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Why the Early Morning Practice is So Important

March 19th, 2016

Why the Early Morning Practice is So Important

Early this morning, I was on the beach for a meditation, power walk and Qi gong practice. When you start your day an hour or two before the sunrise, everything is quiet, very still and tranquil. It’s not the norm in America but, in many countries around the world, it is common practice to rise before the sun and practice your internal art. When I was in Harbin, China, I would pop out of bed at 4 AM and walk down to the park to begin my Qi gong practice. To my surprise, there were thousands of people doing practices. I’am not kidding,thousands of people were practicing!
It blew me away. Its a lot different in Florida.
Maybe I’ll see a dozen people walking or sitting on the benches,
but I hardly see anyone practicing at all.
No Qi gong,no Tai Chi and as far as I can tell,
no one is meditating. The two and a half hours before sunrise is the most potent time to connect to the higher realms. This is the time when the veil is the thinnest to the purer source of energy. The sun is at a 60-degree angle to Earth, so you are picking up the solar wave as it is rising. Any internal exercise, meditation or yoga you do during those two and half hours is forty times more powerful. You can imagine how peaceful the early morning energy is. There are hardly any cars on the road, people are still sleeping, no noise, no chaos, and no stress. It is a magical time. I had a patient come into my office around ten o’clock with a backache that’s been bothering him for three months nonstop. He’s stressed to the max. I asked him if he did any exercise to handle his stress. He told me,I have no time. He gets out of bed around 8:00 or 8:30 and takes off for work. I suggested that he gets up at 6:30, immediately leave the house, walk down to the beach or the park, and just slowly walk. This will be a good start and a good way to unravel some of his stress. I told him that if he keeps it up for two weeks, I will teach him the Flying Crane Qi gong This will start to unwind those back problems, but it first takes wanting to change and the discipline to do so. Don’t sleep your life away and complain that you have no time. Get up and get going. I have been teaching Flying Crane for thirty years. All my students love the practice and the results they got. Don’t fall asleep. Get on the program today I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and Happiness.

Early Morning is the best time to practice

Early Morning is the best time to practice

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Qi Cultivation in Key West

December 3rd, 2015

Key West Qi Cultivation in Key West

Last weekend I was truly blessed.
Two of my dear friend from Detroit came to visit;
one is an internationally known gold and silver trader
and the other a physic card reader and palmist.

I’ve known them since I was in my twenties and when
they first hosted seminars in Michigan, I was the person they
would call to teach the healing workshops.

They invited me to come down to Key West. It just so happened
that it was Halloween. They say that back in 1978, two men
decided that a festival, carnival or some sort of celebration was
needed to spice-up and revitalize this traditional ‘slack’ period
of Key West. It had to be unique – something that would bring
in visitors from
all over the United States, hence the creation of Fantasy Fest,
a Halloween Celebration for adults.

Over the years the event has grown to surpass all expectations,
and now over 100,000 people attend. That’s five times the
population of Key West.

I drove down south Friday night after work and I knew exactly
what I wanted to do when I got there.

I decided to make it a weekend of cultivating energy, let me
tell you what that is and why you’ll want to do it yourself
when ever you can.

The Chinese have developed a practical framework to understand
health based on the notion of Qi, or vital energy.
It can form a very useful set of metaphors to use in organizing
the cultivation of one’s own health.

The three most basic types of energy related to physiology,
termed are the “Three Treasures,”

Qi – vital energy

Jing -essence

Shen- spirit

Qi -(pronounced chee), means air, breath of life, or vital
energy that flows through all things in the universe,
including the human body. According to Qigong theory,
the Qi that courses through our entire being must flow like a
flowing river.
If there is a block, Qi becomes stagnant and prevents other
parts of the body from being nourished. If the Qi flows too
rapidly, it causes degeneration or exhaustion of the internal
organs. Qigong brings balance to these energies by filling
the deficiency and removing the excess.

Jing -is the Chinese word for “essence” stored in the
kidneys and is the most dense physical matter within the
body. It’s an important concept in the internal healing arts.
You can acquire jing from food and internal exercise, study,
and meditation, like the Recharging Qi Gong program offers.
Qi Gong is the key to longevity and the replenishment of
jing, the carrier of our DNA.

Shen –meaning spirit when speaking about physical development,
it is derived from Qi and can be divided into both Prenatal and
Postnatal shen.

These three complex networks exchange their energetic influence
and affect the functional status, as well as the distribution of the
body’s Qi and Blood.

Now what does all that really mean and why would you want to
activate the Three treasures
When you open all three centers you can build Qi, develop and
strengthen your spiritual digestive system.

As I walked through the festival, I was able to gather energy and
build my internal energy.

This is a treasure in itself.

I highly recommend learning how to gather Qi and store it.
I teach this work to the members of the Qi Gong inner circle, and to the students who attend
the Wednesday night meditation class. If you are in the Miami
area join me as my guest.

I wish you the best in your Health Wealth and Happiness

Dr. Wu Dhi

PS On Nov 13, 2010 I will be teaching a workshop on the
Magic Square in Miami Beach.
There are still 6 places open. If you would like to join me
now is the time to register.
Write me at for more details.

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Trick or Treat

October 28th, 2014

The streets are lined with pumpkins and a soft
orange glow. Small children are disguised as
everything from scary monsters to Ghosts, Goblins
and Witches.

I love Halloween; it’s a great American tradition.
What’s great about Halloween is how we use it to
spoof our fears. We indulge ourselves just a
little bit and it takes the sting out of life.
Fear and the fear of pain and suffering are some
of the strongest forces in most people’s lives.
Every Halloween since I’ve lived in Florida I
spend this scary night with some really fun, yet
spooky friends. They remind me of one of my
favorite TV shows as a kid; The Addams Family.
They go all out for this holiday! Their house
takes on an eerie glow, decorated from top to
bottom with all kinds of creepy stuff. And on the
31st of October literally hundreds of kids would
come to their ghoulish residence to see all the
decor of skeletons, ghosts and goblins, and go
home with handfuls of goodies.

If you are lucky enough to peek into the house
you’ll see that it’s filled with monsters, large
robots, witches, crystals, magic wands, and
statues of dragons, frogs, and even a captain’s
chair from the Starship Enterprise. The Master of
the house spends weeks preparing for his favorite
holiday and hours giving treats to hundreds of
spooky little kids.

If you didn’t know them you would think they were
either crazy or really part of the Addams family.
Some folks would consider their house scary and
stay away as it can bring out hidden fears.

If you consider your fears of sickness, old age or
dying; let them all go. Use this Halloween to
think about what fears you have that may be
holding you back and make a commitment to release
those fears and breakthrough to what you really

Remember, you can turn back the hands of time.
Start today by freeing up the tensions in your
body with some movement and breathing. Visualize
what you want coming to you as you do your
These are the important principles I believe in
and practice.

Those of you who already have the Flying Crane Qi
Gong know how this works and the importance of the
kidney and lung exercises when dealing with fear
and sadness.

If you haven’t gotten the Flying Crane Qi Gong yet
now’s the time. We just upgraded the package and
the new production looks really great. You can get
it here

Wishing you Health, Wealth and Happiness.

Dr. Wu Dhi

PS. As a sweet treat you can get the Flying Crane
at a BIG discount. Just Click here: enter keyword: SCARY

PSS.images-1 I teach a class every Saturday morning at
7:30 on the beach at 93 and Collins
check it out you will be glad you did.

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The Magic of Winter Intenal Qi Gong

December 20th, 2009

Last night I came home after sundown and the whole
house was completely dark.
Instead of turning on the lights I lit a candle.
I never do this sort of thing but the house seemed
so quiet and peaceful I wanted to just sit and open
to the quietness.

I spent the majority of the night in contemplative
meditation.We are in the Winter Solstice and it is
an excellent time to take time to be quiet and reflect
on the past year.
I recommend doing this for yourself as a matter of
With all the crazy energy around the holidays and
year-end you want to make sure that you cool-out
and recollect yourself before you burn-out.
Once you do I think you will find that the rush of
the holidays and year-end quiets down and you can
refocus on those things that are most important.

In Chinese medicine Winter is associated with the
element Water. Water energy has the attributes of:
•The Kidney organ and meridian

This energy is available in the atmosphere
throughout the winter. Just slow down,
sit quietly in a natural place and pull in the
atmosphere. Winter Water energy is also
associated with a special type of Awareness that,
from Chinese to English, best translates as
Alert Stillness. In the Chinese Medicine system we
use animal associations to signify these types of
energy, and as such, the animal for the water element
and organ of the Kidney is the Deer.
The Deer is chosen because it is a master of Alert
Stillness. When you think of a deer you think of an
animal that is impossible to sneak up on.
The slightest snap of a twig and the Deer has
disappeared. This is not the same type of power of
a Tiger or a Dragon but it is a type of power that
completes us.
In the Ba Gua system of Martial Arts it takes a
whole circle of animals to become a Master.
We cannot always Push, Push, Push, sometimes we
need to sit, take inventory, and listen to the
This is the power in the symbol of the deer and that
is the power of this time of year.
So take advantage of this time of solstice when this
energy is most powerful and abundant, you will not be
able to tap into this energy so easily in other seasons.
Winter, not just the New Year, is the best time to set
 new plans and goals into action.
Take inventory of what is happening around you.
Upon deep consideration you may see more then
Clarity is not achieved when you are rushing or
being hasty.
Opening is found in reflection.

Wishing you the best in Health, Wealth and Happiness,
Dr. Wu Dhi

PS: This year was one that was filled with many firsts
 for me that you can still participate in.
1. This year I totally changed my web site,
 my web master and started to reach more people
that ever before with my blog and email subscriptions.

2. The Recharging Qi Gong Program is now on every
continent bring my Health and Vitality practices
to people all over the world. The a fully illustrated
 book The Recharging Qi Gong, with additional
on DVDs and CDs.

3. My healing practice specializing in getting you
healthy and your longevity. Contact me if you would
like a treatment at 786-271-0325.  By the first of
the year I’ll have two offices. One in Aventura on
182 st and Biscayne and the other also on Biscayne
 and 52 th. Street near down town Miami.

4. The Qi Gong on the Beach Club has been great.
A way to train new people in Qi Gong and work out
 the details for other projects that are on the
drawing table.  We are still doing a few Saturday
classes. Email me if you are in the Miami area and
would like to attend. I train every morning at 6
am, call me if your game for an early workout.

5. The Qi Gong Inner Circle. Has been getting bigger
and better all year.
Go to
and read all about this special training.
Every month I produce a new DVD and mail it out to
students all over the world.

6. This week I announced an exciting new book
”Turn Stress Into Power
check it out.

I Wish you the Bet in Health, wealth
and Happiness.

Dr. Wu Dhi

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