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Ritual Detox

September 29th, 2014

Last Wednesday at sunset was the beginning of the
Jewish New Year “Rosh Hashanah” (it literally it
means “head of the year”) This day is believed to
be the anniversary of the creation of Adam and
Eve. Traditionally eating apples dipped in honey
to evoke a “sweet new year”.

This holiday coincides with the fall harvest in
the northern hemisphere. It’s a time to be thankful
for who we are, what we have, and the people in our
lives. Whenever we have a seasonal change no
matter if its summer, winter, spring or fall our
internal clock needs to be reset. One of the
ways I like to do that is by doing a ritual fast
from all food for two or three days. Fasting is
one of the keys to internal purification.

We are exposed to chemicals in the air and water
daily and as times goes buy our body accumulates
more and more toxins. All those inorganic
chemicals must be passed out of your body or they
can cause great damage to your health and
wellbeing. I have found over the years a short
fast will give your digestive system a rest and
help to detox you from all those unhealthy foods
that you ingest and help to clear out those
chemicals that you have been exposed to. By
fasting we give our bodies a physiological rest as
well. This rest builds Qi and the more Qi we have,
the more toxins are going to be eliminated from
the body to help keep it clean, pure, and healthy.
If you can imagine for a moment that you have a
garbage can in your backyard, everyday you throw
more and more garbage into the can; eventually it
will fill up and you will attract bugs and
rodents. You may poison the air around to
eliminate the pests, but eventually they will come
back. It is the same when you take antibiotics.
You are covering up the problem and not
eliminating it. If you want to eliminate the
pests, you have to clean up the garbage. In our
bodies we have to detox to eliminate the toxins
and therefore we can eliminate the disease.
Exercise is also very important in keeping the
energies of the body following smoothly. The
Recharging Qigong program is designed to help you
eliminate toxins, and keep you healthy and strong.
I am sure that once you start the program you will
feel a world of difference in your health and
wellbeing. Click here to find out more:

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and

Dr. Wu Dhi

P.S. When we fast, we clear our body, mind, and
spirit of toxic waste. When you add the Qigong
exercises you increase your chances of staying in
your body for a long, long, long time with out any dis

P.S.S. Tune in to tomorrow
night at 8 o’clock EST for a great show with Dr.
Wu Dhi, ELuv, and our special guest Das!


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How to Shake a Stubborn Cough

September 26th, 2014

When I was a kid I had Bronchitis and every time I

got a cold it would settle in my chest and I’d be

up all night hacking.

The doctor told my mother that I had bronchitis

and it’s generally caused by lung infections,

usually viral in origin. My lungs were my weakest link

until I was around 18 years old before I

cleared it out of my system once and for all. I

believe I did it practicing Yoga and Qigong

breathing exercises.

Even after my cold was long gone that nasty

cough seemed to linger on for weeks and wiped me

out. It kept everyone awake most of the night.

The average time for a cough to last after a virus

is an exhausting 18 days – with many coughs

sticking around even longer.

But why do we even get a cough? “Coughing actually

has an important purpose.”

“It’s your body’s way of keeping unwanted stuff

from getting into your lungs and it gets the mucus

out. ”

The real secret is strengthening your lungs

and that’s where the Qigong comes into play.

It’s normal to have a cough with a virus, as it’s

triggered by mucus draining down the back of the


First let me say this 99% of antibiotics won’t

help, they just don’t work for a cough.

I’ve tried many of these things and they help

Here are a few home remedies that I have

tried over the years and will help get you well again.

1. No cold drinks. Hot drinks like tea, hot water

with lemon and honey will help break up the mucus.

2. Stay out of drafts; don’t let even a fan blow

on your body.

3. Inhalers can be helpful. Even standing over a pot of

boiling water can help break up a stubborn cough,

but use caution not to get burnt.

4. Sleeping with an extra pillow can help the

mucus from draining and may help you get a good

night’s sleep.

5. Drink plenty of fluids I like lemon and water

it help cut the mucus.

6. Grapefruit juice is much better than orange

juice. I have tried this and it seems to work well.

Get a few organic grapefruits and slice in half

remove the seeds, loosen the pulp with a grapefruit

knife and pore some honey over the 2 half’s. Then

put on a baking pan and put in a 350 oven for 20

minutes and then put the oven on broil for 10

minutes and eat warm.

7. Take up to 2000mg of vitamin C every 4 hours.

8. Get as much sleep as you can.

All of these help but bottom line as soon as you’ve

cleared the cough get on a Qigong program to

strengthen your lungs.

I love doing the Flying Crane Qigong

It works the muscles, the internal organs and when

done regularly will keep you young and healthy .

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and Happiness.

Dr. Wu Dhi

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When is the Best Time to Practice

September 24th, 2014

I woke up around 4:30 this morning and made a pot
of hot tea before starting my morning meditation.
The wee hours of the morning are the best time to
meditate when everything is still. Most people are
sleeping and it’s much easier to be still inside
when there is less movement around us. The morning
sets the tone for the entire day.
I sat for around 30 minutes and then left the
house to do my Qigong practice. If you aren’t a
meditator, just start by sitting for 5 minutes in
the morning and ask yourself this question: “What
am I grateful for?” This will keep your mind
searching for the answers and put you in a
meditative state. Little by little you can
increase the time you sit and open up your
meditation practice. The benefits are incredible.
I’m only a few blocks from the ocean and if I
leave early enough it’s still dark and very quite.
My mornin g exercise is one of the best ways to
wake up the body and get Qi and blood flowing to
the brain. It’s far superior to that cup of coffee
but if you can’t do with that cup of brain juice;
drink it after your practice. Some people go for a
run or get to the gym, but if you want to keep
healthy and increase your chances for a long
healthy life learn and practice the internal
exercises like Qigong,images Tai Chi and Yoga. These
exercises will get your Qi and blood flowing to
the internal organs the quickest and keep them
healthy. I have been practicing Qi Gong for over
30 years. Here are some of the many benefits:

1. Strengthens the Organs
2. Improves Cardiopulmonary Function
3. Strengthens the Nerves
4. Improves Vascular Function
5. Prevents Injury to Joints, Ligaments, and Bones
6. Speeds Recovery Time from Injuries
7. Builds Internal Power
8. Eases Stress and Balances Emotions
9. Improves your Flexibly and Balance

The Anti aging exercises like the Recharging
Qigong program will improve your health and
well-being within weeks of practicing. This is my
top selling program and people have reported
massive changes in their health, flexibility and

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, &

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Holiday Action Plan

September 22nd, 2014


The Holidays are just about on us again; lots of
eating, drinking, and hanging out but don’t neglect
your health for even a second. Get an ACTION PLAN!
The “ACTION PLAN” will give you an opportunity to
get things done, have fun and stay healthy at the
same time. These are some of the steps that will
give you a boost in your energy, allow you to
relax, and get the most out of your holiday.

• First make a list of projects you are working on
and prioritize them.
I do this a few days before I get ready for a
holiday break. You know how the day gets hectic as
you are getting ready to take off for a few days?
Well, start writing down what you need and want to
accomplish over the holidays. Hold the image of
your projects getting done quickly, with ease and
with an extraordinary quality. Visualize yourself
finishing everything you want to get done like:
yo ur work, your workout and spending quality time
with your family and friends.

• Next, as soon as you reach your destination or
get home from work take a walk and notice
something that you never noticed before, this will
start to bring you into an entirely new space in
your mind. Expect to increase your energy, and as
you breathe visualize an energy that surrounds you
and calm you and everyone who comes in contact
with you.

• Now place your attention in your hands and hold
it there for 3 minutes. This will develop your
awareness and keep you more focused. It’s called
the second attention and will help you to be more
open and less reactive to life’s changes.

• Do something unusual like walk backwards for 500
steps, this will develop your peripheral vision,
open up your creativity and awareness, as well as
giving you better balance and agilit y.

• Practice the smile meditation twice daily. Smile
into every organ and cell of your body. It will
increase your inner happiness and heal your body,
mind on a cellular level.

• When you wake up; before you get out of bed,
imagine your perfect day. What you want to happen,
who you want to see and talk to, what you want to
accomplish. I go through my entire Qi Gong
practice in my head every morning before putting
my feet on the ground. This practice burns in new
brain pathways and will strengthen your training.

All of these teachings are given in detail to
members of the Qi Gong Inner Circle. As a member
you receive monthly teachings on DVD’s, CD’s and
through the Internet. If you aren’t a member of
the Qi Gong Inner Circle yet, start visualizing
yourself as a member. See the DVD’s being
delivered to you every month; imagine learn ing new
teachings, your energy increasing, your sexual
power working like a magnet to bring you what you
desire. Start to feel calmness around you, an aura
of peace and confidence. See yourself becoming
stronger, healthier, and more alive. See yourself
joining today.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and

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Change is Good

September 19th, 2014

If you’ve been to my office in the last few

months, you know that Maica has been my right hand

person. She edited all my blogs, and kept the

office running smoothly. I thank her from the

bottom of my heart, but now she’s off on another

adventure. She is taking her final boards to pass her

pharmacy exams. As you know I have been trained in

more homeopathic medicine and herbal medicine. It

has been an eye opener for me to get another view from

the western side of medicine. Whenever you open up

to new things you open your mind and that can keep

you more flexible in both body and mind. It has

been a pleasure to work with somebody who is

trained in the western world and knew exactly what

medicines went with what herbs. I wish her the

best on her new journey.

imagesLuckily, Cassie appeared in my life just a week

later and is now my new personal assistant. She’s

somewhat of an organizing fanatic, but that’s good

for me! If you need to get in touch with her to

book an appointment, find out what’s going on with

the Qi Gong Inner circle, or about the meditation

class and workshops, give her a call. Cassie at

305-407-0120 or send an email,

one of us will get back to you as soon as we can.

Cassie is an expert in social media networking.

She’s a people person and enjoys good energy.

She’s also a Sagittarius; ruled by the planet

Jupiter and one of the most spiritual signs in the

Zodiac… And it’s my favorite sign!

Here’s what our plans are…

We will be doing a lot more with Facebook,

Twitter, Blogs, as well as Qi Gong Inner circle,

Energy Medicine Radio, and Instagram, not to

mention our YouTube station

We will be sending you

information all month long on how to stay healthy,

happy, and have a better quality life. Cassie has

been connected with the Unity on the Bay Church

for quite some time and has been open and willing

to learn all of the anti aging techniques she is a

powerhouse of energy.

As a special welcome, I am offering you an

enormous discount on the “Turn Stress into Power

“program; which includes the book and DVDs on

transforming your stress into power. Just click

the link below and insert the code: CASSIE for a

huge discount!

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and


Dr. Wu Dhi

PS. Cassie says…Stay Happy , have Fun and be Healthy

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A Party of Health

September 17th, 2014

It was Sunday afternoon when I arrived at my 8
year old friends’ birthday party. It seems like it
wasn’t too many years ago when I was at his
mother’s 8th birthday.

Yes times flies when you are having fun.

The party was fun; kids slipping and sliding on a
big water slide jumping in and out of the pool,
lots of yelling, music, and lucky me I just came
for the last hour. They had all the kids’ type of
foods that you could imagine, thankfully for me they
had a lot of fruit so I was good. There were quite
a few babies and a handful of expentant mothers as
well. Interesting enough the conversation was
about healthy food, vegan diets, non-GMO and
veggie diets, and yoga.

Yes, people are waking up to the non-healthy foods
being put on the market by the big food companies.
They are even trying to lower the standards for
organic foods; saying that a little bit of poison
will not hurt you. That’s not the point. It’s the
toxic build up over the years that will eventually
get you. For the most part our medical providers
still haven’t connected the food as medicine

I was talking to a cancer patient the other day
that just returned from what he called a delicious
breakfast of pancakes. He said, “They also have
the best bacon there, crispy just the way I like
it.” I asked him, “Did your doctor have any
suggestions about your diet?” “Yep! He sure did,
but those pancakes are so good I just can’t resist

In the past you would hear that a lot from people
that just didn’t believe that diet and health had
anything to do with each other. Well let me tell
you your food is your medicine and you would be
wise to let your medicine be your food. Cancer is
a horrible disease and they say that 1 out of 2
people will experience it in their lifetime. It
used to be 1 out of 10 people and I believe it has
a lot to do with our food and how our environment
is polluted with chemicals.

Did you know that Tumors lives on sugar, and carbs
are sugar?

What can you do to protect your family from
getting sick?

1. Take soda out of your diet forever and never
give it to your children.

2. Fried Foods will heat you up from the
inside and eventually give you cancer. Boil it,
bake it, but never fry it.

3. Don’t ever drink tap water. It’s filled
with chemicals and will age you quicker than you
could imagine.

4. Most meats in the USA are filled with
hormones and antibiotics; including chicken, pork,
and beef. If you get a chance watch the
movie “Food Inc.” and you’ll never eat meat again.

5. Exercise, but not any type of exercise.
Practice exercises that will heal your organs from
the inside out. Such as, Qi Gong, Yoga, & Tai Chi

Don’t wait until you get sick, start the changes
now. Little by little, start eliminating the toxic
foods out of your diet. Make soda the number one
choice. Soda is carbonated, which will make your
system acidic. Begin a program of internal
exercises. I’ve been doing the Flying Crane Qi
Gong Program for over three decades… And I can
tell you without a doubt it has kept me more
flexible, more agile, no wrinkles on my face, and
I look at least 20 years younger than my
biological age.

Start today! Get a copy of the Flying Crane Qi
Gong, which includes detailed instructions of the
teaching, along with 2 full length DVDs plus a
detailed CD meditation.

I wish you the best in your Health Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

PS. There are more than hundreds of thousands of
people practicing the Flying Crane Qi Gong in
China that have recovered from serious illnesses.
Isn’t it time that you took responsibility for
your own health?

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Will You Survive this Season?

September 15th, 2014

Every day it’s coming closer and closer and on
September 22nd. it will be here, if you are ready
or not. Yes the weather is a changing and fall is
upon us, the equinox is about to start. Brings the
fall season to the Northern Hemisphere on
September 22nd at 10:29 P.M. EDT. The temperature
is begging to drop even here in southern Florida
and the days are starting to get shorter and the
nights longer. Fall can brings up melancholy moods
if we aren’t aware of what’s going on around us.
Through out history mankind has been celebrating
the harvest around this time of year. This is the
season to look and see what you need to change, to
have a more bountiful, fulfilling harvest in your
The fall and winter seasons are about deep
contemplation and we are rapidly moving into the
dark, yin months of the year. It’s the perfect
time to meditate, study and reflection on y our
life and to be more social, commune with the
people who support your visions, nourish your
soul, keep your spirits lifted.
In the USA we traditionally start our harvest time
at Thanksgiving, which falls in November, but
harvest time is the fall equinox. In the past,
it’s when we figure out how well our crops did,
how fat our animals have gotten, and whether or
not our tribe will be able to eat during the long
cold winter. Originally, the American Thanksgiving
holiday was celebrated on October 3, which makes a
lot more sense agriculturally. Early agricultural
societies understood the importance of hospitality
— it was crucial to develop a relationship with
your neighbors, because they might be the ones to
help you when your family ran out of food in the
cold harsh winter. It’s always a good time to be
thankful and grateful for all we have. I will be
spending more time in meditation as the days
become shorter and we start to internalize our
energies. Learn and practice the internal
meditations and free your mind, body and soul.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu DhiUnknown

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Is Clutter Stealing Your Energy (Qi)

September 12th, 2014

I’ve worked with a lot of patients over the years 
and I see this pattern over and over. The person
 images-1is going along doing their work, smiling, being a 
happy-go-luck kind of guy or gal and then it 
happens. They lose it and are out of control. They
explode at someone or something as if a switch was
This is a common pattern in Chinese medicine
 called “Liver Qi Stagnation”. You may be asking 
yourself, “What the heck is that?” According to
 the philosophy of Chinese medicine, the liver is 
responsible for the smooth flow of Qi (energy)
throughout the body and smoothing our emotions.
Anger, irritability, and frustration are all signs
that our Qi is not flowing smoothly. This is what
we call Liver Qi Stagnation. How can one get this 
under control and change the negative emotion of
the liver (Anger to the positive one of Kindness)? 
No need to worry; there are a few things you can
do on your own without seeing me or another doctor
 who knows Chinese medicine.
I previously sent you a post regarding the
 Recharging Qi Gong program and how it works on
your physical, mental and emotional bodies to 
change and transform energy. Do the program, and
 yes, it works! 

But don’t stop there. You’ll want to rid yourself
of this stagnation ASAP, get the Qi flowing and
 have complete control of your emotions.
I know a fellow who blows-up all the time with
 his customers, his secretary and most people he
does business with. He’s a good guy, but his
 uncontrolled emotions drag him around on a leash.
The other day while dropping off some papers at
his place of work he brought me into his office.
OMG, you wouldn’t believe it; it looked like a
tornado hit his desk!
My point is, when your house or office is 
cluttered it draws away your energy (Qi), your 
health, and that invisible life energy flowing 
through your space.
The foundation of Feng Shui is to first clean up
your space. This can improve your health, your finances and even your relationships. Here’s a 
list Feng Shui tips to balance and harmonize your 

1.Your energy will follow your thoughts. Whatever 
is on your mind the most, will be drawn to you
 sooner than later. Controlling your energy depends
on you and you alone. Respect your own space by 
keeping it clean and organized.

2. Clear out your space of bad energy. Do an 
intentional ceremony; either energetic or
physically to keep things flowing.

3. “No matter where you go, there you are!” Let
 go of your negative energy. Bathe, relax,
meditate, organize and exercise.

4. Your Intention will make things happen for the 
good or bad. You have the steering wheel in your hands and you always have. Intend to have your 
work and home flow miraculously and it will.

5. If there is any clutter in your office or home
it will block the flow of Qi; Qi, Chi, Ki, Life 
Force, Prana what ever you call it is the mirror
 of your body and especially your circulation
When you keep your space clean and 
organized you free up the energy and will feel the 
power within.
I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and 

Dr. Wu Dhi

PS. Blocked Energy doesn’t just show it’s ugly
face through the external clutter, it can be an
internal blockage as well. If you are having
 reoccurring negative incidences that you want to 
change contact me for a consultation.(305) 407-0120 and change your karmic address once and for all.

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The Five Realms of Energy

September 12th, 2014

In ancient times, Masters divided Qi into five
• Minerals
• Plants
• Animals
• Man
• Divine

The Divine is the highest vibration of all the
realms but it is made up of all the other realms.
It is believed that it is possible to enhance the
nutritional value of what we eat by having a deep
respect for the plants and animals that give us
life force energy. The blessing and the preparing
of food are most important. When I am preparing
food or cooking for myself, friends or family, I
always make sure I have a loving attitude or I
don’t cook. This will allow for maximum absorption
of the vitamins and minerals contained inside and
make the meal far more delicious and nutritious.

Blessing your food is an absolute must if you are
at a restaurant. Here is why: Let’s say, the cook
is having a bad day or he’s pissed at his boss,
co-worker or his wife. As he cooks with an
attitude of anger, it goes right into your food.
Or if your waiter or waitress is depressed — yep!
That vibration is served along with your meal.
That’s why, it is so very important to change that
vibration before you put it in to your mouth. You
don’t want to chew on someone’s negative
vibrations. Once you become aware of the Divine
energy field, you can begin to experience the
refined vibrational energy field of the minerals,
plants and animals on an entirely different level.

Want to learn more about this vibrant energy we
call Qi? Join me and the members of the Qi GONG
imagesINNER CIRCLE and boost your spiritual growth.

I wish you the best in your Health,Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Turn Stress Into Power Naturally

September 9th, 2014

It was 3 o’clock in the afternoon and the
receptionist told me that my next patient was
here. I peeked into the waiting room and saw a
frail lady with dark sunglasses sitting there. I
had no idea who she was, but you could feel a very
dark heavy energy like the deep, deep sadness
around her.

I said, “Hello, I am Dr. Wu Dhi. Welcome to the
office.” That’s when she took off her sunglasses
and said, “It’s me, Dr. Wu Dhi, Gloria.” Her eyes
were filled with tears and she looked old,
washed-out and distraught.

At first, I didn’t recognize her at all. I asked
her to come in to my office and she broke down in
tears and said, “I am desperate. I hate my life
and I just want to die.”

Gloria has an obsessive compulsive personality
and, whatever she does, she does it a 150%. If
it’s good, it’s very good and, when it’s bad, it’s
very bad. And this week, it was very bad. Her
grandmother, her best friend, passed away. Dealing
with a loss, no matter if it’s a death of a loved
one or just a breakup, is one of the major
stressful situations to be in. The biggest
stresses in life are:
• Getting married
• Getting divorced
• Starting a new job
• Moving to a new house
• Embarrassment
• Death of a loved one
• Having a baby

When we are stressed, our body uses more vitamin
B, our serotonin and dopamine levels are depleted,
and our hormone system is in the dumps. Gloria
needed some help and she needed it now! I was glad
to give her a treatment to settle her spirit, open
viewerher heart and get in touch with her emotions. We
spent over an hour together. I felt she needed to
learn some different strategies to transform her
stress into personal power although she suffered a
big loss. The treatment alone wasn’t enough to
balance her body and mind. I taught her a series
of meditations, exercises and protections to
soothe her spirit and balance her mind and body.
This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this in a
person. We all have sorrows and stresses in life
but, with the right tools, we can handle whatever
is thrown our way.

In the “Turn Stress Into Power” book and DVD

spell out how to protect yourself from stresses
and how to transform it into personal power. Once
you learn the techniques, you will be a master of
your own destiny. Order your program now and
protect yourself and your family.

I wish you the best in your Health , Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

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