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November 30th, 2015

It’s the last Monday, the last day in November
 the holidays are upon us. Monday is
ruled by the
 moon the yin female energy.
Every human being, every animal, every plant on
our planet is effected by the moon. We are now in
a waning moon for the next 11 days. The waning
moon detoxifies and sweats our, dries,
consolidates and contributes to the expenditure of
energy. The closer we get to the new moon on
December 11 the more we are effected by the force,
The Moon is in Leo today 
is a good day for
a party with lots of laughter. It’s a
to be spontaneous and even a
mischievous may be fun. Make time to
go to a, special places
 like museums, a
good restaurant or a snazzy 
boutiques. The
Leo lunar vibe brings out the
boldness in men and the diva quality
women. When the Moon is in Leo, there’s a
 of inspiration in the air. I
encourage you to shine more brightly and really
enjoy the day. 
Sunday is the day of the
Sun and Yang in nature it represents the self,
one’s personality and ego, the spirit and what it
is that makes the individual unique. It is our
identity and our face to the world. The Sun also
our creative ability and the power of the
individual to meet the challenges of everyday
life. This Sunday I will be teaching a special
class at the
Unity on the Bay Church in
Make this class I must do
Date: Sunday, December 6, 2015

I Wish you the Best in your
Health, Wealth and Happiness

Dr. Wu Dhi

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How to Avoid the Evil Wind

November 29th, 2015

IMG_3393How to Avoid the Evil Wind –

I understand that there is a hurricane brewing
around Mexico. For the last week, we were getting
high winds daily, and the waves were really huge.
In Chinese medicine, wind is one of the six evils
that causes disease. Wind is called Feng in
Chinese which causes considerable difficulty. We
use the term, wind, to describe many diseases. It
has no real equivalent in Western medicine. I
explain wind to a patient by saying that exposure
to windy weather can cause disease, or when
symptoms appear in different parts of the body at

different times like the movement of wind.
Diseases include skin rashes, stroke, Parkinson’s
disease, common colds, and sore throats.

If you can, it is best to avoid the wind like
avoiding flying arrows. I was out in the wind the
other day, and not for very long. I had to walk
for just a few blocks and, sure enough, the evil
wind got me. It started with a stiffed neck, then
the sore throat, and the sneezing and runny nose.
If you treat the cold quickly, you are less likely
to suffer very long. The important thing is to
> treat the cold as quickly as possible, and stay
out of the wind. But if you have to be in the
wind, make sure that your neck is covered as the
first-line prevention. If it gets you, make sure you get plenty of rest and avoid stress for a few
days. Avoid sweets, and stimulants such as coffee
which can cause progression in the severity of the
illness, and also ginseng which can actually trap
the pathogen in your body.

I have been taking 2 Vira-Qi
every 3 hours. I have been drinking a lot of
grapefruit juice, water, and herbal tea. To purify
your home, take  cup of vinegar, and place it in
a pan on the stove on high heat, bring to a boil,
and allow the fumes to purify and cleanse your
house of germs in the air.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and

> Dr. Wu Dhi
>Avoid the evil wind

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An Auspicious Teaching

November 29th, 2015

An Auspicious Teaching -The last 2 weeks have been very auspicious in many
ways. The Frost full moon appeared the day before
Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday – no religious
importance, no Santa drinking GMO-Coca Cola, no
crazy shopping, no Easter Bunny. Just a day to be
thankful for life and all it offers. This full
moon also brought a special teaching to Miami; the
teacher was originally from Tibet who came to
teach spiritual knowledge. IMG_3393 This lesson
came to me in an unusual way, as most lessons do.
I was surfing the net, and I came across an
article about the oldest and most mystical of all
the Buddhist traditions called “Bon”. They say
that the lineage goes back to 18,036 years. Now
that sounds unimaginable to me but, as I read on,
I discovered that a Tibetan Lama from this ancient
tradition was in Miami and giving teachings. I
made a decision to go and listen to him. An
interesting guy he is, a doctor of traditional
Tibetan medicine, and an authentic Tibetan Lama. I
ended up going to all five of his teachings that
were all very auspicious, and I felt most
fortunate to be able to receive them. It’s not
often that a real teacher comes along, or that you
can find a real teaching. I would suggest picking
up a copy of the Magic Square workshop

It will give you the insight to balance all the
domains in your life. It’s an awesome teaching.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and
Dr. Wu Dhi

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The Power to Heal

November 20th, 2015

Frank called this evening from Michigan, and said,
“It’s getting cold up here in the North. The
leaves are changing, and Old Man Winter is on the
way.” As it gets cold up North, I hear from more
and more friends who live in the cold and want to
come down and visit for a bit. Frank didn’t say he
was coming, but I’d like to see him in February
when it’s really cold in Michigan. I let him know
that all was good with me. I was up early long
before the sun came up, trained as usual, and had
a full day of patients to see. I love my work – it
is fun and challenging, and I help people bust
through their health problems. There is an old
Chinese saying that I like: “If you can’t be the
king, be a healer.” When you love what you do,
it’s a blessing. Although I have plenty of
challenges just like you do, I take them one at a
time and always keep looking at how I can learn
and grow from the situation.

My training has changed in the last few months
since I broke my wrist. I couldn’t believe how
much my muscle atrophied in 2 months. I lost both
size and mass, and that never happened before. I
took falls and punches on many occasions. Having
your muscle atrophied can afflict more than just
where the break happened. Atrophy of the muscle
can occur for a number of reasons, including
disuse from an injury like my wrist. The cast held
everything in place until the bone healed, but the
lack of activity and the natural aging process
caused my muscles to atrophy. These reasons for
atrophy can all be reversed through a sensible,
progressive exercise program which I am working at
daily. I begin with isometric exercises to improve
circulation and increase strengthin my wrist and
forearm. Isometric exercises involve simply
contracting the muscle for a few seconds at a
time. I always practice sending Qi into the bone
and work on my kidneys as they strengthen the bone
as well.


I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and

Dr. Wu Dhi

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A lost Love can be a Real Blessing

November 20th, 2015

A lost Love can be a Real Blessing

Ellen lives in the Western part of the USA and has
been dating Jack for many years. Last week, Jack
decided to move out and find a new lover. Ellen
fell to pieces, she was heartbroken, pissed off,
and called me crying. After she finally stopped
crying and yelling at Jack for leaving her, I told
her what one of my Masters told me years ago when
I broke up with the love of my life, “Girlfriend,
boyfriends, husbands, and wives are not property.”
At that time, I really didn’t want to hear that,
but I knew what the Master meant. I moved on, and
my life turned out 1,000 times better than it was
with my ex.

Moving along takes maturity, and true maturity
knows what we really want in life. For Ellen, it
wasn’t Jack that she really wanted at all. What
she wanted was a loving, responsible, caring,
mature, and successful partner to share her life
with. He wasn’t! So, like the words in Ray
Charles’ hit song, I suggested to her to tell Jack
to “Hit the road, and don’t you come back no more,
no more, what you say?” As soon as Ellen woke up
and took responsibility for herself, she realized
that she alone was the source of unlimited
possibilities and was actually the mature one in
the relationship.

Being mature is not only the expression of our
true values, it is also not avoiding what we don’t
want. If we are able to receive what is presented
to us with joy, miraculous things will happen.
Ellen is a talent in many aspects of her life. She
has been in movies, plays, performed for thousands
of people all over the world, and is a creative
genius on her own. Now she is opening up to her
own power, and a new source of possibilities are
flowing in. Years ago, Ellen was one of my first
students when I moved to Florida. She embraced the
spiritual work with open arms and an open heart.
She learned the Flying Crane Qi Gong and committed
to the practice to memory. She totally embodied
the work. Jack never seemed to wake up as Ellen
continued to mature in her spiritual growth. Like
an old sweater, she grew out of that part of her
life. Now I can’t say that the Flying Crane Qi
Gong pulled them apart, or make her grow beyond
Jack. Nevertheless, she worked her spiritual
muscles and build a spiritual life, and Jack is
off trying to find himself.

Don’t be like Jack, off on his own. Learn and
work your spiritual muscles and get the Flying
Crane Qi Gong program today.

I wish you the Best in your Health, Wealth, and
Dr. Wu DhiIMG_2369

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Life is Short, Make Sure you Enjoy every moment of it!

November 20th, 2015

imagesDeath and dying may be a scary thought to you but,
like it or not, Old Man Time has his eye on you.
Once you recognize how precious and how short life
really is, you are most likely to make it more
meaningful, and live your life to the fullest.
Usually, this realization only comes with
maturity. When I was 17 years old, I can remember
my Dad told me this, “Son, life is short. Make
sure you enjoy every moment of it.” At that young
age, I really didn’t get what he was telling me,
but it stuck in my mind all these years. “Life is
short. Make sure you enjoy every minute of it.” I
knew it was important, as Dad didn’t give advice
like that unless he thought it was of great

The way in which we live our lives and our state
of mind at death directly influence our future
lives. It is said that the aim of a spiritual
practitioner is to have no fear or regrets at the
time of death. Those of us who practice to the
best of our abilities hopefully will die in a
state of great bliss. I was fortunate to be with
my mother when she passed away. She told all of us
it was her last day just hours before she died.
Although she was 95 years young, her brain
functioned as if she was in her thirties. That’s a
real blessing. She wasn’t sick, and she was very
much awake and aware of what was going on. Mom
called her friends and family and talked for
around an hour to say her goodbyes. Then, she told
my children and grandchildren, “Do you know what I
am doing? I am dying. It’s part of life; you are
born, you live, and then, you die.” She passed a
few hours after that with a smile on her face. I
have read of yogis, gurus, and lama’s dying
consciously, but I never experienced it first hand
and would never dream that my mother would leave
in such an awake and elegant manner.

The only thing that can help us at the time of
death is our mental and spiritual development. I
guess Mom was more developed than I knew. My
youngest son, Damion, asked his grandmother,
“Grandma, what do you need of me?” She told him to
plant a tree in her name and call it “Betty Boop”
after her. My Mom’s name is Elizabeth, but she was
liked to be called Betty. Damion called today and
told me that the tree in front of San Xavier
Church, the one founded in 1692, may be the place
where the first Betty Boop tree is going to be
planted. It’s the oldest intact European structure
in Arizona. It seems like the old tree in the
courtyard of the current church has died, and my
son offered to plant the Betty Boop tree there.
The planting of the tree and the energetic energy
of Betty Boop will be a blessing for the church.

Do you want to learn more about the energetic
energy and how to use it? If you do, join me in
the Qi Gong Inner Circle

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and
Dr. Wu Dhi

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Are you on the Path or Lost in the Woods

November 16th, 2015

The most esoteric of all the Buddhist teachings
come from the Bon tradition, which is also the
oldest. Last night, I had the honor to listen to
Lama Khemsar Rinpoche speaking on karmic
defilements. You may be wondering what is karma
defilement, anyway? I didn’t know exactly what
defilement was either until I heard the Lama

Years ago, the “Lama on the Mountain” spoke about
them as klesha. Kleshas in Buddhism are mental
states that cloud the mind and manifest in
unwholesome actions. Kleshas include states of
mind, such as anxiety, fear, anger, jealousy,
desire, depression, etc. The three kleshas of
ignorance, attachment, and aversion are identified
as the root or source of all other kleshas, and
are referred to as “The Three Poisons”. They cause
one to wander repeatedly and hinder one from
attaining enlightenment. IMG_2364. He spoke of confession, but not
the type of confession that you receive from your
priest. A heartfelt confession that you do to and
with yourself, and never engage in the activity
again. This sent a hot, flaming dagger directly
into my heart. How many times have we said, “I’d
never do this or that again”, and repeated the
pattern over and over again? These habits or
patterns get engraved into our system, and
breaking free is a task worth more than we will
ever know. I have spent half of my life trying to
free myself of these poisons and, yet, they keep
creeping up like unwanted weeds in the garden. But
let me tell you this. I will never stop practicing
and training to weed out the bad, and work for my
growth. That’s why, I teach, practice, and will
always encourage you to work towards your
awareness, growth, health, and enlightenment.

If you are seriously on the path, consider joining
me and the people who have joined my private
coaching program.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Don’t let Cancer Take Over Your Life

November 6th, 2015
Martha wrote me today and asked me if I had any
tricks up my sleeve that would help her. She was
diagnosed with breast cancer 8 months ago and,
since then, she has been going through the inferno
of medical misery. Here’s what she wrote:

“Dr. Wu, HELP! I heard of you from my girlfriend,
and looked up your info on Facebook. I hope you
can help me get out of this situation. I got the
BIG “C” and have been going through hell.
Drawing by Frank Buzelle, Detroit

Drawing by Frank Buzelle, Detroit

These emotional cries for help are heartfelt and I
hear them far too often. 
I got to my office early this morning; my schedule
is full all day. I see cancer patients at least
two days a week to help unravel some of the
problems that people are facing with their health.
I use a very unorthodox, multifaceted treatment
approach that addresses problems that Western
medicine doesn’t touch. My specialty is Medical Qi
Gong and acupuncture. Although these are not
recognized much in this part of the world, it is
used in just about every clinic in Asia. I am a
doctor of Medical Qi Gong (China) and an
Acupuncture Physician in Florida. I have devoted
many years of my life studying and practicing
longevity and anti-aging techniques for my own
health and for my patients. 

Qi Gong medicine is not intended to replace
Orthodox Medicine, but rather to complement it.
There are different meditations, practices,
techniques, and prescriptions used in hospitals,
medical universities, and clinics throughout Asia
that rely on the skills of Qi Gong doctors to move
the energy (Qi) within the meridians, and to open
up the blocked and stale energy from the effects
of chemotherapy and radiation. 

What does that mean? 

When the flow energy gets blocked in our body, the
immune system usually swoops in to clean up the
mess. After a short period, we return to health.
But if your immune system is compromised,
especially if you are stressed, opportunistic
diseases appear in your life. Western medicine
usually only addresses the symptoms and not the
root cause. That’s where the treatments from the
Orient shine. Medical Qi Gong techniques are very
powerful and affect the patients on both physical
and mental aspects of their life. When we think of
Qi Gong, we think of an exercise like Tai Chi.
But, Medical Qi Gong is much more than a dance. It
is the Mother of Tai Chi and is the power behind
the healing and the fighting arts. 

There are specific treatments for different
cancers and various homework that the patient must
do along with prescription exercises and
meditations. Also, it is important to regulate the
diet and the patient’s living environment to heal
one of cancer. Medical Qi Gong grew out of the
empirical observation of nature, beginning at
least 4,700 years ago. Western medicine has not
even been around for half of that, but the two
systems work well together. I work with different
doctors on some very difficult cases with some
remarkable results. One of the first things I do
is to take a look at the patient’s home and
workplace to clear out anything that may be
blocking their health – life exposure to toxic
chemicals, eating the wrong foods, or just having
too much clutter in their environment. Emergently,
they may have a stale, old house blocking the flow
of healthy Qi, and that can affect your immune

I put together a program that can clear and clean
all the cobwebs out of your home and help to keep
you and your family healthy. Now is the time to
schedule a total renewal of your home and your
health. Check this out, and make sure your energy
is clear in every aspect of your life.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and

Dr. Wu Dhi     
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