out
– This isn’t good!

When you get locked out of anything, no matter if
it’s your house, your car or your bank account,
you know there is a problem that will cost you
time, energy and stress your body and mind.

Computer fraud and stealing identity these days is
happening way too often and when I was locked out
all the red flags popped up- Big Stressor!

One of my associates had someone steal his
identity a few months ago and before he knew it
someone had drained his bank accounts, opened
charges and was enjoying a holiday in France on my
friends’ expense.

Luckily he was able to recover his $50,000+ and
cancel all of his accounts. But it took days from
going to the police and making report after report
and calling every credit card he had to cancel and
change everything, his phone number, email
address, all the major cards and they even took
his frequent flyer numbers just to get back to
normal. It took days and you could see him aging
over night. So when I got locked out this morning
I freaked. I was at the bank as soon as they
opened and luckily for me it wasn’t a problem with
credit fraud. The bank’s computers were down for
an hour or so and that’s just when I decided to
log on.

Whatever it is in life we don’t want to get locked
out and when it comes to our health and well being
we want to be up on the cutting edge.

There are a few important things we all need to
beware of. For someone new to tell me that they’re
now on a gluten-free diet, because they can’t
tolerate eating bread, cookies, or cake anymore.
That’s a bummer!

I think the intolerant to wheat has to do with
the genetically modified toxins now in wheat, corn
and soybeans produces. Those products are now
literary unfit for human consumption. GMO wheat
is a perfect, chronic poison and it affects us
all. So if you think the food industry is
protecting our health, you’re dreaming. Read up on
GMO and what they are doing to your health.

Another important factor in staying healthy and
keeping your brain sharp is to take responsibility
for your own health. Read, study, practice and
learn all you can about the way your body and mind
functions. Beware of your diet, your exercise and
what your city and state are putting in the water
and air.

Qi Gong, Tai Qi and yoga are the exercises of
choice. They all work to protect the internal
organs keeping the body and mind flexible.

I have been practicing Qi Gong for over 30 years
and I am a living example that it works, if you work it.
I have friends, students and patients who practice
daily and guess what? They don’t take medicine,
they don’t have health problems and they feel 10
to 15 years younger than their actual age. The Qi
Gong works on the meridian system and keeps
everything flowing in the proper channels. As long
as Qi flows well in the meridians you will not
have blocked energy. Our blood always follows Qi,
brings oxygen and nutrients to our internal
organs. As long as our internal organs are healthy
we stay young and full of energy.

The key is in the consistency of your practice. I
can help you with that!

Start by getting involved! Join the Qi Gong inner
Today and we will get younger and healthier

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Returning to your Roots

May 15th, 2013

I was in the Motor City, “Mo Town”, my old stopping
ground and it’s spring! The air is fresh, the
trees all have new buds on them and the spring
flowers are all in bloom — it’s breath taking!
Michigan has four of the Great Lakes, 62,798
natural and man-made lakes and after a long cold
winter it seems like everyone who has a boat or a
jet ski is buzzing around the lake, all the
convertible tops are down and people have a big
friendly smile on their faces. As soon as I got
off the plane I headed downtown to the Detroit
Institute of Art. This is one of the top six
museums in the USA Founded in 1885.

The DIA’s collection is among the top six in the
Museum. It is the perfect place to meditate and
get grounded after a flight back into my past.
There are a few master pieces that I just want to
commune with. I haven’t seen them since I lived in
Michigan 40 years ago. The Mexican artist Diego
Rivera’s Detroit Industry, Rivera considered his
most successful work, and a rare Korean Head of

From there I am headed to an unusual place for
most of us the Cemetery In the west we don’t really
have ancestor practices like they do in Asia.
It’s a form of worship which is at the top of people’s
religious practices in China, but not a religion. The main
importance of this practice is the communicate with
your ancestor and to have reverences for the
wisdom of your elders. It extends back before
1000 BC.

I always go to visit when I return to the
homeland. My family tree goes back to Hungary and
the roots lie in both warriors and gold traders. I
bet they pillaged villages hundreds of years ago,
took the gold and went into business. No one told
me that but it sounds adventurous and romantic.

My practices are to show reverence for my
Unknown, and all my relationships.
I make offerings, thank them for
paving the way for me and ask deep inside for
their help and guidance in this life and the next.

If this kind of meditation and ritual work
interests you, join me and the members of the Qi
Gong Inner Circle
and I’ll send you a new DVD every month on a
different healing, ritual and meditation practices
to make your life richer.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi


When one returns home they have the opportunity to
reconnect with their roots and pull in good Qi from
their ancestors. When you are ready to work on
yourself on a deeper level, join me and the
members of the Qi Gong Inner circle.

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A Wealthy bit of Knowledge for Mother’s Day

May 10th, 2013

Early this morning my friend from Hawaii sent me a
picture of images-4, the famous Hindu elephant God
of wealth and wished me the best in health, wealth
and happiness.

I have seen the picture on t-shirts, little
statues and large woodcarvings for years and know
that Ganesh is the representation of Wealth.

I never really explored the true meaning of what
it symbolizes.

It’s always a good idea to open up to new things
and open up your mind beyond your comfort zone.
So I went to the web to look it up and here is
what I found out.

Ganesh the Elephant symbol of Wealth

When we look at the picture of a Hindu deity it
doesn’t mean a whole lot to us at all in the
western world, but to millions of people all over
the planet it has great spiritual symbolism.

1. The meaning of the elephant trunk- The strength
to uproot a tree as well as the finesse to pick up
a needle. Ganesh’s trunk symbolizes the fact that
the wise person has both immense strength and fine

2. The Large ears- The wise person hears all and
talks less.

3. The four hands- In one hand he holds a lotus,
the symbol of enlightenment. In the other hand he
holds a hatchet that severs old Karma. The third
hand holds a bowl of sweets the rewards of a wise
life, although the wise man is not attached to his
good deeds. His fourth hand sends blessings to

4.The broken tusk symbolizes the wise person is
beyond duality. The self and other duality is the
curtain keeping us from realizing our real Self,
beyond body and mind.

5. Sitting with one foot on the ground and the
other resting on his knee- Live on this earth, yet
not entirely of this Earth.

6. Seated on a rat- The wise person rides on his
senses and keeps them under control.

Ganesh governs life force and the Earth mother.

The Hindu mantra or prayer for Ganesh is “Aum
Ganeshaaya Namah

(Let wisdom be our guide).

This is usually chanted 108 times before starting
any important work or travel.

This week I’ll be traveling up north to visit my
93-year-old mother for Mother’s day. It’s a real
blessing to have my Mom around for all these
years. She is quite a character, well versed on
many subjects and well read. Mom is also quite a
conversationalist. She is up on the latest news
events, movies, and very social. She’s liked by
most, if you piss her off, you will just hear her
just saying, “that’s Charming” and walk away.

She used to tell us a story that before she was
sent to charm school she used to say “Bullshit” to
people when they pissed her off or they would go
on and on with their story. At charm school she
learned to say “Charming”. To this day she still
will always stop and listen to everyone’s story
with a smile on her face and often when she walks
away you often hear her say “that was just

I wish all the mothers a very happy mother’s day
and safe trips to all of you who are traveling and
remember when someone pisses you off let them know
how charming they really are.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi


We always want to push ourselves beyond our
comfort zones and learn something new. No matter
if it’s a new language, reading a new book or
learning a new way to exercise the body and mind.
Pick up a copy of the Flying Crane Qi Gong and
start retraining your brain.

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Do kids actually grow more in the summer?

May 8th, 2013

I was talking to my buddy Matt the other day and
we both noticed that in the summer kids seem grow
more than any other time of the year, they seem to
be the same size all year long and over the summer
they sprout up a few inches over night.

Maybe it’s because they get more sleep and
relaxation. They don’t have the stresses of
school, studies, peer pressure or are forced to
have constant supervision by parents and teachers.

They get a lot more sleep, more play time and
relaxation without the stresses and pressures of
the school year.

We all need down-time in order to have our body
and mind function to its peak. I know if I am
stressed or if don’t get a good nights sleep, my
mind doesn’t function as well and if I am
overworked or overloaded by too many projects that
aren’t being completed, I just don’t function as

Stress and sleep are big factors and can cause
major imbalances in the body, mind and even affect
our spirit. One of the major complaints I hear
from patients is they are stressed, filled with
anxiety and can’t get a good nights sleep.

images-3 is a common problem that takes a toll on
your energy, mood, health and ability to function
during the day. Chronic insomnia can even
contribute to serious health problems.

In order to properly treat and cure your insomnia,
you need to become an “Undercover Sleep
Investigator”. Emotional issues such as stress,
anxiety and depression cause half of all insomnia
cases but your daytime habits affect your sleep
routine, and physical health also plays a role.
Ask yourself these questions:

▪ Am I under a lot of stress?

▪ Do I feel depressed or feel emotional?

▪ Do I worry or feel anxious?

▪ Was there a traumatic experience that
wasn’t addressed?

▪ Are there any health problems that may
be interfering with sleep?

▪ Is your bedroom quiet and comfortable?

▪ Do you try to go to bed and get up
around the same time every day?

Following the rules can make a world of
difference in your sleeping patterns.

▪ Make your bedroom quiet,and dark.
Even those little lights on the phone
chargers and night lights can affect the brain and
disturb your sleep.

▪ Make a sleep schedule by going to sleep
at the same time every night. Our mind loves to be
on a scheduled pattern. Get up at your usual time
in the morning even if you’re tired. This will
help you get back in a regular sleep rhythm.

▪ Avoid stimulating activity and
stressful situations before bedtime. This includes
exercise, stressful discussions or arguments,
avoid TV, computer, and video games.

*Limit or avoid caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine. Stop
drinking caffeinated beverages if you want the
Sandman to visit you.

*Quit smoking or avoid it, nicotine is a

Some years ago I had a group of patients come into
my office with stress related problems. They all
knew better and knew how to eliminate the stress
but for some reason they were frozen in their

They agreed to work with me one day a week for 6
weeks and learn and practice the meditations in
the ‘Turn Stress into Power book

Every one of them reported better sleep, more
energy during the day and were able to handle
their stress much better.

This isn’t unusual. I receive calls from people
from all over the world asking for my help as both
a coach and a doctor just to get a good night’s
sleep. I started teaching more and more people
these easy to learn techniques on how to use
stress to your advantage.

You can learn and practice these easy to learn
techniques and apply meditations and exercises to
Turn your Stress Into Power today.

Order here:

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

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