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An Opportunity for Your Independence

June 27th, 2014

Six years ago, in 2008, I was invited by Dr.
Thomas Rau from the prestigious Paracelsus Klinic
in Switzerland to come to the clinic and intern in
Biological Medicine. Biological Medicine is a
holistic approach to health and wellness that
allows the human body to maximize its own innate
healing powers. It looks for the root cause of the
disease that may include several factors like,
diet, food allergies, intestinal and dental
disturbances, family history, stress, and aging,
among others. Half of the day, I was a patient and
the other half, I was an intern. As a patient, I
would get 6-7 treatments a day and as an intern,
we would see 10 people. This was a great
experience for me and I estimated in my head that
it was going to cost me about $500 a day. Much to
my surprise, when I checked out of the clinic, it
cost me $only a little more a day! Of course, that included my
plane fare and food. I maxed out all my credit
cards and transferred some money from my bank
account in the United States before I left
Switzerland. Although I didn’t expect to spend
that much money, within 3 months, my business
doubled and my health improved. Some from the knowledge
that I acquired and others from the referrals I got
from the clinic in Switzerland. When ever I get a chance
to return I’ll definitely return.

Many of us have money issues and are reluctant to
do something in fear that we won’t have enough. I
find that if you are presented with an
opportunity, seize that opportunity with all your
heart, mind, soul and strength.

On July 25th, Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson will be coming
to Miami for a special workshop.
images-1It is a workshop that you don’t
hear about often with some very ancient teachings
from the Chinese Daoist system. If you’ve been
reading my blogs, you know that I highly regard
Dr. Johnson’s work. I took his Beginning Program
years ago, and although I didn’t have the money at
that time, the opportunity was presented to me and
it was a rare one to have a Daoist Master,
advanced Martial Artist, and Doctor of Medical Qi
Gong in my neighborhood. Back then, I have been
hearing about Dr. Johnson from other Masters,
martial artists and advanced healers, and everyone
said, “If you can study with him, don’t miss him.
He is the real deal.”

Sometimes, all you have to do is open up to the
lessons presented to you and the universe will
open up and give you everything you need and more.
If you are thinking of doing Dr. Johnson’s work
and wondering what you’ll get out of it, I can
guarantee you that you can get way more than what
you pay for. To register, call Dr. Isaac Goren at
954-732-5050 or call me at 786-271-0325.

I wish the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

PS. Many of you called and emailed me about the
link didn’t work last week and you were not able
to buy at the 33% off all my products.
The Solstice Sale is back!
my web guy transformed the SALE into the July 4 Sale
here is the link

Happy Summer Solstice and Independence Day!

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What’s Your lucky Number?

June 26th, 2014

Did you ever have a number that got stuck in your
head? One that just seemed to keep reappearing
over and over? Well I did today. I woke up at 2:27
and did a meditation for 27 minutes. I went back
to sleep and had a dream of hanging out with my
27-year-old friend. The number was so strong in my
head that I decided to work with it to see what
would happen. I did my workout based on the number
27. 2+7 = 9, the most Yang number and very lucky
in China and all throughout Asia. When I returned
home, I pulled out my old I Ching Book, “The Book
of Changes and the Unchanging Truth,” by Master Ni
Hua Ching to see what it said about number 27.
Number 27 represents “Providing Nourishment” and
it speaks of the image of the mouth. Through the
mouth, nourishment begins, nourishment as in
self-cultivation, both spiritually and material.

The Trigram is the basic structure of the
universe. According to the Daoist view, the three
spheres are the Heavenly Realm, Earthly Realm, and
Mankind. They make up the structure for the 64
Trigrams in the I Ching. In Trigram 27, the upper
part of the trigram represents the nourishment you
give to others as well as spiritual nourishment.
The lower trigram represents the nourishment you
provide for yourself, like physical exercise.

To have balance, it is important to support
yourself and others. Although physical nourishment
is important, it is minor compared to spiritual
nourishment, and people who spend their life
seeking nourishment only for the mouth will never
develop spiritually. My Master always emphasized
the importance of guarding your speech. The mouth
is the opening where things both enter and leave
the body and it must be guarded. Proper nutrition
for the body and healthy communications provide
nourishment for the mind and spirit. Most people
overuse their mouths for talking, kissing and
eating. As we develop spiritually and become more
aware of our true nature, our communications will
open spiritually. A true Master will use less
talking and more breathing, less eating and more
inner awareness. I have been following this
formula for years and still working on guarding my
own speech.

Meditation is the key in the Internal Mantra
Program. There is a formula to perfect your body,
speech and mind. Get it today and start practicing

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

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European Anti-Aging Test

June 23rd, 2014

I got a call from Dr. Carola Cuenca this morning
from Santa Cruz, California. She told me that she
was coming to Miami for a few days to visit her
family. I have been a friend for the last 20 years
and whenever she comes into town, I always get a
Computerized Regulation Thermography (CRT) test
from her. She is a master homeopathic doctor and
one of the most skilled people in the USA to run
and interpret the CRT testing.

I’ll tell you why I get tested. First, the CRT
test shows where the imbalances are in the body,
from your teeth, your hormones and all of the
internal organs. If the body is showing any
imbalance, Dr. Cuenca can pick it up through the
test and address the situation months before you
have any symptoms showing up. Her skills as a
master homeopathic are extraordinary, using
natural cures like, Traditional Homeopathic,
Homotoxicology and images-2. I highly
recommend her to all my female patients for breast
health and here’s why: CRT discovers breast health
problems sooner.

The causes of Breast Cancer, according to leading
American & European Research Studies, include:

1) Prescriptions Drugs, especially Synthetic
Hormones, e.g., birth control pills, non-human
estrogen, etc.
2) Exposures to Plastics and Plasticizers that
may act like Toxic Foreign Estrogens
3) Hidden and Chronic Infections of the Teeth,
Tonsils and/or Lymphatic and Internal Organs
4) Toxic Heavy Metal Exposures (mercury, lead,
arsenic, cadmium, etc.)
5) Improper Diet and Nutritional Deficiencies
6) Liver Metabolism Defects

Breast disease is not a disorder of the breasts
alone, but of multiple, systemic, physiological
malfunctions, such as, abnormal liver
detoxification; hormonal imbalances; environmental
toxins (mercury, lead, arsenic, plastics, etc.);
dietary carcinogens (oxidized, rancid fats,
processed foods, artificial food colors and
preservatives, etc.); unresolved chronic
infections; and, trauma and x-rays (30% of all
breast cancers may be triggered by the crush
trauma and radiation exposure of repeated

Seventy-five percent of women who get breast
cancer have no family history of the disease.
Moreover, 23% of all breast cancers occur in women
under 49. This is the most common cancer in women
in this age group. Breast cancers in younger
women are usually more aggressive and have poorer
survival rates. Therefore, young women will
greatly benefit from CRT screening.

Mammography and digital infrared image
thermography, as well as MRI and ultrasound, can
help to study the breasts and other parts of the
body, but only CRT can help pinpoint and explain
the relationship and impact of all the other body
systems and their particular influences on breast
health on an individual basis.

Computerized Regulation Thermography (CRT) is a
safe, radiation-free, non-invasive, painless and
cost-effective whole body scan method for
discovering hidden dysfunctions and infections and
monitoring treatment progress. It can see
problems before they manifest into a palpable
mass, or, into health problems that may be

CRT can be used in conjunction with mammography,
ultrasound, MRI and physical palpation of the
breasts for more definitive diagnosis and
understanding of the condition. It looks at
stress-response relationships correlated with
health and disease, whereas mammography only
provides imaging of structure.

The internal organs can be ‘seen’ digitally
through the nervous system’s connections with the
skin surface. CRT can detect a suspicion for
breast disease and, thereafter, the patient may be
referred for digital mammography, ultrasound
and/or a non-contrast MRI for further study.

Although the new, digitized, low-radiation
mammography is a step in the right direction, CRT
can be used with a higher (80%) confidence level,
with the additional benefit of detecting breast
disease at much earlier stages than mammography,
MRI or ultrasound imaging.

In a study that followed 300 women for 10 years
after thermographic analysis, there was an
astounding 70% accuracy in predicting breast
cancer up to four years before it was detected by

Breast thermography and mammography are
complementary procedures, that is, one test does
not replace the other. Research reveals that the
earliest detection is realized when a multiple
testing approach to screening is taken. This
multi-modal approach includes regular breast
self-examinations, physical breast exams by a
physician, mammography and thermography.

In most cases, a primary or secondary cause is
identified, such as hormonal problems, subclinical
infections in the lymph glands, etc. In such
cases, individualized treatment is begun by
initially addressing the imbalance that has the
highest priority.

Computerized Regulation Thermography (CRT) plays
an important role in breast cancer prevention. The
single, greatest risk factor for the development
of breast cancer is the total, lifetime exposure
to estrogen, unopposed by progesterone. Breast
thermography is the only known, non-invasive
procedure that can detect ‘estrogen dominance’ in
the breasts.

If a woman’s thermographic analysis suggest a
relative ‘progesterone deficiency’ (estrogen
dominance), treatment of this condition may play
an important role in prevention. Normalizing the
balance of the hormones in the breasts and entire
body may be the first and most significant step in
disease prevention. Follow-up CRT exams are
compared to the baseline, ‘estrogen dominant’
images as part of the treatment monitoring

Progress is then evaluated with CRT, and, in many
cases, can help move the person out of the danger
zone, saving both time and preserving health. CRT
is used in leading hospitals throughout Europe and
serves to guide physicians toward more accurate
diagnosis and comprehensive therapeutic

We only have 9 appointments available at this time
starting from June 26 to 28, 2014 at 8:00 AM, 9:00
AM and 10:00 AM. To schedule an appointment for
your CRT exam, please call me at 305-407-0120.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Summer Solstice, Sale

June 20th, 2014

There are 4 special days a year that you can
increase the power of what you do and reset your
internal clock. These days are the greatest for
deeper meditations and making changes. Even your
workout can be more effective and they are the
best days to clean up your body and mind. I
usually spend the 4 big planetary changes in
meditation and by celebrating being alive. You
may be wondering why these days are so powerful
and what they are. They are the Summer Solstice on
June 21st, the Winter Solstice on December 21st,
and the two Equinoxes, that of Spring last March
20th and of Fall on September 22nd.

In ancient times, the Unknownhelped people to
manage their calendars and to organize when to
plant and harvest crops. In ancient China, the
Summer Solstice was observed by a ceremony to
celebrate the Earth, femininity, and the Yin
forces. Yin is female and is all about the water
element, which rules the kidneys and the urinary
bladder. The emotion associated with the water
element is fear, but on the positive side, it has
to do with kindness.

To show my kindness for everyone who has supported
me and the teachings, in this Summer Solstice, I
have a Great Sale that will go on for 3 days. Get
any of my books, programs or DVDs at big discount!
Please check them out at

I wish you a happy Summer Solstice and a great

The best in your Health, Wealth and Happiness!

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Energy Medicine Revealed

June 18th, 2014

Many people have asked me how long I’ve been
working with energy. It made me laugh! When I was
about 12 years old, I was very hyperactive. Today,
they would have put me on Ritelin or Adderall or
those medications they give to children with
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD.
Pretty fancy title for a kid that’s filled with
energy and didn’t conform to the system, don’t you
think? The teachers hated that and my mom wasn’t
damn pleased either. I’ve always had lots of
energy. My dad didn’t think I had a disorder at
all and told my mom that’s just how boys are. He
said, “You’ll never understand it since you’ll
never be a boy.” He told my mother he’ll take care
of it and not to worry at all. He enrolled me in
martial arts classes, Jujutsu, and then a few
years after, Aikido. Let me tell you. When I came
home from practice, all I wanted to do was eat and
sleep; no running around, no hyperactive kid. This
was a great cure.

In my first introduction to energy work in my
early years, they taught me how to work with
energy, move energy, and how to use energy to
protect yourself, shield yourself and keep you
healthy and strong. And guess what it did? Taught
me how to focus and stay grounded, and lo and
behold, the “ADHD” magically disappeared.

Today, with all the pressures in school and all
the pressures at work, people get hyper, sometimes
very mean and angry. I learned from Chinese
Medicine it’s an imbalance in the organ system.
The liver has to do with anger and the heart has
to do with anxiety, rush and hastiness. When
you’re working with energy, there are some very
exact formulas that were developed thousands of
years ago. They were embedded in the Oriental
system – Qi Gong, Nei Gong, and Shen Gong. Qigong
is an ancient Chinese health care system that
integrates physical postures, breathing techniques
and focused intention. Nei gong, meaning ‘internal
work’, focuses on the deepest energy channels,
which then open and strengthen all the meridians
of the body. Shen Gong is actually the practice
that works with the spirit. These are the main
systems that involve energy. As far as longevity
practices are concerned, I just thought this was
the normal way of life. My dad’s the one who
started me on the path and 60 years later, I’m
still on the path teaching and sharing this
valuable information with students and patients.

Practices like Yoga and the Internal Exercises can
keep you younger, healthier and more vibrant.
These are the real longevity practices. Every day,
we learn more about our health and well-being and
are always looking for something new. If you look
back into time, you will see that longevity
practices have been around for as long as
humanity. We all strive to stay young, healthy and
alive. The key is in the practice. All of us have
read about longevity and Ponce de Leon’s Fountain
of Youth, and there are commercials on television
everyday about the latest and greatest longevity
formula. The truth is it takes practice,
discipline and consistency to live a long and
healthy life.

The Recharging Qi Gong program will give you a
total workout of exercises that will keep you
healthy, flexible and agile. The focus is on the
health of your internal organs, your tendons, and
joints. This program was made specifically to
increase your chances of longevity and enhance the
quality of your life.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and


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Coming Soon: The Energy Medicine Radio Show!

June 16th, 2014


I consider my life to be very lucky. You might say
that I live a charmed life. I have studied with
many gurus, masters, and lamas. I spent most of my
days getting people healthy — mentally,
physically, emotionally and spiritually — and
generally enjoying myself. I’ve been one of the
fortunate ones that has gathered a lot of
knowledge in my life. Now is my time to share it.
I’ve also spent a lot of time with very creative
people and I was talking to a very talented woman
today. She’s a musician, writer, singer,
producer, disc jockey and actress who has been
living in Florida for the last 18 years that I
know of. In Tampa, she has a radio show called
Ultrasounds with Eluv and you can pick it up on
the Internet at 88.5 FM WMNF with airtime every
Thursday from 11:00 PM to 1:00 AM. We were talking
today on how important it is for people to be more
conscious, to be aware of what’s going on in the
planet, and to come from a place of loving
kindness. She asked me if I’ll be willing to share
more of my knowledge with others, and of course, I
told her that I’d be more than happy to share it
with the whole world. That’s when a moment of
creativity struck both of us, like a bolt of
lightning. Why don’t we start a radio show and
invite healers and artists and creative people to
share their knowledge and expertise with us? What
a great idea! So, today, we decided to start a
radio show to bring you the best in Energy
Medicine, alternative health care, vibrational
healing, and all the other modalities that have
validity and work. I don’t care if it’s a Shaman
with a drum. If you feel better and it makes you
happier, healthier, and puts a smile on your face,
we’ll find somebody to talk about it and give you
tools so you can be a participant in your own
health, well-being, and longevity. The show will
probably not be starting for a few months. We’re
looking at August or September before it airs.
But, without a doubt, I’ll be blogging about it,
and give you the times and dates and everything
about the show as soon as we nail it down. They
say that when you want to get something done, you
give it to a busy person. And you know I’m busy. I
see patients every day. I write to you four times
a week. I teach a meditation class every Wednesday
night and a Qi Gong class every Saturday morning.
I train and work out daily. I write books and make
programs, have private coaching sessions, and I
couldn’t be any happier.

If you want to have some real fun, get involved.
Join me and the members of the Qi Gong Inner
Circle, and open up your knowledge centers and
build your spiritual digestive system. Click here to join, and
I’ll send you a DVD or CD every month and a
teaching to make your life better.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

P.S. I just wanted to remind you of Dr. Jerry Alan
Johnson’s workshop. Don’t miss it! Call me at
786-271-0325 or Dr. Isaac Goren at 954-732-5050.

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A Most Interesting Encounter with Spirits and Demons

June 13th, 2014

The conference call was great! We had more than 36
people on the call, and in Daoism, that’s a very
auspicious number. Everyone was anxious to hear
what Professor Jerry Alan Johnson had to say. He
spoke about different illnesses and how they
affect us in our homes and clinics. He talked
about ghosts, demons, and spirits. I guess the
Western doctors would see these as psychological
disorders like, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia,
manic depression, etc. Many of these diseases come
from the imbalance of spirit. In the Daoist
Mysticism seminar coming up July 25th and 26th,
we’ll be focusing on how to recognize the various
types of spirits and what to do when you encounter
them. We’ll be learning many of the protections
and how to keep our homes and offices free of
negative influences. In Dr. Johnson’s book, Daoist
Exorcism: Encounters with Sorcerers, Ghosts,
Spirits and Demons, he explains how individuals
are vulnerable to these psychological imbalances.
He will cover the influence of The Three Bodies
and Three Worlds, the differences between
Psychosis and Neurosis, the differences between
Spirit Oppression and Demonic Possession, the
Energetic Function of Shadow Spirits – Shadow
Organs – Shadow Channels, why and how people
attract evil spirits into their lives, what
“feeds” them and why they stay, when your home,
office and/or clinic is impregnated with spirits,
understanding psychic attacks, and the difference
between curses and hexes. The things that people
were really interested in were the personal
protections, the protections for your house and
your clinic, and how to purify and cleanse your
home and property. I thought it was really
interesting what he said about removing spirit
entities and how they affect us negatively. We’re
all looking forward to this workshop. If you
haven’t registered as yet, call me at 786-271-0325
or call Dr. Isaac Goren at 954-732-5050, and sign
up while there’s still space available.

Here’s the link to the conference call:

Enjoy! If you have any questions, please feel free
to e-mail me at or call at

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

P.S. Dr. Johnson is now retired from clinical
practice and no longer sees patients but he’s
dedicated to get as much of this information out
to people. He isn’t often available for classes
and workshops, so, if you have any interest in
this type of work, I encourage you to sign up

P.S.S. Unfortunately, Amazon and Red Wing are out
of Dr. Johnson’s book. But you can directly buy it
from him at his website,
Go to Daoist Books and it’s the 6th book down the
list entitled, “Daoist Exorcism: Encounters with
Sorcerers, Ghosts, Spirits and Demons”.

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Important message about Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson’s Free conference call

June 11th, 2014

The conference call is tonight with Dr. Jerry
Johnson at 8:30 EST. It’s FREE. It’s exciting! And
I’m sure that we’ll all get a lot of knowledge. He
is a true Master. If you didn’t know it, Dr. Jerry
Alan Johnson holds two lineages in the Daoist
Tradition. He has written more than 30 books and
he is the one who is actually made Medical Qi Gong
popular in the United States. He is well
recognized in China as one of the Masters of
Medical Qi Gong. In this call tonight, he promises
to give us a lot of information that will help us
understand the spirit world and how it affects us
as well as how people suck our energy away. In the
class that’s coming up on July 25th to 27th, he
will give us exact details how to protect
ourselves from negative influences that can affect
our health, well-being, moods, and our jobs and

Here’s how to get on tonight’s conference call:
Dial 605-475-3200 and they will ask you for an
access code. Punch in 952067# and announce

Join us tonight!

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi


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How to Make Your Dreams Come True

June 11th, 2014

The other night, I dreamt that I was underwater
and yet could breathe perfectly without any
equipment of any kind. I was watching a school
of fish swimming in a very large circle and then
suddenly I woke up. It was 4:30 in the morning.
Everything was very quiet and dark. I got out of
bed, washed my face and sat down to do my morning
meditation. I must have been sitting for over an
hour because when I returned to an awaken state of
consciousness, it was daybreak. The birds were
singing and it was just starting to get light. I
got dressed and headed down to the beach for my
morning workout. As I crossed the little bridge to
get to the ocean, I looked down into the water,
and there was a large school of fish swimming in a
circle, just like in my dream. It was a déjà vu.

Our dreams have many interpretations. There is no
limit to what we can learn from our dreams, and
many cultures highly regard the use of dream to
guide them. In fact, dream-inspired art,
inventions, and spiritual guidance are endless.
Shamans have been using dreams for thousands of
years to guide them and many inspired artists,
inventors, and spiritual leaders use dreams to
guide them to success. In the Asian cultures, fish
represents wealth and prosperity. I also looked up
the dream interpretation for fish and it said
this: “Fish swimming tends to represent insights
from your unconscious mind especially when
associated with the ocean.” I took it as a good
sign. Our lives are made up of different maps on
the path, letting us know where to go, where to
put our energy on and what to avoid. The more open
you are to these signs, the more you will be
guided to what is best for you.

In the Qi Gong Inner Circle, I share many of these
techniques with the members. Every month, I’ll
send out a specific teaching to them that will
open up to new part of life and inner growth. I
encourage you to join us

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

P.S. Save the date! June 11, 2014, Wednesday,
8:30 PM EST for Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson’s FREE
conference call on the Daoist Magic and Medical
Qi Gong Workshops. Dial 605-475-3200 and use
the access code, 952067 plus #, and announce
yourself and you will be on the conference.


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Up Rooted

June 5th, 2014

For the last 16 years, I have been living on a
barrier island in a little house a few blocks from
the ocean in Miami Beach just 10 minutes from my
office. The place is a gem. I have 2 large mango
trees at the backyard, a few dozen of banana
trees, and 20 papaya trees that produce delicious
sweet fruit all summer. Next to the house, I
planted a Feng Shui garden filled with herbs and
vegetables that produce tomatoes, lettuce, kale,
broccoli, spinach and more greens than a big
family could eat and it’s all-organic. Eating off
the land is one of the best ways to nourish your
body, mind and spirit. For me, working in the
garden is a great way to de-stress from work and a
joy to see my efforts grow. A garden grows at its
own pace. You can’t rush it or slow it down, but
it needs just a few things to grow- the right
soil, water and sunlight. If the pH of the soil is
too acidic, you’ll get a poor crop. If the garden
isn’t watered, your garden will dry up. And if
there is no sunlight, nothing happens at all. A
garden is very similar to our bodies. We need to
keep our internal system alkaline rather than
acidic to stay healthy and, without a doubt, we
need to stay hydrated. As for the sunlight, it’s
one of the biggest factors in keeping us happy,
vibrant and free from depression and anxiety.

For many years, I have lived a charmed life in a
charmed place near the sea. But now, I am going to
make some changes. I am in the process of packing
up all my belongings and saying goodbye to my
beach house and looking for a new place. It wasn’t
my idea, but change happens that make us change
and grow whether we like it or not. Within the
next few months, they are going to knock down the
house and build 17 condos on the property.

Most people don’t mind change as long as it
doesn’t change their life. Change is an
opportunity for us to grow. One of the reasons
that run this planet is to grow, just like the
vegetable garden. We want to grow strong,
productive, and make our world a better place.
Many of us get caught up in a situation that keeps
us slaves to our jobs, relationships, or
community. I hear people say this all the time,
“This is just how my life is.” On this planet, you
have the so-called ‘free will’ but most people
live in a place of fear. They’re afraid to make
change, they’re afraid to open up to change. And
they never experience their true potential. Change
is something that we want to welcome into our
lives. It forces us to grow. When students come in
to my class, or patients in to my office, they’re
looking for something new, something to make them
better, mentally, physically, emotionally,
spiritually and psychologically. If they continue
to do their same pattern over and over, and are
expecting different results, I would call this

Embrace change and open up to something new today.
If you haven’t been practicing the internal
exercises like the Recharging Qi Gong Program, take a chance. Maybe it will
make you uncomfortable, or it might take you off
your normal routine, but I can guarantee you one
thing, it will make you change for the better.
Order right now,

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and

Dr. Wu Dhi

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