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Stone Magic

January 29th, 2016

Stone Magic

In ancient China, understanding the mineral world was considered to be one of the most powerful levels of magic. Our planet Earth’s vibration is derived from the thousands of minerals deposited within its crust. Each rock and most minerals have structure that will store, collect, and realize energy.

Minerals have three componStone Magicents, just like our body, mind, and spirit: spiritual, energetic, and physical. They have an influence on our mental, emotional, and physical energies as well as how we vibrate. The vibration of the mineral will vary according to its color, size, shape, weight, and structure, and is also affected by our vibration.

My adventure this week at the Tucson Rock and Mineral show has enhanced my knowledge of the mineral world which I will be sharing more with you in the coming weeks. There are minerals and crystals that will assist in building up your immune system, stones to get rid of nightmares, and rocks to protect you from negative energies. I know that, for a fact, many of the minerals are used for medicine, and to ground a restless spirit, if needed.

Well, let me get back to finding out more information that I will be sharing with you soon.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and Happiness.

Dr. Wu Dhi

P.S. If you or one of your children have been plagued with nightmares, no need to worry anymore. Write me and let me know what’s going on so we can solve the problem and even do a remote healing, and get you the right mineral to end them once and for all.

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Developing the Second attention

January 28th, 2016

Developing the Second attention

What does it mean to develop the second attention?

Why would you even want to develop second
attention in the first place?

When we work to cultivate anything, it starts with
the earth element. To make it complete, we need
all the elements to grow and work to our fullest
capacity. The sun is the fire element, the metal
element gives the minerals we need to nourish the
soil, the water element is necessary for growth,
and the wood element is the sprout that turns into
the mighty oak tree, a strong full grown system.

On the spiritual realm, cultivating the extra
attention is the cultivation of awareness.
Spiritual awareness is the process by which we
begin to explore our own being in order to become
whole, and reunite our spirits with our physical
bodies in a commonality of purpose. imagesYou might say that developing of the
extra attention is likened to moving from a raft
all the way up to a yacht.

Your goal would be to first develop the extra
attention, and then to be able to hold the extra
attention in your entire body. Here is a simple
exercise to begin to develop your second
• Place your attention on your less dominant hand,
and feel what’s going on. It may become warm,
heavier, or you may feel a tingling sensation.
Just notice it and observe. Make no judgments.
This is an exercise in observing.
• As you go through your day, as many times as you
can remember, place your attention on your hand
even when doing other tasks. In a short time, you
will start to develop the second attention. And
even when you are dreaming, try to remember to
place your attention on your hand. This practice
will keep you lucid in your dreams and will
decently open up your awareness in the wake state.

Want to find out more about developing more
awareness and opening up your consciousness? I am
sure you do. The members of the Qi Gong Inner
Circle are receiving about the information and
teachings every month. I invite you to hop onboard
before the ship sails. I am opening up the
membership to another 50 people and that’s it. If
you are ready to open your mind, cultivate your
second attention, and skyrocket your spiritual
growth, join us today

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and

Dr. Wu Dhi

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New Detox and Weight Loss System

January 28th, 2016

New Detox and Weight Loss System

More new healing equipment just came my way. Yes,
indeed, this has been a lucky week! I just
received an increasable piece of equipment from my
friend, Simon. He’s doing his residency at Mount
Sinai for the next 3 years, and he wanted to make
sure this equipment was in use helping people to
stay healthy. The images is a modern German technology that uses the
wisdom of the ancient Chinese combined with a form
of deep tissue massage and lymphatic drainage. It
works on clearing the negative information signals
that is radiated from an unhealthy system.

Our bodies are set up to filter out all harmful
substances through our liver, kidneys, intestine,
and our skin, but like any filter system, after
years of exposure to toxins, things start to plug
up and break down. Normally, our bodies are
prepared for this, and expel toxins naturally to
keep us healthy and disease-free. Where the
problems start to arise is when the body’s
capacity reaches its limits. Too much waste from
rich food, unclean water, and air we breathe block
the natural elimination system. If we are exposed
to toxicity over and over, our body will naturally
protect itself and place the toxins in storage
depots, fatty or connective tissue. This is
normally only intended to be a temporary solution,
but in our modern lives, these storage depots are
not getting emptied out. You can see it all around
you. People are toxic and FAT. All diseases,
particularly those that have come to the forefront
in modern times, are traceable to functional
disorders in our system. Besides the usual waste
products, we now have the added burdens of heavy
metals, herbicides, and pesticides as well as
chemical residues, all of which accumulate in our
body. Cleansing the organism of these highly toxic
substances is not easy since our bodies were not
designed to cope with these poisons. We can only
store these toxic substances. The functional
disorders that these substances cause, which can
range from a slight burden all the way to total
blockage, from rheumatism to multiple sclerosis,
arthrosis to cardiac insufficiency, allergy to

In other words, to stay healthy you need to detox…

The Matrix Regeneration Therapy (MRT) assists to
detox the body in the most efficient way without
causing a toxic overload or healing crisis. Here
is what it does:
1.Petechial suction massage, a modern form of
cupping that sucks toxins out.
2.DC (direct current) treatment
3.Bioresonance Therapy, in the form of
Subtraction Loesch Therapy (SLT), which takes the
signal of the patient at the front of the roller
and returns it inverted at the back.

The effective principle is that pressure, actually
a partial vacuum, mechanically loosens clogged
deposits and toxins in the tissues and diverts
them through the lymph system. The direct current
causes the tissues to reverse polarity, or to
change equalization – a prerequisite for orderly
cell repolarization.

Since our bodies always show two aspects, the
physical and the energetic, waste products cannot
just be considered in one form. In fact, our
body’s complex systems act as “jammers” that can
significantly disrupt the flow and exchange of
information. This leads to an irritation of the
neuronal system, which is tightly coupled to the
hormonal system. Besides hormonal disorders, then,
regulatory problems can arise in “extra demand”
situations, starting from the pituitary gland.
This leads, in turn, to regulatory chaos, which
oftentimes creates the basis for allergies.

Using the MRT device extinguishes the toxins’
pathological frequencies, thereby, relieving the
oscillatory system. This way, both the material
and the energetic aspects are fully dealt with.
There are three components of the MRT responsible
for the great effectiveness of this modern matrix
detoxification and regeneration procedure:

1.Reddening of the skin permits diagnostic
conclusions to be drawn. The treatments are
usually spaced one per week over a six-week
2.The tissues in the treatment region become
stronger and firmer with each treatment, and
sensitivity diminishes markedly.
3.The loosening of back musculature which
accompanies every treatment session also
eliminates stress-induced pain, wherefore acute
lumbago or sciatica and tension headaches also are
welcome indications for acute treatment.

MRT opens up the organism in a beneficial manner.
Regulatory ability is dramatically improved,
blockades are removed, the lymphatic system is
activated, and the immune system stimulated. All
of these positive effects happen simultaneously
during each treatment. No other form of therapy
can claim this. And yet, the treatment is simple
and can be performed with no great effort.

If you are in Miami, come in for a treatment.
Detox your body and lose weight effortlessly.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and

Dr. Wu Dhi

P.S. Schedule your weight loss detox sessions now.
Call 305-407-0120.

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Working With Good And Bad Energy

January 26th, 2016

Working With Good And Bad Energy

I was talking to a woman with a strong accent the
other day. I asked her where she was from, and she
said,Russia. We chatted for a while, and she
was telling me why she left her country. It was a
horrible, cold, dirty place, and all of my family,
friends, and my boss were extremely negative.
Then, eight years ago, I left Mother Russia, and I
came to start a new life in New York. I went to
school and became a medical assistant. I found a
job in the city, but after a few years, I noticed
that the people around me were very dark and
negative, and they were stupid as well. Just three
years ago, I moved to Miami and got a job in a
medical office working with a doctor who always
complained about not having enough money or
patients. He was more negative than anyone that I
have ever met. His practice only saw patients with
chronic pain. Day after day, people came in who
were addicted to pain pills, and had hard luck
stories of pain, misery, and poverty. She went on
to tell me more stories on how negative people can

I was exhausted after listening to her story after
story of how she was plagued with negativity. I
knew the problem was not Russia, New York, or
Miami. The problem was within her and what and
whom she invested her time and energy in. When we
are negative, we attract negative people and
negative energy. Its the same when we are
positive, we attract a positive energy. Whatever
you think about the most is what you will attract.
If you decide its a bad day, it is. On the other
hand, if you decide it’s a good day, it is a good
day. We are the masters of our destiny, for the
better or the worse. Negativity doesn’t follow us
around so do good energy. We just pull it in like
a big vacuum. If you want something different,
better, happier, wealthier, or healthier, that’s
what you need to focus on. And before you know it,
you will have it.

Working with the Good and Bad

GOOD or Bad?

If you are having problems breaking old patterns,
look no further. There is an ancient Chinese
formula hidden in the teachings of
called the Bagua. This teaching will give you the
formula that will get you clear within all aspects
of your life, where you want to go, and how to get
there. This program will definitely help. Order
now by clicking on the link

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Detox Your Body and Loose Weight at the Same Time

January 26th, 2016
Vaga Electric cupping


Detox Your Body and Loose Weight at the Same Time

At the beginning of the week, I wrote to you about
the Matrix Regeneration Therapy (MRT), a fabulous
piece of equipment that incorporates the technology
to Chinese cupping, deep tissue massage, and lymphatic
drainage techniques. As I said before, it works on
clearing the negative information signals that is
radiated from an unhealthy body and block recovery
in all chronic situations. Well, I didn’t expect
to get such a response from all of you. The calls
came like gangbusters, and I filled up all the
appointments I could see for the entire week. I
guess when you discover something that really
works to detox the body, get rid of a handful of
allergies, and lose weight at the same time,
everybody wants in.

If you aren’t familiar with this technology, I
wouldn’t blame you as it comes from Germany and
doesn’t buy into the Western system of
with-your-health.It makes no difference whether
it’s mental or physical, or if you are in the
Western part of the world, they say you need to
be medicated.

This is what the Matrix Regeneration Therapy (MRT)
does: through MRT, immune reactions can be
stimulated again which are necessary for
transposition of the basic system. Our matrix is
actually the basic system. It contains around 80%
of the total cell mass. It is the energy supply
and waste disposal system of organ cells and, at
the same time, home to the body’s immune system.
Without a properly functioning matrix, an organ
cell is helpless. The basic system reaches out to
unite cells of all organs. Due to its fundamental
importance with regard to health, it is the
primary target point of every effective therapy in
case of any disease. A successful therapy approach
is hence primarily based on restoring the normal
functioning of the basic system. The matrix must
be freed of any inflammation sites, accumulated
wastes, and toxic substances.

The Matrix Regeneration Therapy (MRT) consists of
three synergistically working components which are
applied simultaneously for a certain work step:
• Bio-resonance therapy – The neutralization of
pathological energy fields is its domain. The
special procedure involved in the
‘‘subtraction-delete therapy’’, according to Dr.
Köhler, is realized in the MRT device. Through
suction electrodes, information about released
toxic substances is received and sent to the
control device for further processing. These
pathological frequency patterns are converted into
therapeutic interference field signals there and
transferred ahead to the patient.

• Direct current treatment of a tissue (pole
reversal) – The charge and hormonal situation of
the basic substance are both important with regard
to affectivity of the therapy. Through a roller
electrode, a weak DC voltage is applied onto the
tissue with which excess charges are removed from
the diseased tissue. The tissue (with reversed
polarity) becomes alkaline again. This is a basic
requirement for normal metabolic functioning.

• Petechial suction massage – With this method,
negative pressure is created within the tissue
using a suction rod. As in the case of cupping,
blood which has been used and contains toxic
substances is drawn to the surface.

The Matrix Regeneration Therapy has several
effects at the same time:
• Erasure of the pathological frequency pattern
• Elimination of wastes and toxins
• Pole reversal of a tissue = basic milieu
• Stimulation of metabolism

It is necessary to drink a lot of fluids after
each treatment in order to facilitate excretion of
the dissolved waste substances. I usually suggest
2 liters within 4 hours after each treatment.

MRT is used for the following indications:
• All forms of allergies
• All chronic diseases
• Tumours
• Chronic intoxication, heavy metals
• Viral contamination
• Immune deficiency
• Chronic skin problems
• Depressions

The patients usually find the treatments to be
very agreeable and relaxing. The tissues in the
treatment region become stronger and firmer with
each treatment. The loosening of back musculature
that accompanies every treatment session also
eliminates stress-induced pain including acute
lumbago or sciatica, tension headaches. This,
therefore, means that, in many cases, Matrix
Regeneration Therapy alone initiates the healing
reaction and that many chronic diseases can thus
heal. This is also the reason why the clinics and
practices to which I use this form of treatment
cannot even conceive of doing without it anymore.
For example, osteopathy (which is more effective
with a relaxed back), disturbance field
treatments, neural therapy, and even homeopathy
(which can take hold much better when the terrain
has been cleansed beforehand) are all made more

MRT opens up the organism in a beneficial manner.
Regulatory ability is dramatically improved,
blockades are removed, the lymphatic system is
activated, and the immune system stimulated. All
of these positive effects happen simultaneously
during each treatment. No other form of therapy
can claim this.

If you have been suffering from blocked energy,
call today and book an appointment at

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Wake Up!

January 26th, 2016

UnknownWake Up!

I was on the beach early this morning, long before
the sun came up. I walked for a few miles and
started my Qi Gong practice. I began by pulling
up the energy from the earth, and then pulling
down the energy from the heavens, and mixing them
in my lower Dantain, a blending of heaven and
earth. After that, I decided to do something
different. I walked out into the ocean until the
water came up to my knees. I wanted to absorb the
water energy and really wake up  in hopes of strengthening my kidneys
and the water element. I rooted myself in the
sand and started to pull the energy up from the
bottom of my foot. The point on the bottom of the
foot is an acupuncture point known as Kidney (1),
or bubbling or gushing springs. It is said that
the water that bubbles up from underground springs
is fresh, revitalizing, renewing, invigorating,
and pure. It brings life to that which is wilting,
drained, or exhausted. Everything that moves
within us does so by the grace of the power,
lubrication, and cleansing abilities of Water.
This includes all physical fluids as well as the
strength, quickness, and lucidity of mind. I could
feel the energy building up and, just then, a big
wave broke right where I was standing and knocked
me down. What a surprise!

In life, this happens all the time. Just when we
are building, recharging, and strengthening a part
of our life, then out of nowhere, we get knocked
down. What do you do? You use the same ground that
you are lying on to push yourself back up!

I immediately jumped up and was in a new awakened
state. Sometimes, when something unexpected hits
you, it will wake you up, and that awakening can
make you grow.

Dr. Seuss said, You have brains in your head. You
have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in
any direction you choose. You’re on your own, and
you know what you know. And you are the guy who’ll
decide where to go.

One of the ways to keep you awake and make it easy
to learn the lessons you need to learn is to be
aware of where you are and where you want to go.
In the Magic Square Workshop program,

you will learn the formula to awaken the dormant
spirit and move along in your life with clarity
and power. Order it today and choose what you want
and get it.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Protecting Your Living Space

January 26th, 2016
Is your living space protected?

Is your living space protected?

Protection in  Your Living Space

When you move into a new home, you need

protection. It doesn’t matter if it’s an

apartment, a townhouse, or single dwelling. The

first thing you want to do is clear the space and

the property. Old, stale energy can linger for

decades and cause problems to your health and


A few years ago, I heard a story of a Chinese

family that moved into a new home in Brooklyn.

Everything was going well, and mother, father, and

son were quite happy. When their son turned

sixteen, they remodeled the apartment that was

above their garage, and the teenage boy moved in.

That’s when strange things began to happen. The

boy’s personality changed radically. He became

very insecure, depressed, and cried all the time.

His parents took him to the doctor, and they put

him on anti-depressant which did no good. The boy

fell into an even deeper depression and cried for

days with no apparent reason if he had to leave

his room. His schoolwork was neglected, and he

refused to eat or leave his apartment. All he

wanted to do is stay in his new, little apartment,

and he began to wither away. Finally, his parents

took him back to China to see their family


The doctor’s clinic was in the country, around

fifty miles from the airport. After a long, bumpy

ride, they checked in to their hotel and went to

sleep. But when they got up the next morning, the

boy was gone. The police were notified, and the

search began. The authority had no luck finding

him until two days later, he was found wondering

around at the airport, walking all the way back by

himself at night and was trying to get back home.

The parents were beside themselves and didn’t know

what to do. They returned home, and a friend

suggested contacting the old owners of the house

to see if there was anything they could tell them

about the house. They told the Chinese couple that

their grandfather lived with them until he got too

much for them to handle. He lived in that

apartment until they moved him into an old folks’

home. He didn’t want to go and begged them not to

send him away. They had to force him to leave. He

refused to eat and cried and cried. Two days after

they moved him into the old folks’ home, he died

and cursed his grandchildren for making him leave

his apartment and swore he’d be back. This new

information freaked out the Chinese family, so

they contacted a Qi Gong doctor. Sure enough, the

old man has possessed the boy and was sucking out

his life force. The Qi Gong doctor was able to

release the spirit and harmonized all the energies

that have been there for millenniums. That’s what

I call a Feng Shui house clearing.

I cleared my home before I moved in. Now that I

have been living in my new house for ninety days,

it’s time to build an energetic pyramid over and

under the house. It’s called an octahedron,

a three-dimensional shape having eight planes,

especially a regular, solid figure with eight

equal, triangular faces, and shaped like a

diamond. Now I have to collect some very special

crystals, so I am headed out West this week. I

am going to the world’s biggest treasure hunt, The

Tucson Gem and Mineral Show in Arizona. Tucson is

the place of international gem and mineral

trading, buying, and bargains. I heard there are

more than forty sites, from giant halls to hotels

and sprawling camps of roadside exhibit tents

filled with crystals and gems. Two weeks of

mineral madness, pulling in thousands of treasure

hunters from every corner of the globe. I plan to

pick up just the right crystals to energetically

harmonize my home and property. What I will do is

get the right gems. When I return, I’ll perform the ritual

ceremonies necessary to improve the energy flow in

my home, harmonize the environment for my optimum

living, and raise the vibration of my home to increase

my personal luck and to avoid any negative influences,

such as geopathic stress and EMF pollution. The

energetic octahedron is similar to Israeli Iron Dome

and acts as a protector above and below.

If you want your home, office, and family

protected in every way, don’t forget about the

energy that you are being bombarded with


I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and


Dr. Wu Dhi

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Flirting Can Keep You Young

January 24th, 2016
She's a real flirt

She’s a real flirt

Flirting Can Keep You Young

I have been flirting with a young lady for the
last few weeks, and it’s a lot of fun. Flirting
requires some real skills and, if done right, it
can keep you years younger. But one must have
intellect, the right body language, creativity,
empathy, and a healthy sexual desire to make
it really work well. Flirting can be taken to a
high art, whether you’re looking for a soulmate, a
lover, convening with a salesperson to give you a
deal, or just having some fun. It can be a first
step towards getting a date or meeting a
new friend.

Here’s how it all started…

There we were, looking at each other for a few
weeks, and there was definitely some energy and
attraction going on. Both of us were casually
flirting with each other, and then she laid it
down on me. “I don’t date.† I had to LOL. That’s
my line! And she stole it before I could open
my mouth. But watching her body language, it
was easy to see she wanted to know more about me,
maybe just to be a friend, or it could be even
more. Observation is the key to flirting. You must
know the signs and, if you are open and aware,
magic can happen. I told her I don’t date either,
but if I did, she would be the type of girl I’d
be flattered to go out with.

Although we have all flirted and been flirted with
on occasion, have you ever thought about why we
actually flirt? We flirt because we want to change
a friendship to a romantic relationship, or a
casual date into a more serious dating
relationship. Flirting is just like going fishing.
It does’t guarantee you’ll catch anything, but
it’s always fun to go fishing. If one is
romantically interested in another person, they
can flirt to gauge his or her reaction. Observe if
he or she flirts back. This will give you a sign
to go forward or forget it.

Sometimes, we may flirt simply because it’s
fun and the interaction is just playful. One might
flirt to achieve a goal. The flirter may be driven
by a motive – maybe they want a favor or wants to
have someone buy you a drink. Flirting can also be
driven by the esteem motive. When an individual
flirts to increase or reinforce their
own self-esteem, they flirt to make
themselves feel good about who they are. Flirting
can, of course, be driven by sexual desires, and
many times it is. Flirtatious messages can
motivate one to move mountains or even build the
Taj Mahal. Flirting is all driven by the desire to
build a relationship, it could be romantic or just
to connect with someone you want to be friends

Here are a few things that you can do to sharpen
your  flirting skills:
1. Lock eyes for several seconds, then, look away.
2. Smile and be happy.
3. Mimic the other person’s body language. This is
a powerful NLP technique.
4. Ladies, show off your neck and flip your hair
when you are looking at the one you want to flirt
with. Girls wearing red lipstick will attract
someone’s attention more than other colors.

These techniques are fun to play with, but be
careful you can get bitten! You don’t want to reel
a shark into your boat unless you have a big club
to knock it out.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and

Dr. Wu Dhi

P.S. Now that you’ve gotten a taste of
the techniques, you may want to have some of these
secret skills. Check out Dr. Wu Dhi’s sexual

And good luck!

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30 days to a Powerful Stress Free You

January 23rd, 2016

30 DIMG_0610ays to a Powerful Stress Free You

My normal exercise and meditation program start
every day at 5:45 in the morning to De-stress. I know that
sounds early, but if you want to get a fabulous
day every day, you have to make it that way. Early
morning is the best time to program your body,
mind, and spirit.

Here is how my program goes:

I get up and, after splashing some water on my
face and brushing my teeth, I have a big glass of
water with a lemon or two squeezed into it. Then,
I sit for anywhere from ½ hour to an hour to
meditate and open up the spiritual centers.
Afterwards, I take off for my morning walk down to
the beach. I am about five blocks from the ocean,
and you can even smell the sea early in the
morning. It’s still dark most of the time. There’s
no traffic, and it’s very, very quiet – perfect
for meditation, relaxing, and getting in touch
with the cosmos. In most days, you can see the
stars and, sometimes, I even get lucky and see a
shooting star or two. Once I am at the water’s
edge, I do the protections and surround myself
with light, and then, go into the Recharging Qi
Gong exercise set As soon as
I finish, I go into the Flying Crane Qi Gong set which takes around 45 minutes
to an hour. Then, I’ll walk down the beach
backwards for 500 steps, stop, and spin 21 times
in each direction, and start my internal
exercises, opening up the 14 meridians and the
chakras. After that, I return home for breakfast.

It’s a great workout that calms the mind, protects
you from physical vampires, and recharges the
entire body.

Become Stress Free

Stress kills

But, if you can’t, and
still want the juice, join the Qi Gong Inner
Circle and learn the secrets
to stay young.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and

Dr. Wu Dhi

P.S. If you haven’t started doing the advanced Qi
Gong internal practices, get a copy of the
Recharging Qi Gong and the
Flying Crane Qi Gong

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Taking The Warrior Stance

January 23rd, 2016

Taking The Warrior Stance

I woke up early this morning around 3:30 and
decided to read for a while before I started my
meditation or Qi Gong practice. I just grabbed
something off the shelf, not really looking for
anything special. I started to read an old book
that I must have had for years, “Fighting to Win”
by David J. Rogers. The first chapter “Stepping
onto the Battlefield” started with an interesting
question, “When was the last time you were in a
fight?” As you look back into your life, you may
remember your first fight. Do you remember that
first bloody nose or black eye that some wise guy
laid on you? When was your last fight? Years ago?
Last week? Today? Or maybe you are in a fight
right now and don’t even know it.

We may have been led to believe that fighting was
a once-in-a-while thing, but the truth is, we are
always fighting for one thing or another. There
are opponents everywhere, internally and
externally. It could be in your business or
personal life, but nevertheless, the battle goes
on. As Rogers states in the book, “Anything out
there standing between you and your peace,
prosperity, and well-being is an outer opponent,
and you are battling for it. The inner battle is
just as strong as and sometimes even more
challenging than outer battles.”

The battle with yourself is what keeps you blocked
and from reaching your full potential. Things
like, laziness, procrastination, restlessness,
overthinking, and other internal conflicts that
may be going on in your mind, even guilt and fear,
can stop you cold in your tracks. The list can go
on and on, and it will block you on every front,
keeping you enslaved.

How can you free yourself of this challenging
adversary? Who knows all of your moves,
strategies, and has every skill you do?

First thing is to know exactly where you want to
go. People usually know everything that they don’t
want, but not many have a clear idea of where and
what they really want in their life. Do you know
what you want in all domains of your life?

• Get in the habit of deciding what you want to do
and doing it once and for all.
• Don’t squander your time.
• Take control over the quality of and how you
conduct your life.
• Assume a power position and be willing to choose
your own path.
• Live with tremendous power of action.

Maybe you have some reasons why you can’t do this
or that. It’s just an illusion. There is nothing
stopping you except your greatest adversary…YOU!

Now is the time to change and assume a warrior
stance. Get a copy today of my Magic Square
workshop and I’ll coach you
through it. That’s right! Once you watch the program
and make a list of your goals in each domain, I will
personally meet with you on the phone, Skype,
WhatsApp or Viber. Whatever it takes, “you will
achieve it, you just have to believe it”. This is a
limited offer for the month of July 2015.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and

Dr. Wu Dhi

P.S. Just like you, my time is valuable. But, if
you are serious about taking the warrior stance in
your life, get the Magic Square program now then, send me an e-mail,
and we will set up a call to coach you on the details
of you getting all you want in life.

Dr. Wu Dhi

Taking a Warrior stance

PSS I will be teaching a class on the Magic Square
on Aug. 29 at the Unity on the Bay Church in Miami,Florida.
Call for details 786-271-0325

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