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It was Beautiful Night for a Wedding

May 23rd, 2015

It’s always a joy to see young couples commit to
each other and tie the knot. Last Sunday night, my
dear friend, Anastasia, got married. I am sure, in
no time at all, the new couple’s family will be
growing. A few years ago, she told me she wanted
to have 6 kids. Oh my! I hope her new husband is
ready for that. The reception was a lot of fun! I
found a good dance partner and danced the night
away. The next day, my calves were sore, but in a
good way. I had a great night and a great workout
as well.

I was at dinner a few years back in Boca Raton
with a friend. We had a few glasses of wine and
had a little buzz going on. When we walked out of
the restaurant, there was a wedding reception in
the next room where the band was playing “Come
Dance With Me”. So, naturally, being buzzed, we
just walked in and started to dance.

Dancing is the main reason I go to weddings and
big parties. As John Travolta puts it, “Dancing’s
part of my soul. I enjoy it, it makes people
happy, and it makes me happy.”

Dancing has so many physical and mental benefits
that will surprise you:

• Improved condition of your heart and lungs
• Increased muscular tone, strength, endurance,
and motor fitness
• Increased aerobic fitness
• Weight management
• Stronger bones and reduced risk of osteoporosis
• Better coordination, agility, and flexibility
• Improved balance and spatial awareness
• Increased physical confidence
• Improved mental functioning
• Improved general and psychological well-being
• Greater self-confidence and self-esteem
• Better social skills

I am sure that if people would dance more, they
would be happier and healthier.

One of the reasons I started doing Qi Gong is it
has many qualities to it just like dancing. When
you practice Qi Gong, you are moving your body in
a rhythmic way as you relax into the energy and
the Qi opens. Dancing has similar prosperities to
it and, if you are a Qi Gong practitioner and do
meditation, dancing will take on a whole other
dimension to it. Let the dance go on forever. Get
your copy of the Flying Crane Qi Gong today

and let the dance begin.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Want a Trade?

May 20th, 2015

I joined a trade company about 2 months ago, it’s
called Itex Trading

Now, I also take trades for treatments and all the products
that I produce. Even my coaching program is
available through trade. ITEX is a barter company,
a system where one can exchange goods and services
for others’ goods and services without using a
medium of exchange, such as money. I have never
been involved in this kind of commerce before
until one of my patients asked if I would be
willing to work with him in exchange for barter,
and I said, “I’d check it out.” Before I knew it,
I had a few patients a week coming into my office
giving me trade dollars. After a few months of
exchange, I accumulated quite a pile of trade
dollars, and I was wondering what I should do with
them. They had hotels all over the USA,
advertising in newspapers, magazines, and radio.
There were massages, facials, doctors, and
dentists all for trade. I could even trade for air
condition repair, dry wall, and electrical work,
and a lot more things as well. But I didn’t seem
to find anything that I needed at this time for my
pile of trade dollars. So, I just kept collecting
more credit and then, I came across a fellow who
offered to work on my webpage for trade. I started
my webpage in 2007 and, although I worked on it
every year for the last nine years, I felt it was
time for a complete rewrite and makeover. So, in
the next few months, expect a new look to my site.
There will be:
• More free stuff
• More products
• More classes and workshops
• Offers for special treatments
• A page to book your appointment online and
fill out all the paperwork
• Discounts
• Special sign-in for Qi Gong Inner Circle

I enjoy working with ITEX and making trades, and
that means I now accept trade dollars through ITEX
trading system

If you have services or goods that you want to open up to
another source of income, check out the trading
company. It’s fun and profitable.

We are also planning to add a lot more vitamins
and supplements, homeopathic and Chinese herbs
that you can order from the convenience of your
home. My plan is to change many of the books, CDs,
and DVDs to download which means better pricing
and much faster delivery with NO postage fees.
Now, the work starts and, within a few months, we
will be fully ready to roll.

If you have any questions, please send them to me
and I’ll get back to you ASAP. You can write me at

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and

Dr. Wu Dhi


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Don’t Be a Bean Sprout in Your Practice

May 17th, 2015

Last week, I visited family and friends who all
have health issues of one kind or another. They
have been eating the typical Western diet most of
their life – meat, potatoes, and eggs for
breakfast with a few cups of Java; for lunch, a
sandwich with luncheon meat, a soda to wash it
down, and a piece of pie to satisfy their sweet
tooth; for dinner, meat and potatoes again, and a
few beers or glasses of wine, and dessert. Oh, I
forgot snacks…things like hotdogs, candy bars,
cookies, soda, chips, and I could go on and on.
I guess you get my drift.

This isn’t unusual in the typical American diet
and, for the most part, this is how people have
eaten most of their lives. Or at least they used
to. 20, 30 or 40 years later, and the problems are
creeping up, and the symptoms are starting to
appear: heartburn, difficulty of swallowing, gas,
bloating, stomach pain, skin full of brown spots,
and the fear of all women, wrinkles. Father Time
is starting to show his ugly face on your body.

Generally, people lost the true value of food as
medicine and “live to eat”. The true value of food
is to nourish the body and mind. The theme should
be “eat to live”. Looking at the 5-element chart,
it shows us how the internal organs are laid out
energetically. The Fire element that hosts the
heart and small intestine is on the top, balanced
out by the Water element at the bottom which hosts
the kidneys and the urinary bladder. On the left
side, they show the Wood element that hosts the
liver and gallbladder. On the right side, we have
the Metal element which hosts the lungs and large
intestine. At the center lies the Earth element
that hosts our spleen and stomach. If there is a
problem with the Earth element, there is a problem
with the balance of the entire body. Our center is
Earth, it feeds all the other organs. That’s why,
whenever you go into a person’s home in China, you
are always offered food to nourish your Earth
element and to keep you rooted and grounded.

When we practice Qi Gong, you learn to ground your
energy or Qi, and to root yourself connecting to
the Earth element. The more you can ground your
energy, the easier it is to go higher in your
meditation. If you are not grounded, you may still
go up but, with no root system established, it is
easy to fall over. Somewhat like a sprout, it
grows very quickly but, with a very small root
system, it will fall over as quickly as it went
up. I know students who have studied for years but
neglected to establish a strong rooting system
and, after a while, they stop practicing and lose
their Qi. Why? Because they aren’t rooted in their

The more you can ground and root, the higher you
can go. Don’t be a bean sprout. Learn how to stay
grounded using the Recharging Qi Gong Program

I can guarantee you will change your life within
90 days.
I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and

Dr. Wu Dhi

P.S. I will be teaching a program at Unity on the
Bay Church in Miami from 1:00 to 4:00 PM on
Sunday, May 31st I
will teach all the hidden secrets to recharge and
root your body and mind, and open your spirit to
soar behind your wildest dreams.

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The Transformation

May 15th, 2015

I was in my hometown last week, “Motown.” One of
my old friends still lives in Detroit, about an
hour from where I was staying. I promised I’ll
drive downtown to see him. So, early Saturday
morning, right after my workout, I headed
downtown. When I got there, my buddy was ready and
raring to go. We took off to see the sites.
Detroit is going through revitalization, and the
hipsters are moving in. Wikipedia describes, “The hipster
subculture typically consists of multi-ethnicIMG_1554
millenials living in urban areas. The subculture
has been described as a mutating, trans-Atlantic
melting pot of styles, tastes and behavior, and is
broadly associated with indie and alternative
music, a varied non-mainstream fashion sensibility
(including vintage and thrift store-bought
clothes), generally progressive political views,
organic and artisanal foods, and alternative
lifestyles.” So, once again, Detroit is starting
to make a comeback. We visited some of the new old
areas like Corktown, located just west of downtown
Detroit, and is the oldest extant neighborhood in
Detroit, Michigan, and a place called the
“Heidelberg Project” The
artist, Tyree Guyton, took a stand against the
decay, crime, and apathy in the neighborhood where
he was raised. Using objects that you and I would
declare junk, he created a festival of color and
deep meaning described as “Ghetto Guggenheim”. As
luck would have it, I ran into the artist when I
was there. Tyree told me that he created his art
in the ghetto using vacant lots and abandoned
houses as his canvas to show that art can and will
transform even the worst situations. “A community
can re-develop and sustain itself from the inside

It is exactly the same with your health –
mentally, physically, and spiritually. The
transformation comes from the inside and moves out
into your work, your family, and friends, into the
community, and the world. How do we make the
transformation? Start by practicing every day. You
may be asking what should I start with? The
quickest and easiest way to transform yourself is
to change your physiology. I have found that the
internal exercises support the transformation
better than any other system. I have been able to
duck the aging process by 10, 15, and maybe, even
20 years by practicing the Recharging Qi Gong

Like the Heidelberg Project, these internal
practices have become a symbol of hope and
inspiration for thousands of people all over the
world. Start the change today in every aspect of
your world, your community, your friends, and
family as well as of your body, mind, and spirit.

Get a copy of the Recharging Qi Gong program now.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and

Dr. Wu Dhi

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A Miraculous Healing

May 13th, 2015

This last week I was witness to a miraculous healing of man in my care whose balance was off for years. He could walk for a while and he had so much pain in his feet he had to sit down until it passed. The toes on his left foot were curled up as though he was trying to hold on the ground with claws and he looked like he was drunk when walking.

Here is the amazing part. In only a few days he was able to heal himself of
 this on going problem. His doctor didn’t know what to do and told him it was an untreatable nonspecific nerve damage and there was nothing he could do for him.. We changed all of that with only a little coaching, a few treatments of 
Medical Qi Gong and an exercise and meditation program that he did for a few days.

The key to his recovery in my opinion was just a few very special 
exercise The “Tension Release Exercise” and “The 6 Walks”.

These exercise are so important, in my view, that I included
 them in “Turn Stress into Power”program.

For those of you don’t know how bad it can be to lose your balance let me explain. If your foot or ankle feels a little wobbly when you stand on one leg it’s probably due to diminished strength and flexibility. After about age 40, we begin to lose roughly 1% of our muscle mass every year. As we age, we also become more sedentary and less flexible. These factors make the body less able to adapt to and correct your balance.

You may have a good sense of balance , but it takes work to keep your balance. As a person ages their muscles have a tendency shrivel -up and they loose tone. The Tendons and ligaments shorten and become less flexible and the next thing you know you are wobbley . The other important factor is ones apprehension about doing things. You might start to avoid physical activities that you feel is risky–even walking becomes fearful. As you avoid activities your balance becomes worse and “what one fears most usually appears”.

In the Turn Stress Into Power Program- you will learn meditations and exercises that will give you a new prospective and way to think from outside of the box. Stay balanced!

Wishing you Health, Wealth, and Happiness,

Dr. Wu Dhi,

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Are Fears & Stress Killing You?

May 13th, 2015

In the Chinese medicine, there is an emotional
quality to each and every organ in the body. I
have found that most of the patients I see who
have pain in their lower back and their knees have
a restriction or blockage in the kidney meridian.
The emotion that the kidneys hold is FEAR. FEAR is
capable of causing one to misinterpret danger and
draw unrealistic situations into the body and
mind. This can cause a person to believe that
something negative is about to happen to them and
it usually does.

I had a good friend who employed a small staff
that ran his medical office. One of the women who
works there had so much fear in her body that she
keeps bringing tragedy after tragedy into her
life. She continued to make choices and decisions
that restrict her rather than nurture her.

Let us consider what fear is for a moment. Fears
can be real; for instance, when facing a
threatening attack, or seeing an out-of-control
truck billowing towards you, or standing on a
cliff and the wind was blowing at 50 miles per
hour. In these situations, we have to quickly
evade what’s going to happen and act on it. The
action is based on our fear of what is about to
happen. These are healthy and normal fears.

On the other hand, fears can also be unrealistic
and unhealthy. Fear can be broken down into 4


Things, like anxiety and worry, take the place of
clearheaded thinking. The focus is on imagined
fears, the supposition that something bad is about
to happen. These false fears can be more dangerous
to your health than the real threats, and cause
stresses to the entire body and mind. It’s easy to
unravel these false stresses with the right
training and education, but this isn’t taught in
schools. When you go to your doctor, most likely,
he’s going to put you on medications for anxiety,
stress, or fear, and you will be stuck in the Big
Pharma dilemma for the rest of your life. Doesn’t
sound very good, does it?

Well, you can avoid getting stuck in a rut if you
choose to, but it’s going to take some work on
your part as well as mind. Are you ready to take
charge of the situation? If you are, I have a
solution that hundreds of my students and patients
have chosen over drugs. The Turn Stress into Power

program will teach you how to protect yourself
from stressful situations and false fears. Don’t
keep chasing your tail and hoping that an angel is
going to come down from the sky and fix you, or a
pill is going to be your savior. Re-Educate your
Body, Mind, and Spirit, and make the changes
today. Order the program NOW!

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and

Dr. Wu Dhi

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The FDA Is Not Protecting You or Your Family

May 8th, 2015

You are under attack! It is not by a radical group
from a hostile nation nor the Muslims, the
Russians, ISIS, Al Qaeda, Islamic terrorism, or
the Hamas. It’s right in your own backyard. We
have the fox in the hen house. If you check out
who is in our own FDA Board, it is mostly people
who worked for Big Pharma or the Big food
companies. In fact, most high-level FDA employees
have a background in either medicine or law, but
one of the largest private-sector sources is the
Monsanto Company. Over the past decades, at least
seven high-ranking employees in the FDA have an
employment history with the Monsanto Company.
Connections have led many to speculate whether any
conflicts of interest exist within this revolving
door between the big food companies and the
department charged with regulating them. Check it
out! We are being herded like sheep about to be
slaughtered. THE FDA is not your friend and is not
working for your health and well-being!

Now, we are having another attack by the FDA. Read
on this article from Natural News posted last
April 16, 2015.

Despite the fact that people have turned to
homeopathic remedies for hundreds of years, and
enjoy their health-boosting benefits to this day,
the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is
coming down hard on such products, issuing safety
alerts and encouraging people to report any side

Wait a minute.

If anything, many people use these products to
avoid the side effects they’ve incurred while
ingesting or applying some physician-prescribed
pill or cream in the first place. Homeopathic
remedies improve conditions, rather than make them
worse, which is far more than what can be said of
many conventional approaches.

Still, the FDA forges on, adamant that anything
other than what Big Pharma and mainstream
head-nodders espouse to be life-improving must be
heavily scrutinized and done away with. They’re
planting the “homeopathic is bad” seed in the
minds of consumers and doctors using fear-based
tactics such as the one in their safety alert
about homeopathic products designed to help
provide asthma sufferers with some relief.

What the FDA has to say in its alert about
homeopathic remedies

“FDA is warning consumers not to rely on asthma
products labeled as homeopathic that are sold
over-the-counter (OTC),” the alert begins.

What do they recommend? Surprise, surprise:

“Although there is no cure for asthma,” the alert
continues, “there are many prescription asthma
treatments approved by FDA as safe and effective,
as well as some products that are marketed OTC in
accordance with an FDA monograph.”

The alert uses the fact that the FDA has not
evaluated homeopathic remedies for effectiveness
and safety as reasoning behind why people should
turn to what they have approved, which are, of
course, costly and often ineffective

They clearly outline an us-versus-them mentality
in their explanation and subsequent

OTC asthma products labeled as homeopathic are
widely distributed through retail stores and via
the Internet. Many of these products are promoted
as “natural,” “safe and effective,” and include
indications that range from treatment for acute
asthma symptoms, to temporary relief of minor
asthma symptoms.(2)

The predictable, money-making FDA recommendation

Following is their suggestion:

RECOMMENDATION: Speak to your health care provider
if you think you or your child may have asthma.
Consumers with asthma can take an active role in
managing their condition by making certain they
have appropriate treatments on hand in the event
they experience an asthma attack or a worsening of
asthma symptoms, and by consulting with a health
care provider when needed.(2)

From there, the FDA urges people to report any
adverse reactions from homeopathic products,
despite the mainstream media and medical
establishment routinely claiming such products are
“inert” due to dilution:

The FDA encourages health care professionals and
consumers to report any adverse reactions related
to OTC asthma care products labeled as homeopathic
to the agency’s MedWatch Safety Information and
Adverse Event Reporting.

What the FDA is leaving out

What the FDA doesn’t mention is that homeopathic
remedies have been in place for hundreds of years
and that, today, people the world over turn to
them to help manage — successfully — everything
from anxiety and depression to headaches and, yes,
asthma. In fact, homeopathic remedies were first
introduced to the United States in 1925 and have
been in use ever since.(1)

They also don’t mention that researchers from
Stanford and Cornell discovered a few years back
that people using Serevent, Advair and Foradil for
their asthma were “3.5 times more likely to die
from asthma and 2.5 times more likely to be
hospitalized (whether or not death resulted),
compared with those taking a placebo.”

But homeopathic remedies, whether OTC or suggested
by a homeopathic professional? Run like the wind,
the FDA suggests.

How to help ensure homeopathic remedies don’t fall
victim to FDA naysayers

In fact, keep an eye on April 20 and 21, 2015, as
those are the dates on which the FDA is expected
to hold a hearing in which they will re-evaluate
homeopathic remedies. They’re poised to review
regulations pertaining to the matter and, if their
aforementioned alert is any indication, it’s safe
to assume that they’ll tout the benefits of
pharmaceuticals over natural solutions.

The hearing will be broadcast live during these
dates at for those
interested in staying updated on this matter.

We also encourage people to voice their opinions
on this issue at or by writing:
Division of Dockets Management (HFA-305), Food and
Drug Administration, 5630 Fishers Lane, rm. 1061,
Rockville, MD 20852.






I apologize to all of my readers as I don’t like
to share this disturbing news with you, but this
is important. And, if it’s up to the big food
companies and the drug companies, their profit is
much more important to them than your health and
well being.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and

Dr. Wu Dhi


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Who Is Responsible For Your Coconut?

May 8th, 2015

It was back in the sixties, or maybe the
seventies, when the big story hit the media:
“Coconut oil is bad for you”. It causes health
problems, and the new star of the oils is now
Canola oil. Guess what? It was all media hype, and
didn’t have a thing to do with your health.

Canola oil is actually developed through the
hybridization of rapeseed oil, turns rancid very
quickly, and has a foul smell to it. Rancid means
oxidized, and oxidized means damage to your cells
and tissues, especially your brain. The food
industry also added deodorizers to mask the smell,
as well as bleaching and degumming agents. All of
which involve high temperatures or chemicals of
questionable safety. It turned out that the smear
on the coconut was just to sell the newly-named
rapeseed. On the other hand, the demonized coconut
oil accused of causing heart disease and other
health problems was just a little white lie.

Today, “Virgin Coconut Oil” is highly recommended
for cooking because it is stable enough to resist
heat-induced damage. Fifty percent of the fat in
coconut oil comes from lauric acid, a compound
with unique health-promoting properties. Lauric
acid is used for treating viral infections,
including flu, the common cold, fever blisters,
cold sores, and herpes.

But, be careful before you put that oil in your
shopping basket. Read the label, as all coconut
oil isn’t created the same. Make sure you know
where the coconut oil you buy comes from and how
it is processed. The best coconut oils are made
from fresh coconuts and are cold-processed. There
are many foods on the market that advertising
agencies are getting paid big bucks for to sell,
and your health isn’t a factor in making a sale.
Here is my advice: read all you can about how your
foods are produced and processed. You may be
shocked that companies are doing their best to
pull the wool over your eyes.

You are 100% responsible for your own health. You
would think our government agents are protecting
you. Maybe but I wouldn’t count on it. Your diet,
exercise, and mindset are all important and need
to be tended to on a daily basis. If you aren’t
steering your own ship, there are plenty of
companies and people who want to tell you exactly
where to go.

When I get out of bed in the morning, I start my
training with both internal and external Qi Gong
exercises, and make sure I protect myself from all
the psychic vampires. If you want to know how to
protect yourself and your family, pick up a copy
of my Turn Stress Into Power program

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Why You Need to Consider Learning Qi Gong

May 4th, 2015

There is a lot of talk about Qi Gong in the news
lately. You may not be aware of it, but the
ancient internal exercise of Qi Gong is a
longevity exercise that the Chinese have been
practicing for thousands of years. It’s high time
you learn about it. Qi Gong will give you a better
quality of life and a longer, healthy one.

It’s a very well-known fact that people around the
globe are searching for methods to stay healthy
and to free themselves from diseases. Modern
medicine has some really great aspects to it, but
prevention of disease and anti-aging are not being
addressed as they should be. Qi Gong has its
origins in China and is one of those practices
that helps in freeing the negative energies
plaguing your life. By definition, Qi Gong is a
method used by people of all age groups to bring
balance in their body, and is known to cultivate
and nourish Qi or life energy.

We all are looking for a good means of nourishing
our body, mind, and spirit in a natural way, and
Qi Gong happens to be one of those methods that
has a proven track record of generating incredible
results. The lifestyle of the current generation
has been plagued with more disease and mental
strife at a very early age. The immune system has
stopped doing its job to the full extent, and
there is more mental, physical, and emotional
pollution than ever. Qi Gong is a mixture of a
variety of exercises, such as rhythmic breathing,
meditation, and movement, both internal and
external, all of which contribute towards
improving overall physical and mental health.
Everyone is looking for easy answers to their
problems and, with time, they realize that there
is no easy answer to anything, and many of them
even give up their search. Some are looking for
means to healing cancer while some want to know
the secrets for anti-aging. Qi Gong is becoming
more and more popular among the public, and people
have started to show an increasing interest in
learning this practice.

If you are ready to make some changes in your
life, Qi Gong is one of the fastest ways to open
up new vistas and make your life better. The
Flying Crane Qi Gong

is an easy program to learn. There are 5 sets plus
the automatic move that opens up all the
meridians. Don’t delay. Get your program today

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and

Dr. Wu Dhi

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The Zen of Breathing

May 1st, 2015

My teacher started his Zen training as a teenager and as most
teenagers do, he acted as if he was both all knowing and
Youthful arrogance and Zen are not the best combination
especially when the teacher carries a stick.
Regular beatings were required to speed up the process of
enlightenment but to his credit he stuck with it.
He was also fortunate enough to have a teacher that was trained
in several different schools of Zen and was well-versed with
many different breathing techniques.
Zen is not commonly known to have a multitude of “yogic”
breathing exercises, as do the Indian or Tibetan schools. In Zen
the philosophy is generally to simplify the method and focus on
the breathing itself.
Now imagine a hormonally hyperactive 16-year-old boy fidgeting
on his meditation cushion, trying to focus on HIS breathing. To
make matters worse this same boy was plagued with sinus trouble
and rarely had more than one nostril that was clear.
The boy was not the only one focusing on HIS breathing. The
sounds of mucus and snot bubbles coming out of his nose were
often the loudest things during meditation practice.
The mere presence of the boy in the meditation hall was a
psychic disturbance that could not be ignored no matter what
your level of training.
So what to do?
The Zen Master called the boy aside.
“Do you Breathe or are you Breathed?” the Zen Master asked.
Naturally the arrogant youth replied “I Breathe.”
“If you Breathe then show me Breathing.,” The Zen Master
The boy sat down diligently and began to sniff and snort with
purpose and measure through his stuffy nose.
The Zen Master rolled his eyes and held up his hand “STOP! If
you Breath now show me not Breathing.”
The boy held his breath and the Zen Master watched diligently.
Several moments passed while the boy gradually started to turn
blue. Suddenly he exploded and gasped for air.
“What’s a matta?” the Zen Master asked.
“Even if you manage to pass out by holding your breath you will
start breathing again on your own. I think that you should
investigate this further.” With that the Zen Master sent the
boy away to meditate on whether or not he breathed or was
The next day the Zen Master stepped into view in front of the
boy while he was in meditation. In his hand he held a rumpled
up paper lunch bag that he was breathing into. The bag expanded
and collapsed with every breath the Zen Master took. The Master looked
quizzically over the bag at the boy.
As many Zen Masters do, this particular teacher had a special
look that he would give a student that meant they should ask
what he was doing.
“What are you doing…” the boy reluctantly moaned, knowing full
well there was a potential stick whacking in it.
The Zen Master lowered the bag with a great big smile and
said “Me? Nothing. But this bag… this bag is Breathing!”
Not all whacks are delivered with a stick. The shock of
realization can be delivered even as a joke.
The boy did change his breathing and his focus. He was no
longer the distraction in the meditation hall. His breathing
became effortless and natural. He healed his sinus problems and
eventually he himself became the Master.
Changing the focus from breathing to Being Breathed is a big
step but one in the right direction if you want to really open
the flow of Qi in your body.
I rarely use a stick but I’m a big fan of the jokes as many of
you have seen in the Recharging Qi Gong.
It’s ok to laugh, it opens the lungs.
If you don’t have the Recharging Qi Gong there’s no excuse not
to get it today at and clear the
internal clutter and superficial tensions from your body.
You might even have a laugh or two.
Wishing you Health, Wealth and Happiness,
Dr. Wu Dhi
PS: I’m planning the first Recharging Qi Gong seminar to happen
this summer. This is an event you won’t want to miss, I will
send out details soon.
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