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Hold On To Your Hat! Summer’s Just Around the Corner!

May 29th, 2014

The New Moon just passed on the
May 28th and it the last New
Moon until summer. This year,
the Unknownfalls on a
Saturday, specifically, on
June 21st. In Florida, it will
hit us at 6:51 AM EDT. For many
years, I would go to New Mexico
and spend a week in deep
meditation, never uttering a
word except for mantras and
prayers for the entire week.
Morning meditation started hours
before the sunrise and the
entire week was devoted to
meditation and spiritual
practices. Other than that,
the retreat was in complete

For eons, people from all
over the world acknowledge
and celebrate the longest
day of the year. This is a
powerful day with a lot of
energy as it is the longest
day in the Northern Hemisphere
and the shortest in the
Southern Hemisphere. Places
like, Stonehenge and Macchu
Pichu, were built to align
with the powerful energies
of the Summer Solstice Sun.
I will be writing more about
the power of the Solstice
and what the best practices
are to do around this time
of the year as we move closer
and closer to summer.

My birthday is in December
and I always intensify my
training 6 months before my
solar return (my birthday).
On June 1st, I will begin my
intense workouts for the summer
aimed at strengthening my Wei Qi
field and practices to
cultivate and store more Qi.

If you are anything like me,
you will want to start now by
practicing your Qi Gong twice
a day. Whether it’s your birthday
or not, who wouldn’t want to
increase your life expediency
and stay healthy and young for
as long as you can? Start out
with the Recharging Qi Gong

in the morning and the
Flying Crane Qi Gong

in the evening. The best times
to practice these powerful Qi Gong
forms are at sunrise and sunset.
Thats when you will receive the
most powerful energy.

I wish you the best in your
Health, Wealth and Happiness!

Dr. Wu Dhi

P.S. This is the Year of the Horse.
Make sure all of your horses are in
alignment and you give yourself all
the advantages of sunrise and sunset
practices. Time is shorter than you
would think.

Practice, Practice and more Practice.

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Strengthen Your Immune System Fast

May 29th, 2014

A lady approached me at the mall
last night and said hello like she
was my best friend. I didn’t have
a clue who she was. In fact, I was
quite surprised when she approached
me with such vigor. I didn’t
recognize her at all until she said,
“It’s me, Judy!”

I was a little embarrassed that I
didn’t know who the heck Judy was
or how I knew her. Then, it hit
me that she is a long-time patient
from 20 years ago. I remember that
she was a bundle of energy but now,
she had a spring cold with runny
nose and red eyes and looked much
older than I remember her.

She told me that she just returned
from New York. “I was out in the
wind for a few hours, and later
that evening, when I got home, I
could feel a general discomfort
beneath my skin, on the tops of my
legs, and a general feeling of
uneasiness, and an aching back.”
I knew right away all these
symptoms were due to the wind
having penetrated her defenses.
In Chinese medicine, we call it
a Wind Cold Invasion. The wind
had penetrated her Wei Qi field.
It’s what protects us from all
sorts of invasion and keeps our
immune system strong. When this
kind of invasion takes place,
it will develop into a common cold.

I was certain that the symptoms all
had to do with the exposure to that
chilly wind and that the ‘wind’
literally penetrated into her body.
If a wind invasion isn’t cleared
up quickly, it will almost
certainly develop into wind heat
invasion. That’s when the common
cold really hit you — a hacking
cough, green sticky mucus,
sneezing and no energy at all.

Many people are prone to this
type of invasion and get colds
all the time. But, if you have
a strong Wei Qi field, then,
you will probably not even notice
the wind. The wind will not be
strong enough to penetrate
through your body’s defense system.

The question now is, “How do you
strengthen your Wei Qi field?”

The answer: Build Qi!

That’s the purpose of Qi Gong,
the quickest way to strengthen
your immune system and to make
your images-1images-1invulnerable.
I have studied and practiced
Qi Gong for over 35 years and
have found that the Recharging
Qi Gong program

is the quickest way to build Qi,
store Qi, and strengthen your
Wei Qi Field.

Get on the program today and keep
your body, mind and spirit healthy
and strong. Click on the link and
read more

I wish you the best in your Health,
Wealth, and Happiness!

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Is your Life Full?

May 27th, 2014

imagesI ran into Deloris yesterday.
She is a successful real-estate
broker and sells million dollar
properties in Miami Beach and
New York. I have known her for
years, and when I met her, she
was selling beaded jewelry at
the flea market and was barely
squeaking out a living. Today,
she owns her own home, has a few
investment properties, and is more
than comfortable. But, Deloris
is still living in the past. She
never thinks she is good enough
and by looking at her, you would
never think so. She is beautiful,
sexy, successful, dresses to the
nines, and drives a new Mercedes
Benz. Deloris IS a Hot Successful
Babe. However, she still has a flea
market consciousness. She sees
herself as a homely, skinny, poor,
and an unsuccessful mess but that’s
just way far from reality.

I suggested that she comes into the
office to see me for a coaching
session, and a few days later, she
showed up crying. She said, “I hate
my life, my relationship and the way
I look.” I guess she is looking through
her eyes of the past. I showed her a
formula that is thousands of years old,
developed by the Daoist mystics to
direct people to a balanced life.
You may have heard of Feng Shui
as a way to place the furniture in your
home, but this ancient practice has more
to it than one would think.

Feng Shui is the Chinese
philosophical system of
harmonizing the human existence
with the surrounding environment.
Feng shui literally translates as
“wind-water” in English. Actually,
Feng shui is one of the five
branches of Chinese Metaphysics
and there are many branches of
Feng Shui. One that I practice
in my life is the Magic Square.

images-1The Magic Square is a mathematical
formula with spiritual overtones
that can be used to set your goals,
allows you to see where the
blockages are in your success
patterns, and shows you how to
bring what you want into your life

I coach many people from all
over the world using the Magic
Square formula to bring them
what they want in their life.
Most of my sessions are done
in person, but in the last few
months, I have been counseling
people via Skype. It’s interesting
how technology has brought people
together with no more boundaries.
If you want to book a private
session with me, you first need
to get a copy of the Magic Square
Workshop. After you watch the
program, we can schedule a private

I wish you the best in your Health,
Wealth and Happiness!

Dr. Wu Dhi

P.S. To schedule a private session
with me via Skype, send me your Skype
address and I will give you a call
soon. My Skype ID is Drwudhi.

Happy Memorial Day! Keep healthy and safe!


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We Finally Got A Place!

May 23rd, 2014

Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson’s

Daoist images Seminar –

“EncounteringGhosts and Spirits”

from July 25th-26th and Medical Qi Gong

Therapy Seminar Clinical Safety

and Spirit Protection on July 27th

will be held at the beautiful
Renaissance Fort Lauderdale –
Plantation Hotel at 1230 S Pine
Island Road, Plantation, Florida

The hotel is located just minutes
from the Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood
International Airport. So, when you
make your reservations, make sure you
fly in to this airport. It offers
daily breakfast buffet with omelets,
fresh fruit, breakfast meats, smoked
salmon, breads & pastries, which will
start your day off right. They also
have a state-of-the-art fitness center
and a great outdoor swimming pool.
Be sure to bring your swimming suit
as well as some sunscreen.

If you’re not aware of the seminar
just as yet, let me tell you a
little bit about my own experience.
I’ve studied with many teachers for
the last 40 years. And you never
know if a teacher has the real goods
or not. Professor Johnson is the
REAL THING. He is the Medical Qi Gong
guy in the United States as well as
in Asia. He is also a master martial
artist, a Senior Abbot of Tian Yun Gong,
an ordained Daoist priest, and an 80th
Generation Disciple of the Shang Qing
(Highest Clarity) Daoist Sect, among others.
He has written more than 20 books on the
subject of Azoteric Daoism and
Medical Qi Gong and has done numerous
videos as well. He has also been featured
in many of the Qi and energy publications.
He is now a professor at Five Branches
School in California and the Five Elements
School in Florida, just to name a few.

The Daoist Mystic Seminar will give you
a peek into the spiritual world and
what we all encounter on a daily basis.
In the West, people are diagnosed with
different illnesses, such as bipolar disorder,
schizophrenia, manic depression, and a host
more of psychological disorders. All of
these medical conditions would be referred
to spirit or demon possessions, those things
that haunt us and cause our mental state
to go haywire. This seminar will identify
these internal demons, why and how we
attract evil spirits, why they feed on us,
and how we can protect ourselves,
our homes and our clinics. I consider
this seminar a must if you are living
a spiritual life, have a clinic, work in
the health care profession, or have
experienced any mental and emotional
traumas throughout their lives.

The seminar is filling up quickly.
Reserve your space while you still can.
If you haven’t registered as yet,
you can do so by sending an e-mail to me
at or calling 786-271-0325.
You may also contact Dr. Isaac Goren
at 954-732-5050 or write him an e-mail
at The 3-day workshop is $600.
If you register in May, it’s only $550.
If you wish to attend just the
Medical Qi Gong Workshop, it’s $200.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth
and Happiness!

Dr. Wu Dhi
P.S. If you’re planning to come, register NOW!

Dr. Wu Dhi

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What The Heck Is A Dantian?

May 21st, 2014

Lynnrae is a wonderful metaphysical
artist and astrologer whom I have
known since I was a young man.
She now lives in Tucson, Arizona
and shares her knowledge and art
with thousands of people from
all over the world. Check out
her work at
Today, she wrote me and asked me
to explain what exactly the
Dantian does represent and
what symbolism I would give to
According to Daoist philosophy,
we have some very vital energy
center called the Three Dantains.
The Lower Dantain has been
described as a cauldron,
a three-legged pot, you know,
the one that the witches brew up
their potions in. Located in the
belly, it’s the energy center
that stores and emits energy.
The center gathers energy and
transforms it in an alchemical
process. Most of the real
alchemists keep their work hidden
and use codes to describe the
elements, like salt, mercury
and ether. The ultimate goal of
internal alchemy is immortality,
the transformation of the three
treasures — Jing, Chi (Qi),
and Shen. I describe these
practices and how to use them
in three excellent DVD’s -
Qi Organ Cleaning, The Healing Sounds
and the Belt Channels. Why wait?
Download all of them now.
Start building your diamond body
of immortality and learn to
cultivate the Qi as the internal
Alchemy transforms your life.
Get the Qi Gong bundle and start
practicing today.

I wish you the best in your Health,
Wealth and Happiness!

Dr. Wu Dhi

P.S. Once you start the practice,
you will notice the shifts in your
energy makeup within 30, 60 and 90 days.
Download the program now.

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What’s Daoist Magic Anyway?

May 20th, 2014

The excitement is starting to build.  The Daoist magic is working.
Everyday, I get a few more checks in the mail and the phones and
e-mails are buzzing from someone new who has registered for the
three-day Daoist Magic and the Medical Qi Gong workshop with
Professor Jerry Alan Johnsons in Miami.

I thought we would have mostly the locals from Florida in the
July 25th -27th workshop.  But, to my pleasant surprise, we are
getting a much more international group. People are flying in
from Morocco, Venezuela, Columbia and Surinam, as well as
all over the USA.

The group of Healers, martial artists and Daoist priests are all
getting together to work with Dr. Johnson for an intense
three-day experience. The workshop is based on Dr. Johnson’s
five hundred forty one-page book, “Daoist Magic Exorcism -
Encounters with Sorcerers Ghosts, Spirits and Demons”.
It contains the History of Exorcism, The Three Realms of
Daoist Magic, Interactions with the Spirit World, Schools of
Daoist Sorcery, Understanding Psychic Influence, Principles of
Psychic Interference, Psychic Attacks, Types of Psychic Attacks,
Symptoms That Indicate a Psychic Attack, Defending Against
Psychic Attacks, Encounters With Ghosts, Types of Hauntings,
Communicating with Ghosts, Encounters With Spirits,
Historic Classification of Spirits and Immortals,
Seductive Spirits, Animal Spirits, Plant Spirits, Nature Spirits,
Spirits of the Elemental Realms, Spirit Snakes and Spider Spirits,
Sensations Attributed to the Presence of Spirit Entities,
How and Why Negative Spirit Entities Attack, Self-Defense
Against Spirit Entities, Protecting Children, Closing the Ghost
Gate to Protect against Ghosts and Spirits, Encounters With
Demonic and Evil Spirits, Demonology, Levels of Demonic
Influence, Demonic Manifestation, Demonology According to
Christian Mysticism, Historical Facts, Demonic Attacks,
Encounters with Demon or Spirit Possessed Individuals,
Demon or Spirit Oppression, Ten Reasons Why a Demon or
 Evil Spirit will Interact with an Individual, Three Stages of
Demonic Assault (Demonic Infestation, Demonic Oppression,
and Demonic Possession), History of Possession, Signs and
Symptoms of Spirit Possession, Signs and Symptoms of
Demonic Possession, Exorcism, Functionality of Exorcism,
Four Primary Stages of Exorcism, The Ritual of Summoning
Spirits for Interrogation and Exorcism, Binding and Banishing
Techniques used to Remove Evil Spirit Entities, Treating
Demonic or Spirit Oppression and Possession, Removing a
Spirit or Demonic-Entity from a Individual, What to do After
the Demon or Spirit Entity Leaves the Body, When the Demon
or Spirit Entity Will Not Leave, Treatment for Phobia or Anxiety
of being Spirit or Demon Oppressed, Medical Qigong Treatment
for Spirit and Ghost Hallucinations, Treatment using the
Thirteen Ghost Points, The Magic Circle, and Three Stages of
Daoist Exorcism.

Now that’s a mouthful. Professor Johnson will be revealing
these secrets to the lucky few who will be with us in July.

Call me to register at  786-271-0325 or  Dr. Isaac Goren
at  Unknown954-732-5050.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and Happiness!

Dr. Wu Dhi

P.S. I have been studying with Dr. Jerry Alan Johnsons for
7 years now and I can guarantee you that you will get more
than your money’s worth working with him.

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Are Your Meds Destroying Your Immune System?

May 15th, 2014

If you get shot, cut in a sword fight or your flying saucer
crashes and you have a bunch of broken bones, you
better see a medical doctor right away. On the other
hand, if you catch a cold, have a migraine headache
or back pain, our medical system sucks. Sure, they will
treat you and you’re getting the customary and
accepted protocol, but maybe
NOT what’s best for you.

Doctors are forced by insurance companies to cut
costs and use the “shotgun treatment.”
It’s easier for doctors to give you a
broad-spectrum antibiotic, a pain pill or steroids
to try and knock out everything
even if it’s overkill. Many general physicians are
inexperienced and misdiagnosis is common. Unknown

Standard treatments can beat down your body’s
natural defenses, cause havoc with your immune
system and leave the door wide open for future
disease. For most infections, you will receive an
antibiotic and they can be very risky with negative
side effects. If you want to stop the cycle of recurring
disease, you have to understand the root cause and
strengthen your immune system. These are the
5 things you need to build your immune system:
1. Nutrition – Research has shown that the best
nutrition for human consumption is green-based diet,
meaning, mostly vegetarian. And the other important
thing for your longevity is if you eat less, you’ll live
2. Proper exercise – Internal exercises, like Qi Gong,
yoga and Tai Chi, are the best. They work on the
internal organs as well as boosting the immune system.
3. Staying well hydrated – If you have an iPhone,
there’s a free app called Waterlogged. It will remind you
all day when you should drink. This is a helpful reminder.
4. Healthy attitude – Your self-talk is very important.
If you say it’s a good day or a bad day,
you’re absolutely right.
5. Moderation – Many of us are obsessive-compulsive
in nature. To stay healthy, balance is the key. Not too hot,
not too cold. Not too wet, not too dry. The perfect
situation would be warm and moist. Our organs love that

You can also begin to strengthen your immune system
through these alternative methods that are used by many
natural doctors and have a proven track record of safety
and effectiveness. The Recharging Qi Gong program is a
tried-and-tested program to give the maximum results
with the least amount of effort. Get the program today,

and start practicing. Practice is key.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and Happiness!

Dr. Wu Dhi

P.S. “If you do external exercises, like jogging, sports, or
weights, you need to do internal exercises to keep your
organs strong and healthy. If you do internal exercises,
like the Recharging Qi Gong,,

there’s no need to do external exercises.”

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Full Moon Energy Practice

May 14th, 2014

On May 14th, the moon is full in the sign of
Scorpio and it’s known as the “flower moon”
or the “planting moon”. This is a special full
moon as it’s Buddha’s birthday and will beimages-2
celebrated by millions of people all over Asia.
This is the celebration of Buddha’s enlightenment
under the Bodhi tree.

Traditionally, homes are cleaned and decorated
with bright colors. This is the time of the year
that I will hand new prayer flags over my gates
to blow blessings into my home and garden.
In many countries, during the festival, Buddhists
will visit their local temples for services and teaching,
and will give offerings to the monks of food,
candles and flowers. Chanting and praying are
important parts of the Wesak Festival.

Customarily, water is poured over the shoulders
of the Buddha as a reminder to purify your minds
from the three poisons — greed, hatred and
ignorance. Gifts are taken to an altar to be
offered to the Buddha statues. This shows
respect and gratitude to the Buddha for his life
and teachings.

Here’s what I will be doing on this coming full moon.
I will devote the day to meditation in early in the
morning before the sun comes up. I will be putting
up the prayer flags and chanting the sacred Mantra
that eliminates the three poisons. You may know
them as worry, struggle and blame. As I do this,
I also place my attention on the healing energy of
Quan Yin, the Goddess of Compassion. If you aren’t
familiar with this mantra and how you can gain
personal power and enlightenment, click on the link.

I wish you the best with your Health, Wealth and Happiness!
Dr. Wu Dhi

P.S. The Internal Mantra Program is a teaching and
a practice. When you get both, you will know how to
open up the energy in no time at all.

Dr. Wu Dhi

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My New assistant has finally arrived

May 13th, 2014

Finding someone to work with you is always
challenging. Sometimes a person is a good worker,
but they have a bad personality or they don’t get
along with the others in the office. They don’t
have a clue of where I am going with my writing or
they aren’t “people” kind of people.

So far I have been really lucky and I have had
some really top-notch people to work with me. When
I first interview someone, I have a few
qualifications that I need to have in assistance
no matter who it is. They have to be good writers,
quick learners, be up to speed on both Apple and
Windows, know a few languages, they have to like
people, care about their health and well being,
they have to have a good memory and be really good
at organization and logistics.

All of these qualities are not all that is
necessary to work in the office of a healer. They
have to be health conscious, with an open
spiritual background and it’s important not to
discuss any patient issues with anyone.
It’s not mandatory but I highly suggested that any
person that works with me comes to the meditation
classes, workshops and the Qi Gong classes. It may
seem like a lot of stuff but the kind of work I
do: teaching, healing, coaching and counseling
takes a team and a special kind of person.

We are working with people’s health, growth,
anti-aging and longevity.

It’s the same with the people who choose to be
members of the Qi Gong Inner Circle
It has taken me 35 years of studying all of the
information that I know and I have put it into
programs that work with and I’m going to do
whatever it takes to put these precious teachings
in your hands. But you are the one who has to
choose! I say, choose and I mean CHOOSE because
for 99.9% of all of us who choose the quality of
life and the quantity of life we live is about the
choices we make daily more than it is about the
hands we are dealt at birth.

If you are ready to make a commitment to your
growth, join me and the members of the Qi Gong
Inner Circle and I will send you a CD or DVD every
month on health, longevity, Qi Gong, Nei Gong,
Shen Gong, that will make your life better.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Building Jing at the Perez Museum

May 8th, 2014

imagesLast week I was invited to an awesome place, the
Perez museum designed by Pritzker Prize- in
downtown Miami by one of my patients. The exhibit
was called the Caribbean-crossroads-world. It was
amazing- two centuries of rarely seen works—from
paintings and sculptures to prints, photographs,
films and videos from all over the Caribbean.

I got there at 6’ O clock and stayed until
closing, I could have spent the entire day,
there’s a lot to see and the architecture of
building is gorgeous.
Whenever I go to a museum I always have two
purposes. One is to see the art and bask in the
creativity and my other reason is for my personal
meditation and growth.

They say that our creativity comes from the second
chakra – the sex chakra. The Sanskrit name for
the 2nd chakra is “Svadhisthana.” This word means,
“dwelling place of the Self.” The 2nd chakra is
located in the lower abdomen, about an inch below
the navel about the same place as the lower
dantain. It’s associated with creativity and
reproduction. It also governs emotional and
sensual aspects of our lives.

In Chinese Medicine the kidneys rule our sexual
energy; the primary function is storing and
controlling ‘essence’, or jing. Jing is the
essence of Qi and the basis for body, matter and
functional activities. There are two types of
Jing, congenital jing and acquired jing, which are
stored in the kidney and known as kidney jing. The
function of jing is to promote growth, development
and reproduction, as well as to provide the basis
for kidney Qi, produce marrow and provide the
basis for Jing, Qi and Shen.

This is the key to longevity. We can build our
jing and stay young or overindulge in sex, drugs
and food and weaken the jing and age prematurely.
In Dr. Wu Dhi’s Sexual Program you will learn how
to build the jing and keep your sexual energy
strong, healthy and powerful.

Stay young, healthy and sexually powerful
I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi


Dr. Wu Dhi

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