How Olives Can Bring You Back To Your Roots

February 17th, 2016

How Olives Can Bring You Back To Your Roots

I was at dinner tonight with some friends from

Venezuela. Rosa was telling us about her trip to

Croatia. I had to ask her where Croatia is, as I

am a little rusty on my geography. She said,

“That’s where my family is from. It’s a country

with a population of around four million people at

the crossroads of Central Europe, Southeast Europe

and the Mediterranean. My family lives on a little

island in the Adriatic Sea. When I was very young,

my father moved us to Venezuela. He lived there

with my mother and sister until Venezuela became

too radical and dangerous. That’s when they

returned to their homeland.” Rosa was telling me

that her niece now lives on the island with her

young family and has decided to tend the olive

trees that her great, great grandfather had

planted. “My niece has always been an adventurer,

living outside of the box, and she loves to

commune with nature and the nature spirits.”

I imagine picking olives is a task in itself. It

takes around an hour to pick a bucket of olives.

They say that a skilled olive picker can do way

more than that. I guess she will have to pick up

the pace. With over a hundred olive trees, picking

will be your activity for a good bit of the day.

To make olive oil, there are many steps, and you

have to know when to pick the olives to get the

best tasting oil. They let the olives fall on a

large cloth, and then they take them down to the

sea to wash them, just like they have been doing

for hundreds of years. When they are dry, they are

juiced and pressed into oil. I bet it’s just


That kind of lifestyle is uncomplicated but

labor-intensive. My friends asked me what I

thought about that kind of life. I told her that

when I was in my twenties, I moved my family to a

little town in Colorado called Telluride, with a

population of only four hundred. We had no phone

in our home, only three TV stations that we hardly

ever watched, and we were a two-hour drive to the

nearest grocery store. Life was great. I spent

many hours in nature every day.  If you

are open to it, you can change patterns that keep

you younger and stronger than people living in big

cities. But what if you are living in a big city

and have to deal with all the noise pollution,

traffic, cell phone chatter, and a very poor air

quality? What can you do to achieve a healthy

mental, physical and spiritual life and be in

alignment with nature and the universe?

You can learn something from a turtle. This is a

good way to quiet your mind and slow things down.

Imagine you can retract your head, arms, and legs

into your core like the turtle does when they go

into their shell. This visualization can instantly

bring you into a meditative state. Next, start

following your breath as it comes in. Imagine a

cooling, white light, calming and relaxing all the

muscles in your body. As you exhale, go into a

deeper place of relaxation, imagining a blue light

coming out of every pore of your body,

Olives can be a key to getting you back to nature

Olives can be a key to getting you back to nature

 You don’t have to do this for a

long time; just five minutes daily is enough to

start a process of clearing out the gunk and

energizing the Qi. You will find that after

practicing for a few weeks, you will want more and

more of this deep cleaning and relaxing work. The

internal exercises of Qi gong will change you from

the inside out.

I have put together three different programs into

one package that will open up new pathways for

you. Download them right now and begin to feel the


I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and


Dr. Wu Dhi

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