The Difference Qi makes

March 9th, 2016

WindThis morning I was working out and refining the Qi Gong Inner Circle lesson for this month, due to go out next week. As I promised in my letter at I intend to leave no one behind.

The first part of mastering your own Qi and opening the flow is really about bringing your attention to sensation and it is so easy to begin I have to share this with all of you.

Stand for a moment on both feet and bring your attention to the soles of your feet.

Balance yourself evenly between both feet and stand squarely donâ€t lean forward or backward just balance.

Now bring your attention to your belly and take three nice easy breaths.

Relax and be as still as possible.

Now feel your body, are you moving ever so slightly?

How is it moving?

Is it slumping forward or rocking back?

Are you all over the place like a kite blowing in the wind even though there is no wind?

There actually is a wind but the wind is internal not external.

The Qi is the internal force that moves the body. It is also true that by moving the body the movement of Qi can be intensified.

First we want to be able to feel this wind or Qi and then like using the sail on a ship we want to begin to capture the wind and use it to direct body in a powerful way.

This is the difference between those that know the way of Qi and those that don’t.

Those that know the way of Qi are riding in a Sailboat as powerful as those racing in the America Cup, crashing through the deepest swells in the Ocean and unstoppable.

Those who do not know the way of Qi are standing in a puddle waving a towel trying to catch the breeze.

Next week on our kick-off teleseminar for the Qi Gong Inner Circle I will be introducing those keys to opening the Qi and living a Strong, Powerful and Disease Free life.

I will be sending out the call date and time to all Qi Gong Inner Circle Members later today.

If you’re not an Qi Gong Inner Circle member you can still get on next week’s call by going to and signing up now.

It’s easy to do and I give you the option to sign up for the entire year a discounted rate or just try it out for a month.

Wishing you Health, Wealth and Happiness,

Dr. Wu Dhi

PS: I’m getting a lot of great feedback from everybody that’s been using the Recharging Qi Gong I love to hear from you and get your personal emails.

PPS: Qi Gong on the Beach has now moved to Saturday for all Qi Gong Inner Circle members. If you are a Qi Gong Inner Circle member and you would like to join us for a workout in Miami reply to this email and let me know. I or somebody from my staff will send you the place and time to meet.

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