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Qi Gong or Weights, what Better?

March 29th, 2014

I received this letter today from Tim.
Here is what he said:

“I am a 46 year old male that needs to lose about
20 lbs. I used to lift weights a great deal and
have recently learned some Qi Gong exercises at a
local yoga studio. I like Qi Gong; I don’t like
lifting weights. I would only lift weights
because of the reported increase in metabolism and
the positive look it will have on my body.

Can all this be accomplished with Qi Gong alone
without lifting weights? I am not involved in
any sport but I do want to be healthy and strong
inside and out.

I have read your online discussion about Nautilus
equipment and weight training, however I am
looking for a response in addition to weight
training overall and weight loss.

What would you do in my situation?

Thank you so much for your time!”

I use to lift for many years and when you’re over
16, it’s a great exercise –that’s if you can keep
your Ego out of it. You’ll know what I mean if you
have even been a weight lifter. You put on 2
plates and then add 4, 6, 8, 10 you really load up
and get that pump and then something happens
sooner or later. You pull, rip or tear something,
maybe a shoulder, pulled your hamstring, a knee or
your low back. Those injuries can put your
training back months and sometimes that’s it, you
need surgery and your weight lifting days are
This never happens in Qi Gong training.

“If you train using external exercises, you must
do internal exercises. But if you train in
internal exercises, there is no need to do
external exercises.”
-Steven Chang

Qi gong works with a totally different system than
external exercises like weight lifting, running or
Qi gong strengthens the internal organs and gets
proper Qi, blood and oxygen moving where it’s
needed most.

Lets imagine that the body has a series of rivers
flowing all through it, each river is connected in
a perfect loop and when everything is flowing
properly All -Is -Good, no blockages , no
overflowing and no stagnation. If the river gets
jammed up there is a difficulty and it affects
everything, and the river disrupts everything in
its path.
Our body has a comparable system to the river.
They’re called Meridians and they work like rivers
of energy caring the Qi. These meridians move Qi
throughout the body, there is one for every organ
and if everything is flowing properly we have
perfect health.
But if there is a blockage mentally, physically,
spiritually, emotionally or energetically, that’s
the same as a blockage in the river and before
long we know it we can get some kind of dis –easy
or disharmony of our body, mind and spirit.

Getting the energy to flow the way it should can
be done in a few different ways. You could get an
acupuncture treatment or a medical Qi gong
treatment that would be a good start. But how can
you keep the Qi flowing and keep your system
healthy with no stagnation, blocks or

This is where Qi Gong shines, Qi Gong will keep
your energy flowing the way it should. If you are
sick, out of balance and can’t get it together, I
suggest seeing a doctor who practices acupuncture
or Medical Qigong to get you back on track. Once
you get balanced the key to staying young, vibrant
and healthy is the practice. The practice will
increase and balance the flow of Qi. It will bring
blood and oxygen to where it’s needed without
taking a handful of pills.

The Recharging Qi Gong program is made up of a
series of exercises that will open up your Qi flow
and keep it flowing properly. I have seen total
transformations in patient’s health and well being
after just a few weeks of practice.
Head aches disappearing, weight falling off
easily, pain and stiffness leaving the body and
long-term chronic diseases vanishing. Don’t just
read this and say that’s nice. Pull out your
plastic and get the program now. It’s not too good
to be true.
It’s True!
I have thousand of people practicing with me all
over the world doing the Recharging Qi Gong
program daily.
I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

UnknownDr. Wu Dhi

PS. I’ll sweeten the pot even more!
Order before the month is over and I’ll include 3
of my most popular DVD’s as an additional gift.
That’s right you will get the book, the 2 practice
DVD’s, the 5 CD’s plus 3 additional DVD’s. This
program is worth their weight in gold.

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An unusual occurrence is about to happen

March 28th, 2014
Taoist magic

Taoist magic

Ever since I was a little kid I was fascinated
with magic and mysticism. Our neighbor Morey had a
junkyard and they scraped everything from old cars
to paper. Ever few months he would bring me a pile
of comic books that I read from cover to cover, I
bet they would have been worth a fortune today, if
we would have only known.
The comic books had superheros and they could do
the most incredible things. I would dream about
flying, becoming invisible and slaughtering evil
forces. I would imagine that I was able to leap
from building with ease, build energy nets that
protected me form evil forces and ward off
spirits, ghosts and demons.

Many years later I became a student of Buddhism
and Taoist magic and guess what? They had
superheroes that could do magical things.

The internal exercises, meditations and Daoist
formulas opened up new and wonderful worlds too
Amazing things like:
• How to acquire powers
• How to r id the body and mind of evil thought
• Ways to clear dis-ease that gets locked in the
• How to free oneself of the limitations the
physical body.

This may just sound like a story from a comic book
or something from my imagination but believe it
or not, it’s true! I know this for a fact, as I
have been practicing, studying and teaching this
magical stuff to thousands of students for 3
decades. I invested 30 years of my life studying
and working with many different Masters. Learning
how to open up my awareness and wake-up from the
allusion that only the physical plane exists and
we are here alone.
For the most part these teachers, Masters,
Lama’s, Sensei, Sifu and Guru’s were born in Asia.
But now and then you will find such a Master who
has been raised in the West and has the awareness
power, knowledge and is willing to teach the real

I was fortunate enough to find many of these
teachers in my life and I spent many years
studying with them.
Last week I received a call from one of my
Masters. We were discussing some of the Daoist
magical formulas on how to protect oneself from
psychic influences, negative thought forms,
Psychic attack and hexes.

I see quite a few patients a week and some of
their problems are more psychological than
physical. They are deeply influenced by the
company they keep, how their family, spouses, and
friends have tre ated them, as well as their
believes and life chooses. Some have been abused
by the church, different controlling dogmas, their
priests and even ghosts, spirits and demons.
This isn’t a subject that we usually talk about in
the West but “sure as shooting” it exists.

I was going over the protections necessary for my
own wellbeing with my Master as I see a lot of
cancer patients and mentally disturbed people
daily and need to keep my energy fields clear,
clean and open.
We were able to clear up some problems and I asked
him if he would be willing to come to Florida this
summer and teach for a few days. He agreed and
this summer there will be a three day workshop in
the Miami area. The Daoist Mysticism Seminar 2014
(- Encountering Ghosts and Spirits

Professor Jerry Alan Johnson will teach 2 special
Seminars in Florida. The first seminar will focus
the “Esoteric Realm of Ghosts and Spirits.” This
unique seminar will teach students how to
recognize the various types of spirits (from
benign to malevolent),
and what to do if and when you encounter them.

All classes will include both lecture and hands on
application; the teaching will follow the material
presented in Professor Johnson’s book entitled:
“Daoist Exorcism: Encounters With Sorcerers,
Ghosts, Spirits, and Demons.”

The total cost of this second two day seminar is
only $450.00,
And will cover the following topics:

Day #1: Introduction To The Spirit Realm
1. What makes an Individual Vulnerable and/or
Susceptible to Ghost Encounters
• The Three Bodies and Three Worlds
• The differences between Psychosis and Neurosis
• The differences between Spirit Oppression, and
Demonic Possession
• The Energetic Function of Shadow Spirits –
Shadow Organs – Shadow Channels
• Why and How people attract Evil Spirits into
their lives
• What “Feeds” them and why t hey stay
• When your home and/or clinic is impregnated with
• Understanding Psychic Attacks
• The difference between Curses and Hexes

Day #2: Defenses Against Psychic Attacks
1. Applications Against Psychic Attacks
• Personal Protection (i.e., for your self – your
mate – your family)
• Protection for the Home and/or Clinic
• Various techniques for creating an effective
personal sanctuary
2. Purifying Applications
• Techniques for Clearing the Home and/or Clinic
• Table Protocols For Removing Spirit Entities

Medical Qigong Therapy Seminar 2014 – Clinical
Talismans Used To Enhance A Patient’s Healing

During the 2014, Professor Jerry Alan Johnson will
teach a 1-day Seminar in Florida, on the topic of
“Effective Home/Clinical Protection.” This second
seminar will focus on teaching students the
esoteric art of creating simple Daoist “Protection
Seals.” These special esoteric seal patterns were
used in ancient China in every aspect of a
doctor’s clinical practice. This special seminar
is open to any Energetic Healer or student of
Chinese Medicine who wants to go to the next level
of Clinical Healing.

All classes will include both lecture and hands on
application; the teaching will follow the material
presented in Professor Johnson’s book entitled:
“Daoist Exorcism: Encounters With Sorcerers,
Ghosts, Spirits, and Demons.”

The total cost of this seminar is only $250.00
And will cover the following topics:
Day #1: Introduction To Effective Clinical
Protection?1. Generating a Protective
Clinical Environment?• Body: Postures and
Hand Seal Applications ?• Mind: Important
Images, and Effective Visualizations?•
Spirit: Sacred Sounds used to protect the doctor
from clinical pathogens ? ?2. Safe
Clinical Purification Techniques?•
Preparations and Precautio ns Against Absorbing
Toxic Qi from the clinic?• How to Close an
Energetic Portal??3. How and When To
Apply Healing Talismans Onto Shen Disturbed
Patients?• Preparations and
Precautions?• Removing Energetic

Having these workshops in Florida is a blessing
and a great opportunity. I had to travel to
California and China many times at great expense
to get these teachings. Having Dr. Johnson in
Florida is a break for all of us to receive the
teachings and practices.

Don’t hesitate for one moment to sign up for these
classes. Contact me at to pre register and insure
yourself a space enrollment is limited

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

Workshops like these fill up quickly, If you miss
this one there may not be another in Florida again
as Dr. Johnson’s schedule is full most of the time.
Get in touch with me ASAP
786-27101-0325 and if you pre register
you can not only insure yourself a space but you
can get executive seating.

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Long-distance Healing and Exorcism

March 24th, 2014

Long distance healing and Exorcism

A highly disciplined mind is capable of
consciously generating specific Thought-Forms
whose main goal is to accomplish particular tasks.
These tasks can be noble and for the higher good
or they can be very destructive. We all have the
ability to create energetic beings through our
intensions and thoughts. When groups of people are
working in harmony, their Thought- Forms can
manifest things at a much quicker rate than an
individual, that’s why group meditations and
prayer groups are so powerful.
Once these energetic forms are created they can
take on their own energy and wander about on the
physical plan and make things better or cause
trouble. Individuals can also create these
energy-Thought Forms and they can be greatly
influenced by the company you keep or even the
office you work in. Whatever you put your
intention or unintentional thought into will
create an energetic Thought- Form that can take
shape and even form.
If it’s not righteous there is a possibility an
energetic cyst or tumor can begin to form and as
the energy cluster continues to grow it will cause
stagnation and eventually affect the internal
organs. In Medical Qi Gong these energetic
stagnations can be dissolved. You might say this
is a form of Cancer caused by your subconscious
thoughts. Emotions like hate, anger, sadness,
grief, anxiety and worry can be the building
blocks for your own demise.

All things that are
created with the mind have the ability to manifest
outside the mind in some shape or form. According
to Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson the leading authority on
Medical Qi Gong in the USA there are 8 rules to
create an energetic Thought- Forms:
1.Shape, form and appearance

2.Goals and function

3.Naming the Thought -Form

4.Method of contact

5.Housing the Thought- Form

6.Feeding the Though-Form

7.The Thought-Form’s life-span

8.Death of the Thought- Form

There are ways to send a Thought- Form to heal or
even psychic attacks, however, when summoned;
these can also attach themselves to the human aura
of its creator.

If you are sending someone hate, anger and even
feeling jealousy or envious of others, those
emotional Though-Forms have great power and can
attach to you and affect your own health. On the
other hand when love, honor and kindness are sent
forth they can make you and the person you send it
to improve their health and improve yours a s well.

At least 2 or 3 times a week I receive a call from
 imagessomeone asking for a long distance healing
session. I take these calls and sessions very

•First I will find out as much information about
the persons condition. 
•Then we look at what will be the best form of
treatment, rid the stale energy.
•Free-up the Energetic Thought-Form and dissolve
it that may be effecting them

These are all part of the Medical Qi Gong process
and the Buddhist and ancient Chinese healing
In the program “Turn Stress Into Power”

I will teach the protections and the clearing
techniques to guard you from Negative
Thought-Forms and psychic attacks.
Pick up a copy today!
I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and
Dr. Wu Dhi
If you want more info on long-distance healing
and energy clearing, e-mail me and tell give me a
little history of what’s going on, I may be able
to help.

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Dancing with Grace

March 20th, 2014

In 2009 I received a call from a woman who seemed
to be in desperate need of speaking to me. Said
told me this, “My niece referred me to you and I
have some personal matters that I need to discuss
with you, can you come to my hotel today? It’s
very urgent” I never had a call like that before
and although I found it quite strange, it
intrigued me. I agreed to meet her at the Mandarin
Oriental hotel Miami Beach. It was a 45-minute
drive from my office and I was amazed when I
walked into the lobby. It is a beach chic
laid-back luxury hotel with an exotic Asian flair,
beautiful Zen bamboo gardens and trickling water
fountains overlooking the bay.

It’s really elegant beauty at its finest.
I announced myself and was sent up to her suite,
anxious to hear what this personal matter was.
Well it wasn’t good news. The woman was diagnosed
with cancer and was about to start chemo and
radiation treatments and wanted me to come to the
hotel 3 days a week to treat her with Medical Qi
Gong, acupuncture, neural therapy and any other
thing I could think of that would help her through
this ordeal.

I usually don’t make it a practice of doing house
calls, but she wasn’t from Miami and was about to
go through the treatments by herself. Not only is
that scary, it’s darn lonely when there is no
support group around to help emotionally or just
to be there. Sure she had a beautiful space to
stay and an entire hotel staff to cater to her
needs but no one to share her fears. She touched
me with her story and I decided to spend a
considerable amount of time over the next 4 months
working with her. This was a heart-felt connection
and as she went through the treatments I had my
first experience of going through the western
treatments for cancer. It was truly an emotional
gut wrenching experience, the weight loss, the
hair loss, she was not able to do simple tasks and
the emotional trauma of passing close to death is
quite a challenging and a traumatic experience.
One couldn’t help to feel her pain, worries and

She was one of the lucky ones who beat the death
sentence. My treatments helped to boost her immune
system and relieve the pain, fear and help to pull
her through a fight for life.
Here are a few of the suggestions to help keep you

1.Make your environment as beautiful as you
2.Listen to peaceful music
3.Eat an alkaline diet
4.Drink at least 4 to 6 8oz. glasses of clean
room temperature water a day
5.Get fresh air daily and sunlight
6.No TV or be very selective, read positive
7.No negative news, gossip or others problems
of others
8.No visitors who are not positive
9.Get your body Ph. balanced to alkaline
10.No sugar, coffee, wine, caffeine
11.Get acupuncture at least 1 time a week 3 or
4 times a week is even better
12.Get Medical Qi Gone a few times a week
13.Get neural therapy and Vitamin C IV’s a few
times a week
14.Avoid red meat, chicken, farm raised fish
and all shellfish and pork
15.Eat organic foods, drink veggie juice
16.Avoid over-the- counter medicine
17.Avoid cleaning products
18.Make a list of all the things you are
grateful for
19.Forgive everyone for anything they ever did
to you
21.Walk daily

This is the program she was on and followed to a
I wouldn’t say this is a cure but it can give your
body, mind and spirit a much better fighting
chance to recover and have a quality life.
Last weekend was 5 years after her treatment and I
am more than delighted to report that we had
dinner and danced the night away to the
celebration of life.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi


If you are going through a health trauma let me
know and I’d be more than happy to suggest an
alternative that will dovetail with your

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March 19th, 2014

unnamedI put a lot of emphasis on training and practice
for good reason. If you truly want something you
have to do more than just Ask and Receive. There
needs to be some action and that’s where the
practice and training comes in. If you want
something, really want it, start to direct your
body, mind and spirit in the precise direction of
what you want. You may be asking yourself, what
exactly am I talking about? I am talking about
My friend Char sent me this

From The Genius in All of Us: New Insights into
Genetics, Talent and IQ by David Shenk. Practice.
Rather than being the result of genetics or
inherent genius, truly outstanding skill in any
domain is rarely achieved with less than ten
thousand hours of practice over ten years’ time.

“For those on their way to greatness [in
intellectual or physical endeavors], several
themes regarding practice consistently come to

1. Practice changes your body. Researchers have
recorded a constellation of physical changes
(occurring in direct response to practice) in the
muscles, nerves, hearts, lungs, and brains of
those showing profound increases in skill level in
any domain.
2. Skills are specific. Individuals becoming great
at one particular skill do not serendipitously
become great at other skills. Chess champions can
remember hundreds of intricate chess positions in
sequence but can have a perfectly ordinary memory
for everything else. Physical and intellectual
< span style="font-size: medium;">changes are ultra specific responses to particular
skill requirements.
3. The brain drives the brawn. Even among
athletes, changes in the brain are arguably the
most profound, with a vast increase in precise
task knowledge, a shift from conscious analysis to
intuitive thinking (saving time and energy), and
elaborate self-monitoring mechanisms that allow
for constant adjustments in real time.
4. Practice style is crucial. Ordinary practice,
where your current skill level is simply being
reinforced, is not enough to get better. It takes
a special kind of practice to force your mind and
body into the kind of change necessary to improve.
5. Short-term intensity cannot replace long-term
commitment. Many crucial changes take place over
long periods of time. Physiologically, it’s
impossible to become great overnight.

“Across the board, these last two variables —
practice style and practice time — emerged as
universal and critical. From Scrabble players to
dart players to soccer players to violin players,
it was observed that the uppermost achievers not
only spent significantly more time in solitary
study and drills, but also exhibited a consistent
(and persistent) style of preparation that K.
Anders Ericsson came to call ‘deliberate
practice.’ First introduced in a 1993
Psychological Review article, the notion of
deliberate practice went far beyond the simple
idea of hard work. It conveyed a method of
continual skill improvement. ‘Deliberate practice
is a very special form of activity that differs
from mere experience and mindless drill,’ explains
Ericsson. ‘Unlike playful engagement with peers,
deliberate practice is not inherently enjoyable.
It … does not involve a mere execution or
repetition of already attained skills but repeated
attempts to reach beyond one’s current level which
is asso ciated with frequent failures.’ …

“In other words, it is practice that doesn’t take
no for an answer; practice that perseveres; the
type of practice where the individual keeps
raising the bar of what he or she considers
success. …

“[Take] Eleanor Maguire’s 1999 brain scans of
London cabbies, which revealed greatly enlarged
representation in the brain region that controls
spatial awareness. The same holds for any specific
task being honed; the relevant brain regions adapt
accordingly. …

“[This type of practice] requires a constant
self-critique, a pathological restlessness, a
passion to aim consistently just beyond one’s
capability so that daily disappointment and
failure is actually desired, and a never-ending
resolve to dust oneself off and try again and
again and again. …

“The physiology of this process also requires
extraordinary amounts of elapsed time — not just
hours and hours of deliberate practice each day,
Ericsson found, but al so thousands of hours over
the course of many years. Interestingly, a number
of separate studies have turned up the same common
number, concluding that truly outstanding skill in
any domain is rarely achieved in less than ten
thousand hours of practice over ten years’ time
(which comes to an average of three hours per
day). From sublime pianists to unusually profound
physicists, researchers have been very
hard-pressed to find any examples of truly
extraordinary performers in any field who reached
the top of their game before that
ten-thousand-hour mark.”

That may seem like a lot of time and a lot of
work, but if you want something truly want it why
not go for it. The average American spends 5:11
hour’s a day watching TV, that’s a 40-hour week of
having your mind programed by someone or something
you probably don’t want. That’s a lot of practice
time and if you make it deliberate practice you
will see a quantum shift in your life. Practice is
the key to your success. You may be saying but
what do I practice? I need help. Don’t worry
that’s exactly what I do in my coaching program. I
teach you the practices, go over your health
issues physically, mentally and spiritually to
redirect your body, mind and spirit to be the best
you can be.

It takes just 2 things: the education and the
practice and you got it!

Take a good look at the Private coaching program
for yourself or you can work with me as a couple.
Yes the coaching program can be you and a friend
or a mate and we will work out the details so it
works for both of you. Check it out.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

if you’re ready to take the plunge and
restructure your life, click on the link and fill
out the form and I’ll call you or Skype you in a
few days.

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Medical Qi Gong Prescription Exercises

March 17th, 2014

After your Medical Qigong treatment there are specific Exercises
and Meditations the patient is encouraged to do to enhance
their healing process;

These exercises are called Medical Qigong Prescription Exercises
they include the Principles o…

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Are you getting sucked off?

March 13th, 2014

Every time I turn on the TV there is a program about vampires. Vampires are those mythological beings who subsist by feeding on the life essence. “Essence,” in metaphysics, is often synonymous with the soul. Are there really vampires? Yes there are vampires. Maybe not the blood sucking kind you see in the movies, but […]

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Time to Reset Your Body Clock

March 11th, 2014

This is the time of the year I start to prepare
for the spring cleansing. I have been drinking a
lot more water and I found an App to help you
remember to stay hydrated. It’s called
“Waterlogged” and it’s free, it helps to keep you
on the water drink path, check it out.

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What the heck is Energy Medicine?

March 11th, 2014

nergy medicine like Medical Qi Gong will treat
illness and relieve pain;
stop the onset of illness as soon as it begins,
stimulate immune function, it will
relieve headaches, release stress, improve
memory, enhance digestion,
relieve arthritis, neck, shoulder, and low back
pain and balance mental emotional problems.

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Moving Forward on Your Path

March 7th, 2014

“ All you need is the plan,
The road map, and the
courage to press on to your
-Earl Nightingale

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