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BIG Cypress Swamp- Snake and Alligator Hike

February 26th, 2016

BIG Cypress Swamp- Snake and Alligator Hike

My friend, Bob, has been talking about an

adventure he took last year to the Big Cypress

Swamp, not on a path or a bridge, but in the F-ing

swamp filled with giant alligators, some over

eight feet long, and snakes like the python,

anaconda, Nile monitor, and the ones that don’t

swallow you and are venomous. Why would anyone

want to go hiking there is beyond me. Sounds scary

and dangerous! When I was a young lad living in

Detroit, maybe I was ten years old or so, my

mother would give me a half of a dollar and let me

walk to the movies for the Saturday matinee. The

movie theaters had double features back then.

After watching Tarzan and the Apes for hours, I’d

walk home shaking in my boots. I made a decision

to never, ever go to the jungle or swamps. But,

here I am, fifty years later, about to take a walk

into the cypress swamps of the Fakahatchee Strand

Preserve State Park.

The Fakahatchee Strand is known as “The Amazon of

North America.” For thousands of years, moving,

clean, fresh water has carved away at this

spectacular environment. Seventy-five thousand

acres of wilderness area that spans approximately

twenty miles long by five miles wide. If you got

lost, you are a goner for sure. There is a

protective canopy of bald, cypress trees that

covers a slow-moving, shallow “river” running

North to South. The canopy and water below create

a unique humidity-controlled environment that

neither gets too cold in the winter or too warm in

the summer. Flora and fauna flourish, and the

Strand is home to rare and endangered tropical

plant species. It contains the richest diversity

of native orchid and bromeliad species in North

America as well as the largest groves of native

royal palms and a lot of beautiful birds and

creepy spiders.

I like to face my fears, and my going on the swamp

walk is an opportunity to rid myself of some

childhood fears that are probably lodged somewhere

in my

Cypress swamp walk to face FEAR

Cypress swamp walk to face FEAR

. So today, I am off on an

excursion with a group of guys brought up in the

Northern woods who, I hope, is a very

knowledgeable and passionate group of naturalists

to explore the many wonders of this environment. I

want to learn more about the exotic plants and

their healing and rejuvenation qualities, and to

see the wonders of nature while avoiding the

animal that stings and bites.

Did you know that we store memory in our muscles?

We do! That’s why you can still ride a bike twenty

years later and can remember how to swing a golf

club and not relearn on every hold. Fright and

fear are also held in the muscle. It’s a

phenomenon aptly called muscle memory. When you

teach your body how to do something—ride a bike,

yoga, Qi Gong—it creates a physiological

blueprint. So, even if you take some time off,

you’ll get back to where you were, faster than it

took you to learn the exercise in the first place.

Muscle memory stems from your body’s learning, not

just how to perform a task, but also how to break

down muscle tissue, and then repair and rebuild

it. The key is practice. The more you practice,

the easier it is to get back into the groove.

Practicing Qi Gong

is one of the best learning tools to build muscle

memory and to keep fit mentally, physically, and

spiritually, as it has the elements that work all

three bodies at the same time. Start practicing

and build your muscle memory today.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and


Dr. Wu Dhi

P.S. The Flying Crane Qi Gong program has 3 parts

to it: Qi Gong meditation, an instructional DVD,

and a practice DVD. This is the fastest and most

comprehensive way to get the training into your

muscle memory.

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Oh My Aching Back

February 25th, 2016

Oh My Aching Back

I have been working in the garden for a few hours

every day, and my back gets sore.

Aching Back

Aching Back

. That’s it. If that does not work, another

bright idea is cutting you open and fusing your

vertebrae together. Although surgery would be my

very last option, in some cases, it seems to help

for a few years before another part of your spine

fails. Yes, back pain is more prevalent than ever

and I believe stress is a big factor.

Have you ever thought that there is an emotional root

to your back pain? Well, there is! If you are

stressed out, have repressed rage, or financial

problems, those emotions can easily cause back

pain. It may sound ridiculous at first if you are

a back pain sufferer. Who would ever think that

every agonizing move you make might come from your

negative thoughts? Your emotions don’t necessarily

cause back pain, but they are a big part of the

problem. Have you ever worked in a job that you

didn’t like, or have been totally overwhelmed with

work or other heavy responsibilities? If the

answer is yes, you know it’s a pain in the back

and physical symptoms may be there as well.

There are five proven treatments for back pain

that I had a personal experience with:

1.      Acupuncture – It encourages the body to

cure itself and causes the system to increase the

release of natural painkillers.

2.      Neural therapy – We don’t hear much about

this treatment in the US, but it is used in Europe

with great success using local anesthetic

injections to remove pain, both short-term and

long-term. Neural therapy influences nervous,

muscular, hormonal, lymphatic and circulatory

regulations in the organism, the skeleton as well

as the digestive and excretory organs. The pain

can be immediately stopped via the form of the

“phenomena of seconds” very often.

3. Meditation – It promotes relaxation and builds

internal energy. It also helps to clear the mind

and to ease many health problems like stress,

depression, and anxiety, even anger. When you

relax into a meditative state, a back pain can

melt away.

4.  Massage – When done on a regular basis, it

reduces back pain and improves range of motion.

5. Gua Sha – It produces an anti-inflammatory and

immunoprotective effect on pain, stiffness, fever,

chill, cough, wheeze, nausea and vomiting. It has

been practiced in Asia for thousands of years and

has been very effective in acute and chronic

internal organ disorders including liver

inflammation in hepatitis. I have been using Gua

Sha in my clinic to clear pain and to relieve a

patient of colds and coughs.

These techniques and treatments can reduce your

back pain and, when combined with the program on

back pain

you can change your life forever.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and


Dr. Wu Dhi

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How To Get Ready For The Turkey Trot

February 22nd, 2016

How To Get Ready For The Turkey Trot

   Whether you are planning on serving Turkey or Turducken, the holidays are just around the corner, which means It will be flying to back to my old hood, where Mom, Motown, and the Motor City all abide. My son also lives there with his family, and we always do The Big Eat.


Thats the good part.


Don't be a turkey take care of your health

Don’t be a turkey take care of your health

Here are a couple of recommendations to try and stave off the holiday bugs.


1)     Start taking Vitamin C days before your flight. Four to six grams per day twice a day should be good.

2)     Drink a lot of water before boarding and while you’re in the air. (I know you alll have to use the restroom, but it’s better than getting sick.

3)     Get up early and workout before your flight. make sure you do some deep breathing exercises.

4)     Dress in layers so you can add or peel if you get hot or cold.


Hours and hours on a plane can also cause your body to have aches and pains. The most common are backaches and neck pain.  I beat this by getting up early and getting in my Recharging Qigong exercises.


The three exercises that I use are the Instant Power Reset, the Head Rotation,

And the Neck Brace.


You may also include the Ankle Rotation, or Toe Rotation, if you have poor circulation.


If you want to beat jet lag, I follow these rules.


1)     No hootch. It dries you out.

2)     Limit the java. It causes nervousness, anxiety, and insomnia.

3)     Drink plenty of water. Don’t wait until you are thirsty.


You can also reset your biological clock.


If you are in Miami, come see me and get an Energy Balancing treatment. And then get yourself some natural sunlight, which helps balance the body.


Do your Recharging Qigong exercises in the sun, which will help your body recover.


All this, and much more is available at:


Have a good and safe holiday, and I wish you the best in health, wealth, and happiness.


Dr. Wu Dhi


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New Addition to the Clinic

February 22nd, 2016

New Addition to the Clinic

Killing Cancer Cells

I usually don’t tell you much about my treatments
or what I am up to at the office, Whole Life
Health and Wellness Center. But just recently, I
added two great new treatments that no one has in
Florida. One of the newest pieces of equipment
available in my clinic is called “The Indiba” that
comes from Europe where it is used in most health
facilities as an aid to cancer treatments. There
are two incredible applications that this advanced
technology offers: one, it is for cancer patients
and, the other, for anti-aging and beauty. This
magnificent machine uses a special frequency of
electronic energy to stimulate and warm tissue.
The effect is to destroy cancer cells while
stimulating and supporting normal cells and immune

The Indiba is a Hyperthermia Therapy

Hyperthermia is a type of treatment in which body
tissue is exposed to high temperatures (up to 113
oF) to damage and kill cancer cells, or to make
cancer cells more sensitive to the effects of
radiation and certain anti-cancer drugs. Local
hyperthermia treatment (heat applied to a very
small area, such as a tumor) is a well-established
cancer treatment method with a simple basic
principle: If a rise in temperature to 106 oF can
be obtained for one hour within a cancer tumor,
the cancer cells will be destroyed.

Through the Indiba method, energy from a
radio frequency current is directed towards the
depth of tissues between the electrodes. In
contrast with heating obtained via external heat
sources, it avoids the need to go through the skin
barrier and wasting a large proportion of the
generated energy. The treatment can be used on
eyes, varicose veins, scalp, and other sensitive
areas which can be successfully treated.
Vasodilatation is induced resulting in improved
blood circulation. The patient does not experience
the unpleasant sensation of being treated with an
electric current and, consequently, there is
normally a high patient tolerance of the
treatment. Moreover, there are no known side
effects or contraindications with this method,
which is absolutely harmless.


• Increase in blood and lymph circulation
• Increase of oxygen pressure
• Decrease in carbonic acid production and
tissue acidity
• Increase in internal temperature
• Revitalization on a cellular level
• Increased local activity of the immune system

The other increasable treatment that The Indiba is
used for is aesthetics. It reduces wrinkles and
expression lines. It improves the appearance of
the eye contour, stretch marks, and saggy arms.
Patients love how it reduces bags under the eyes,
gets rid of that DOUBLE CHIN, and those SADDLE
BAGS and BUTTOCKS. The Indiba treatment
Detoxifies, Regenerates, Revitalizes, Oxygenates,
Moisturizes, Smoothes, and Rejuvenates the skin on
the deep layers and shows a remarkable difference
in only a few weeks of treatment.
This is a great addition to my clinic and it will
help people with immune deficiency disorders, and
will keep you younger-looking without toxic
chemicals injected into the face.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and

Dr. Wu Dhi


Change your body


Healthy body Healthy Mind

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Can too much JOY in Your Life make You Sick?

February 22nd, 2016

Living in the Western world, we all believe that

the emotion of joy is a good thing. Even our songs

exonerate joy, “Joy To The World, “You Are My

Joy”, “Joy! Joy! Joy!”, “Your Joy Is My Love”,

“Let’s Dance To Joy Division”, just to name a few.

According to Webster’s, joy is “a feeling of great

pleasure and happiness, and delight”.

Too much Joy can injure the Heart

Too much Joy can injure the Heart

When one is excessively joyful, the spirit

scatters and can no longer be stored. Joy refers

to a state of agitation or over-excitement and

over-stimulation. This can lead to problems of the

heart and disturb the fire (yang), water (yin),

and balance of the entire body, causing symptoms

of insomnia, mania, palpitations, worry, tension

and excessive consumption. Moderation is the key

word here – not too hot, not too cold, not too

dry, not too wet, not too fast, not too slow. If

you think of someone who is manic, they have

trouble sleeping, they may talk excessively and

very fast, they may have trouble connecting with

other people and it leads to depression, and they

go up and down like a yoyo. On the other hand, too

little joy can injure the heart as well. Cold-hearted people

will have an excessive craving and can’t stop buying,

eating or whatever they are obsessing on at the moment.

I know a fellow who can’t stop his mind. He is

brilliant and quite successful in material things.

He can’t sleep, can’t stop buying things, and is

obsessive-compulsive. And now, the heart fire is

causing problems with his earth element, the

stomach and the spleen. This has put the poor guy

on antidiabetic medicine for the rest of his life.

From the outside, you would imagine that he has a

great life, but the obsessive behavior is causing

more health problems than you could shake a stick

at. Overthinking is causing the sleeping problems

and the tendency to over-consume. This is a form

of mania and can go into depression, headaches,

and dizziness.

The heart is fire and the kidneys are water. If

the heart is excessive, the water of the kidney is

depleted, bringing up the emotion of fear and

worry. This situation can be a time bomb if not

corrected. But it’s not hopeless. There are

meditations, exercises and foods that will help

bring the body and mind back into balance. I would

start out by getting a copy of a few of my

best-selling and most effective programs, “The

Internal Mantra Program”

and “The Recharging Qi Gong Program”

When practiced on a regular basis, you can live a

long and happy life and eliminate a slew of health


I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and


Dr. Wu Dhi

P.S. If you get both of the programs, “The

Internal Mantra Program”

and “The Recharging Qi Gong Program”

I’ll send you 2 of the unpublished meditation

programs as a FREE gift.

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The Art of Living mA Life Filled with Spirit

February 19th, 2016

I was at Art Wynnewood this past weekend over
President’s Day. Miami always offers a lot to see
in the way of art. There was an array of works
from street artists and muralists, emerging young
talents, and a few renowned contemporary and
modern artists. This is the first year I visited
this show. They have a unique approach
characterized by an exhibition on the sixties
focusing on Miami’s institutions. I noticed there
was a lot of Chinese art which focused on the
three stages of life: Birth, Middle Age, and

Most of us have no idea how rare it is to take
birth in human form and waste this precious and
extremely rare opportunity for self-realization.
There is a story entitled “A Blind Turtle in
Search of a Floating Wood.” In the Mahaparinirvana
Sutra, the Buddha used the metaphor of a blind
turtle in a vast ocean to explain how difficult it
is to be reborn as a human. Suppose there is a
small piece of wood floating on a vast ocean. The
wood has a small hole the size of which is just
enough for the head of a turtle to pop into. There
is a long-lived sea turtle in the ocean. Once
every one hundred years, this turtle comes out
from the bottom of the ocean and pops his head
into the hole of the wood. It is just as hard as
for the blind turtle to encounter the small piece
of wood on a vast ocean and let its head go
through the hole in the wood piece as it is to be
born as a human.

We don’t realize what an opportunity we have been
gifted and, unfortunately, most people send the
gift back unopened. Yet, despite this fact, most
waste this extremely rare and precious
opportunity. A human life that is spent merely
sleeping, eating, and procreating is no better
than the life of an animal. To really use the gift
of life, one must be open and be able to free
oneself from the three poisons of Worry, Struggle,
and Blame. There is a famous teaching and mantra
that does just that – frees one of the entrapments
of life and our ego fixations. This teaching is a
must to have a spiritual life.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and

Dr. Wu Dhi

Taking birth in human form is a rare

Taking birth in human form is a rare

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Fire Monkey Year Success

February 18th, 2016
Fire Monkey

Fire Monkey

Fire Monkey Year Success

I am a Monkey in Chinese astrology and this is my

There are 12 signs in Chinese zodiac and this year
is The Monkey year the 9th animal of the 12 zodiac
signs. 2016 is the year of the Red Fire Monkey,
the 4713th Chinese Year. It all beginning on
February 8, 2016 on the new Moon in Aquarius at
6:39 AM and there are millions of people
celebrating all over the world to bring in the
fire monkey year.

This is a year to deal with more financial issues
and quick changes. Monkeys are smart, naughty,
cunning and alert. In a monkey year events will be
changing very quickly so hold on to your bunch of
bananas tightly and think twice before you leap to
a new branch to swing on. Use caution when making
changes in your finance, career, business and

The year of the Monkey is ideal for big leap in

your life! Shake things up, create change, and

embark on a new path. But you can’t succeed unless
you start. It’s time to leap forward on your
projects. If you don’t have a project just make it
up as you go along, but be careful whom you trust.
In a monkey year all the peanuts could be gone and
all that’s left are peanut shells.

This is the time to set your life goals.

Get your copy of the Magic Square workshop and
set up your life for a year of success.

You are a Monkey if you are born in these years
(1908, 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992,
2004, 2016). Monkeys are wonderful to be around
because they are fun, creative, and bring the
sparkling energy that no other sign can bring.

Monkey also possesses physical stamina, a loves
romance, and they are very sensitive and generous.
Everyone loves the Monkey, and that’s why the
birth rate skyrockets in Asia during a Monkey

Have a great Fire Monkey Year

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

PS. Get a copy of the Magic Square workshop and
start setting up your success patterns for the RED
Fire Monkey

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How Olives Can Bring You Back To Your Roots

February 17th, 2016

How Olives Can Bring You Back To Your Roots

I was at dinner tonight with some friends from

Venezuela. Rosa was telling us about her trip to

Croatia. I had to ask her where Croatia is, as I

am a little rusty on my geography. She said,

“That’s where my family is from. It’s a country

with a population of around four million people at

the crossroads of Central Europe, Southeast Europe

and the Mediterranean. My family lives on a little

island in the Adriatic Sea. When I was very young,

my father moved us to Venezuela. He lived there

with my mother and sister until Venezuela became

too radical and dangerous. That’s when they

returned to their homeland.” Rosa was telling me

that her niece now lives on the island with her

young family and has decided to tend the olive

trees that her great, great grandfather had

planted. “My niece has always been an adventurer,

living outside of the box, and she loves to

commune with nature and the nature spirits.”

I imagine picking olives is a task in itself. It

takes around an hour to pick a bucket of olives.

They say that a skilled olive picker can do way

more than that. I guess she will have to pick up

the pace. With over a hundred olive trees, picking

will be your activity for a good bit of the day.

To make olive oil, there are many steps, and you

have to know when to pick the olives to get the

best tasting oil. They let the olives fall on a

large cloth, and then they take them down to the

sea to wash them, just like they have been doing

for hundreds of years. When they are dry, they are

juiced and pressed into oil. I bet it’s just


That kind of lifestyle is uncomplicated but

labor-intensive. My friends asked me what I

thought about that kind of life. I told her that

when I was in my twenties, I moved my family to a

little town in Colorado called Telluride, with a

population of only four hundred. We had no phone

in our home, only three TV stations that we hardly

ever watched, and we were a two-hour drive to the

nearest grocery store. Life was great. I spent

many hours in nature every day.  If you

are open to it, you can change patterns that keep

you younger and stronger than people living in big

cities. But what if you are living in a big city

and have to deal with all the noise pollution,

traffic, cell phone chatter, and a very poor air

quality? What can you do to achieve a healthy

mental, physical and spiritual life and be in

alignment with nature and the universe?

You can learn something from a turtle. This is a

good way to quiet your mind and slow things down.

Imagine you can retract your head, arms, and legs

into your core like the turtle does when they go

into their shell. This visualization can instantly

bring you into a meditative state. Next, start

following your breath as it comes in. Imagine a

cooling, white light, calming and relaxing all the

muscles in your body. As you exhale, go into a

deeper place of relaxation, imagining a blue light

coming out of every pore of your body,

Olives can be a key to getting you back to nature

Olives can be a key to getting you back to nature

 You don’t have to do this for a

long time; just five minutes daily is enough to

start a process of clearing out the gunk and

energizing the Qi. You will find that after

practicing for a few weeks, you will want more and

more of this deep cleaning and relaxing work. The

internal exercises of Qi gong will change you from

the inside out.

I have put together three different programs into

one package that will open up new pathways for

you. Download them right now and begin to feel the


I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and


Dr. Wu Dhi

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A Healthy digestive system Keeps You Younger & Full of Energy

February 16th, 2016

A Healthy digestive system Keeps You Younger & Full of Energy

One of the questions I always ask a patient is,
“How is your digestion?” and, for the most part,
they report that it’s OK. Then, I take their pulse
according to Chinese medicine and look at their
tongue to see what else I can find out. Both
tongue and pulse diagnosis are very accurate in
determining the treatment. Looking at the tongue
gives a general idea as to which organ is most
affected and the prognosis for resolving it. The
tongue is the only muscle in the human body we
can see. I look at its length, size, shape, color,
and any details about the coat. Each one of these
things tells me something different. The tongue
reveals the quality of blood circulating in the
body, how the lymphatic system functions, the
presence of yeast or other growths in the body,
how a person is digesting, and any longstanding or
constitutional conditions.

When you visit your Western doctor, the nurse
usually takes your pulse, but it’s only a minor
diagnostic tool used mainly to determine heart
rate and blood pressure. However, it is very
important in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). I
feel the patient’s pulse and notice not only the
rate, but also many other qualities such as its
length, width, amplitude, how deep and close to
the bone, how close it is to the surface, and its
force. Pulse diagnosis gives information on the
state of balance of the body as a whole, the state
of Qi, yin and yang, blood, the state of
individual organs, and even the person’s overall

Many times, I’ll find that the stomach and spleen
pulse are out of balance. That’s when I start to
ask more questions about my patient’s digestion
and general energy level, like “How often do you
have a bowel movement?” Some people think it’s
normal to only go three or four times a week.
Well, guess what? They are constipated. You should
move your bowel a few times a day, but not all
doctors agree. Bowel health is an important topic
as changes in bowel movement can be a sign of a
health problem. But before you begin to worry
about how “normal” you are, you have to know what
a regular bowel movement is for you.

Many people wrongly believe that having regular
bowel movements means you move your bowels every
day. However, everyone’s bowels are unique to
them, and what’s normal for one person may not be
normal for another. You can have a bowel movement
anywhere from one to three times a day at the
most, or three times a week at the least, and
still be considered regular as long as that’s your
usual pattern. “More or less frequent would be
considered abnormal, but not necessarily cause for
alarm,” says gastroenterologist Arthur Magun, MD,
clinical professor of Medicine at the College of
Physicians and Surgeons at Columbia University in
New York City. Arthur, I know you are a
specialist, but I have found from working with
people over the years that, if we can change their
patterns to at least having a good, well-formed
bowel movement a day, their overall health and
vitality improve as well as their skin tone and
even their energy level.

If you increase your intake of veggies, drink more
water, exercise, and worry less, your overall
digestion and bowel movement will improve. I also
suggest that my patients take a supplement and lay
off the toxins a lot better.

Poor digestive health leads to cancer and many more diseases

Poor digestive health leads to cancer and many more diseases

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Can a Black Tie Black Affair Make a Difference In Your Health

February 12th, 2016

Can a Black Tie Black Affair Make a Difference In Your Health

It’s not very often that I go to a black tie
affair, but last Saturday was the 42nd Annual Love
and Hope Ball at the Fontainebleau Hotel. This
annual gala supports the cure-focused work of the
Diabetes Research Institute. It was an
unforgettable evening beginning at Miami’s
quintessential nightspot at the LIV Nightclub
Miami. The remainder of the evening was in the
exquisite Sparkle Ballroom, complete with fabulous
food, spectacular decor, music, dancing, and more!
It was an extravagant event with all the trimmings
from start to finish.  I am sure they raised a lot
of money for a good cause.

My cousin, Bruce, has diabetes and has been
getting better over the years. I think it is
because he has made some life changes that have
made a big difference in his health. Years ago, he
was big. I mean, really big…a 45-inch waistline,
weighed around 275 pounds, and he’s not even close
to six feet tall. When I was in a workshop in
Arizona on Neural & Segment Therapy with Thomas
Rau from the Paracelsus Clinic in Switzerland, I
went to visit Bruce on our free day. His cupboards
were filled with crackers, cookies, candies, and
even a big bag of crackerjacks. He didn’t have a
clue on what to eat and what to avoid. No wonder
his sugar was off the charts. He bought a
treadmill and started walking for an hour every
morning, but the weight just seemed to stick to
him like glue. Even though he was a little
down-hearted, he refused to quit. He knew he
needed to make some changes if he wanted to live
close to Social Security age. Well, it was a lot
different this year. The cupboards are bare of
junk foods. Bruce is down to 200 pounds, his waist
is 34 inches, and his energy, business and love
life are all good.

When you make positive changes in your life, your
entire universe will support you. It’s time to
make some positive changes. You can download a Qi
Gong bundle package
now, and make a commitment to live a long, healthy

Love and Hope Ball at the Fontaine Bleau Hotel Miami Beach

Love and Hope Ball at the Fontaine Bleau Hotel Miami Beach

The Ball was to suport diabetes research

The Ball was to suport diabetes research

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