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Got Gas?

August 28th, 2013

Mary Ann moved here from Argentina, started a
family, and for the last ten years or so
everything was going just fine. She felt safer and
adapted to life in the USA like a duck does to
water, and it helped that she moved to Miami since
almost everyone speaks Spanish. Mary Ann is a
perfectionist in just about everything she does
and has been very successful with everything she
put her mind to.

When she came in my office she hemmed and hawed
before she even told me what was going on. She
looked very healthy, young and in her late
twenties, with a great looking smile, beautiful
long black hair, she turned heads when she
walked into the room.

We talked for a long time and she told me that she
stopped dating, going to parties, didn’t really do
much shopping, or even going out into public. Mary
Ann has been going to the gym for years and loved
to stay in shape, but something happened 4 or 5
months ago and she has stopped all public actives.

I scanned her energy fields to see if I could pick
up something that was out of balance in her energy
body- the meridians or chakras, but I wasn’t able
to pick up much more than an imbalance in the
digestive system. Mary Ann is a worrier and she
worries all the time. In the middle of our
conversation she uncontrollably started to cry and
then told me her story.

“A few months ago for no apparent reason I
started to get uncontrollable gas. It happens
every time I eat anything and it smelled so bad,
and it’s really embarrassing.”

This is a problem for any of us, but to a young
woman this is also a total embarrassment as well
as a possible health problem. According to the
National Institutes of Health, the average person
passes intestinal gas 14 times a day and produces
about 1 to 4 pints of the stuff.

The foods we eat can be a factor in the production
of gas. The carbohydrates in some foods are not
completely digested in the small intestine. When
these undigested sugars reach the colon, they are
fermented by the bacteria that normally live in
the colon. This fermentation often results in gas.
The most common source of undigested carbohydrate
is lactose, or milk sugar, which is found in dairy
products. Intestinal bacteria step in to aid the
process and this fermentation causes gas.
Another common source of gas is beans. Beans
contain a sugar that cannot be digested by the
human intestine. Besides beans and dairy products,
many fruits and vegetables are gas producers.
Certain colon bacteria are capable of digesting
these substances, producing hydrogen, methane, and
carbon dioxide in the process. Excessive gas is
the result.

What can you do to Reduce Excessive Gas?
• Eat slowly and don’t talk while eating.
Chew your food thoroughly, instead of gulping it
• Increase your physical activity.
• Reduce your lactose products such milk
skim milk, and cottage cheese. Yogurt is usually
well tolerated by lactose- intolerant people.
• Avoid sorbitol and fructose. Sodas and
hard candies that contain sorbitol and fructose
sugars cause extra gas.
• Too much fiber will increase your gas,
especially if you increase the amount too quickly.
• Presoak dried beans and dispose of the
water. This helps remove the gas-causing starches.

The Chinese have an exercise that seems to work
great to eliminate embarrassing gasses.

images The system of Chinese nutrition is a
healing system that’s on its own. Not only is it a
healing system, but it is also a disease
prevention system. The great advantage of Chinese
medicine is it treats the whole person and not
just the disease. If you take a look at the
five-element chart, the elements are Fire, Earth,
Metal, Water and Wood. The metal element is what
rules the lungs and the large intestine. There is
a color for each element as well as a positive and
negative emotion. For example: the metal color is
white and the negative emotion is sadnes s and
grief, the positive is courageousness and valor.
When walking, we are moving energy in the body and
working the metal energy that works the lungs to
bring more blood and oxygen to our cells and the
large intestine that starts the peristaltic action
to move the toxins out of you body.

It’s been a few weeks now and she eliminated all
milk products, and beans. Mary Ann reports that
she walks at least 100 steps after every meal and
the tooting is just about gone. In fact, she came
to the beach with a few of her friends to learn
the other exercises to improve her digestion.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

PS. The exercises that I have been doing for the
past 30 years work on your internal organs to
improve their function and rid the body and mind
of toxins that will age you long before your time.
Getting involved in these programs will improve
your health and well-being quicker than any other

I suggest you start out with the Flying Crane Qi
Gong and after practicing for 90 days, write me
and I will be more than happy to guide you into a
better you.

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Using Signs and Events to See Your Future

August 26th, 2013

phsyic If your toilet backs up and your
house or office stinks, there is a good chance
that something or someone is really off base and
should be removed as soon as possible. I’ve heard
that if a bird poops on your head it’s good luck,
however, I don’t believe that for one second, it

Just the other day, I was home writing and editing
a DVD that I was producing on the Shen set to open
up the spiritual centers. The exercises involve a
lot of leg strength as well as the working of the
three inner locks. The sex lock, the diaphragm
lock and the neck lock. These secret yoga
exercises are part of the longevity practices that
only a few students ever see and fe w get to learn
or practice, ones my guru past them down to me
years ago.

I stayed home that day and wrote and practiced for
hours, it was a good day. I had a patient to see
at my office around 5:30 in the afternoon, and
when I left my house it was a few minutes after 5
O’clock and I arrived at my office right on time.
I took the elevator to the second floor and my
assistant ran up to see me before I came inside
and explained that there was a flood in the
bathroom and the office. She said, “It was a
mess, the plumber was here and just finished at
4:30. It was a stinking mess for a few hours and I
should be thankful that I missed the disaster and
the smell. We got it all cleaned up before you
came.” I was happy to hear I missed the entire
stinking event.

Now that the mess was cleaned up, we have to look
into what the internal problems are in the office.
Is it the new people who draw blood and take
fingerprints? Are we attracting the wrong kind of
patients? Is there something that needs to be
cleaned up? Are all the files in order?

What ever it is, I’ll start looking more closely
and paying more attention to what I need to order,
what laws and rules I need to follow, who I bring
into the office and what I share with them.
Although I personally missed the disaster, I’ll
use it as a warning sign to clean up my own mess
both at home and the office.

I was lucky I wasn’t there to deal with the she-it
part, but it is a wake up call to put everything
in order before the she-it hits the fan.

When this kind of stuff happens in your life don’t
ignore it. Look around and see what needs to be
put back in order, what possible blockages you may
have and get them fixed ASAP.

If you want a really good way to put your life in
proper order pick up a copy of the Magic Square

This will give you the secrets to the Chinese
system of life, goal setting and a formula to
bring good luck and fortune into your life.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

PS. Reach into your pocket and get out the credit
card right now and get this program. Don’t wait
for the Shi-it to hit the fan in your life.

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How to Maintain Your Balance

August 23rd, 2013

The sun’s magnetic field is just months away from
reversing. Get ready, we are about to have
enormous effects in the solar system.
The sun’s magnetic field changes polarity
approximately every 11 years. The last one was
around 2002 when Mount Nyiragongo erupted in the
Democratic Republic of the Congo, displacing an
estimated 400,000 people. We also had an
earthquake in wester n Iran measuring 6.5 on the
Richter scale killing more than 261 people.

During a magnetic field reversal, “the sun’s polar
magnetic fields weaken, go to zero and then emerge
again with the opposite polarity.”
There are already signs of the reversal happening,
and this time there’s a twist: the sun’s two
hemispheres are out of sync, with the North Pole
already beginning to change and the South Pole
racing to catch up. That means that for now, at
least, the sun effectively has two South Poles.
What Does a Reversal Mean?

images As the Earth orbits the sun, our
planet dips in and out of the wavy current and the
transitions can s tir up stormy space around us.
This may affect the cloudiness and climate of
Earth. As far as our mental, physical and
spiritual balance – hold on.

If you aren’t doing yoga, Tai Chi, meditation or
Qi Gong your world may start to seem upside down for the next few
months or more.

Balance is the key!

It is a critical time to stay centered.
I have been doing the Flying Crane Qi Gong

and the Yin Set

and will continue until 2014.

Don’t hesitate for
one more moment get on board while you can.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and Happiness

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Are You A Taker or A Giver?

August 21st, 2013

We all like getting something for free, but would
you take it if it endangered others? Some do and
don’t give it a second thought.

I was in the lobby in a very busy office building
the other day waiting for a friend to have lunch
with; she was late so I was there for around 20
minutes before we met up. It was around 12:30
and it looked like the Grand Central
Station with all the people pouring into the

That’s when I overheard a conversation from
a group of women probably in their twenties. Some
were dressed to the nines and others in scrubs,
all talking at once in a very loud voice. One was
boasting to her friends about how she is “working
the system.” She said, “Girl, I free food,
money, free medical care, free child care and
everything else I can get from the government, and
they don’t know it but both me and my man have
good paying jobs, we just don’t report it. Ha-Ha.”

Then they all walked over to McDonald’s for lunch.
Little does she know the system is working her.
She thinks she is getting the so-called free ride.
The free medical care system is filling her family
up with vaccinations that can cause a host of
developmental problems with her kids, and the
drugs she is or will be taking for high blood
pressure, cholesterol and anxiety from the poor
choices she had made with her diet will bite her
in the back side sooner or later.

The free childcare is not care at all they are
feeding the children milk, cookies, sweet treats
and keeping them as unconscious as their mother.
All of this free stuff will be destroying her
health and most likely both her and her man will
get some disease like cancer, a heart condition
and definitely some major mental problems are
coming her way if the government pulls any of her
benefits away.
Sounds horrible don’t it?
The worst part is the society has her pegged as a
taker not a giver. This kind of poverty thinking
(I’ll beat the system) will keep her there and her
family for a long time.

Don’t be a poverty thinker. Don’t get pegged as a
girl Are you ready for a complete
transformation? Get started now; make it a
priority to make your life better today.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

PS You can change anything you want to, just start

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Longevity Walking Add Years to Your Life

August 19th, 2013

My early morning training involves walking; in
fact I walk every day for at least 30 minutes.
Sometimes it’s fast other times it’s a slow
meditation walk and I always include at least 250
steps backwards. You may be asking yourself, why

When you walk backwards it brakes up different
patterns in your body and mind. The more different
possibilities you add to your body and or mind
makes you more flexible, improves your balance and
gives you a new way of looking at the world.

When I was in China I would see people walking
every morning in the parks and many of them were
walking backwards. I asked my Master, “Why are
they walking backwards? Was it a meditation, some
kind of Chinese exercise or what?” He laughed and
explained in his best English, “It’s for many
things, walking backwards not only improves your
balance, but it opens up your vision and
strengthens the kidneys and relieves back and knee
pain.” I tried it and was amazed at how well it

Try it !

You will be surprised how fast your body will heal
and how much sharper your mind will become.
Walking no matter how you do it can make a big
difference in your health picture. Even just
taking a short walk for 30 minutes a day cuts the
chances of becoming diabetic by more than half.

The Benefits of Walking:
• Cuts the risk of stroke by more than 25 %
• Reduces hypertension
• Walk ing cuts the risk of cancer
• Women who walk have a 20 % lower possibility of
getting breast cancer
•Improves the immune system
• Men who walk 30 minutes a day have a
significantly lower level of prostate cancer
• Strengthens the heart
• Strengthens bones
• Improves the circulatory system
• Generates positive neuro chemicals
• When you walk every day, your body is healthier
and stronger. A single 30-minute walk can reduce
your blood pressure by five points for over 20
• Reduces the risk of blood clots in your legs
• Walking helps the body heal quicker. It keeps
the body healthy. It improves our biological
health, our physical health, our psychosocial
health, and helps with our emotional health.
Walking will add year’s to your life and a smile
to your entire being.

Walking is just one of the ways I stay young and
healthy, add the Qi Gong, meditation and proper
diet and your chances of a long healthy life will
increase by 50% or more.
I’ll teach my students how to do, what to do, and
why we do it in the Qi Gong Inner Circle

Join us today and get on with it ASAP.
Hurry, your time is running out!
Find out more here

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Is the Spirit Word really real?

August 16th, 2013

Is the Spirit world really rea

I got an email from Larry this morning. Here is
what he said, “Dr Wu Dhi you are really full of
it. Spiritual hitchhikers where do you come up
with this kind of BS?
There is no such thing as a spirit and even if
there were what makes you think they can grab on
to someone’s energy and suck them dry. You must
have seen too many sifi movies or read too many
Lar, thanks for writing and sharing your views
with me.
In the west we haven’t put too much attention on
the spirit world, although if you have been
watching TV lately there seems to be a lot of
interest in ghosts, sprits and that kind of
phenomena. We actually encounter spirits daily,
in the form of emotional upsets. We have
different names for it in the west, sometimes they
appear as nightmares, or a split personally
disorders. (If it looks like a duck, swims like a
duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is
a duck).
The emotional unrest of traumas, low self-esteem,
depression, fear and rage are the feeding ground
for both demon and spirits.
The spirit or demon becomes attached to the person
drawing energy and substance from their release of
negative emotions. This can occur from a multitude
of things:
• Improper meditations
• Misguided hypnosis
• General anesthesia
• Drugs or alcohol abuse
• Deep emotional of physical traumas
• Tantric sex with the wrong individual
• Exposure to places that are haunted b

    imagesy evil
    • The practice of black magic

    The first thing a demon seeks is to fulfill its
    sensual appetite. It could be sex, rage, or
    emotional addictions all of these are food for a
    spirit; they can even set up camp in your home or
    office before you realize it. That unwanted
    hitchhiker could be living with you and you may
    not know it.
    If you are noticing a lot of drama and emotional
    upset you could very well be feeding a spirit and
    be loosing your own energy.
    As a doctor of Medical Qi Gong I see a lot of this
    stuff causing havoc with patient’s health, loss of
    Qi, bad relationships and misdirected energy, even
    financial ruin. It can just seem like a streak of
    bad luck but I believe that there is much more to
    it. People from all walks of life need to have
    their energy in balance to avoid sickness and ill
    effects on their family and business.
    If you ever need this kind of special work done
    contact me and we can have a conversation and see
    if it’s right for you.


    I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

    Dr. Wu Dhi

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Are you in a Spiritual crisis?

August 16th, 2013

Sam called me and seemed troubled. This isn’t
typical of him at all. He is a swimmer and is
usually in great shape! He is very active in the
community as a teacher and contributes both his
time and resources to help others. When I saw him
he said, “I am going through a spiritual crisis. I
feel that I am losing my spiritual roots, I don’t
feel like myself, I am losing my connection with
the work that I have devoted my life too.” Sam
works as a priest and helps whenever and where
ever he can. I was flattered that he came into see
me for some help.

I know what he’s going through. I had a few
spiritual crisis’ myself over the years. Sometimes
it comes from over work or stresses. You push too
hard or get tempted by the worldly things or the
flesh and before you know it you get lost on the
path resulting in a drying up of spiritual insight
and perception.
A Spiritual crisis can come from one of the follow
-Not sharing emotional and spirit ual insights with
colleagues that work with you in the same field.
-Getting into a rut from performing repetitions in
your meditations. (Like doing the same practices
mechanically with no true spiritual energy behind
-No divine hook-up. Working with others and
forgetting to connect to spirit. This will
definitely drain you.

-Worry, struggle and blame (the three poisons). If
you have a hidden agenda or you are too rushed it
will disturb your meditation, drain your power and
can cause spiritual burn out.

-Getting caught up in guilt, self-blame shame,
lack of gratitude all these can result in the loss
of spiritual vision.
One must connect to the divine, be open, honest to
receive and send.

When you’re involved in spiritual work no matter
if it’s with a group or your individual practice
there are rituals that can include a trance like
state, communications with your ancestors and
different deities, and even sacred drumming and
dance. I have found similar practices in the
Native American, The Tibetan Buddhists, and the
Taoists practices and even in the Jewish and
Christian practices. It’s never about the dogma or
the politics of the church when it comes to spirit
although some groups may want you to believe that
it just not true.
I have studied and personally worked with many
different groups over the years and if you can
follow the different practices of any spiritual
group it all seems to lead to the same place, A
Devine energy that opens you up and makes your
life better. Spirit is much more than a group of
people getting together to pray and do social
I practice daily and teach the members of the Qi
Gong Inner Circle the fastest and direct route to
opening up spiritually.
Join us in opening up your internal centers

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Smoking is hateful to the nose, harmful to the brain, and dangerous to the lungs

August 14th, 2013

Carla turns three years old this November, a
pretty little girl with smiles from ear to ear.
Unfortunately for her, both of her grandparents
smoke 2 to 3 packages of cigarettes a day! They
don’t smoke in front of the little girl though,
her mother told me they are closet smokers.

You’d wonder what they are thinking or if they are
thinking at all. It’s all over the news, on TV
even the shock jocks are telling how dangerous
smoking is for us and the second hand smoke is
just as bad.

What’s wrong with smoking?
-It robs your body of oxygen
-It prevents your immune system from repairing it
-It kills the taste buds
-Can leave your appetite in Shambles
-Impairs digestion
-Can Open you up to a host of Cancers

Timages What makes
tobacco harmful are the chemicals and toxins used
in the manufacturing of cigarettes, even the paper
has been found to be carcinogenic. The toxins from
smoking gets stored in fat tissue that we have and
when combined with a high fat diet you are
building a time bomb inside your body.

I see at least a dozen patients a week for the
acupuncture to stop smoking program and it works
75% to 80% of the time. If the person really wants
to stop it works 98% of the time. Hopefully the
grandparents will wake up and get to smell the
roses before it’s too late.

But this isn’t what I wanted to talk to you about
today. I want to tell you a little more about
Carla. She spends a lot of time with her grand
parents and even though they trying to curb the
smoking around her she gets enough second hand
smoke that the little girl developed a cough and
no matter what her mother did she couldn’t shake
it loose.

The mother took her to the pediatrician and Carla
was diagnosed with the croup. (Croup is a
condition that causes an inflammation of the upper
airways — the voice box and windpipe it often
leads to a barking cough or hoarseness.) Of
course the entire family was concerned and
followed the doctor’s advice to the letter.
We all bend over backwards when it comes to the
health of our children.

Here is the scary part:
They picked up the medicine and followed the
instructions -take 15cc, 3 times a day, just like
it says on the label. The child was rushed to the
hospital for a drug over dose. The instructions on
the bottle were wrong, just about dead wrong.
The correct dosage was 5 cc 3 times a day. Lucky
for everyone the child is recovering. The
pharmacist wrote down the wrong instructions. This
happens more times than you would ever image.
That’s why I prefer the alternative healthcare to
western medicine, homeopathic medicine, eating the
right foods for your health and doing internal
exercises to strengthen your organs.
Yes that includes your sexual organs as well. Join
me and the members of the Qi gong Inner Circle in
a quest to stay young and healthy

Carla recovered and is back to smiling from ear
to ear.

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Finding Money at your Feet

August 9th, 2013


A few days ago I was walking by the ocean and on
my way back home I saw an empty plastic bottle in
the sand. Unfortunately, there is a lot of plastic
that washes up on shore every day. Whenever I
find trash on the beach I’ll stop to clean it up.
Although it pisses me off that people just leave
their trash there and think that it will magically
disappear, I guess they are not really thinking at
I picked up a few handfuls of trash and I dumped
it in the trash container that wasn’t more than 30
steps away. Right next to the trash was a $5.00
bill just waiting to be picked up.
A lucky day for me indeed! In fact this week was a
good one as far as being lucky.
You have it within your power to create your own
It’s about recognizing that there’s far more in
life that is for you than against you.
Want to be really “Lucky”? Start looking outside
the box; believe that good luck is sure to come
your way. Believe in yourself, take a few more
chances in your own behalf and adopt an optimistic
view of life. Focus on what you want, not on what
you don’t want.
Whatever you put your attention on the most is
what you will get. You may call it Providence
moving in your favor. It doesn’t matter what the
heck you call it; what matters is that you embrace
the concept that if it is to be, it is up to you.
Here are a few tips for making your life a Lucky
1. Pulling in Good Luck- Invite lady luck to sit
at your table. If you think of yourself as a
winner, you become a winner. Adopt the mindset of
a winner. If you want to succeed think of yourself
as winning long before you ever finish the race.
That’s the key element of Luck!
2. Look for the opportunity at every turn. Life
can be a joy or a burden, you are the chooser.
Choose to have good things, good people and good
luck in everything you do.
3. Yin and Yang -Things are always moving from
light to dark and dark to light as you open up
more internally you can see that energy is just
energy, no good or bad just an opportunity to act
and accomplish what you want to have or be.

4. See Yourself differently than ever before –see
yourself as unique, magical, and unstoppable. It’s
better to be insane than out of sane
5. Listen to your inner voice- if you have a
hunch, go with it. You will know what to do, just
do it!
“Find a Penny, pick it up. All day long, you’ll
have good luck.”
In ancient times, people believed that metal was a
gift from the gods, and would give you protection
from evil.
Make your own Good Luck and join the Qi Gong Inner
and every month I’ll send you a new teaching on
I have been sharing this sacred work since May of
2007 with members of the Qi Gong Inner Circle from all over the
world. The group grows larger every month and
people are busting out of their old shells and
growing mentally, physically and spiritually. The
body of this work has its roots in the Tibetan and
Taoist schools of internal arts, meditation and
healing techniques.
Join today! Become a member of the Qi Gong inner
I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi
I have 23 blessed power protection amulets from my
last visit to Putuo Shan Island in China. If you
become a member of the Qi Gong Inner Circle this
month of JULY I will send you one. People ask if I
can sell them one. Absolutely NOT!
But Join the Qi Gong Circle and I’ll gift you one.

No other offers are valid with this one.

Dr. Wu Dhi

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What’s happening to the health of Americans?

August 7th, 2013

imagesAs a nation we are getting sicker and the drug
companies are smiling all the way to the bank.
If you have been watching any TV you can’t help to
notice the commercials by the drug companies. They
ask you if you are having a problem with this or
that, then they tell you how bad that is, then
come their magic pill that will fix you. While you
are thinking about how nice it would be to feel
good that’s when the soft sweet voice comes on and
tells you something like this – You may experience
very stiff (rigid) muscles, high fever, sweating,
confusion, fast or uneven heartbeats, feeling like
you might pass out; agitation, hallucinations,
fever, overactive reflexes, tremors; nausea,
vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, feeling
unsteady, loss of coordination; or headache,
trouble concentrating, memory problems, weakness,
fainting, seizure, shallow breathing or breathing
that stops. Also Common side effects may include:
drowsiness, dizziness, tired feeling; mild nausea,
stomach pain, upset stomach, constipation; dry
mouth; changes in appetite or weight; sleep
problems (insomnia); or decreased sex drive,
impotence, or difficulty having an orgasm.

You would think that this would be illegal to
advertise drugs to an uneducated public and that
anyone giving the public these kinds of drugs
would be put away for quite a long time. Well
guess what, they have come up with enough money
and power to buy off even our government and the
agencies that are supposedly watching out for your

In the USA we are looking for a quick fix.
A quick fix is just a temporary solution not a
cure, not a fix, just a patch that will hold for a
short time and then a serious blowout.

If you want to have good health for a long time
and a quality life there are some simple rules to
1. Take most refined foods out of your diet
2. Stop eating caned goods
3. Pass on soda, artificial sweeteners and stay
out of the bakery shops.
4. Boil it, broil or bake your food. Stop eating
deep fried foods
5. Fast food is a way to get sick fast

1. Drink purified water at least 48 oz. a day
2. Eat fruits, fresh squeezed juice and
vegetable juice

Proper Exercise
1. Qi Gong
2. Tai chi
3. Yoga
4. Walk or hike
5. Stretch
6. Body weight exercise (push ups, dips, pushups
and jump rope)

I specialize in longevity medicine, I practice
longevity medicine, I live longevity medicine. I
eat right, stay hydrated and practice Qi Gong
daily. If you are ready to join me in staying
young, spend a weekend with me in Florida. I’ll
teach you the Taoist and Tibetan secrets of
longevity. We will explore your internal health,
your blood work, and your diet and give you
prescription exercises to keep you healthy. You
will receive treatments in acupuncture, medical Qi
Gong, applied kinesiology train with me daily and
learn the meditation practices customized to your

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

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