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September 30th, 2013

IMG_4627Although it seemed like just yesterday, it was
about 25 years ago when I was living on a small
island in the middle of the South Pacific. Maui.
Every autumn, the Asian community observed a
six-day celebration. It started three days before
the fall Equinox and lasted for three days after
it’s over. The Six-day ritual is used to
acknowledge the six perfections:

• Generosity
• Observance of the Precepts
• Perseverance
• Effort
• Meditation
• Wisdom
There is a saying in the Orient that, a person
needs all six before he goes from this shore of
Samsara (The endless cycle of suffering caused by
birth death and re-birth) to the further shore or

IF you haven’t heard of Nirvana it is the place
free from suffering and individual incredible
existence, the ritual includes repentance of past
sins and prayers for enlightenment in the next

It’s a time for The Performance of positive deeds,
which are greater to those practiced at any other
time of the year. As well as making offerings to
ancestors. These good deeds become a great
blessing enabling one to reach “the other shore.”
The Autumnal Equinoxes, are the Ideals for
reflecting on the meaning of life.

Ancestral practices aren’t part of Western Culture, but when
trying to shift directions in my life and things
seem impossible to accomplish, I focus my
meditation on my ancestors and call on them for
help and guidance, to stay on the right path.
Autumn is here the day and night are equal in
length right now but soon we will have more
darkness than light as winter arrives.

In the Chinese five-element system it’s the metal
element that’s most active, ruling the lungs and
large intestine.

You may notice more colds, coughs and skin
disorders for a few months. Emotionally speaking,
this phase is about letting go of grief, sadness,
old attachments and emotional baggage.

On the positive side the metal element brings in
Valor, Courage and a time to Move Forward in life.
That’s exactly what I am focusing on, moving
forward and getting things done.

I have increased my workout time and I am
practicing both morning and evening. The best
times to train are at sunrise and sunset. If you
don’t own a copy of the Recharging Qi gong program
get it today:

and train twice a day for the next three months.

You will be blown away by the results.
It’s also the time to set your goals I suggest
picking up a copy of the Magic Square workshop
this will give you formulas to balance your life
on 9 different domains.

I wish you the best in Health Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

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The Chinese Connection

September 27th, 2013

The Chinese Connection

In 1994 I was in China and met some incredible
doctors and healers. They were so in tuned to
people they could pick up what was going on with a
patients’ health problems, what traumas they had
throughout their life and even their emotional
problems and they did all of that just by reading
the pulse or scanning the body using Medical Qi

The treatments and healing that I saw were
amazing and I was one of the fortunate ones to
learn some real secrets that are not usually
shared with outsiders.
Here is how my trip began: I had already finished
my formal studies of acupuncture and herbs and was
working double shifts at the clinic and South
Shore Hospital. We would see around 30 people a
Dr. Fu was the head of our clinic, a brilliant
doctor who moved here from Harbin, China. We
became friends very quickly and spent days working
together in the clinic and usually met up a few
times a week for dinner or a drink.
He was newly married, but his wife was still in
China and wasn’t expected to move to the USA until
the end of the year.
When she arrived we went to pick her up at the
Miami International airport. She was a cute
Chinese girl that didn’t speak a word of English,
in fact this was her first trip outside of China.
For the next few months we spent a lot of time
together -going to dinners, visiting all the fun
things in Miami, like South Beach, the museums,
Parrot jungle and for sure the beach.

Before long they started a family. Dr. Fu was
working full time and hardly had a moment to
himself or his young wife. He called me and asked
if I could do a big favor for him. I said what
ever it is you can count on me. He said, “This is
a big one.” I thought he needed to borrow money or
something like that, but that wasn’t it.
He asked me if I would be willing to go to the
Lamaze birthing classes with his wife. At first I
thought he was kidding, but he wasn’t. I just told
him, “what ever it is you can count on me”, so I
couldn’t very well say no.

The following week I was off with a young pregnant
woman who hardly spoke a word of English to a
six-week birthing class.
Everyone in the class thought she was my wife and
why wouldn’t they? Who goes to birthing classes
but husbands and their wives?

It turned out to be a lot of fun for all of us.
It was getting close to her due date and her
parents flew into Miami to be with their daughter
just before the birth. I met the parents and her
father invited me to come to China to study with
him. He’s the head of the Heilongjiang University
and a very prominent doctor at the hospital. I
thanked him very much and said the next time I
come to China I’ll be sure to look him up. At that
time I had no intention of going to China.

It was a year later and I received another call
from Dr. Fu. He asked if I wanted to travel with
his wife and now their one-year-old son to China
and work with his family.

I was honored that he asked me and I agreed to go.
The trip was a long one. We left Miami at night
and arrived in California early in the morning and
after a few hours layover the three of us were on
an 11 hour flight. We arrived in Beijing, China
had dinner and went to sleep.

At 6 o’clock in the morning there was a loud knock
on my door. They arranged a tourist guide to show
me all the sites and I had to be ready in ½ hour.
Exhausted or not we were off to the Forbidden
City, the Great Wall, the Temple of Heaven and The
Summer Palace.

There was so much I could hardly take it all in
and after an 18 hour trip I was ready for some
more sleep. The next morning I left for Harbin on
the train and didn’t arrive until the next day.
Harbin, China didn’t look anything like I
imagined. The architecture looked more like Russia
than China. I was assigned to the department of
the hospital that handled stroke patients. We saw
80 to 100 patients a day; it seemed like an
acupuncture factory. I had no idea that one could
see so many patients in a day but we did week
after week.

To keep myself in balance I was up every morning
at 5 and in the park practicing Flying Crane Qi
Gong. After a few months I told the Qi Master that
I missed doing my Qi Gong by the ocean. Hooked at
me with a puzzled look and said, “so practice
under a tree.”

This was a good lesson, images Join me and keep yourself healthy
and balanced

Order Flying Crane Qi Gong today

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Taoist sexual practices

September 25th, 2013

There are genes that we have that will increase
the dopamine in our brain- The pleasure circuit,
but is it just seeking pleasure, or fulfilling a
need? Sex can be good for your health or
can be a draining frustration experience. We all
want to be satisfied. It’s not just for one partner
or the other. If it was it won’t be long before your
mate strays. Most of us haven’t taken classes in
“How to Do It” and how to get the most out of your
sexual experience.

We either learn from trial and error or maybe we
are lucky enough to have a lover who knows what to
do and shares their knowledge.
I knew a woman that never had a real orgasm with a
man and there are men that cum so quickly they end up
frustrated and their partner isn’t interested in them any more
or they are cheating or engaging with prostitutes or other anti-social
behaviors to try and fulfill their Manhood or woman’s needs.

We all want to be fulfilling and for the most part we want our
lovers to be satisfied as well.

Many years ago I was at a seminar on Taoism love making secrets.
The program was a 6 weeks intensive. They
started with an early morning meditation, and
there were lectures, practices and demonstrations
all day long on Qi Gong, Internal exercises,
healing practices, diet, alchemical formulas and
the Taoist sexual practices.
The classes were packed. The teachers explained how you can get
more energy every time you made love. Things like: building your
sexual muscle, how to retain an endless erection
and the pleasuring of your mate with mutable

When that class was finished I still had a head
full of questions. I decided to meet with one
the woman teachers if I could. Luck was on my side
she was more than willing to share all the inner secrets.
I asked her if I could ask her
some personal questions and when she said yes, I
asked her when she was with her husband; she
stopped me there and said, I am not married. I
apologized and said, when you are with your boy
friend; again she stopped me and said. I am not in
a relationship at this time. This seemed like a
good opportunity for both of us. After a lot of
questions and answers we both agreed to work together
for six months and see each other every other
The experience was revealing for both of us.
When on puts these teachings into practice they
opened up centers that we never knew
existed and opened up many of the barriers that we
unconsciously hold on to.

The experience was an incredible one and inspired
me to teach and share these teachings with others.

You can learn the best of the best practices for
your health, longevity, well-being and sexual power
by getting Dr. Wu Dhi’s Sexual Qi Gong Program

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

I only have 25 of these programs in stock and will
not be making any more until 2014. If you want
to become a better lover order today.

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What the heck is a Shen disorder?

September 23rd, 2013

You may be wondering what exactly is a Shen
disturbance or Shen disorder and how it can affect
you. What your traditional doctor calls a ‘mental
illness,’ or ‘psychiatric disorders,’ Chinese
medicine calls that a Shen disorder.

The term Shen
has a wide range of meaning, and may refer to:

• A persons spirit -the aliveness of mind
• The psycho-spiritual aspect of the Heart, as
the heart rules the mind
• The liveliness and sparkle in one’s eyes, or
the color in one’s complexion are good indicators
if your Shen is good or not.

When I think of a Shen disorder, it most often
is about our spirit, either as a reference to the
whole psycho-spiritual nature of a person, or as
the spirit which resides in the heart. When you’re
in love, your Shen is usually good and when you
experience emotions of jealousy your Shen is most
likely out of balance and disturbed. Each organ
system in Chinese medicine has a psycho-spiritual
component to it.
Here is a list of things that you could experience with a Shen problem
1. Kidneys- fear, fright and the lack of courage
2. The Lung- has to do with depression sadness and
3. Spleen –Worry, it controls focused thought
4. Liver –anger, Indecisiveness, confusions, lack
of courage and rage
5. Heart –Anxiety and restlessness

Unknown-1 If there is an imbalance in an organ
there is an imbalance in the Shen and vise versa.
The Shen is the spirit of the Heart organ and
governs all the other psycho-spiritual elements of
the body. It enables a person to be calm and have
a good sense of humor, and plays a big part in
your creativity and expression of love. When the
Shen becomes disturbed, one may experience
delirium, anxiety, nervousness and del usional
behavior. To balance Shen disorders the Shen must
be rooted again by anchoring the Shen, and enables
the healing of the Spirit.

Treating these conditions involves working at
several levels at the same time. The symptoms must
be eased, whether they are anxiety, worry, fear or

The eradication of ‘mental illness’ is possible
without drugs but it’s a project and takes time.
I believe we can heal anything if we feed it with
the right diet, exercise and treatments, any
condition can be improved substantially, or
eradicated altogether with the right program.
I’ll use treatments of acupuncture and herbs but
most often the Medical Qi Gong is the key to
releasing the blockages and restoring the body,
mind and spirit to health again.

Call the office at 305-407-0120 and set up an
appointment today, if you are not able to come to
Florida we can set up a long distance treatment.
We will meet on Skype to go over your condition
and symptoms and determined a treatment plan that
will work for you.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Look to the Sky

September 20th, 2013

This full moon will be the brightest Wednesday night
and will be full on Thursday the 19th of September.
They say it’s a strong “karmic” moon where we are
challenged with stuff from our past.
It’s also the harvest moon that night.
The harvest moon gets its name by being so bright
that it helped farmers work late into the night to
harvest their crops.

But don’t worry you will have a lot of energy to complete
the things you need to do.
If there is something that you have out grown let it go
it’s a time to free yourself of all your bad habits.

This full moon is the last one before the Autum equinox
arrives on Sunday, September 22, and officially brings
in the fall season .
It’s a great time to prepare for the new season and 
your goals.
Take a good look at the new habits you want to create.

“Good Luck= Knowing what you want and working toward it”.

-Dr. Wu Dhi

As you know the fall is a busy time for everybody.
There is a lot going on
at my Miami office and
Golden Skies Productions, my web
Everything is going well, new product, classes
much more will be announced soon.

I am teaching a meditation class every Wednesday
at 7pm at
my office 18205 Biscayne Suite 2215
Aventura, Florida. 
If you are in the area
make sure you come by, 
you’ll be glad you did. 

The fall is the time that colds and flus are in the air.

Keeping your neck covered will help to avoid wind invasion.
It’s time to build up your
 immune system and
keep healthy and stay healthy.

Call Anastasia and book an appointment today
for your fall tune up. (305) 407-0120

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth
and Happiness

Dr. Wu Dhi

PS. I have a lot more to share with you,

but my web guy told me to keep them
secret for now.

Enjoy the Harvest Full moon!

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Reminder and Equinox details

September 20th, 2013

Qi Gong on the Beach is at a new time 8:00 am on
Saturday morning.

This change was due to it getting darker and the
images. For the rest of you not in Miami
here’s some important information for your Qi Gong

The fall Equinox is September 22nd and it’s the
time that we change seasons again. It is one of
the 4 best weeks of the year to detox your body.

The Autumnal Equinox signals the end of the summer
months and the beginning of fall. It’s the point
where nights reach the same length as days. After
this point, the Sun will shine lower and lower on
the horizon until the Winter Solstice in about
three months’ time.

I always take the time to reset my system both
internal and external at this time.

The weather is cooler even in Florida, now is the
time to harvest the bounty that grew during the
summer so we can store up for the cold winter

It is a time to organize, work hard, and finish
projects that you began in spring and summer.
In Ancient China, physicians observed the natural
cycles of the seasons and prescribed the best Qi
Gong exercises for staying healthy and harmonizing
our energy with that of our environment.

Fall is the season associated with grief and
sadness. It is important to keep the mind clear
and “let go” of negative emotions that impact our
health more strongly during the fall. The organs
most affected are the lungs and the large
intestine, that’s why I highly suggest doing the
fall detox program

If you haven’t learned the Tension Release
Exercises I teach, now’s a great time to do so.
?Go to and when
you buy the Recharging Qi Gong course I will also
send you a 21 page booklet full of great exercises
to practice every day.

This is the time to gather one’s spirit and
energy, be more focused, and keep your desires in
check. This means practicing breathing exercises
to enhance lung Qi. Maybe do a few extra reps of
the Lung exercise from the Yin set; these are the
exercises in the back of the book.

Also, one should refrain from smoking and avoid
sadness and grief, the negative emotions of lung.
This will prevent kidney or digestive problems in
the winter.

Wishing you Health, Wealth, and Happiness

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Is your Cholesterol too high?

September 16th, 2013

The more you read and study what’s going on in the
American medical system and who they are in bed
with, (the drug companies) you begin to wonder…
“What happens if I get sick? Who can I trust?”
I was speaking to Linda last week and she told me
a story that I could hardly believe. She went to
see her doctor for her annual check up. A few days
later her doctor’s office called and wanted her to
make another appointment to go over her blood
work. When she got to the office she was told that
her LDL cholesterol was over 200 and she had to go
on drugs immediately.

Linda has been healthy most of her life; she eats
a good diet and exercises every day and really
didn’t want to go on medicine that has been proven
to cause liver damage and many other side effects.
She told her doctor thank you but I am not going
to take the medicine.

A few months later she got a cancellation notice
from her health insurance company claiming that
she was at high risk and they could no longer
cover her.

Linda said, I have been with this company since I
was living with my parents and that’s been years
and years ago. So she called to find out what
happened, it seemed that the insurance company got
a notice that she refused to take the drugs
prescribed by her medical doctor and stated she
was at risk for heart disease.

They strongly suggested to her that if she
refused to follow her doctor’s advice and take her
medicine they would be forced to drop her.
For decades, there has been a concern about the
relationship between LDL cholesterol and heart
disease and how it has affected everything from
the food we eat to the drugs we take to the test
results we get back and the worries we have about
our health.

1. Cholesterol forms part of cellular membranes
and is involved in allowing or preventing critical
nutrients from entering the cell and this in turn
affects cellular function.
2. The brain and central nervous system are mostly
made of cholesterol.
3. The sex hormones: progesterone, estrogen and
testosterone are all derived from and structurally
related to cholesterol.
4. The sex hormones and the adrenal glands are
derived from cholesterol.
5. Cholesterol is also a p recursor for Vitamin D

The LDL (bad cholesterol) preachers have many of
us swallowing the most-prescribed class of drugs
in recent history.

Americans spend more than $14 billion on
cholesterol-lowering medications a year and it’s
growing each year. In fact Cholesterol control has
become the main focus of health care in the United
States. No mater if it’s necessary or not, if your
blood work is out of range you are going to be
prescribed a cholesterol-lowering drug… Bottom
line it’s making a lot of money for the drug

Of course some cholesterol are relatively safe and
some are dangerous. If you treat them all the
same, you aren’t going to get the true story but
many people are going to get medicated need it or

There are many natural ways you can try to handle
your cholesterol without taking drugs:

1.Drink a cup or two of green tea daily
2.Use a dry brush on your body daily
3.Jump on a small trampoline for 5 minutes a
4.Try Red Rice yeast and niacin
5.Quit smoking
6.Take Herbs
7.Lower your intake of meat, butter, cream milk
and cheese to lower saturated fats in your diet.
8.Take Omega 3 fatty acids
9.Eat more fresh fruit and vegetables to add
more soluble fiber to your diet.
10.Reduce Sugar
11.Lose Weight
12.Drink vegetable juices

Take responsibility for your own health and
without a doubt you will get healthier. But you
must work at it! Exercise daily, eat more
vegetables, and drink clean water.
I coach many people on internal exercise, diet,
meditation and sexual practices on a one on one to
regain their youth. Sign up and see if you

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

If you can’t travel to Florida for the coaching
program we can still work together. Check out the
Qi Gong Inner Circle and receive a teaching on a
DVD every month:

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Balancing yin and Yang Part II

September 13th, 2013

We left the jungle the next day and headed home,
our car filled with kilos of crystals that we
either found or purchased from the Shaman.
When I returned to Caracas I was as busy as a bee
trying to catch up on all the work. Patients
needed to be called, classes set up and workshops

After I got back into the swing of things and the
dust settled down I was introduced to Mr. Josie
Asesor, by one of the students in the meditation
group. Mr. Asesor is a well known Kabbalistic and
teacher from Israel and quite an interesting guy.
They clam he is a medium between the visible world
and an invisible spirit world he practices magic,
sorcery for the purpose of healing, divination and
is said to have control over natural events. He is
considered to be a high level shaman in many

I showed him the crystals and asked what kind of
energy he felt. Mr. Asesor immediately knew what
they were, where they came from and where they had
to be placed. It was amazing to me. He said,
“These have to be placed in the Heart chakra of
the earth.” I have no idea how he knew that, I
didn’t tell an yone the story of the Shaman that I
met in the Grand Sabina, not a soul.

I gave a few of the crystals away to friends and
students in the meditation group and within few
months I received an unexpected visit from Mr.
Asesor. He told me that he needed 12 people that
would be willing to leave Caracas for a year and
create an energy connection around the world. I
was ready for a change and by the end of the year
I left Venezuela for Maui, Hawaii, the “Valley
Isle” one of the most beautiful places on the
planet and for a year.

I was on the island for 2 months before I felt it
was the right time to place the crystals in their
proper place. The moon was full that night and the
energy was extremely good. Three friends joined me
for this plunge into the heart of the crater.
We left the house around 4:o’clock in the morning
and drove for two hours to get to the mouth of the
crater at sunrise. I was told that The Heart
Chakra is located in the very bottom of the
Haleakala Crater and that’s where we were headed.
This chakra represents the inflow/female polarity,
one of the youngest places on the planet and the
most powerful Yin places on earth.

The hike is a long one around four hours to reach
the floor where they say the heart is and you have
to walk up hundreds of switchback to get out of
there another 8 hours of climbing. This was rare
once in a lifetime experience.

Everyone in our party was hot and tired and the
three of them complained how hard the climb was,
even though they were years younger than me. I
didn’t say a word I just smiled and was glowing
inside as we reached the top. This was the
competition of a 4-year quest for me, to balance
the yin and yang in my body, mi nd and spirit and
to change my karmic address.

If you want learn the magic behind these
incredible adventures you need to become a member
of the Qigong Inner Circle

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu DhiCrystalYinYang

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Balancing Yin and Yang Part I

September 11th, 2013

In 1987 I was working in La Jolly, California
coaching the CEO of a large corporation in
longevity and anti aging practices. We were
sitting in his kitchen and I got an unexpected
call from my Spiritual Master. I had no idea how
he had gotten the phone number or even how he knew
I was in California, this was long before anyone
even knew about cell phones. But there he was on
the phone and he sounded quite serious.

He told me that he had an assessment for me that
would change my karma forever. I was told to move
to South America and bring the meditation students
up to speed, my title: Senior Instructor at the
G.E.F.ashram. Within 3 days I was on a plane headed for
Caracas, Venezuela for the next 6 months.
There were 50 some student’s in the group,
all-eager to study the internal practices of Qi
Gong, meditation and learn alternative healing

My life in Caracas was filled with special magic,
personal growth and discovery. When I arrived, I
only knew a few words in Spanish and was wondering
how I was going to pull all of this new life

My Master told me to just Trust, that sounded like
a quote from “Star Wars” to me and although I was
up for the adventure I was still a bit uneasy to
say the least. Never the less everything worked
out. The group received teachings from the Tibetan
Buddhist and Taoist traditions and we all grew by
leaps and bounds. I ended up staying for 3 years
teaching, seeing patients, sharing spiritual
practices, coaching students and traveled all over
the country. I met the most interesting people and
learned more about teaching, meditation and
coaching to large groups than I would have if I
stayed state-side.

I have always been interested in the mystical side
of life so when I found out that La Gran Sabana was
one of the oldest places on our planet jam-packed
with a raw “Yang Energy”images-2 and there was gold,
diamonds and crystals everywhere, as well as the
home for many healers, mystics and shamans I
organized a trip with my friend and off we went.

My girl friend knew of a fellow that moved his
family from Germany and ran a bed and breakfast in
the middle of the jungle. He was willing to share
his teachings and be our guide when we arrived.
Years ago he left his motherland where he was a
singer at the “Deutsche Opera in Berlin” and now
he teaches Opera to open up the chakras by
projecting sound into the different centers.
We arrived just in time for dinner and then they
showed us our rooms. The beds were draped with
mosquito nets and the chatter from the bugs, frogs
and what ever lived in the jungle was loud and
went on all night. I can remember waking up in
the middle of the night and seeing a very large
spider the size of my hand walking on the netting.
I definitely didn’t get out of bed until daylight.

The next morning after a workout and breakfast we
met in the lodge to begin the practice of opening
the upper chakras. I never sang before so it was a
vocal workout for me. We worked 2 hours in the
morning and another 2 hours in the evening for the
next six days. The experience was incredible and
helped to open my higher meditation centers in a
such extraordinary and unusual way.

One evening at dinner he told us of an Indian
Shaman who lived a few hours away that had these
incredible crystals that when rubbed together
would shoot out light. The next day we headed to
his place.

The Shaman met us and told us of the power of the
crystal. He said there is a long documented
history of use in healing work in practically
every culture and religious tradition since the
dawn of time. Crystals are regularly used because
of their inherent ability to deeply enhance things
and are used to deepen knowledge and

According to some experts:
Quartz crystals are considered sacred powerful
tools in many different traditions and have been
recognized as such for a very long time.
Magicians, shamans, and light workers have
utilized Crystals for their extraordinary
abilities since recorded history as tools for
healing higher consciousness and frequency

Crystals have the ability to transduce energy and
can take one form of energy and cause it to change
form, as in alchemy.

The Shaman invited us to return that night to
experience the power of the crystals. We arrived
at night fall and he took us over to a large pile
of Crystals maybe they were 4 or 5 feet high and
before he showed us their power he asked me if I
would take a few of them and place them in the
heart chakra of our planet, although I had no idea
where the heart of the planet was. He said I would
be going there soon, so I agreed. Then he took a
handful of the crystals and tossed them on the
pile and the entire pile of crystals lit up like
lightning! I was blown away. We stayed there most
of the night playing with the crystals and
listening to his unbelievable stories of the magic

To be continued…………..

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

PS. Share these stories with your friends, family and the groups your in, they will be grateful

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Lost Love

September 9th, 2013

Mack has been one of my friends for some years.
He’s a pretty rational guy and is well skilled in
the martial arts, communications skills, has a
strong spiritual background and has traveled
extensively for years. He is living in Asia and
makes a good living doing international business
with China and Europe.

We met at a conference some years ago and after we
spent some time together we became Dharma brothers
and been in touch ever since. I received a call
from him the other day. It seems that he finally
met a girl that was his equal who he couldn’t stop
talking about.
He said, she is an artist, spiritual, a musician,
a healer, a dancer, a writer, mystical and a business lady.

Mack couldn’t stop talking about her, he sounded like a
teenager in love.
He said, “She is as delicate as a flower and
strong as a bull and as smart as a whip. She has
become my best friend in just a few months and
makes every cell in my body come alive.”

I congratulated him and wished him all the best
and asked; where did you meet her?
That’s when he told me she came into his life from
nowhere and like the fog that comes in from
everywhere all at once and she left just as

Mack said his heart was broken.

“I’m a mess right now! I can’t eat, can’t sleep,
bills are piling high, I haven’t been able to work
in three weeks, ain’t bathed, can’t shave, cause
my heart is so tender like living in a blender.
I’m shaken and I’m stirred”
– Anthony Hamilton

This happens to all of us now and then. One of my
teachers told me long ago that if you want to have
your heart open, it has to break first.
Broken hearts are what give us strength,
understanding, and compassion. A heart never
broken, is pristine and sterile, and will never
know the joy of being imperfect.

As the saying goes “Tis better to have loved and
lost than never to have loved at all”

Many years ago when I first started to study with
the “Lama on the Mountain” I asked him if he would
open my heart chakra. He sort of blew me off; I
asked him a few times and got the same response
over and over.

One-day the Lama’s youngest daughter became very
sick she was just a baby and her fever spiked to
over 104. They had to take her to the hospital for
an emergency treatment. There wasn’t anybody to
watch their 5 year old, I immediately offered to
watch her and the parents were off to the hospital
with the baby.

They were gone for hours but I had no problem. I
love kids and for the most part they love me. We
went to town for an ice cream, took a long walk,
and played in the park, on the swings, played with
her stuffed animals and what ever else I could
think of to entertain a 5 year old. Finally they
came back home. The baby was much better. The Lama
on the Mountain said, “we are so grateful to you,
we didn’t know what we would have done if you
didn’t offer to watch our child. If there is
anything I can do for you please let me know.”

That’s when I laid it on him. Yes! There is, will
you open my heart?
The Lama chuckled and agreed to grant my request.
The next day we met in the meditation hall to
begin the ceremony.

He worked with me for the entire day and into the
late evening. The Lama did many different rituals,
prayers, and mantras. Touching different points
on my body with ritual objects, then it started to
happen. imagesand then I
started to see the decaying of everything, death,
hunger, pain and suffering, starving so much
suffering it was very sad. I started to cry and
even after I came out of the meditation I cried
and sobbed for the entire week.

I now know why the Lama didn’t want to open me up
so quickly.
When one opens their heart it not only opens up to
all the beauty it opens up to everything and
that’s hard to swallow. I told Mack this story and
he understood. Opening your heart is a good thing
but very painful indeed.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

Practice your meditations daily. You can transcend
pain and suffering and open up to a new and
wonderful you. The Mantra program will help you
move through the tough spots and bring out the
best in you.
Check it out:

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