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The Cure For What Ails You

March 14th, 2016

The Cure For What Ails You

Every day, I receive calls and e-mails from
patients desperate to find a cure for their
condition. It makes no difference if it’s back
pain, cancer, or just a common cold. They have
tried Traditional Medicine and taking handfuls of
pills. I hear this all the time from my patient,
“I am just fed up on the way I have been treated.
My doctor’s only answer is to take out his
prescription pad. That’s no way to get cured, he
knows it and so do I…and patients know it.”

All drugs have side effects and there are many
that we aren’t even aware of. Of course, it would
be foolish not to take a medicine if there is a
life-threatening situation.�If you take a look at
history, there were many drugs that were
prescribed that would seem barbaric now. I am sure
that many will still be that way in the future.

Our immune system is evolving daily to keep our
species alive. Isn’t it possible that our immune
system can learn to adjust to fight off disease?
Our body and mind have the ability to learn, to
heal itself, and to adjust to any situation. One
would imagine it just needs the right information
fed to it and it will build its own database. We
have smart phones and it’s time to have smart
drugs, smart treatments to cure disease as well
as smart ways of learning how to evolve naturally
that will accelerate our immune system to learn
how to fight off any pathogens. It’s high time
that we change the focus of medicine to
strengthening our immune system and stop trying to
kill disease with some pills or invasive

What I have found that will enhance your immune
system and keep you disease-free and younger are
your meditation, diet, and the practice
of internal exercises like Qi Gong. Don’t wait a
second longer. I can help you stay younger and
vibrant. Get the Recharging Qi Gong program and
practice daily. You will notice the difference in

I wish you the best in

Recharging Qi Gong

Recharging Qi Gong

your Health, Wealth, and

Dr. Wu Dhi

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How To Get Ready For The Turkey Trot

February 22nd, 2016

How To Get Ready For The Turkey Trot

   Whether you are planning on serving Turkey or Turducken, the holidays are just around the corner, which means It will be flying to back to my old hood, where Mom, Motown, and the Motor City all abide. My son also lives there with his family, and we always do The Big Eat.


Thats the good part.


Don't be a turkey take care of your health

Don’t be a turkey take care of your health

Here are a couple of recommendations to try and stave off the holiday bugs.


1)     Start taking Vitamin C days before your flight. Four to six grams per day twice a day should be good.

2)     Drink a lot of water before boarding and while you’re in the air. (I know you alll have to use the restroom, but it’s better than getting sick.

3)     Get up early and workout before your flight. make sure you do some deep breathing exercises.

4)     Dress in layers so you can add or peel if you get hot or cold.


Hours and hours on a plane can also cause your body to have aches and pains. The most common are backaches and neck pain.  I beat this by getting up early and getting in my Recharging Qigong exercises.


The three exercises that I use are the Instant Power Reset, the Head Rotation,

And the Neck Brace.


You may also include the Ankle Rotation, or Toe Rotation, if you have poor circulation.


If you want to beat jet lag, I follow these rules.


1)     No hootch. It dries you out.

2)     Limit the java. It causes nervousness, anxiety, and insomnia.

3)     Drink plenty of water. Don’t wait until you are thirsty.


You can also reset your biological clock.


If you are in Miami, come see me and get an Energy Balancing treatment. And then get yourself some natural sunlight, which helps balance the body.


Do your Recharging Qigong exercises in the sun, which will help your body recover.


All this, and much more is available at:


Have a good and safe holiday, and I wish you the best in health, wealth, and happiness.


Dr. Wu Dhi


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Working With Good And Bad Energy

January 26th, 2016

Working With Good And Bad Energy

I was talking to a woman with a strong accent the
other day. I asked her where she was from, and she
said,Russia. We chatted for a while, and she
was telling me why she left her country. It was a
horrible, cold, dirty place, and all of my family,
friends, and my boss were extremely negative.
Then, eight years ago, I left Mother Russia, and I
came to start a new life in New York. I went to
school and became a medical assistant. I found a
job in the city, but after a few years, I noticed
that the people around me were very dark and
negative, and they were stupid as well. Just three
years ago, I moved to Miami and got a job in a
medical office working with a doctor who always
complained about not having enough money or
patients. He was more negative than anyone that I
have ever met. His practice only saw patients with
chronic pain. Day after day, people came in who
were addicted to pain pills, and had hard luck
stories of pain, misery, and poverty. She went on
to tell me more stories on how negative people can

I was exhausted after listening to her story after
story of how she was plagued with negativity. I
knew the problem was not Russia, New York, or
Miami. The problem was within her and what and
whom she invested her time and energy in. When we
are negative, we attract negative people and
negative energy. Its the same when we are
positive, we attract a positive energy. Whatever
you think about the most is what you will attract.
If you decide its a bad day, it is. On the other
hand, if you decide it’s a good day, it is a good
day. We are the masters of our destiny, for the
better or the worse. Negativity doesn’t follow us
around so do good energy. We just pull it in like
a big vacuum. If you want something different,
better, happier, wealthier, or healthier, that’s
what you need to focus on. And before you know it,
you will have it.

Working with the Good and Bad

GOOD or Bad?

If you are having problems breaking old patterns,
look no further. There is an ancient Chinese
formula hidden in the teachings of
called the Bagua. This teaching will give you the
formula that will get you clear within all aspects
of your life, where you want to go, and how to get
there. This program will definitely help. Order
now by clicking on the link

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Avoid Getting Sick

January 23rd, 2016
Avoid dis-Ease

Sick and Tired

Avoid Getting Sick

I decided it was time for a medical checkup, you
know, the traditional kind; blood, stool, and
urine analyses, and echocardiogram. I had the
doctor take a look at everything. I like to do
this once a year to see what’s going on, but if
there is any kind of a problem, I choose to treat
it holistically. Sometimes, it’s a change in my
diet, or a different exercise. My blood pressure
was a little high this time. So, I took coffee out
of my diet as well as chocolates and all other
caffeine products, and started doing an IV of 50
grams of vitamin C twice a week, and will build it
up to 100 grams over the next few months. I also
doubled my intake of CoQ10 and lowered my intake
of salt. One of the main things I did was to
increase my internal exercises to both morning and
evening. This may sound like a radical approach
when I could just take a pill and be done with it,
just like most people would opt for. That’s
exactly what your doctor would tell you to do.

Although Western medicine has made a big
difference in people’s lives over the years and
increased the life expectancy, there are many
drugs that cause more harm than good. If you watch
TV, you know that every other commercial is some
drug company tooting their horn on what drug you
may need. Then, the warning comes in a low
monotone voice;You may experience some of these
symptoms: headache, stomach upset, back pain,
muscle pain, stuffy nose, flushing, or
dizziness or decreased sexual desire or ability,
failure to discharge semen (in men), aggressive
reaction, breast tenderness or enlargement,
confusion, convulsions, diarrhea, drowsiness,
dryness of the mouth, fast talking, and excited
feelings or actions that are out of control,
fever, inability to sit still, increase in body
movements, increased sweating, increased thirst,
lack of energy, loss of bladder control, mood or
behavior changes, muscle spasm or jerking of all
extremities, nosebleeds, overactive reflexes,
racing heartbeat, red or purple spots on the
skin OMG! There are even more side effects and,
that’s why, I choose to do it the hard way. No
pill popping for me. I eat a healthy diet, pass on
fast foods, fried foods, and my red meat
consumption is very low. I eat fruits and
vegetables daily.

The drug companies are in business to make money,
and you are the customer. It takes work to keep
your health in order, but if you do, you can avoid
being caught up in the system. Here’s how to keep
you healthy: start doing the Recharging Qi Gong
exercises daily

Pay close attention to the way you do the
exercises. The breathing is very important. And
I’ll give you a bonus. I’ll send you one of my
meditation CDs that will help you keep it
together. Do not delay, order today!

This is the time to work it while you’re healthy,
strong and vibrant.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Don’t Blow Your Qi

January 22nd, 2016

Don’t Blow Your Qi

I received a letter this morning from a very
enthusiastic Qi Gong practitioner. He has been
practicing for a couple of years, and here is what
he said, “I read from the internet that it is not
advisable to take a shower immediately after Qi
Gong practice. Is this true? Is it okay if I take
a cold shower immediately after the Qi Gong
session? Because normally, I do the Qi Gong after
my workout session.”

The order of your training is fine, but what you
read was absolutely right. One of the goals of
practicing Qi Gong is to be able to store and
cultivate Qi.woody1

Don't -blow -it

Qi Gong

One thing we don’t want is to blow the Qi that you
work so hard to cultivate. I was in South America
teaching a group of students how to store and
cultivate Qi. We worked all morning for 4 hours,
doing some really intense practices, and the Qi in
the room was awesome. Around noon, we decided to
take a lunch break. I suggested that people stay
in the room, or just walk around the property and
bask in the energy we created. One of the students
insisted that she needed to go home. So, she got
in her car and backed down the driveway, and just
missed getting hit by another driver. She blew her
horn and screamed at the other driver. That was it
for her 4 hours of Qi building. She blew more than
just her horn.

There are many ways to lose your Qi. Here is a
list of things to avoid:
• Having sex after your practice.
• Urinating right after practice. Hold it for at
least ½ hour.
• Jumping in the shower too soon. If you know it
or not, you can actually flush the Qi down the
drain. But, if you steep in the Qi that you
cultivated for ½ hour to 45 minutes, you’ll be
• Eating a big meal right after practice.

Want to know one of the fastest ways to cultivate
and store Qi?

There are two increasable practices that will do
work like a magic charm. Start practicing the
Recharging Qi Gong in
combination with the Flying Crane Qigong and you will see and feel
your Qi growing and radiating like a fiery energy
ball of power.

Get on the program today and you will feel the
difference within weeks.
Recharging Qigong
Flying Crane Qigong

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Get Ready for a Transformation Practice

January 13th, 2016

Get Ready for  a Transformation Practice


Are you ready for a transformation

It was in August or September 27 years ago when I
was sent to Caracas, Venezuela by my Master to
teach at the Ashram called Grace Essence
Fellowship (Gracia Esencia). At that time, I was
one of the senior instructors, and this assignment
was a real honor and a privilege that changed my
life forever.

There were around 50 people in the
meditation group. The teachings were based on a
few different traditions of the Tibetan Buddhist,
Taoist, and some Hinduism teachings from Shaivism.
Swami Rudrananda (Rudi) was a great influence, and
a majority of the practices came from his
teachings. Rudy taught an eclectic blend of
techniques he called “kundaliniyoga” (no formal
relation to the Indian tradition by that name). If
you aren’t familiar with Rudy’s teachings, pick up
a copy of his book, “Spiritual Cannibalism”. The
other school was based on the teachings of His
Holiness, Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche. He was a
Vajrayana master, scholar, poet, teacher, and head
of the Nyingma school. I was fortunate enough to
get his personal blessing in person on two
different occasions. The Dalai Lama regarded
Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche as his principal teacher
in the Nyingma tradition and of Dzogchen.

Our community observed a six-day celebration
that started three days before?the Fall
Equinox and lasted for three days after. This
year, the Autumn Equinox starts on September 23rd.
Start your practice on the 20th and end it on the
26th. The six-day ritual is used to acknowledge
the six perfections: Generosity, Observance of the
Precepts, Perseverance, Effort, Meditation, and
Wisdom. There is a saying in the Orient: “A
person?needs all six before he goes from
this shore of

Samsara (the endless cycle of
suffering caused by birth, death, and
re-birth) to the further shore or Nirvana.” If you
haven’t heard of Nirvana, it is the place free
from suffering and of individual incredible
existence. The ritual includes repentance of past
sins and prayers for enlightenment in the next
life. It’s a time for the performance of positive
deeds, which are greater than those practiced at
any other time of the year, as well as for
making offerings to ancestors. These good
deeds become a great blessing enabling one
to reach the other shore.”The Autumnal
Equinoxes are the ideal times for reflecting on
the meaning of life. Ancestral practices aren’t
part of Western culture, but, when trying to shift
directions in my life and when things seem
impossible to accomplish, I focus my meditation on
my ancestors and call on them for help and
guidance to stay on the right path.

Autumn is here. The day and night are equal
in length right now, but soon, we will have
more darkness than light as winter arrives. In the
Chinese Five-Element system, it’s the
metal?element that’s most active, ruling the
lungs and?large intestine. You may notice
more colds, coughs, and skin disorders for a
few months. Emotionally speaking, this phase is
about letting go of grief, sadness, old
attachments, and emotional baggage. On the
positive side, the metal element brings
in?valor, courage, and a time to move
forward in life. That’s exactly what I am focusing
on, moving forward and getting things done.
I have increased my workout time, and I
am practicing both morning and evening for
the 6-day practice. The best times to train
are at sunrise and sunset.

If you don’t own a copy of the Recharging Qi Gong
program, get it today.

The program will propel your meditation and
increase your physical strength. Train twice a day
for the next three months, and you will be blown
away by the results.

Order your program today!

I wish you the best in Health, Wealth, and
Dr. Wu Dhi

P.S. Remember! The Autumn Equinox starts on
September 23rd. Start your practice on the 20th
and end it on the 26th.


The transformation into fall

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Transform Disease Into Power and Vitality

January 12th, 2016

Unity Church on the Bay  Transform Disease Into Power and  Vitality

I was at the Unity Church on the Bay at exactly
12:45 on Sunday afternoon to teach a group of
people the Recharging Qi Gong program. They gave
me a 4-hour slot to teach Transform Disease Into Power and Vitality

with only with a ½ hour break.
Those were the shortest 4 hours I have ever spent.
Although the Recharging Qi Gong program only
consists of 36 exercises, each and every one them
has 4 or 5 parts to it. There is the breathing,
the visualization, the sound, the color, and the
actual movement. You may be asking yourself why
there are so many parts to these exercises. Let me
tell you. In order to make real changes in your
body and mind, it’s necessary to hit as many of
our senses as possible at the same time. In the
Recharging Qi Gong program, we activate visual,
auditory, and kinesthetic senses in our brain and
body as well as our mind. When all of these senses
are activated, the exercises go deep into the
body, mind, and spirit to make profound changes
that will stick around for a lifetime.

The roots of the Recharging Qi Gong program are
from many different disciplines like,
Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), creative
visualization, Hinduism (yoga), Daoism (Medical Qi
Gong), and Tibetan Buddhism (Vajrayan known as the
Diamond Path). These exercises will eliminate the
root cause of aging and turn back your biological
clock. The common threads between these
disciplines are the concept of a vital Life Force
Energy or Qi. It was the discovery of Qi and being
able to actually feel it coursing through my body
that changed me forever.

Learning these exercises didn’t come easy. I had
to travel the earth studying with the world’s
greatest masters on three continents to learn the
secrets of Qi from all the great schools of Tibet,
China, and India. My field of medicine, Medical Qi
Gong, recognizes that Body, Mind, and Spirit are
all connected and driven by Qi energy. When the
body is stressed or injured, the flow of energy is
obstructed, and there is a “Dis- Ease” in body and
mind. If the flow is not opened back up, disease,Unity

illness, and premature aging will all begin to set
in. The flow of Qi can be seen and measured by the
quality of the life we live.

When we are open to the flow of Qi, we are vital,
virile, and vibrant. When the flow of Qi is
limited, your life becomes limited. You become
stressed out, burnt out, and bummed out. For many,
the flow of Qi has been choked to a trickle of
energy, or it flows like slow-moving muddy water.
The good news is that no matter what:
• your age
• your lifestyle
• kind of shape you are currently in
• you’ve been told in the past
• and how you’ve been injured or what ailments you
…you can always increase the flow of Qi and
become stronger. Those individuals that were in
the class this weekend definitely increased the
flow of Qi until it courses through them like a
mighty river.

The idea of a Life Force Energy or Qi is virtually
ignored in the traditional Western medical
culture. Medical Qi Gong recognizes that the body,
mind, spirit, and emotions are all connected and
driven by the same force of Life Energy. In
Recharging Qi Gong program, we use movements,
sensation, breathing, and visualization to
increase and guide the flow of essential Qi. It
took me months on end to create a program that
would be easy to learn, and yet, give you all the
benefits of being in class with me. You can get
the entire program which includes the book, the
practice DVD, and the teaching DVD as well as 5
CDs that will give you enough information to
ingest for months and months. I highly suggest
that you get started doing this program and make
it a part of your habit buddy today.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Life is Hard and then You Die

January 8th, 2016
Life is hard and then you die

Life is hard and then you die

Life is hard. Then you die. Then they throw dirt
on your face. Then the worms eat you. Be grateful
it happens in that order. –

David is a talented guy, the writer of Star Trek.
Although his statement on life is somewhat crude,
it’s what many people think and how they live
their life accordingly. On the other hand, life
can be an adventure of discovery and joy. When we
don’t recognize that life is a gift, you close the
adventure of life. We actually shield our
intellectual, emotional, and physical functions.
When this happens, we go through life with
blinders on. When you are not open to change, life
no longer becomes an adventure but a struggle. We
go through life as if it were a problematic dream,
and life is hard. Life is what you make it. It’s a
gift. Don’t send it back unopened.

Last night, I went to a memorial service for a
young lady. We lost her life too early, but she
lived every moment to its fullest. Many of the
people who were there lived the same way. Stay
healthy, work out, eat a good diet, play and laugh
a lot, and make this planet a better place. Make
consciousness, awareness, respect, responsibility,
and resourcefulness your way of life. Pay
attention, be creative in every aspect of your
life, and you will see a difference in everything
you do.

I am blessed that I am able to share with you what
I have learned over a lifetime of practice. Take a
look at my YouTube station,
add me as Woody Swartz and like my page,
Wudhi-Energy Medicine on Facebook, and subscribe
to my blog at They are
all for our growth.

I wish you the Best in your Health, Wealth, and

Dr. Wu Dhi
Dr. Wu Dhi

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Learn Your Lessons while there’s Time

January 8th, 2016

 Learn Your Lessons while there’s Time

This has been the strangest season I can remember.
We have had strong winds a blowing, and they
started a week before Thanksgiving; now we have
been getting heavy rains every day of December.
There is even a flood watch. More than four inches
of rain fell, leaving roadways and low-lying areas
under water, and the streets near the beaches are
impassable. When I first moved to Florida, I
wasn’t aware of puddles, and I sunk my car in an
8-inch puddle. Just when I opened the door to get
out, a truck drove by and sent a wave of water,
filling my car with muddy water. I am now well
aware of what water damage is all about. There was
bad flooding in my office parking lot in Aventura
and, when I left the office tonight, I had to take
my shoes off, roll up my pants, and walk through 6
inches of cold water. Usually, the rain in Florida
is nice and warm, but tonight it was cold. It had
been raining so hard that I was stuck at the
office for another hour twice this last week.

I learned my lesson. I never drive through a
puddle as sometimes they are much deeper than you
could ever imagine. It’s the same with your life;
you are going along just fine and, then, you come
up to a puddle. It looks safe, so you venture out
into the puddle and, the next thing you know is
you are sinking over your head. I learned what not
to do after destroying one of my cars in a deep
puddle years ago. But our life is a lot more
delicate, and we usually don’t see the puddles
before it’s too late. We are either being washed
downriver or sinking. What can you do to be aware
of those puddles? And if you get stuck in one,
what can you do? The best approach to take is to
be prepared and watch your step. How can you
prepare? It takes training to discipline the body
and mind. I have found that Qi Gong will give you
just that, plus a lot more. I look and feel at
least 20 years younger than my a

We get lessons daily and we hope to learn them

We get lessons daily and we hope to learn them

ctual age. Most of
my friends are in their 20’s, 30’s, and the older
ones in their 50’s. Why? Because people my age
can’t keep up with the pace I keep.

Don’t drop off in a deep puddle. Get on the
program today, and you can reverse your aging
process. Get your Recharging Qi Gong program

and all the FREE GIFTS that come with it today.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

P.S. The Recharging Qi Gong program is a specific
set of exercises that will not only slow down the
aging process, it will also boost your immune
system and keep you looking years younger than you
are. Get the entire program now and take those
aging blues away

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What are the diseases that are most likely to kill you?

January 8th, 2016
What are the diseases that are most likely to kill you?

What are the diseases that are most likely to kill you?

What are the diseases that are most likely to kill you?

these days, we hear of a new disease that will wipe

out the human population and are most likely to kill you

or devastate our health.

What can we do to stay healthy? We exercise, watch

our diet, and pay attention to our hygiene. We run

to the doctor to head off any pathogen that may be

attacking our system. But there are really only a

few diseases that, for the most part, will likely kill you.


Here is the Hit list:

#1. Coronary Artery Disease (Ischemic Heart


The deadliest disease in the world is coronary

artery disease (CAD). CAD, also called ischemic

heart disease, occurs when the blood vessels that

supply blood to the heart become narrowed. The

World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that

about 7.4 million people died of ischemic heart

disease. Even today, with all the research and

millions of dollars spent, we have more CAD than

ever. It’s still the #1 killer with more than 13.2

percent of all deaths. Among the risk factors are

high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and

smoking. What can you do? Regular exercise, good

nutrition, and weight control can help lower your

risk of developing CAD. But there is a lot more

that you can do to avoid heart disease. Qi Gong

calms the mind and the spirit better than any

exercise we do in the West. In Chinese medicine,

the Heart rules the mind. What does that mean?

When we look at the five elements, the Heart is

Fire. If there is too much heat from the fire, the

heat rises and causes insomnia, migraines, and

Shen disturbances, things like Parkinson’s

disease, shaking and twitching, and mental

disorders. As we balance the fire and water in the

body, we balance the heart.


#2. Stroke

A stroke is when an artery in the brain is blocked

or leaks. Oxygen-deprived brain cells begin to die

within minutes. Strokes are responsible for 6.7

million deaths around the world, according to WHO.

That figure represents about 11.9 percent of all

deaths. Stroke kills almost 130,000 Americans each

year—that’s 1 out of every 20 deaths.


# 3. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

COPD is a chronic, progressive lung disease that

makes it hard to breathe. Chronic bronchitis and

emphysema are types of COPD. About 3.1 million

deaths were attributed to COPD, according to WHO.

That represents about 5.6 percent of deaths, a

rate that has held steady since 2000. At this

time, around 64 million people around the world

were living with COPD. The main causes are smoking

and secondhand smoke. Another factor is air

pollution, both indoors and out. There’s no cure

for COPD, but its progression can be slowed down

with conventional medicine as well as homeopathic

medication and acupuncture.


# 4. Respiratory Infections

WHO estimates that lower respiratory infections

caused about 3.1 million or 5.5 percent of deaths

in the world. This group of diseases includes

pneumonia, bronchitis, and influenza. Flu season

lasts from November through February in the

Northern Hemisphere and from June through August

in the Southern Hemisphere. They say the risk is

year-round in tropical regions.


# 5. Cancers of the Trachea, Bronchus, and Lungs

Cancers of the trachea, bronchus, and lungs are

all respiratory cancers. The main causes of this

type of cancer are smoking, second-hand smoke, and

environmental toxins. Around 1.6 million deaths

were attributed to lung cancer – that is 2.9% of

all deaths.


The heart and the lungs are major organs that need

attention. The Fire element or your Heart, and the

Lungs as the Metal element are the most effected

organs that can cause your demise. The emotional

component of the Heart is anxiety and the lack of

love and joy, while the emotion of the Lung is

sadness and grief.


I have spent over half of my life studying and

practicing longevity exercises, and the traditions

that seem to have a handle on anti-aging and

longevity are the Daoist, Tibetan Buddhist, and

the Alchemists. They all do internal exercises,

meditations, and follow dietary rules. The problem

in the West is that we are pretty much controlled

by the drug and food companies whose concern is

not your health or well-being. It is unfortunate,

but there are a few of us that can see through the

illusion. You are probably one of them and are

practicing daily. If you are on the path and want

to refine your practice, I can help! I suggest

getting a copy of the Recharging Qi Gong program

to start You can change the

normal and be un-normal, in-sane rather than


Get the Recharging Qi Gong Program today, and

regain your health, flexibility and sanity.

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Dr. Wu Dhi

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