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Open this Gift before the Holidays

November 26th, 2013

The holidays are here and it should be a time of joy, happiness and love, but for some it’s just stressful. We all want good things to come into our lives, but is that what you are getting?

I met a young lady who has everything going for her. She makes a nice living as a nurse, she has her own apartment she is pretty and has a knock out body. I asked her if she was in a relationship and she said, “men don’t like me.”

I was a bit floored when she told me that, she is in her early twenties and has all the right pieces and doesn’t know how to put them together.

Her biggest problem is her “self talk” her communications are all about what she doesn’t have and then justifies it with an excuse.

If you are telling others and yourself why you aren’t successful, happy, or healthy you are sending out the wrong message to the universe. We always get what we are the most focused on no matter if it’s good or bad. When you get up in the morning and you look out the window and say it’s a good day or a bad day, you are right. We make our own destiny day by day and you’re your own communications to self and others. That is the key to getting what you want or being in what you don’t want.

If you want to have what you want in your life you need to ask for it in the right way. Back in 1999 I was working with the Lama on the Mountain and he gave me this formula to get what I wanted.

It’s called the 7 Steps of Responsible Asking. If you follow this formula you can transform your life around 360 degrees.

1.    Ask from your heart

a.    Decide precisely what you want.

b.    Ask calmly, clearly and be certain about what you want.

c.    Be congruent in your body, speech and mind.

2.    Be ready to receive

a.    Ask as specific as possible

b.    Ask for what you want- not what you don’t want.

c.    Be ready to grow and change as needed.

3.    Ask a qualified source

a.    Determine who or what can give it to you. Who is the giver?

b.    If you don’t know, ask the unknown or ask for the Giver to be revealed.

4.    Qualify

a.    Determine what is required for your desire to be given to you.

5.    Deliver

a.    Do what is required to bring about the condition needed in number # 4.

6.    Open and receive your wish with gratitude.

7.    If you do not receive what you want, check the above steps for breakdowns, correct them and ask again

I have used this formula to get what I want and it works 100%. You can have all and everything you want in life if you ask the right way. Isn’t it time that you have everything that you really want?

I want you to join me in a very special project. I work with the members of the Qi Gong Inner Circle to make life a joy. I always wish each and everyone of you Health, Wealth and Happiness and for a good reason. Life is a gift. Many people send the gift back without really opening it.

The Qi Gong Inner circle will give you the tools of transformation to really dig in and enjoy.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and Happiness

Dr. Wu Hi

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Avoid Getting Old

November 22nd, 2013

imagesImagine in as little as 12 weeks you could look
AND feel up to 10 years younger.

Without surgery
Without harmful drugs
….and without long, tiring workouts.

You really can reverse your biological age…
Feeling better
Full of energy
Losing weight
Thinking clearer
Looking terrific
Living longer
….and having the best sex you’ve had in years!

Believe me it really is possible to turn back the

Have you noticed some of the signs of aging?

It could be the fine lines and wrinkles in your
face, age spots and the loss of your once youthful
glow. Are grey hairs everywhere now, where there
used to be only one or two?

Are you gaining weight like never before and find
it almost impossible to take it off?

Maybe you become tired more easily and need more
sleep at night.

You’re not bouncing out of bed like you used to,
your energy levels are lower than they once
were…you just feel “old.”

And sex?
Has that faded away along with your flat stomach
and smooth skin?

Perhaps, worst of all you are becoming forgetful,
having senior moments and having memory loss…

Listen, there is hope!
You can literally reverse your biological age by
triggering the “healing mechanisms” in your body
that keep you young.
I have put together a program where we work
together one –on- one and the follow up goes on
for a year.

The lucky ones that are in the program swear that
they have reversed their aging process and feel at
least 10 years younger.

What are you waiting for? Old man time is coming
for you if you are not reversing your age you are
getting old.

I will be coaching you on all the longevity and
anti aging systems in the Private Coaching

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Staying Young

November 22nd, 2013

Last week on Thursday evening around 7 O’clock 16
people came to my office to explore their
probabilities for better health and a longer life
span. They all really want to transform their
lives and recover their youth.

Most of them were woman between the age of 45 and
55, all of them were attractive and in good shape,
but they knew it was high time that they found new
ways to manage their health and preserve their
bodies, mind and spirit before it was too late.

Everyone had real concerns and questions about the
traditional health care system and for the most
part no longer trusted doctors, like their parents
did years ago. They asked a lot of questions like:
what the heck is Obama Care going to do to the
health care system? Why aren’t the food companies
telling us what’s in our foods (the GMO cover up).

Why is Big Pharma pushing drugs on TV? Isn’t it
the doctor’s responsibility for what medicine a
patient should take? Why do we have more disease,
more sickness and more chaos daily? Shouldn’t
things be getting better? Not worse?

These are real concerns for all of us. People are
much more aware of where their food comes from,
what’s in it and how it’s grown and harvested. We
shouldn’t have to worry about the treatment of the
food we eat or if there are antibiotics or
hormones in the meat. Shouldn’t we have the right
to choose what we eat and feed our families? I
think we should, don’t you?

Apparently the Big corporations have wormed their
way into our government, and are dictating what
you and I get as far as medicine and food should
take and eat….. And this isn’t good or healthy for
any of us.

These corporate giants are poisoning us. It
stems from toxic poisons like pesticides,
fertilizers, genetically modified foods (GMO’s) or
how processed foods effect our health – More
people are taking the saying “you are what you
eat” and for good reason, we have been lied too.

When you pick up a package of food and it says
Natural, you would think that that’s good. Well
guess what? Natural doesn’t mean a thing. The
product could be loaded with toxins and the
labeling is misleading.

It’s a good idea to stay away from wheat products,
shellfish of all kind, and dairy products. Eat
lots of organic vegetables and if you are cooking
with oil use extra virgin coconut oil, Sunflower
and avocado oil. You want oil that will not be
damaged by high cooking temperatures, because they
are nearly a completely saturated fat, which means
it is much less susceptible to damage when it is

With all the nutritionally depleted foods,
chemical additives and our tendency to rely upon
pharmaceutical drugs to treat what’s wrong with
our malnourished bodies, it’s no wonder that
modern society is getting sicker.

Get on the program today:

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Are you Frustrated Sexually?

November 20th, 2013

My self-esteem is so low, I don’t feel sexy any
more, attractive or loved. My husband isn’t
satisfying me, he wants me to take care of him,
but he is always too tired or too busy to please
me. I just think he’s being selfish.

I bend over backwards to do everything I can for
him and he’s dropping me out when it comes to
bedroom play.

The only time I get any satisfaction is eating and
now I am getting fat. What can I do? I don’t want
another lover I want my husband to love me.’’

These frustrated woman have been married for more
than 25 years. They have grown children; all of
them are more than financially stable. Their
husbands do love them but they are both bored in
the bedroom and their libido is non-existent. Most
likely they have been making love the same way for
years and the romance is long gone.

He can buy her new jewelry every day and let her
shop until she drops but that’s not fulfilling her
needs or his.
Like the old Beetles song says,”Money won’t buy
you love”

It’s high time for everybody to put their sexual
energy to work and use the power of sex to
increase each other’s health and longevity.

When I was much younger I was in an incredible
workshop on the love making and cultivating sexual
energy for health, longevity and personal power.
My teachers were both Taoist and Buddhist masters,
but I really embodied the tea chings when I worked
with a woman who mastered the techniques. I
learned loving making exercises from her that
changed me forever.

At first I was really
inhibited and somewhat awkward and my ego was not
really happy taking instructions. Every guy
naturally thinks he’s a great lover and even
though most don’t want to admit it they are not.
Like most things if you want to be good at
something you need instructions. I learned how to
use sexual energy to enhance my health, to retain
my youth, and to be much more powerful.
In ancient China the masters were well known for
their specialized
knowledge on sexual matters. ?

Emperors would
consult in secret Taoist masters for learning the
essentials of sexual practice.
?This would be done not only for enhancing
sexual pleasure with the
numerous concubines that filled the court, but
more specifically for
attaining the Chinese ideal of having a long and
healthy life.

?Sexual energy is associated in China with
vitality, strong senses, sharp mind, vibrant
health, personal magnetism,
psychic powers and longevity.
The Sexual practices are a branch of the Taoist
and Buddhist meditations for calming the
mind and opening the infinite potential of the
human spirit.

The idea of Viagra is just a joke to fulfill ones

In fact VIAGRA may cause chest pain and a sudden,
unsafe drop in blood pressure, along with severe
effects on other organs.

I have worked for years to put together this
series of CD’s and DVD’s that will guide you
through secret exercises that you and your mate
can do to increase your libido, your internal
power and enhance your relationship.

Isn’t it time
that you get things working to their fullest?

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

PS. This program is the real deal. I will teach
you the exercises, meditations and techniques to
make your mate go crazy.

Dr. Wu Dhi

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The Importance of Responding

November 15th, 2013

Early detection of debilitating disease could save
your life and save you from pain, suffering and
thousands of dollars in medical bills.

Our nation’s healthcare system is still not focused on
preventive care. The focus is killing the disease.


There is no money to be made keeping you healthy.
Why hasn’t a cure for cancer been found? We have
poured billions upon billions of dollars into
cancer research, and yet cancer rates continue to
explode. Cancer is the leading cause of death
worldwide, and according to the World Health
Organization the number of cancer deaths globally
is expected to nearly double over the next 20

We are supposed to be the most “advanced”
civilization that the world has ever seen. So
where is the cure for cancer? And why does cancer
keep getting worse?
What are we doing wrong?
The vast majority of the products on the shelves
of the average supermarket are actually
detrimental to your health. The food companies
know that their products will destroy your health
and yet they keep adding even more chemicals and
even more toxins to them.
Most people are not educated about what is in the
food that they eat. Mainstream diets are bad for
your health.

Even many “healthy foods” are being tampered with
chemical poisons. A lot of our fruits and our
vegetables have been genetically modified.

This Looks a really Bad Science Fiction Movie
and to top it off our government even puts
dangerous substances such as fluoride into our
drinking water.

Sugar beets, papaya, corn, soy and yellow squash
are all generally modified (GMO”s) and a threat to your
health and well-being. Everywhere we turn we are
being poisoned. The toxins in our foods have been
tainted causing digestive disorders, and
allergies. I see more patients with bellyaches
and debilitating allergies than ever before.
So why are these drugs ever allowed on the market
in the first place? Sadly, the truth is that it is
all about the money.

There were more than two dozen pharmaceutical
companies that made over a billion dollars in
profits during 2008.
The cold, hard reality is that we should not
expect the medical establishment to announce a
“cure for cancer” any time soon. There is way too
much money to be made on treating cancer. In
fact, their profits will go even higher as even
more of us get cancer.

It’s time that we learn how to take care of ourself.
The doctors are no longer the Gods of the health
care system, the drug companies grabbed that
possession and they are not interested in
preventing anything that would hurt their bottom
line. Did you know that the same drugs you buy in
the USA cost a lot less in many other countries,
but not here? Selling drugs legal or illegal is
big money and business is good.
Since drugs have been advertising on TV sales have
gone up more than 1000%. Just imagine if your
income when up 1000% that’s a lot of money.

When you have that much money you can dictate
policy to government and they do. Last January we
lost 80% of the homeopathic medicine in the United
States it just disappeared. Where did it go? To
Europe, Mexico and South America. Heel one of the
largest homeopathic companies in the world found
that it wasn’t worth doing business in the USA.

These powerful and harmless formulas just
disappeared from our shelves for the most part,
Even Whole Foods no longer caries the full line of
homeopathies they did a year ago. This is a big
loss for natural medicine and a big boom for the
drug companies.

But there are still ways that you can stay healthy
without taking medicine that could danger your
health in the long run. To take responsibility
means you have to have the ability to respond. In
order to respond to your health you have to train
and train in the best and most efficient way. Over
the years I spent a lot time at the gym and I work
out my muscles but will that keep you disease
free? No! I played a lot of different sports like
baseball, basketball, hockey and tennis. Will
sports keep you disease free? No!

I trained in marshal arts, was on the swimming
team, and jogged for years did that keep me
disease free? No!

What I found in all my years of training,
only the internal exercises work on
strengthening the internal organs and they DO keep
you healthy and for the most part disease free.

Why? There is a system of so-called rivers of energy running
through our bodies called meridians. Each meridian
affects the energy flowing through our organs; As
long as the rivers of energy are flowing properly
you are disease free. But if there is a blockage
of energy mentally, physically, emotionally or
spiritually there is a dis-ease in the energy

Traditional exercises hardly affect the flow of
the meridians, but the internal exercises do.
That’s why they keep you younger and disease free.
Get the Recharging Qi Gong program today and take
charge of your health and longevity.

You will improve your health from the inside out

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

PS. If you work on opening the flow of internal energy just a little each day you
can eliminate 50% of the diseases without taking one pill. Do you thing I am kidding you?
I am not try it and you will feel the difference within 8 weeks of practice or less.

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Did you get your Flu Shot?

November 13th, 2013

I received this letter today from Dr. Jack Wolfson
DO, FACC in Arizona. Here is what he said:
“The many dangers that threaten us, one is
particularly cruel and destructive. It’s one
promoted by governments and big Pharma, and it’s
one that is quite harmful to the long-term health
of you and your children.

Government and medicine are here to help us and
heal us, not put us in harm’s way. Yet harm’s way
is exactly what’s happening with millions of us
each and every year. So what is this extreme risk
to our health? It is VACCINATIONS and they are
POISONING a whole generation of Americans. See,
vaccinations like flu shots are full of toxins
that actually harm us. They have many negative,
long-term side effects……And worst of all, they are
totally unnecessary.”

He went on to talk about the scare tactics used
by medicine, Big Pharma and the media to encourage
you into using vaccines. As well as the vaccine
side effects and the toxins in vaccines, flu
shots, and the Shingles shot.

It’s no joking matter, Big Pharma is using scare
tactics to get you and your family get a flu shot
and they are laughing all the way to the bank.
Don’t be herded around like sheep going to the
slaughterhouse. If you want to avoid disease, and
sickness you have to get the toxins out and
strengthen your immune system.

I put together a program that will keep you
healthy all season without toxic chemicals that
will harm you.

Avoid Colds and Flu’s Forever

The cold and flu season is back again. Are you
reluctant to take the flu shot? You should be. The
side effects are worse than the cure!

Boost your immune system and stay healthy and
strong all season long!

The immune booster consists of:

- homeopathic injection every month for 3 months
-Intra Cell –immune building oral spray
-Lymph Oral spray to clear the lymphatic system
-Acupuncture treatment to strengthen the immune

*No adverse side effects
*Proven results!
*Prevents colds, flu’s, viral, bacterial and
immune challenges

The total program is valued at $265

Limited time Special

Schedule your appointment today!

You will be in and out of the office in no time at


I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

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The real reason to practice and train

November 11th, 2013

The Daoism’s most basic purpose is to become immortal.
Immortality is the ability to live forever (eternal life).
They say that the human body has the opportunity to to achieve

Yes believe it or not the Daoism and the Tibetan
Buddhists believes immortals exist.
They believe we can achieve immortality through
self cultivation.

There are four phases of humanity to immortal

Phase 1: Normal human – in this stage we are
ordinary humans who follow nature, live a normal
life, around 80 years , they suffer from illness,
have attachment and desire, and die.

Phase 2: Extra-ordinary human – in this stage they
are doing a cultivation practice to refine the
spirit and to create a healthy body. Once you
reach this level of cultivation you no longer
suffer from illness and live a long life.

Phase 3: Immortal on Earth – An immortal on earth
has achieved enlightenment but continues to reside
on earth in order to continue cultivation and to
teach others their evolution. These beings are
known as bodhisattvas

Phase 4: Immortal in Heaven – An images in
heaven is a being who has achieved and sustained a
union and who no longer has need of a physical

Immortals are sometimes tasked with returning to
earth to teach us how to become immortal.

Unless you treasure life, enjoy life, improve the
quality of life, you cannot achieve immortality.
To just live is not enough, you must enjoy and
treasure life and live well. With sufficient
practice you can become an immortal on earth.
Through physical and mental cultivation, material
life can be extended and spiritual life improved
until the individual achieves immortality. Daoist
priests and ordinary humans throughout history
have sought shortcuts. The theory and practice of
Daoism is that Each of us is responsible for our
own cultivation and spiritual practice.


As we proceed along the path and achieve the
different levels of cultivation, immortals will
come to us in the guise of teachers to help us
along the path, but each step and each day the
practice is in our own hands.

I have spent over 35 years practicing and teaching
techniques to build a body of immortally.
I am not saying that I will achieve it but I have
slowed down the aging process in my body and mind
with these practices.

I spent many hours training and practicing to keep
myself and my students healthy, young and disease
free. Do you want to get off the cycle of birth
sickness and death?
If you want to get started on the path to longevity join me and the members of the Qi Gong
Inner Circle

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

PS.If you are a serious about sticking around for a long time this program is for you.

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Are your communications off?

November 8th, 2013

Are your communications off?

Mercury, the deity- is responsible for

communications and travel. There are some hidden
facts about Mercury that we should all know.

Mercury is the smallest and closest to the sun of
the eight planets in the Solar System with an
orbital period of about 88 days. It appears to
move around its orbit in about 116 days which is
much faster than any other planet.
This rapid motion may have led to it being named
after the major Roman deity Mercury, the
fast-flying messenger to the Gods. Mercury was
also considered a God of abundance and commercial

Mercury goes retrograde 3 or 4 times a year and
seems to cause problems for some of us. When a
planet is described as retrograde it appears to be
moving backwards through the zodiac.
The term retrograde is from the Latin word
retrogradus – “backward-step.”

Planets are never actually retrograde or
stationary, they just seem that way, due to this
ocular chimera.

Each planet retrogrades, except the Sun and Moon.
When mercury goes retrograde some people freak out
as it interrupts all that mercury rules, which may
cause mental and psychological confusion. People
are inclined to be more sluggish than usual and
there are increases in the urge to consume

Anxiety and stress even unfounded fears and
paranoia are stimulated. Beware of a sharp,
sarcastic tongue.

Mercury retrograde can lead to personal
misunderstandings, including flawed, disrupted, or
delayed communications, negotiations and trade;
problems and breakdowns with phones, computers and
travel in general.

Communication, understanding, contracts and
awareness are all within Mercury’s sphere, as are
logic and reasoning, our manner of thinking, and
how we create and express our thought processes.
Mercury is about a quick wit, quick thinking,
possibilities, opinions, reasoning and the ability
to rationalize things.

Mercury is about short trips, siblings and
transportation. Speaking, writing, books, online
communications and learning are all within
Mercury’s domain. Mercury rules communication and
transportation, these two areas are most
influenced during a Mercury Retrograde.
Use this time to do activities to renew, repair,
review, renegotiate, and research. All areas of
communication are affected. Learning,
communication and transportation are all subject
to difficulties during retrograded Mercury you can
expect travel delays and missed appointments of
all kinds.

The things that are good to do under this
retrograde planet are:

• Meditation
• Contemplation
• Editing books, poems, songs and essay
• Clean your house
• Get your files in order
• Listen to music
• Paint and be creative
• Catch up on sleep
• Set your goals

Make sure that you back up your computer; give
yourself extra time when traveling. You can expect
more people to be cranky and impatient, don’t over
react this aspect only last for 24 days.
We have been in a retrograde Mercury influence
since October 21st and it goes direct on November
10th. That’s the time to go full force with your

If you don’t have the Recharging Qi Gong program,
now is the time to get it and begin making
yourself healthier and younger.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Building Power

November 6th, 2013

Lately we been hearing and seeing a lot of mixed
marshal arts, including “The ultimate fighting
championship” made popular by the Gracie brothers.
Although it is a ruff sport the athletes who are
fighting are in top condition- mentally,
physically and hopefully spiritually. Some may
find it violent but I don’t I get energy from watching the sport.

I watch those sports from a different
perspective. There is a tremendous amount of
energy in those fights and if you know how to use
it, it can be a spiritual experience. It’s usually
the fighter with the strongest visualization of
winning that wins. Of course it takes training,
practice and commitment to get into the r ing with
other skilled fighters.

The way to win is to never give up. It reminds me
of a childhood story:

The Frog in the Milk Pail

This is one of the “Aesop Fable” and here is Dr.
Mike Lockett’s version of the story

A little frog was hopping around the farmyard. He
was looking for good things to eat. He found
wonderfully juicy flies buzzi ng around the pig
pen. “Gulp! Gulp!” Gone.

Then, he ate some delicious crunchy spiders that
hung from webs behind the feed trough. “Gulp!
Gulp!” Gone.

He saw a mosquito flying by and reached out with
his long sticky tongue and grabbed it. “Slurp,”
went his tongue. “Gulp! Gulp!” Gone.

As the little frog ate he explored new places.
Then, he saw a cricket hop into the milk shed.
The cricket hopped through the door. So, the frog
hopped through the door.

The cricket hopped up onto the milk stool. So,
the frog hopped up on the milk stool. The cricket
hopped up to the table top, and the frog hopped up
to the table top. The cricket hopped to the
window ledge, and the frog hopped to the window
ledge. The cricket hopped out the window. But
the frog fell, “SPLASH!” right into the milk pail.

The pail was filled half way with fresh milk. The
level of the milk was too low for him to reach the
top of the pail. The sides of the pail were high,
and he could not climb out. The frog kicked, and
he swam in circles until he became tired. He
tried to close his eyes just to rest for a few
seconds, but he sank to the bottom of the pail
where his nostrils filled with milk. He could not

He used his legs to push off the bottom and kicked
with all his might until he came to the surface
again. He was so afraid, and he was so tired. He
just wanted to rest. But every time, he quit
kicking, he sank into the milk again and started< br />to drown.

The frog did not give in to his fear or his tired
legs. He kicked and he kicked and he kicked and
he kicked.

Then, something strange happened. The milk began
to turn thicker around him. At first, this made
kicking even harder. The thickened milk tried to
suck him to the bottom of the pail. It was harder
even to swim and to kick. But, still the frog< br />would not give up.

Finally, the milk turned thick enough that the
frog could stand on top of it instead of sinking
in. The milk had been turned into butter through
all the kicking and churning and churning of the
frog. The frog was able to climb out to safetyand to return to his family.

So when your life gets really tough,
When you think you’ve had enough
When the world works you to death
Just try to take a big deep breath

Try so hard before you rest
Keep on working, do your best
Don’t give until you’re done.
Don’t give up until you’ve won.

Never Give Up!

It‘s important to be strong mentally, physically
and spiritually if you want to be the winner and
make that knock out punch.

This morning I crossed trained. I started out by
swimming in the ocean, then did my internal
practices of Qi Gong, Nei Gong and Shen Gong and
returned home to relax in the sauna and
meditation. What a great way to start your day. If
you want to retain your youth, sexually, power and
avoid disease start doing Qigong today.

If you’re wondering what the internal practices
are and what would be the best way to build your
internal power get the Recharging Qi Gong program

and get started.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr Wu Dhi

P.S. The Recharging Qi Gong Program comes with 5
free gifts if you order now:

Dr. Wu Dhi

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See into the future of our health and avoid problems before they attack?

November 4th, 2013

See into the future of our health and avoid problems before they attack?

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could see into the
future of our health and avoid problems before
they attack?

Well, guess what? We can. This kind of information
has been hidden from you for good reason.
If there was no sickness or you could reverse
sickness in your body before it really attacked
you wouldn’t you want to know? Or do you take the
ostrich approach to your health and bury your head
in the sand? I definitely want to know if
anything is out of balance and correct it ASAP.
Let me turn you on to something that your doctor,
your pharmacist and even most holistic doctors
don’t have a clue about in this country.

It’s a test that is considered the state of the
art in Europe. When I was in Switzerland at the
Paracelsus Clinic I went through a series of
tests, not because I was sick or had a disease but
because I wanted to make sure I stay healthy. This
is real anti-aging medicine.

One of the remarkable tests that I had was called
Computer Regulation Thermograph, it revealed some
hidden things that I had no idea were lurking in
my system. I had no symptoms, I worked out every
day, ate what I thought was a healthy diet and was
somewhat stress free. When the test came back I
was in disbelief and a bit shocked. Although I
didn’t have any sickness I had the tendency to
have something in my future raised its ugly head
and attack me. . The test told us where the
weakest link w as in my body and we corrected it
before anything ever happened.

In a few weeks Dr. Carola Cuenca will be in Miami
to see patients. She is a specialist in
Homeopathic medicine; spagyric medicines and
Computer Regulation Thermography(CRT) the same
test that I had in Switzerland.

But she will only be here for a limited time starting
November 13, 2013

Just one short week, to see those patients that
want to strengthen their immune system and avoid
any health problems before they appear.
“Computerized Regulation Thermograph’ (CRT) is
used to determine the efficiency of your
regulatory system. That basically lets you know if
you’re in balance or out of balance. The testing
that takes around 45 minutes is able to locate
disease processes in organs long before the
laboratory tests or scanning images will show even
a hint of a problem. It will also let you know if
the therapy you have been receiving is making a
difference in your health or not. Computerized
Regulation Thermograph’ is used in the most
advanced clinics all through Europe with great
results and is the considered state-of-the-art.
The test will look at problems originating in the
head, teeth, thyroid, lymph/thymus/immune, lungs,
stomach and upper abdomen, liver, lower abdomen
and colon, ovaries, testes, prostate, back,
breast, kidney. It also will give an indication of
the severity of the condition, if allergies are a
consideration, if there is toxicity involved or a
possible degeneration in an organ or system. Every
human has a specific pattern.

The CRT examines nearly every major organ system
in the body and gives direction on how to correct
the condition. Computerized Regulation
Thermograph’ (CRT) can be very useful as an
adjunct test for early detection of cancer.

images is a
safe, radiation-free, non-invasive, and painless,
whole body scans method for discovering hidden
dysfunctions and infections and monitoring
treatment progress. It can see problems before
they manifest into a palpable mass, or, into
health problems that may be irreversible.

To schedule an appointment for your CRT exam,
please call my office at 305-407-0120

Dr. Wu Dhi

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