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More Grateful than Ever

November 24th, 2014

Baby, it’s cold outside! The wind is blowing and
the snow is snowing! I feel like I am being slowly
cryogenically preserved, just like baseball star
Ted Williams and many others who chose to be
frozen. It’s just that I am still alive.

I am visiting my family in Michigan again. They
are a hardy lot of Northerners who are strong and
adventuresome. Living in the North takes a
lot more preparation than my home
in Florida. Every crack in the house must be
sealed up tight to stop old man winter from
blowing cold chill through every bone in
your body. The heating system has to be in
great working condition and lots of clothing
needed to endure the winter cold. I put on
my long underwear, boots, hats, gloves and a scarf
around my neck as soon as I get off the plane. I
think my blood has thinned out too much on my
sub-tropical diet.

You have to prepare to stay healthy no
matter if you are in the cold winter or in the Sun
belt. I am here for one reason and one reason
along. It’s Thanksgiving! Being with family and
friends over the holidays is a very special time,
a time to be grateful for everything and everyone
in your life. People are quite friendly in
Michigan. They always say hello even to strangers
and, if you ever get stuck in the snow, there is
always someone that will stop and offer to pull
you out. You have to be friendly in the North for
you never know if you’ll need some help. I think
it goes back to the time when food was very scarce
and you never knew if you were going to be able to
feed your family through the cold winter. So,
people stayed in touch with their family and their
neighbors to make sure the entire community
survived. One never knew when you would need a
helping hand before spring came again.

Here is one of Aesop’s fables translated by Laura

Winter made fun of Spring and mocked her for the
fact that as soon as Spring appears, nobody can
keep still: some people go off to the meadows or
into the woods, others like to gather flowers and
lilies, or perhaps to gaze upon a rose as they
twirl it in the air or to twine it in their hair,
while some board ships and even cross the sea to
meet different kinds of people. No one worries any
longer about the winds or the great downpours of
rain from the sky.

‘Whereas I resemble a dictator or a despot,’ said
Winter. ‘I command everyone to look not at the sky
but down toward the ground. I frighten them and
make them tremble and sometimes I make them
content themselves while having to stay indoors
all day.’

Spring replied, ‘Indeed, that is exactly why
mankind would be glad to get rid of you, whereas
even the mere mention of my name is enough to
bring them pleasure. By Zeus, there is no name
more pleasant than mine! That is why, they think
fondly of me when I am gone and give thanks when I
appear again.

As winter gets stronger and stronger for the next
three months, it’s a good time to get more sleep,
increase your meditation, read, write and
internalize, and conserve your energies. I will be
practicing slow-moving Qi Gong forms like the
Flying Crane Qi Gong

and be putting more attention on my internal
practices of Nei Gong and Shen Gong. Winter is
also an important time to watch your diet, take
vitamins and stay in the right headspace. I
make sure that I get a massage, a
chiropractic adjustment or an acupuncture
treatment at least every other week during the
winter months. I increase my internal
exercises. I get a lot more sleep and eat
warmer foods like stir-fried vegetables, more
soups and less cold foods like salads, and I stay
away from cold drinks all winter.

Sometimes, we need encouragement to stay on
a program and not junk out for the holidays.
You can do it yourself but if you have a
coach, that can keep you on track mentally,
physically, emotionally and spiritually. It is
worth its weight in gold.
I belong to a few groups and get coached on my
business, my health, and even my diet.
The people who belong to
my coaching group are members of the Qi Gong
Inner Circle
Every month, they receive a DVD on meditation,
internal, exercises, diet, and much more to
keep them in the best shape. Are you prepared for
the winter inside and out?
Join us
and be the best you can be, learn how to build your
Qi stronger than ever, and get healthier and younger all
winter long!

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth
and Happiness!

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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How to Tone up your Kidneys

November 24th, 2014

When I see a new patient, first thing I look at is
the balance of Yin and Yang. The Yang is the
expression of our masculine energy and is the
element of fire while the Yin is the expression of
our feminine energy and is the element of water.
If there is an imbalance of Yin and Yang energy,
the entire system will not be functioning a 100%.
Its not a good sign. As we move into winter, its
important to put more attention on your kidneys as
the water element is more active in the winter.

Kidney injury is a common ailment characterized by
weakness and lack of energy. In Chinese medicine,
the kidney system involves much more than just
filtered water. It also includes storing the
essence of life of sperm and eggs, the strength
and health of your bones, bone marrow and the
brain, growth and reproduction as well as the
production of blood and hearing. The adrenal
function is included in the kidney system, too. If
there is adrenal fatigue, check for kidney
deficiency. When there is weakness in the kidney
channel, you could have symptoms, like, low back
pain, knee problems, hearing loss, tinnitus, and
problems with your libido and reproductive system.

Chinese medicine also regards the kidneys as the
key to longevity. If your kidney Qi is strong, you
usually have a lot of sexual energy. A kidney Yang
deficiency would show up as impotence,
infertility, coldness, swollen extremities and
face, frequent urination, premature ejaculation,
diarrhea, low sex drive, low energy, fatigue, pale
face and tongue, low back pain, knee pain or
weakness, deafness, ringing in ears, and a general
feeling as though the fire is about to go out. I
recommend eating warming foods like chicken, lamb,
scallions, sesame, black bean, lotus seed, wine,
ginger, cinnamon, and black tea. Avoid cold food,
cold fruit and raw foods.

A Kidney Yin deficiency, on the other hand, can
happen when the individual is not drinking enough
water and is literally drying up. There is an
imbalance in the Yin and Yang, the heart and
kidney. This syndrome may include irritability,
insomnia, red cheeks, night sweats, low afternoon
fever, damp palms and soles, dry mouth, low back
pain, seminal emissions, ear ringing, red tongue,
and blurry vision.

If you are Yin-deficient, putting more cooling
foods in your diet will help to cool the fire and
restore balance. Avoid hot and spicy foods,
smoking, alcohol, stress and strong emotions. The
foods I like that nurture Yin are mulberries,
apples, peaches, pears, fresh vegetables, mung
beans, most beans, tofu, soy sprouts, and
chrysanthemum flowers and sweet potatoes.

It is also very important to move the Qi in your
body and that’s where Qi Gong comes in. Start with
the Flying Crane Qi Gong

and it will open up the meridians in a very short
time. I have produced 2 DVDs and a meditation CD
that will teach you the form very quickly and
comfort your Shen at the same time. Order the
package today and start moving your Qi.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi


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Stop Cancer from Knocking at your Door

November 24th, 2014

Cancer is a word that makes us shudder when we
hear it. People whisper its name. Cancer is a
killer! It can turn one’s life into a nightmare in
just a few short months, and with the standard
treatments available to us in the Western world,
the quality of life diminishes due to the side
effects of treatment and symptoms of the disease
itself. What can you do for yourself or a loved
one who is diagnosed with cancer? The earlier you
find out, the better chances you have of pulling
through unscathed.

I am a Doctor of Medical Qi Gong (China) and an
Acupuncture Physician that has been in practice
for 20 years in Miami and I have seen hundreds of
cancer patients with all kinds of problems and
pains. Here is what I have found that really
helps a patient — Medical Qi Gong treatments in
coordination of gentle exercise and relaxation
through meditation and breathing exercise based on
Chinese medicine theory of energy channels. It’s
not the typical treatment that you would receive
at a cancer center. Truth be told, most doctors
have never heard of it in the USA, and yet, China
has Qi Gong hospitals and many Qi Gong doctors
treating cancer patients daily with good results.
It may not be a cure but, without a doubt, it’s an
effective therapy for improving quality of life.

Medical Qi Gong therapy and prescription exercises
are used to treat people with cancer and to help
reduce or eliminate side effects from radiation
and chemotherapy. Here are just some of the
• Improve physical strength and energy
• Help to relieve pain
• Improve your state of physical fitness
• Recover mental well-being
• Give a feeling of calm, comfort, and balance
• Increase longevity

The goal of Medical Qi Gong is to correct the
electromagnetic imbalances enabling the body to
strengthen and regulate the internal organs, the
nervous system, and the immune system in relieving
pain, regulating hormones, strengthening and
purging deep-seated emotions and stress.

Imagine for a moment that cancers have a
blueprint. In Traditional Medicine, we address
just the physical body through drugs, surgery,
chemicals and intense heat that damage the immune
system. Medical Qi Gong, on the other hand,
addresses the energy body and the spiritual body
where the blueprint of the disease is stored.
Medical Qi Gong can disrupt the actual blueprint
of the disease, and with other therapies, it can
help to restore the immune system and rid the
body, mind and spirit of the cancer.

Medical Qi Gong can be divided into two methods of
application, Internal Qi Gong or self-treatment
and External Qi Gong or Qi emission.

Internal Qi Gong or self-treatment: This is where
the prescriptive exercises come into play. Each
patient receives a series of exercises for the
exact problem they are having as well as different
homework assignments that they can do on a daily
basis. This makes the patients totally involved in
their treatment and their recovery.

External Qigong or Qi Emission: This refers to the
process by which Qi Gong practitioners direct or
emit their Qi to others to purge and release toxic
emotions from within the body’s tissues, eliminate
and tonify energetic stagnations, and regulate the
internal organs, immune system, and energetic

If you would like more information or need some
help, contact me ASAP. Don’t wait another minute.
The clock is ticking very loud.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Miami Florida, The hottest Place in the World

November 20th, 2014

Right now, Miami is the hottest real estate in the
world. Over a million people move to Miami every
year and they come from all over the world.
Whenever there is a war or political disturbance
anywhere in the world, people pour into Miami. I
was brought up in Detroit and lived there for 28
years and I don’t think I ever heard anyone
speaking any other language than English. In
Miami, I hear Spanish, Portuguese, Russian,
Italian, Hebrew, Creole and French daily. This is
such a mixing pot of cultures, food and different
ethnic practices you would be amazed. This
morning, I was at a Jewish Orthodox temple for one
of my friend’s son’s Bar Mitzvah, his coming of
age ceremony, where I was dancing to Jewish folk
music, and yesterday, I was at a Caribbean party
listening to 3 guys playing Congo drums to an
African beat.

Interesting enough, I see more patients from
Europe, the Islands of the Caribbean and South
America than I do North Americans. Why is that?
Europe, South America and the Islands have
something in common. They all use Homeopathic
Medicine and Herbal Medicine. In the USA, we are
somewhat brainwashed by the big drug companies. I
was watching TV the other night and I heard more
commercials from drug companies than anything
else, and if you put your attention on the side
effects, you would freak out. They said there was
a chance of death, impotence, blindness, insomnia,
hair and tooth loss, and more. I have been
practicing Alternative Medicine for close to 40
years, have taken Homeopathic Medicine and Herbal
Medicine thousands of times, and recommended it to
patients with no side effects that caused more
than an occasional itch here and there that lasted
for, at the most, 5 minutes. We all know modern
medicine has its place and has helped millions
but, come on, for minor pains, colds, flu,
headaches, insomnia, infertility and impotence,
both herbal and homeopathic medicines work just

But one needs more than medicine to feel well. It
also takes proper diet and the right exercise. If
you are pushing 50, forget about weights, and
running, the pounding and stress on your body will
cause more problems than good. I suggest a good
Yoga or Tai Chi class and learn and practice Qi
Gong. Start out slow and you will notice an
improvement in your overall health in weeks. Start
out by getting a copy of the Flying Crane Qi Gong It is easy to learn. It
comes with 2 instructional DVD’s and a CD on Qi
Gong meditation.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

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How To Get What You Want All The Time

November 19th, 2014

Good news! My assistant is returning after
spending a month at Yale University Hospital. She
is a pharmacist by profession but is now taking a
sabbatical to learn more about Unknown-1. It’s always a great idea to
gather as much knowledge as you can and, when an
opportunity arises, it’s best to jump on it as
quickly as possible. You never know the
opportunity may never happen again.

Years ago, I heard about Medical Qi Gong from my
teacher when I was on a retreat in New Mexico. He
knew that I was practicing Flying Crane Qi Gong

for years and received immense value from the
practice. He highly suggested that I find out more
about the practice and contact Dr. Jerry Alan
Johnson at the International Institute of Medical
Qi Gong. That year, I went to the National Qi
Gong conference and Dr. Johnson was there selling
his book on Medical Qi Gong. I was delighted to
meet him and I got his book as soon as I saw it. I
read that huge book from cover to cover and still
had a bunch of questions. When I learned that he
was coming to Miami to teach a course in Medical
Qi Gong at the Five Element School that was only a
few miles from my office, I got really excited.
The next day, I visited the school to inquire
about the Qi Gong course and get all the details.
The enrolment was a few thousand dollars just to
start. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the bucks at
that time. So what I did was to ask the universe
to give me a sign. Should I take the course or
not? That’s all I asked for…I asked deeply inside
and left it up to fate. A few days later, I
received a call from a lady who had a sick
relative and asked me if I would do a house call.
I agreed and, after working on her mother, the
family asked if I would see their mother 4 days a
week. I agreed and we settled on a price that
covered my enrolment in the Medical Qi Gong
course. Yes, miracles happen, but you have to
ask for exactly what you want and never say, think
or tell anyone what you don’t want because that’s
usually what you’ll get. The more exact you ask,
the better chances you have of getting it.

If you want to start practicing Qi Gong, ask for a
teacher, a DVD, a CD or a good book on the subject
and that will appear in your life sooner than you
could imagine. The secret is how you ask, whom
you ask and how often you reinforce you’re asking.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

P.S. If you find my blogs useful, please turn your
friends and family on to them. The more
information we get out to others, the better our
lives will be and so will theirs. They can sign up

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The Attitude of Gratitude

November 18th, 2014

When I sixteen years old I was introduced to Yoga
and the Self Realization Fellowship where Rev.
Oliver Black had a meeting, lecture, and
meditation every Sunday morning. It took place at
the Detroit Institute of Art, and was based on the
teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda. In those days
a few hundred people showed up for services. It
was my first introduction to spiritual work, yoga,
and meditation. One of the things that Rev. Black
stressed was thankfulness and gratitude for
everything and everyone. As I evolved in my
spiritual path every teacher, Master, Guru and
Lame stressed the importance of being the same

During Thanksgiving week, people express more
gratitude for the abundance in their lives than
any other time of the year. You may not realize
that you are improving the quality of your health
and increasing your lifespan at the same time.
Did you know happy people live up to ten years
longer than unhappy ones, and optimists have a 77%
lower risk of heart disease than pessimists?
I bet you want to know how you can be happier,
don’t you!

The How To of Happiness

You can be 40% happier without changing any of
your circumstances just practices of gratitude.
Grateful people are happier, more energetic, more
hopeful, more helpful, more empathic, more
spiritual, more forgiving, and less materialistic
and they don’t get sick.
The more optimistic you are the fewer physical
symptoms you get. Chronic illnesses improvement
happens when practicing gratitude for self and

Unknown Increase Happiness
1.It gives you a positive life
2.Builds your self-worth and
3.Works as a stress buster
4.Build community strengthen
5.Reduces negative feelings like anger,
bitterness, and greed

You don’t have to wait for Thanksgiving to enjoy
the benefits to your health and happiness that
come with gratitude.
1. Keep a gratitude journal.
2. Cultivate an attitude of gratitude.
4. Express gratitude directly to others.

In my book Turn Stress Into Power I will show you
specific exercises and meditations to build your
happiness muscle and turn your stress into power.
Get a copy of the book and the DVD and within
weeks you will be smiling from ear to ear.

Enter the keyword: GRATITUDE for a BIG discount!

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Developing More Internal Energy

November 13th, 2014

It was back in the late seventies and I was living
in Michigan. I was working at my Dad’s store all
day and training five nights a week in Aikido and
Wing Chun Kung Fu. It was my own form of today’s
popular cross-training and it kept me in good
shape mentally and physically. Wing Chun is a
Chinese system of Martial Arts developed by a
woman. They say she was watching a fight between a
snake and a white crane and, from her knowledge of
Shaolin Kung Fu, she developed the Martial Art
called Wing Chun. My Aikido training is a Japanese
system rooted in several styles of Jujitsu. Aikido
takes the joint locks and throws from Jujitsu and
combines them with the body movements of sword and
spear fighting. Both are a lot of fun but I wanted

I had
 asked my Sifu (teacher) what would be
the best way for me to develop more
 energy. A few days later, he
introduced me to Dr. Chen Wang, a great energy
healer who arrived from China only a few months
ago. Dr. Chen’s specialty was moving Qi (energy)
the body, mind and spirit. He was a
Doctor of
 Medical Qi Gong and had worked at
many of the Qi Gong hospitals in Mainland China.
My teacher insisted that I study with him. Dr.
Chen kindly agreed to teach me his form of Qi Gong
to build my internal power, strength
stamina. I had a ton of questions but Dr. Chen
didn’t speak a word of English. All of my training
consisted of following him and watching his every
move. So, I used a technique I had learned from
one of my teachers called “mirror and matching”.
They use it in Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP).
The technique is to follow every movement that the
teacher does, as well as the breathing, facial
movements, and even eating what they eat.
Mirroring someone’s body language is an excellent
way to build trust and understanding quickly. If
you want to establish a connection with someone,
start mirroring his or her posture, gestures,
sitting position, tone of voice and talking pace.
This will make them feel that there is something
about you that they like. Why, you might ask? It
is because they will see in you their own
reflection. Note: Never mirror another person’s
negative body language as you will just give off a
rather negative vibe.

The idea is to get as many of your senses involved
as you can — seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting
and moving. As you get the muscle memory
congruent with all the senses, you will be one
with the teacher and the teachings. Try it! It
works great! When I had put together the
Recharging Qi Gong
 images-3exercise program, I knew
that if people were really going to make a big
change in their life, they needed to train from
the inside out and use as many of their senses as
possible. The program was to build on these
principles: to allow the student to use sound,
visualization, breath, color and movement, and to
embody the 
teachings as quickly as
possible. This involves “Super Learning”
techniques, as well as NLP to give the student the
maximum learning experience in 
the least
amount of time. Check it out,

I wish you the best in Health, Wealth, and

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Smoked Out!

November 11th, 2014

Last Sunday, I had a dinner date and, instead of

going out to a restaurant, I decided to make

dinner and try out Jerry’s Pumpkin Squash Soup.

It’s a perfect dish for the Fall. Jerry is a chef

in Las Vegas and is a real genius in the kitchen.

It’s starting to cool off in Florida. It went down

to the low 50’s. Brrr…that’s cold for the

Sunshine State. I knew that soup would hit the

spot on a cold night. I made some lamb burgers

with onions and garlic to boot. Lamb is warming

meat and it’s much healthier than beef, pork or

chicken. Everything was going quite well. I served

the soup in a beautiful crystal glass and

garnished it with pomegranate seeds. It was a hit!

Thanks Jerry for the great recipe. It was


I’m used to cooking with gas but this new place

has an electric stove and the broiler doesn’t

work. No problem! I have a steel skillet and I put

that over the electric burners, added a little oil

and put the burgers on. While they were cooking,

we indulged in some fruit of the vine. I noticed

that after a few glasses, when I went back into

the kitchen, it was filled with smoke. Nothing was

burning but lots and lots of smoke. I opened up

the patio door, turned on the fans but there was

still so much smoke. I opened up the door that

leads into the hall and it cleared out in a few

minutes. That was the good part… And then, the

alarm started to beep. I thought it was the smoke

alarm that I often set off at my last abode, but

this one was a lot louder. Before I knew it, there

was a knock at the door, the police and fire

department were there, and when I went out in the

hall, there were a lot of people. Oops! It sounded

the alarm for the whole building! The dinner was

great even with the excitement and the manager

suggested that I go on a raw food diet.

Here is Gypsy Jerry’s Pumpkin Squash Soup recipe.

It’s a good one.

1 small pumpkin

1 butternut or acorn squash

2 sweet potatoes

1 Thai coconut

1 red pepper (roast)

¼ tsp. Spices Pumpkin spices

¼ tsp. Cinnamon

¼ tsp. Sriracha sauce (Get it from any Asian


¼ tsp. Salt

I suggest using all-organic veggies. Wash and cut

veggies and remove all seeds. (The pumpkin seeds

can be left out for a few days to dry and then

bake on a cookie sheet with sea salt.)

Bake the vegetables in a 350-degree oven for

around 45 minutes. This will bring out the flavor

of the vegetables. Check for tenderness with a

fork to see when it’s cooked. Scrape all the meat

out of the veggies. Place in high-speed blender.

Add spices, coconut water and coconut meat. Blend

until hot.

Serve in a wine glass and add pomegranate seeds as


• Pumpkin is incredibly rich in vital

antioxidants, vitamins A, C and E and also a good

source of vitamin B complex and minerals.

• Acorn squash is a good source of dietary fiber,

vitamins A, B6, C, folate, potassium and


• Sweet potatoes balance the Yin of the body. It

is high in fiber, vitamin B6 and potassium and a

very good source of vitamins A and C and


• Thai coconut is low in cholesterol and sodium

and it is a very good source of manganese.

As the weather cools off, our diets, exercise and

meditations should be changed to get ready for the

cold winter months. Eat more soup and root

vegetables. Start doing internal exercises like

Tai Chi and Qi Gong for they will keep your

kidneys warm and healthy while quiet meditations

will keep your internal light glowing all Fall and

Winter. I am putting more time into practicing the

Yin Set

and doing internal mantras

Check them out.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and


Dr. Wu Dhi

Smoked out

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The Titan Realm and the Greeks

November 11th, 2014

I love reading Greek Mythology. The other day I
was looking over some information about The
Titans. Ruler of the Titans was Cronus; who was
dethroned by his son Zeus. The Titans were men of
gigantic stature and great strength, hence our
English word Titanic. They were known as the elder
gods that ruled the earth before the Olympians
overthrew them. The Titans are always up to start
a fight and are jealous of others. It’s been told
that beautiful apple trees grow in the Titan realm
and the apples fall in the God realm, so the
Titans always try to chop down the tree so the
Gods don’t get the apples.

Interesting enough, in Buddhist mythology there is
a Titan realm called Asura-gati. The Asura are
strong and powerful beings who are sometimes
depicted as enemies of the Deva. Asura are marked
by their fierce envy. The karma of hate and
jealousy causes rebirth in the Asura Realm, always
desiring to be superior to others, and having no
patience for inferiors and belittling strangers.
Like a hawk, flying high above and looking down on
others, and yet outwardly displaying justice,
worship, wisdom, and faith.

There are 6 realms and they keep us stuck in a
constant wheel of death and rebirth. In the center
of the wheel there is a pig, a peacock and a
snake. They represent the emotions of worry,
blame, and struggle. These emotions keep us stuck
and the wheel just goes round and round.

Do you want to learn how to get off the wheel and
change your life for the greater good? Of course
you do! We all want a better life. To learn the
secret and free yourself from the old round and
round, get a copy of the Internal IMG_8574 Program

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Prostate Problems

November 6th, 2014

Louie came to see me for a consultation last week.
He had back pain that went down to his knee and
affected his entire leg for days. He went to his
primary doctor where they drew his blood and he
got an MRI. He was prescribed pain pills and
ant-inflammatory medicine but didn’t want to take
After hearing what his medical doctor had to
say, he came into my clinic hoping acupuncture or
Medical Qigong would help. Louie is a guy that
isn’t too keen on Western Medicine or the
treatments they offer. He said, “There are just
too many side effects for me to deal with.”
I did a standard work up and treated him with
acupuncture, some deep tissue work and gave him a
shot of Vitamin B for images-2. When Louie
left my clinic he said he felt much better and I
didn’t see him again for about 3 weeks.

Finally, he came back to see me. Louie was bent
over and walking with a cane. On examination I
found his kidney channel was very weak; when the
functions of the kidney channel aren’t strong the
quality of life diminishes.
It could be multitude of things
• Kidney Qi is low
• He could have adrenals fatigue
• A Possible a bladder problem
• Prostate problem
• Too much stress

I asked him a few questions and then took a look
at his blood work. That’s when I saw his PSA was
off the charts. I asked him; “Didn’t your primary
doctor say anything to you about your blood work?”
That’s when he told me of a far greater problem
than just a painful back and knee. Lou was
diagnosed with Cancer of the prostate and they
wanted to do a biopsy and start radiation
immediately. He was shaking in his boots and I
don’t blame him. I would be too.
I told him I would be willing to work with him
and his Oncologist to get things under control. We
started with a Medical Qigong therapeutic
technique used in China to treat prostate cancer.
It involves purging the liver to remove stagnant
Qi and blood from the body.

Toxicity is a big factor in prostate cancer and
needs to be purged from the kidneys and bladder as
soon as possible. In Medical Qigong heat is pulled
from the cancer cells, than we reset the chakras.
There is a special diet and meditation used to
disturb the blueprint of the cancer. We worked
together for about an hour and I sent Lou home
with some homework. He needs to do three different
prescriptive exercises that are used to treat
prostate cancer. First is a sugar restrictive
diet, and a regular meditation program. Louie chose
to do a radioactive seeds combined with 3
treatments of Medical Qigong a week.

I’ll let you know how he progresses over the next
2 or 3 months. If you are ever afflicted with
cancer or if you know anyone who is, have them
contact me 305-407-0120. I will be glad to talk
to them and share some helpful things.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and

Dr. Wu Dhi

PS. Dr. Carola Cuenca will be working at my clinic
from November 5 to November 10th testing patients
using Computer Regulation Therapy (CRT) for any
imbalances in your body. The key to avoiding
cancer is early dictation and the CRT test can see
what’s going on 6 months to a year in advance.
Call to schedule an appointment today 305-407-0120

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